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The Commonwealth Policy Center (CPC) is dedicated to preserving the bedrock values of life, marriage and fiscal responsibility in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It affirms as stated in the Kentucky Constitution that our civil, political and religious liberties come from God. To that end, it seeks to educate the general public, work for sound public policies, and influence elections on behalf of conservative candidates.

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Are Charter Schools in Kentucky a Threat?
September 18, 2018 by Staff
An interesting question was recently posed in a major publication: "How would you respond if you stumbled across a headline that asked, 'How much do farmers markets cost Walmart?"  It presupposes that the customer belongs to Walmart; and any time customers shop elsewhere, they're “robbing” the grocery giant. The context was in response to the introduction o...
Religious Freedom Crackdown in China
September 17, 2018 by Staff
Police in riot gear barricaded the front doors of the Christian school and arrested the pastor who led the school. It was eventually shut down the other week. Crosses have been torn from churches and persecution of religious sects have intensified—not in the U.S. but in China. The Chinese communist government revised its policy on religious freedom and believers are suffering the conse...
Casino Expansion in W Ky?
September 14, 2018 by Staff
Churchill Downs and Keeneland announced a new gambling venture to bring a new racetrack to Christian County in western Kentucky. They're proposing a $125 million facility in Oak Grove that will include an outdoor amphitheater, a hotel, an equestrian center and a casino which, by the way, they're calling a historical racing facility. The only thing holding this up is a license from th...
The Things That Bind Us Together
September 13, 2018 by Staff
America seems as divided as ever before. Between Nike's controversial ad with Colin Kaepernick and the Supreme Court hearings over Brett Kavanaugh, we're a nation divided. Sometimes you wonder if there's anything that can bring America together.  I think there are. Look at our founding documents. The Declaration reminds us that God endows each of us with rights. The Constitu...
Political Scandals Cross Party Lines
September 12, 2018 by Staff
Jerry Lundergan and Dale Emmons were indicted by the FBI over making illegal campaign contributions to Allison Grime's U.S. Senate Campaign in 2014. Both are political heavyweights and influential in Democratic politics. But political scandal crosses party lines. Republican Congressmen Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins haves been indicted for using campaign dollars for personal benefit. Pr...
Believe in Something
September 11, 2018 by Staff
Nike's major deal with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is creating a backlash. In 2016, the star quarterback decided to kneel during the national anthem as a protest to racial injustice. Nike's new ad campaign begins with a still shot of Kaepernick's face and underneath are the words: "Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything." In response t...
Obstructing Kavanaugh
September 10, 2018 by Staff
There were fireworks during the hearing for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Protestors tried to disrupt the hearings on the first day and 70 people were charged with disorderly conduct.  Within the first hour, Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Grassley was interrupted 44 times by his Democratic colleagues. The reason? Kavanaugh represents a dramatic conservative shift on the...
Catholic Charities of Buffalo Shuts Down
September 7, 2018 by Staff
There is much talk of tolerance and respect these days but news out of New York again reminds us that tolerance is too often a one-way street. The Catholic Charities of Buffalo was forced to close their adoption and foster care services because the state is mandating that they place children in same-sex parented households which goes against their religious teaching.  Monica Mahaffey, a...

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