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The Commonwealth Policy Center (CPC) is dedicated to preserving the bedrock values of life, marriage and fiscal responsibility in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It affirms as stated in the Kentucky Constitution that our civil, political and religious liberties come from God. To that end, it seeks to educate the general public, work for sound public policies, and influence elections on behalf of conservative candidates.

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3 of 4 Black Youth in Detention
October 17, 2018 by Staff
The Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting recently reported that three out of every four inmates at Louisville's youth detention center are black. The implication is that the system is somehow unfair to blacks. Institutional racism has been a stain on our country, but is it happening in this case? The article failed to point out the breakdown of the family in the inner city. Nor di...
Incendiary Speech
October 16, 2018 by Staff
A Georgetown University professor was recently placed on research leave after she wished “miserable deaths” on defenders of Brett Kavanaugh. Christine Fair Tweeted that Kavanaugh’s defenders “deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps… and we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine.” Such talk from university profes...
Kavanaugh Confirmed
October 15, 2018 by Staff
Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court by a final vote of 50-48. It was one of the closest votes to confirm a Supreme Court justice in history. During the swearing in ceremony at the White House, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell received a standing ovation. McConnell called it his most important achievement in his career. A key moment that changed the tide in Kavanaugh...
News Reminds us We're Inherently Flawed
October 12, 2018 by Staff
A Kentucky priest has been permanently removed from public ministry over a sexual abuse scandal. An Owensboro day care worker slammed a 4-year old boy against the wall. And there's a federal trial over a former U of L basketball recruit in the center of a pay-for-play scandal. These are all headline stories in Kentucky news outlets within the past few days. So have you ever wondered why ...
Amazon Minimum Wage
October 11, 2018 by Staff
Amazon just announced that it will start all of its U.S. employees at $15 an hour which is more than double the federal minimum wage. It's good news for entry workers Amazon, but it’s also instructional as to how increase wages. In our nation, we have a free-market system where employers and workers agree on pay. When the government interferes, there's often unintended conseque...
Major Sports Register to Lobby in Ky
October 10, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky doesn't have any professional sports teams but several will be coming to Kentucky in January of 2019. Let me clarify, several lobbyists for sports teams will lobby our legislature in the 2019 session. This follows a Supreme Court ruling that opened the door to states legalizing gambling on professional sports. Kentucky hasn't done so yet, but could take action to allow legal...
Student Loan Defaults High in Kentucky
October 9, 2018 by Staff
According to the U.S. Department of Education, Kentucky has the fourth-highest rate of student loan defaults in the nation. A total of 14.3 percent of students who take out student loans for college are unable to pay it back. West Virginia ranks number one in student loan defaults. So, what's going on? Some study in fields where a degree doesn't translate into a good paying job that ...
Federal Judge Strikes Down Abortion Law
October 8, 2018 by Staff
Should abortion clinics have the same rules as other medical facilities? According to a federal judge, the answer is no. Last week, Federal District Judge Greg Stivers struck down a Kentucky law that required abortion centers to have an agreement with hospitals and ambulance services in case there's an emergency. Kentucky's last remaining abortion center is EMW Women's Clinic in ...

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