Democrat Party Secularizing September 13, 2019 by Staff
The Democratic National Committee recently adopted a resolution that says the “religiously unaffiliated” are the “largest religious group within the Democratic Party." The group has grown from 19% in 2007 to one in three today. It's no secret that the Democratic Party is secularizing. In other words, there's no room in their worldview for religion or spirituality.... Read more
Gun Violence Statistics September 12, 2019 by Staff
The conversation over gun violence continues. According to the Centers for Disease Control there were 39,773 gun related deaths in the U.S. in 2017. Of that, 6 of 10 or 23,854 were suicides. Of all the murders in 2017, and there were 19,510— 75% or 14,542 involved a firearm. Lots of numbers, I know. But this is to bring some context to the gun control debate. As tragic as gun violence is,... Read more
Is the Lexington Herald Supporting Incivility? September 11, 2019 by Staff
The leader of the Kentucky Fairness Campaign was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest for disrupting the Kentucky Farm Bureau's annual breakfast. This isn't the first time the Fairness Campaign has protested the Farm Bureau—all because of Farm Bureau's policy to uphold traditional marriage between one man and one woman and their opposition to transgender bathro... Read more
U of L Offers LGBTQ Minor September 10, 2019 by Staff
The University of Louisville is offering a minor in LGBTQ Studies. The introduction of the new minor is sure to stir controversy. Course offerings include: Black Lesbian Lives, Queer Politics, LGBTQ Literature in the U.S., Queer Performance and the History of American Sexualities. So it's worth asking, is this the kind of education that the public demands? Does LGBTQ Studies bring out excel... Read more
Gun Violence September 9, 2019 by Staff
The latest mass shooting in Odessa, Texas has once again gripped our hearts. The shooter had gotten into an argument in his workplace, got fired then went on a rampage. As with most mass shootings, there's a new call for more gun restrictions. But will more restrictions, short of an outright ban on guns stop random mass shootings? Consider Chicago which has highly restrictive gun laws. This... Read more
Ky Pension Investments Not Transparent September 6, 2019 by Staff
Kentucky's pension and management fees were kept out of public scrutiny for years until the legislature passed a law requiring greater transparency. This was a good step. However, according to a report by Kentucky Auditor Mike Harmon the pension systems fall "drastically short" of complying with the law. After Harmon performed the audit on the pension system, he discovered that th... Read more
Prager U Censored by YouTube September 5, 2019 by Staff
Dennis Prager is a conservative talk show host. He produces short video lessons on religion, politics and current events, but YouTube has restricted more than 200 of his videos. They even restricted one presentation on the Ten Commandments. YouTube hasn't given an explanation for why he's being restricted, so Prager is suing. PragerU digital media director Becky Yeh said, “The out... Read more
Opioid Lawsuit Successful September 4, 2019 by Staff
Johnson & Johnson was hit with a $572 million judgment against it for producing and marketing opioid painkillers in Oklahoma. Attorneys for the state argued that Johnson & Johnson improperly marketed the drugs and failed to stop suspicious orders from shipping. Earlier in the year, Oklahoma settled lawsuits with Purdue Pharma for $270 million and Teva for $85 million. The crisis of opio... Read more
Should the Bible be Taught in Public Schools? September 3, 2019 by Staff
In 2017, a bill passed the legislature that allowed teaching the Bible as an elective course. It's been argued that the Bible is the single most influential book upon Western civilization. And in order for young people to understand our foundations, they must understand the history, poetry and literature of the Bible. So many phrases and common sayings have Biblical origins: a city set on a... Read more
Labor Day September 2, 2019 by Staff
Happy Labor Day! Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894 after the labor movement demanded safer working conditions. The labor reformers also worked for an 8-hour workday, fair wages, and the end to child labor. Safer conditions and reasonable workloads were eventually accomplished,  but even with the best of conditions and best of jobs, we sometimes struggle with work even if we're... Read more
Ky's Economic Boom August 30, 2019 by Staff
In the last three years there have been 55,143 new jobs and $20,159,466,106 in new investments in Kentucky. Unemployment is at an all-time low and participation in the work force is at an all-time high. You could say we're in the midst of an economic boom. But it hasn't happened in a vacuum. Major policy shifts have made the Commonwealth more attractive to businesses. We became a right-... Read more
Judge Orders Medicaid to Cover Sex-reassignments August 29, 2019 by Staff
Last week a federal judge ruled that Medicaid must cover gender-reassignment treatments, including both surgery and hormones. U.S. District Judge William Conley ruled on behalf of four patients suffering from gender dysphoria and ordered the state of Wisconsin to cover sex reassignment procedures for each of the patients. Prior to the ruling, the Department of Health Services excluded such trea... Read more
Mock Assassination of President Ok? August 28, 2019 by Staff
Is it ok to stage a mock assassination of the president in public? There should be a very easy answer to this. However, a democratic state senator from Illinois thought it was ok at a recent fundraiser. Sen. Martin Sandoval, whose senate district covers part of Chicago, recently came under fire after pictures showed up of his supporters acting out a mock assassination of President Trump. One of... Read more
NEA Veering From Mission August 27, 2019 by Staff
Critics of the NEA have argued the nation's largest teachers' union has lost its focus. The group started in the 1857 to advocate for better public education, but today, it has veered from its primary objective. The NEA Representative Assembly met earlier this summer and approved a measure to support Roe v Wade and a woman's "fundamental right to abortion." They also voted... Read more
Planned Parenthood Denied License August 26, 2019 by Staff
The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services denied Planned Parenthood a license to operate an abortion center in Louisville. Cabinet Secretary Adam Meier pointed to a violation when the group operated its Louisville clinic without a license and illegally performed 23 abortions between Dec. 3, 2015, and Jan. 28, 2016. Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky CEO Chris Charbonneau said ... Read more
Adamson's Day in Court August 23, 2019 by Staff
Remember Blaine Adamson? He's the Lexington graphic artist that was ordered by the Lexington Human Rights Commission to undergo diversity training because he refused to fill a T-shirt order for a gay pride parade. Adamson runs his business according to his convictions, but the message gay pride organizers asked him to print violated his Christian beliefs. Even though Adamson found another p... Read more
Teen Vogue Tells Teens How to Get Abortions August 22, 2019 by Staff
A headline in Teen Vogue earlier this summer said, "How to Get an Abortion If You're a Teen: It can be tricky." But is this the advice journals of influence should be giving to teenage girls? The author Nona Willis Aronowitz thinks so. She says "First of all, I’m here to tell you that you have nothing to be ashamed of. Accidents can happen even to the most careful among... Read more
Google's Manipulation of 2016 Election August 21, 2019 by Staff
Have you heard of how Google manipulated votes in the 2016 presidential election? Well, you're not alone. Texas Sen.Ted Cruz held hearings on Google and its censorship policy last month. Robert Epstein, psychologist of the American Institute for Behavioral Research testified that Google manipulated at least 2.6 million votes in the 2016 election in favor of Hilary Clinton. Epstein testified... Read more
Illegal Immigration August 20, 2019 by Staff
According to the US Customs and Border Patrol data 760,000 people have been apprehended for illegally entering the United States on the Southwest border. We've already surpassed last year’s total of illegal entries by nearly 250,000. The U.S clearly has an illegal immigration crisis on its southern border. Since that's the case, the Trump administration is modifying immigration po... Read more
Hong Kong Protests August 19, 2019 by Staff
One sign said "Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are fighting for our freedom." Another said "Sorry for the inconvenience. We are fighting for the future of our home." This was from Hong Kong protestors who are objecting to mainland China's subversion of their democratic freedoms. China recently imposed an extradition law which allows them to take citizens to the ma... Read more
Abortion Hot Issue in Governor's Race August 16, 2019 by Staff
The owner of Kentucky's remaining abortion center in Louisville— co-hosted a fundraiser for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear. Abortionist Ernest Marshall of EMW Women's Clinic helped raise thousands in campaign donations for Beshear. Gov. Bevin held a press conference and called the money raised by the abortionist "blood money." The right to life will be a... Read more
Social Casinos August 15, 2019 by Staff
Ellis Park in Henderson is expanding its slot-machine operation without legislative approval. As controversial as that is, land-based casinos are in competition with digital casinos, even ones that don't pay out. The Center for Investigative Reporting ran a story on its Reveal program exploring abuses by digital casinos that can be found on Facebook. In one segment they talked about Big Fis... Read more
Journalistic Integrity August 14, 2019 by Staff
A New York Times headline last week said, “Trump Urges Unity vs. Racism.” But after receiving heavy criticism, the Times changed the headline to “Assailing Hate But Not Guns.” CNN contributor Joan Walsh tweeted, “I canceled my subscription. I can’t keep rewarding such awful news judgement.” Sen. Cory Booker said, “Lives literally depend on you doi... Read more
Deadly Shootings Continue August 13, 2019 by Staff
Last week's mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas have gripped the nation. Mass violence is becoming all too common and many are pointing fingers. Some say it's because of lax gun laws and the rise of white nationalism. Other's blame a culture of violence that makes mass shootings more thinkable. Whatever the explanations, there's no shortage of blame. But in times o... Read more
Sen. McConnell Threatened August 12, 2019 by Staff
U.S. Senate Majority Leader had a tough week. He started out with hecklers at the annual Fancy Farm picnic. Then again, every politician faces hecklers there. He then tripped and broke his shoulder at his home. Then protesters heckled and chanted outside his home as he was recovering inside. One protester called for graphic violence against Kentucky's senior Senator. [“stab the mother... Read more
What's at the Heart of Our Drug Crisis August 9, 2019 by Staff
A recent headline of an online newspaper said, "Christian Co. Grand Jury Indicts 40 on Drug-Related Charges." The list included both men and women. They ranged in age from 21 to 59. And all but one were involved with dealing in meth. Another headline from a few months ago revealed the biggest crackdown of opioids in U.S. history. This time it was from 60 licensed doctors and pharmacis... Read more
Issues We'd Rather Not Talk About August 8, 2019 by Staff
There are some issues that are staring us down, but few want to talk about because they make us uncomfortable. The Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) is one of those issues. Like the gorilla in the room, everyone knows it’s there, but they don't want to talk about it. According to the "Drag Queen Story Hour website: [it's] about "drag queens reading stories to children in libr... Read more
National Motto Displayed in Ky Schools August 7, 2019 by Staff
Kentucky kids will be going back to school soon and they'll notice something new once they enter the front doors: the national motto will be on full display. A recently enacted law requires every school in Kentucky to prominently display the national motto which says, ‘In God We Trust.’ Some are calling the move unconstitutional, including a regional PTA president who thought th... Read more
Sen. Paul Offers Rep. Omar Plane Ticket to Somalia August 6, 2019 by Staff
Remember the Twitter battle President Trump waged the other week with four Congressional Women? Now Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has entered the fray. The women are known as the "Squad" and are hyper-critical of America. Trump tweeted they should go back home and fix their own countries. Some dubbed it racist. Sen. Paul offered to buy Rep. Ilhan Omar a plane ticket to Somalia so she’... Read more
Fancy Farm and Voter Registration August 5, 2019 by Staff
  The largest picnic in the world took place on Saturday in the far Western Kentucky town of Fancy Farm, where 20,000 pounds of pork and mutton were served up, games and raffles played, and where the fiery political speeches rivaled the August heat. On the main stage, Gov. Bevin squared off against Democratic challenger Andy Beshear. Many other candidates made their cases to the voters... Read more
Save Chick fil-A Bill in Texas August 2, 2019 by Staff
"Discrimination is not tolerated in Texas." That's was Gov. Greg Abbot said after he signed the Save Chick-Fil-A bill into law. Abbot and the Texas legislature responded to a measure by the San Antonio City Council that banned the family-friendly fast food giant from opening a franchise at the airport. This stemmed from the company's conservative position on marriage. Abbot sa... Read more
Discrimination on Campus August 1, 2019 by Staff
In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that public universities could require student groups to admit members and leaders who didn't share the beliefs and values consistent with the groups' mission. The case was decided by a narrow 5-4 ruling and it's been a problem to student groups, particularly Christian groups across the country. The latest controversy comes from Wayne State Univ... Read more
Hand-up or Hand-out? July 31, 2019 by Staff
Panhandling seems to be on the increase, especially in our bigger cities. How do you respond when an able-bodied person asks you for money? In the case of a Ryan Bray of Bradenton Florida, he offered an apparent homeless man $15 an hour to do yard work. The homeless man, who wouldn't give his name, refused the offer. So Bray, made up his own sign and alerted others that the man turned down ... Read more
Sanders Pushing for Minimum Wage Hike July 30, 2019 by Staff
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is leading the charge to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. That's more than double the current minimum wage which is $7.25 an hour. Now, many of Sander's campaign staff are demanding that he begin practicing in his campaign what he's been preaching to the nation. So Sanders caved in and increased the minimum hourly pay of... Read more
Pension Reform Passes July 29, 2019 by Staff
The Kentucky General Assembly met in special last week and took a step to fix the broken pension system. They passed a bill to provide relief for regional universities, county health departments and many other quasi-governmental agencies faced with huge pension increases. Each of these groups were required by law to contribute significantly more into the pension system—in some cases up to... Read more
Was Life Better Under Soviets? July 26, 2019 by Staff
Mainstream news media seem quick to criticize conservatives for controversial comments. But the same news outlets appear reluctant when it comes to criticizing the left. Consider a recent tweet by a Yale University law professor who claimed that "Every single person I have I [sic] asked in Central Asia (and Eastern Europe) over the past decade and a half has said life was better under the ... Read more
Ky May Ban Sanctuary Cities July 25, 2019 by Staff
Nine states have laws that protect illegal immigrants from federal authorities and are considered sanctuary states. Kentucky Republicans aren't about to let that happen to the Commonwealth. State Sen. Danny Carroll and Rep. John Blanton—both Republicans, recently introduced legislation that would stop local governments from keeping federal authorities from apprehending illegal immigra... Read more
America's Moon Landing Anniversary July 24, 2019 by Staff
Fifty years ago this month, America landed a man on the moon. When Astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped out of the Apollo 11 and onto the surface of the moon he said, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." It was a major feat and a testimony of America's spirit of discovery. But why America and not some other nation? America set out to land a man on the moon ... Read more
Is Pres. Trump Racist? July 23, 2019 by Staff
Many in the mainstream press called President Trump a racist after he called out Congressmen who've been critical of America. The president sent a tweet directed at four far-left Democratic Congresswomen and said, "Why don't they go back and fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done." Some in the news media... Read more
General Assembly Special Session on Pensions July 22, 2019 by Staff
The Kentucky General Assembly is in special session today and they're trying to fix the broken pension system. Well, at least they're trying to fix part of it.  The legislature is providing relief for regional universities, county health departments and many other quasi-governmental agencies faced with surging pension costs. Each of these groups are required by law to put significa... Read more
Congress Considers Minimum Wage Hike July 19, 2019 by Staff
The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour but that will change if Congress gets it way. They're considering a proposal that will more than double the minimum wage to $15 an hour. It may sound good to minimum wage earners but what about the employees who've worked their way up the ladder and are making $10, $12 or even $15 right now? Will they get an increase as well? According the Herit... Read more
APA Nonmonogamy Task Force July 18, 2019 by Staff
The American Psychological Association has launched the “Non-Monogamy Task Force." The APA Division 44 Consensual Non-monogamy Task Force "promotes awareness and inclusivity about consensual non-monogamy and diverse expressions of intimate relationships." In their own words, "These include but are not limited to: people who practice polyamory, open relationships, swing... Read more
U.S. Census Question Workaround July 17, 2019 by Staff
The U.S. Supreme Court said that the question of citizenship could not be included on the 2020 census. The Census counts the number of U.S. citizens and is used for determining Congressional districts, but the Court says that the Trump administration's justification "seems to have been contrived." House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Trump only wants the citizenship information be... Read more
Ohio Judge Blocks Fetal Heartbeat Law July 16, 2019 by Staff
A federal judge blocked Ohio's fetal heartbeat law from going into effect. The law said that a human life is present once a fetal heartbeat is detected and it banned abortions at that moment. However, Judge Michael Barrett blocked the law so he could consider the arguments made by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Planned Parenthood. He said the law is probably unconstituti... Read more
NEA Supports Abortion July 15, 2019 by Staff
The National Education Association Representative Assembly recently voted to support a “fundamental right to abortion.” It's ironic that the NEA is taking a pro-abortion position because as more moms choose abortion there will be less children in the classroom, and this means there won't be a need for as many teachers. The NEA has avoided the abortion controversy in order to... Read more
Social Media Blocks Conservatives July 12, 2019 by Staff
The social media platform Twitter is under fire for restricting conservative speech on its platform.  Earlier this year, journalist Meghan Murphy tweeted that “men are not women,” and for that she was banned from Twitter. Twitter police classified Murphy's tweet as “hate speech” against those who identify as transgender. Another social media platform called Pint... Read more
Freedom and Morality July 11, 2019 by Staff
Os Guiness said that true freedom is only possible within moral boundaries. He wrote in A Free People’s Suicide: "[freedom] rests on strong convictions about what is true and equally strong constraints against what is false.  A culture with no claims on its members or – curbs on their desires--would be a culture with no future. Freedom requires a firm refusal of what is fa... Read more
Imposing Your Morality? July 10, 2019 by Staff
One of the most difficult issues to talk about in public yet most necessary for our survival is that of moral boundaries. We live in a highly individualized society where we're averse to other people telling us how to live. Yet at a certain point, other people's choices begin to affect all of us, including our own freedom. It has been said that you can't legislate morality. However,... Read more
UW Studies Effects of Pot on Tots July 9, 2019 by Staff
The university watchdog newspaper Campus Reform reports that the University of Washington is conducting a study on pregnant mothers who use marijuana. The university received nearly $200,000 in grants to see how marijuana use over the course of a pregnancy affects unborn babies.  Altogether, 70 women will participate in the study. Thirty-five women will be taking marijuana twice a week to ... Read more
Citizenship Question Nixed on Census July 8, 2019 by Staff
Should the government ask about citizenship status on the U.S. Census? The U.S. Supreme Court doesn't think so. They struck down the question that asked, "are you a legal U.S. citizen," proposed by President Trump to be included in the 2020 Census.  In response, Pres. Trump told his administration to delay the Census. Trump tweeted "Can anyone really believe that as a gr... Read more
The Need for Forgiveness July 5, 2019 by Staff
Our public discourse has become dangerously hateful. We've gotten to the point where people are physically attacked for their views. This is because we've forgotten principles like respect and tolerance. Too often opponents are demonized. This leads to a hateful public square. For Christians this shouldn't be the case.  Theologian Mirislov Volf said that forgiveness is missing.... Read more
Happy Independence Day July 4, 2019 by Staff
243 years ago, our Founding Fathers crafted America's first political document called the Declaration of Independence. They outlined the abuses of a tyrannical King who trampled their rights. So they appealed to the "Supreme Judge of the World" and asserted their independence. The Founders relied upon "the laws of nature and of nature's God" and understood that the C... Read more
Morality Integral to Freedom July 3, 2019 by Staff
Tomorrow we'll celebrate our nation's 243rd birthday. The founders threw off the chains of tyranny from King George and introduced the idea of the rule of law and self-government. And they appealed to God. As a result we have incredible political, religious and economic freedom. But a component to freedom that's often forgotten is a moral requirement.  Our nation's second p... Read more
LGBT Summer Reading July 2, 2019 by Staff
School is out and summer reading is in. And parents, what better place to take your kids for some new books than the public library? While there are a lot of great resources there, you might want to walk closely with your grade schooler through the children's book section in your local library, especially in our bigger cities. That's because a lot of books are targeting pre-k grade scho... Read more
Court Upholds Cross July 1, 2019 by Staff
The U.S. Supreme Court handed down an important ruling that upheld the free speech and religious freedom rights of Bladensburg Maryland residents. The city had a cross in the public place that memorialized WW I veterans, but the American Humanist Association said it established a religion and they wanted it taken down. Justice Samuel Alito wrote the majority opinion and said "[W]hen time&#... Read more
Too Much News June 28, 2019 by Staff
A survey last year found that most Americans are overwhelmed by all the news. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center 68 percent of Americans feel “overwhelmed by the amount of news there is." Now, there's always been a lot of news, but what we have today are 24-hour news channels. We also have smart devices that deliver news immediately and soci... Read more
China Harvests Organs June 27, 2019 by Staff
A new independent report out of London revealed that that the Chinese government is targeting religious minorities and harvesting their organs. The report says that members of the outlawed group Falun Gong “were used for forced organ harvesting.” Now Falun Gong is a religious sect and the Chinese government considers them an enemy of the state. The report said that the Chinese gover... Read more
Marsy's Law Struck Down June 26, 2019 by Staff
The Kentucky Supreme Court struck down Marsy's Law. This was the constitutional amendment that shored up rights for crime victims. It updated our laws to include the right to be notified of court proceedings and whether a convicted criminal has been let out on parole. It was a popular measure and passed by 63 percent of Kentucky voters. However, the state Supreme Court said the question on ... Read more
Teen Vogue Legitimizes Prostitution June 25, 2019 by Staff
Teen Vogue recently ran a column entitled "Why Sex Work is Real Work.” Today, "sex work" is used synonymously with prostitution and the story uplifts it as a legitimate line of work. So how does a story like this get into a magazine targeted toward 13-year-old girls? It used to be that prostitution was viewed as the devaluing of women and enforces the stereotype that the mo... Read more
Reparations for Slavery June 24, 2019 by Staff
Democrats in Congress held a hearing on whether to set up a commission to study and respond to the question of reparations for slavery. A few Democratic presidential candidates appear to favor the idea. But a recent Fox News poll found that 60 percent of Americans oppose giving cash reparations to descendants of slaves. Only 32 percent support it.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConne... Read more
Shutting Down Coal-Fired Plants June 21, 2019 by Staff
Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is on a mission to make America green. He pledged $500 million to the Beyond Carbon initiative and their goal is to “phase out every last U.S. coal-fired power plant by 2030." The group plans to pass laws that promotes renewable energy. They'll also be politically involved by helping "green" candidates get elected to state and loc... Read more
Depravity of Man June 20, 2019 by Staff
British journalist and author Malcolm Muggeridge once said, "The depravity of man is at once the most empirically verifiable reality but at the same time the most intellectually resisted fact." If you don't believe in the depravity of man—which simply means that our nature is inherently sinful, then just read your local newspaper. There's a ... Read more
KY's Criminal Justice Challenges June 19, 2019 by Staff
Kentucky's Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Public Safety John Tilley told lawmakers about challenges faced by the Corrections Department. Currently, close to 24,000 Kentuckians are behind bars and an additional 48,000 are on parole or probation. It takes a lot of money to keep our society safe. In fact, Kentucky's corrections budget is $650 million per year, but according to Secretary... Read more
Foster Care Reform June 18, 2019 by Staff
Kentucky has over 9,000 kids in foster care, but if House Speaker Pro Tem David Meade has his way, that number will dwindle. Meade is a foster parent himself and he's trying to do all he can to make it easier for Kentuckians to help children who need foster families and forever homes. Meade sponsored the "Bill of Rights for Foster Children.” which secures 16 rights for the childr... Read more
Sexual Abuse in the Church June 17, 2019 by Staff
One out of every six boys and one out of every four girls will be sexually abused before they turn 18 years old. That's according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. It's a tragic statistic. What is more troubling is the prevalence of sexual abuse in the church. An independent investigation of Tates Creek Presbyterian Church in Lexington found that they could have prevented... Read more
Is The View That Important? June 14, 2019 by Staff
An article in the New York Times stated; How 'The View' Became the Most Important Political TV Show in America. Now, if you're not familiar with The View, it consists of liberal women commenting on current events and politics. The show isn't known for deep intellectual discussion or profound insights. Rather, it's emotionally driven entertainment, filled with gotcha's an... Read more
Extreme Abortion Rhetoric June 13, 2019 by Staff
A wave of pro-life laws continues to sweep the nation. And the wave has caused alarm with abortion defenders. Most recently, United Nations deputy high commissioner for human rights, Kate Gilmore sharply condemned the laws as "hateful" and "anti-women." Gilmore said, “We have not called it out in the same way we have other forms of extremist hate, but this is gender-ba... Read more
Tiananmen Square Anniversary June 12, 2019 by Staff
It's one of the most iconic pictures of the 20th century. A Chinese man stands directly in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square.  The year was 1989 and Chinese students protested their oppressive government, and this student in particular was willing to lay down his life for freedom. There were thousands of Chinese students fighting for the same kind of freedom you and I enjoy. In fact,... Read more
Congress Limits Gene Editing June 11, 2019 by Staff
The U.S. Congress voted to ban funding for experiments on gene editing.  This is when scientists manipulate genes at the embryonic stage in order to rid the baby of genes linked to disease or other defects. While the intentions may be good, the downside appears to be steep. According to a report published in the journal Nature Medicine, researchers found that humans who've had their ge... Read more
Virginia Mass Shooting June 10, 2019 by Staff
There's been another mass shooting. This time in Virginia Beach, VA. As in other mass shootings an armed person opens fire on unsuspecting and helpless people. In this case, it was a civil engineer who worked for the city. He sent an email to his boss the morning before he came to work armed. Once inside he began opening fire on his fellow employees, including his boss. A total of 12 were k... Read more
Finding Purpose in Life June 7, 2019 by Staff
A new study found that finding a purpose in life may decrease the risk of dying early. This is according to JAMA Current Open. Researchers gathered personal data from 7,000 Americans between the ages of 51 and 61 and they found that those without a strong life purpose were "more than twice as likely to die between the study years of 2006 and 2010," compared with those who had a p... Read more
Paducah Considers Religious Freedom Amendment June 6, 2019 by Staff
Paducah city commissioners are considering two religious liberty amendments to a controversial ordinance that passed last year.  The original ordinance added gender identity and sexual orientation to its list of civil rights in areas of housing, employment, and public accommodations. An amendment to protect the religious liberty of Paducah residents was voted down but since two new co... Read more
Hubble Telescope Discovery June 5, 2019 by Staff
When you look up to the sky on a starry night, ever get the feeling of being small? All those stars and the vastness of the universe tend to humble us. Well, the universe just a little bigger. Astronomers processed 16 years’ worth of photos and data from the Hubble Space Telescope. What they found was  265,000 galaxies. Keep in mind that each galaxy has a whole lot of stars. In ... Read more
Target Arms Children With LGBT Apparel June 4, 2019 by Staff
We live in a highly charged political climate and for that reason many businesses choose to stay on the sidelines so they don't offend customers. This isn't the case for Target which announced they're marketing products with the rainbow flag in order to promote #gaypride. Specifically, they're featuring rainbow flags and messages on children's clothes. One T-shirt ... Read more
Primaries Settled June 3, 2019 by Staff
Turnout in the primary election was higher than expected. Yet, even so, only two out of 10 registered voters went to the polls to elect candidates for constitutional offices. Winners on the Republican side include: Gov. Matt Bevin, Daniel Cameron for Attorney General, Michael Adams for Secretary of State and Ryan Quarles for Agriculture Commissioner. State Treasurer Allison Ball and Auditor Mik... Read more
Miracle Discovery May 31, 2019 by Staff
Do you believe in miracles? Magoffin County residents in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky do. A two-year old boy went missing from his parents home on Mother's Day when neighbors and the county rescue team began searching for him. It didn't seem likely that they'd find 22-month Kenneth Howard alive after searching all day after he disappeared. The searches persisted and after nearl... Read more
Intolerance on College Campus May 30, 2019 by Staff
Vice President Mike Pence delivered the commencement address at Taylor University, a private Christian college in his home state of Indiana. But instead of a unanimous warm welcome, dozens of faculty members had walked out before Pence began speaking. One graduate Laura Rathburn told the Indianapolis Star that she was disappointed in Taylor's decision to welcome Pence as the commencement sp... Read more
Average Media Consumption May 29, 2019 by Staff
According to the 2018 Nielsen Total Audience Report, nearly half of the average American adults’ day is spent consuming media content. Nielson says that adults spend over 11 hours per day on their phones, ipads, computers or televisions watching, listening to, or interacting with media. This surge in screen time is changing who we are. When we spend so much time on our digital device... Read more
Too Much TV? May 28, 2019 by Staff
The popular television show Game of Thrones has come to an end and according to reports the season finale was a bit of a letdown to viewers. Even so, the show was the most popular TV show on HBO, filled with lots of violence and nudity.  According to Bingeclock, it takes two days, 23 hours and three minutes to watch every episode of Game of Thrones, and this is without the commercials or o... Read more
Memorial Day May 27, 2019 by Staff
Today the summer season unofficially begins, but more importantly, it's Memorial Day—the day we remember the men and women who died while serving our country. It first began just after the Civil War ended and our nation began the healing process from the bloodiest war in history that left some 600,000 dead. We also remember the men and women who died in all our wars from the Revolutio... Read more
Alabama Outlaws Abortion May 24, 2019 by Staff
The issue of abortion has been in the news a lot lately. This is because several states, including Kentucky have banned abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected. Now, Alabama has effectively banned all abortion.  Governor Kay Ivey signed the Alabama Human Life Protection Act into law which protects the unborn at its earliest stages. It's the most stringent abortion restriction in t... Read more
Doxxing Citizens May 23, 2019 by Staff
The state of civil discourse is breaking down in our nation. It gets even worse when elected officials harass citizens for exercising their First Amendment freedoms. This is what happened outside a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood where 1000 citizens prayed outside. Democratic State Rep. Brian Sims harassed pro-lifers who were peacefully praying and protesting. He then posted a video of himself ... Read more
Gay Marriage Infiltrates Kids Cartoons May 22, 2019 by Staff
Is it appropriate to expose toddlers and young children to same-sex weddings? PBS thinks so. They featured a homosexual "wedding" on a popular cartoon for children. The cartoon “Arthur,” is the longest-running animated series for children in the nation. A recent program featured the Arthur's teacher, Mr. Ratburn, marrying another man. The children end up in the ce... Read more
Election Day May 21, 2019 by Staff
It's election day in Kentucky today! And if you're like most people you may be learning this for the first time. It's been a quiet election season as there are only a few offices on the ballot. Kentucky is one of a handful of states that elects its governor in off years. This means that there are fewer offices on the ballot and therefore much less buzz over the candidates. So this t... Read more
The Gift of Free Elections May 20, 2019 by Staff
Tomorrow, Kentucky voters will go to the polls to determine their party's nominee for governor and five other constitutional offices. But the turnout is expected to be low.  Voting may be an inconvenience at times but being inconvenienced is a small price to pay considering the alternative that inaction and apathy leads to. Recent events from around the globe should bring into focus th... Read more
Fighting the Opioid Crisis May 17, 2019 by Staff
Four Kentuckians die every day from an opioid overdose which puts us in the middle of a crisis and the federal government is stepping in. The University of Kentucky received an $87 million federal grant to combat the crisis and measure the impact of treatment, prevention, and recovery interventions.  The goal is to find prevention programs that work and it's one thi... Read more
UK Tuition Increase May 16, 2019 by Staff
The University of Kentucky is raising in-state undergraduate students by 2.4 percent this fall. This brings the annual cost of tuition to $12,360. Out-of-state tuition will increase 6.2% to $30,680. It's also raising room and board by an additional three percent. Now that's a lot of money for kids that want to go to college. What's troubling is that since 2005, in-state tuition has ... Read more
Pro-Life Advances May 15, 2019 by Staff
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed a fetal heartbeat bill into law last week. The bill protects unborn human life once a heartbeat is detected. Six states now have fetal heartbeat laws including Iowa, Ohio, North Dakota, Kentucky and Mississippi. Iowa just cut Planned Parenthood funding out of the budget. And New York City witnessed it's largest pro-life event in history. Some 20,000 people fil... Read more
Worldview Differences May 14, 2019 by Staff
There are many worldviews acceptable in the public arena today but in general the Christian worldview is not one of them. This is because it challenges a secular mindset that dominates society. The Christian worldview teaches that there's a Creator. Secularists believe we are a cosmic accidents produced by time and chance. The Christian view teaches that we're separate from nature. Secu... Read more
Church Membership Declines May 13, 2019 by Staff
According to the latest Gallup poll the percentage of adults who are members of a church has declined to a low of 50 percent. Declines were heaviest among those who identified as Democrats and Hispanics. The decline is significant. In 1999, 70 percent of Americans belonged to a church or religious body. During the same time,  the percentage of U.S. adults with no religious affiliation has ... Read more
Measles Making a Comeback May 10, 2019 by Staff
Nearly two decades ago, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) declared that measles was "eliminated" from the United States. Fast forward to 2019 and measles is making a comeback. So far this year there are 704 cases in 22 states. It's the highest number of cases in 25 years. Much of this has to do with the anti-vax movement comprised of parents refusing to vaccinate their childre... Read more
Fox Guarding the Henhouse May 9, 2019 by Staff
A recent report by State Auditor Mike Harmon found that Kentucky horse tracks  have been paying for their own video gambling regulations. Video Slots were legalized by the Horse Racing Commission in 2010 and the Horse Racing Commission is responsible for oversight  of what they call "historical horse racing" to make sure the machines run legally and accurately. However, inst... Read more
Teen Suicides Spiked after ’13 Reasons’ May 8, 2019 by Staff
There's a popular show on Netflix called 13 Reasons. It centers around a high school student who commits suicide. The show unpacks the events that led to this tragedy. Now a new study finds that teen suicide spiked in the months following the release of 13 Reasons. Critics say the show normalized the idea of suicide and made it easier and more thinkable for teens suffering from depression o... Read more
Journalism Crossing a Line May 7, 2019 by Staff
One of the great freedoms we enjoy as Americans is the freedom of the press. The news media bills itself as a watchdog government, which benefits all of us when they tell us what's going on. But in many cases the news media sacrifices objectivity and the story becomes promotion of partisan politics.  There was an extreme example of this in recent editorial cartoon that ran in the Louis... Read more
SOGI Ordinance Unfair May 6, 2019 by Staff
Two Kentucky cities are considering ordinances that would make sexual orientation a civil right.  The city of Henderson had a "Fairness" ordinance on the books 20 years ago, but the unpopular law led to the defeat of key commissioners and it was eventually rescinded. Now they're considering it again later today. Bowling Green is also considering a similar measure tomorrow. Th... Read more
U of L Professor Casualty of Gender Ideology May 3, 2019 by Staff
One of the most objective, self-evident truths is that of gender. We're either born male or female. There are clear biological differences. However, in a secular culture without a fixed reference point, this most objective of realities is being blurred. And there are consequences. A University of Louisville professor was recently fired for advising children to embrace their birth sex. Profe... Read more
Kentucky Pensions in Trouble May 2, 2019 by Staff
Kentucky's pension system has been in trouble for a long time. Now, Democratic candidate for governor Andy Beshear is proposing to legalize casinos and dedicate the revenue to fix the system. However, the problem according to analysts is not one of revenue, but rather the problem is structural. In some cases state employees can retire after only 27 years of service—at any age. This me... Read more
Birthstrike May 1, 2019 by Staff
Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an outspoken voice when it comes to climate change.  Now she's questioning whether it's Ok to have children. She said that  “It does lead young people to have a legitimate question: is it OK still to have children?” There's a broader group of women who are actually refusing to have children until climate chan... Read more
Social Security in Trouble April 30, 2019 by Staff
Social Security will become insolvent in 2035. That means that it won't be able to make full payments to those who've put money into it. This is only 16 years away. According to the report last week by Social Security's acting commissioner, Congress must "take action sooner rather than later to address these shortfalls." He's calling for a "broader range of soluti... Read more
U of L Professor Casualty of Gender Ideology April 29, 2019 by Staff
One of the most objective, self-evident truths is that of gender. We're either born male or female. There are clear biological differences. However, in a secular culture without a transcendent reference point, this most objective of realities is being blurred and confused. And there are consequences for those in the workplace. A University of Louisville professor was recently fired for advi... Read more
Voter Registration Trending GOP April 26, 2019 by Staff
Between March 15 and April 15 Democratic voter registrations in Kentucky  declined by 783. Republican voter registrations on the other hand increased by 2486. Kentucky was once considered a reliably democratic state, but not anymore. And it’s largely due to national democrats and the party platform embracing values that democrats in the bluegrass reject. The idea of abortion up until... Read more
Gender Ideology Threatens Women's Shelter April 25, 2019 by Staff
A man wearing a dress wanted to stay in the same sleeping quarters at a Women's Shelter in Anchorage, Alaska. But he was turned away. However, the man appealed to the local "equality" or "fairness" law which protects gender identity. The women's shelter is now under fire.  If you're wondering what this has to do with equality or fairness, you're not... Read more
The Equality Act: Clever Name, Serious Consequences April 24, 2019 by Staff
First District Congressman James Comer (R-Tompkinsville) is "deeply troubled" by the Equality Act—a bill introduced that will add sexual orientation and gender identity to the civil rights code. Comer said "It's a clever name with an allegedly noble purpose. But a vehicle for serious harmful consequences." If the Equality Act becomes law, transgender boys could pla... Read more
Notre Dame Cathedral Burns April 23, 2019 by Staff
The cameras rolled as Notre Dame Cathedral was engulfed in flames. Notre Dame, a 900 year-old structure at the center of Paris, and a picture of French identity, represented a worldview that shaped not just France but all of Europe. When the iconic spire at the center of the cathedral caved in and crumbled amidst the flames, the hearts of many fell. The spire pointed to heaven and the cross at ... Read more
Register to Vote Today April 22, 2019 by Staff
The deadline to register to vote in the upcoming primary election in Kentucky is today. To be eligible to vote, you must be at least 18 years old on or before the November 6 General Election, a U.S. citizen and a Kentucky resident, and cannot be a convicted felon. If you've moved, you'll need to re-register and provide your new address. You can update your registration or register for t... Read more
Good Friday April 19, 2019 by Staff
Today is Good Friday, but when you stop to think about why it's called "good" it might seem contradictory. The Christian tradition celebrates this day as the day that Jesus Christ was put death on a cross. Jewish leaders made false charges and stirred up the people to turn against him. According to their tradition they could ask for a convict to be released and put to death anothe... Read more
The Rights of... Trees? April 18, 2019 by Staff
Should trees have the same rights as you and me? According to the  French National Assembly in Paris last Friday they do. They adopted the “Declaration of tree rights” which says  “A tree is a living organism whose average lifespan is far longer than that of a human being. It should be respected throughout its life and have the right to develop and to reproduce freel... Read more
Government Discrimination April 17, 2019 by Staff
The San Antonio city council banned Chick-Fil-A from operating in its airport. Councilman Robert Trevino is leading the charge against the third largest fast-food chain in the nation. “Everyone has a place here, and everyone should feel welcome when they walk through our airport.”  Trevino should have said that everyone should feel welcome except Chick-Fil-A. The same thing hap... Read more
Consequence of Post-Truth Society April 16, 2019 by Staff
A few years ago, the Oxford Dictionary dubbed "post-truth" the Word of the Year. This is where intense emotion has displaced objective truth and it's playing out in real life. Four and five year old children are allowed to determine their own gender. Burley men dressed in drag are invited to public libraries to read in children's story hours. And those with conservative views ... Read more
Tax Day April 15, 2019 by Staff
Today is tax day and if you haven't yet filed, there's still time.  For many, it's a painful reminder of just how much the government takes from our wallet. We pay state sales tax, local property tax and state and federal income tax. According to the American Tax Foundation, 31 percent of the nation’s income is collected in taxes: $3.3 trillion in federal taxes and $1.6 t... Read more
A Vote Against Anti-Christian Bigotry April 12, 2019 by Staff
Wisconsin supreme-court candidate Brian Hagedorn was labeled a bigot by the state's largest newspaper. His crime? He founded a Christian school that adhered to a Biblical model for human relationships. On February 14, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran a negative headline against Hagedorn because the Christian school he founded  won't allow teachers, students or parents i... Read more
Kentucky Ranks #1 in Child Abuse April 11, 2019 by Staff
April is National Child Abuse Prevention month. According to the latest report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Kentucky ranks number one in the nation in child abuse rates. McCracken County Family Court Judge Deanna Henschel says she's seen child abuse cases increasing. In fact, they're nearly double what they were when she became a family court judge in 2016. Hen... Read more
Henderson SOGI Law Proposed April 10, 2019 by Staff
A majority of Henderson City Commissioners said they'd like to reconsider a "Fairness" ordinance that elevates sexual orientation and gender identity to civil rights status. An LGBT-rights advocate said opposition to the proposed ordinance was "rooted in hate and intolerance."  But having a different opinion on sexual ethics and public policy doesn't make anyone... Read more
Unplanned April 9, 2019 by Staff
A new movie exposing the inner workings of Planned Parenthood has been receiving lots of attention. It's called Unplanned, and it's doing remarkably well at the Box office. It opened at more than 1,000 theaters nationwide and it was the fourth top-grossing movies on opening weekend. But Unplanned has met fierce resistance. For starters, the movie got an "R" rating from the MPA... Read more
61-Year-Old Gives Birth to Own Grandchild April 8, 2019 by Staff
There's startling news out of Nebraska where a 61-year-old woman gave birth to her own granddaughter, Uma. Cecile Eledge served as a surrogate for her homosexual son who was also the sperm donor.  Eledge's daughter donated the eggs. So Baby Uma's mother and grandmother are one in the same. And legally, Uma's father is actually her grandmother's son.  If this sounds... Read more
Teens and Screen Time April 5, 2019 by Staff
Does your teenager spend too much time on electronic devices? How about you?  Jean Twenge is a Professor of Psychology at San Diego State University and she says that teenagers who spend too much time on their digital devices are in danger of depression and decreasing happiness. She points to four large studies of teens from the U.S. and U.K.  All of them show that  hap... Read more
The Church and Culture April 4, 2019 by Staff
According to a Pew Forum Survey a few years ago 76 percent of Kentuckians identify as Christians. Roughly half (49 percent) identify as evangelical. One of the challenges for many Kentuckians is how their personal faith relates to the culture around them. There's also a challenge for the church, and that's how it relates to the culture around it. At one time the church was the center of... Read more
Free Speech Under Assault April 3, 2019 by Staff
The University of South Dakota shut down the showing of a film titled “Honor Diaries" which documented the honor killing of women in Islamic culture. Critics called the film anti-Muslim bigotry and pressured the university to cancel the event out of concern for students’ emotional safety. The Univ. of South Dakota provost said that the “format and setting did no... Read more
Free Speech April 2, 2019 by Staff
Our First Amendment freedom of speech–the right to speak on political, social, and religious issues without fear of reprisal–is a freedom that we sometimes take for granted, especially younger generations. According to a recent survey by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education “a majority of college students value "inclusivity over free speech." They, think... Read more
Pres. Trump Exonerated April 1, 2019 by Staff
Pres. Trump didn't collude with the Russians to win the 2016 election. That's according to the long-awaited report by special counsel Robert Mueller. The investigation lasted two years and involved more than 500 search warrants, 2,800 subpoenas, and interviews with roughly 500 witnesses. Mueller conveyed his findings to Attorney General William Barr who summarized the report by saying &... Read more
Media Matters Crossing a Line? March 29, 2019 by Staff
The group Media Matters is demanding that Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson be fired for comments he made several years ago. According to its website, Media Matters says its mission is to "make sure that the American people get the facts. We meticulously document right-wing misinformation in the media." However, the group's antagonism to the political right runs deep and they... Read more
6th Circuit Defunds Planned Parenthood March 28, 2019 by Staff
The state of Ohio banned public funds from going to Planned Parenthood which sued to have the law overturned. However, a recent ruling by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said that Planned Parenthood doesn't have a right to those public funds. The court also said “medical centers do not have a constitutional right to offer abortions.” It should seem obvious that no organiza... Read more
Bring It! March 27, 2019 by Staff
The Kentucky legislature passed four pro-life bills into law in recent weeks. Two of the bills are already facing lawsuits by the ACLU. One of the bills banned abortion based on sex, ethnicity, and disability. The other protected life in the womb once a heartbeat is detected. U.S. District Judge David Hale blocked the bill and said it was likely unconstitutional. So is something unconstitutiona... Read more
Families First Line of Defense March 26, 2019 by Staff
The Kentucky legislature considered hundreds of bills this last session and many of them had to do with the breakdown of the family. One bill would have reduced bail for low-level offenses for parents that have children in the home. As it is, Kentucky has one of the highest incarceration rates for parents who have children at home. Of course, once a parent goes to jail, especially if they'r... Read more
Sick of 'Sickouts' March 25, 2019 by Staff
Jefferson County Public School system shut down six times in recent weeks due to teacher "sickouts" so they could protest in Frankfort. Now Kentucky's Commissioner of Education Wayne Lewis is asking the state's largest school district to produce sick-leave records. Lewis wrote an opinion piece and said that students couldn't afford to miss time in the classroom especially ... Read more
Does Nature Have Rights? March 22, 2019 by Staff
Voters in Toledo, Ohio passed a law recognizing Lake Erie as an entity with rights. Voters in the special election approved the idea that Lake Erie has “the right to exist, flourish and naturally evolve.” Practically the measure allows any resident of Toledo to sue any farm, city or corporation that might be harming the lake. We should respect and value the creation but it's dan... Read more
State of College Education March 21, 2019 by Staff
The Young America’s Foundation (YAF) released its annual report on the state of higher education in America. Their report, called Comedy and Tragedy,  “document[s] the intellectual abuse and flat-out indoctrination happening by way of the appalling curriculum at our country’s most (so-called) prestigious institutions of higher education.” Controversial course titles... Read more
"Breed Ready" Status in China March 20, 2019 by Staff
China has more males than females. In fact, 34 million more males. This has created a problem for men who want to marry. So an organization built a database to that is registering women and their availability to men. Nearly two million women are registered in the database with details like addresses, phone numbers, education, and a ”BreedReady" status. Really? "Breed ready?"... Read more
More Kentucky Kids Vaping March 19, 2019 by Staff
The number of Kentucky kids who are smoking cigarettes is decreasing according to a recent report. However, more kids are vaping, which is just as addictive and dangerous. In fact, one vaping packet contains as much nicotine as a full pack of cigarettes!  State Senator Ralph Alvarado says small vaping devices could lead to “a whole new generation of nicotine addicts." He says th... Read more
Constitutional Carry Passes Into Law March 18, 2019 by Staff
Gov. Bevin signed a bill that allows adults to carry a concealed handgun without a permit or training. It's called constitutional carry. Proponents say the Second Amendment to the Constitution allows people to carry a weapon without a permit from the government. They also argue that training shouldn't be required either.  Opponents on the other hand argue that such legislation turn... Read more
Transgender Continues to Go Mainstream March 15, 2019 by Staff
The idea that people can switch their gender got a hearing on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives when two Democrat congresswomen read the pro-transgender children’s book called I Am Jazz.  Transgenderism has been going mainstream for years but not all are accepting it, including high school wrestler Brendan Johnston. Johnston is a senior at the Classical Academy in C... Read more
Free Speech Victory on Campus March 14, 2019 by Staff
Fresno State Students for Life group promoted their cause with chalk messages on university sidewalks but not everyone appreciated those messages including Professor Greg Thatcher.  So Thatcher took some of his students and wiped them away. Professor Thatcher argued that "free speech is free speech in the free speech area" and that "college campuses are not free speech areas... Read more
Planned Parenthood Funding Nixed March 13, 2019 by Staff
The Trump administration changed Title X regulations regarding which organizations can receive federal family planning funds. Under the new rules any facility that performs abortions or counsels women to receive abortions cannot receive any federal funds. This means that Planned Parenthood, the nation's biggest abortion provider won't get any federal money. Conservatives are applauding ... Read more
Google Underpaying Men March 12, 2019 by Staff
Google is in the middle of a class-action lawsuit alleging that it underpays women for performing the same job as men. However, Google's annual pay equity analysis for 2018, found something nobody expected. Google was actually underpaying men for doing the same work as women! Google has conducted an annual gender and racial equity report since 2012. According to The Washington Post Google&#... Read more
KY Teachers Group Threatens Strike March 11, 2019 by Staff
The Kentucky legislature is considering a bill that modifies the teacher retirement board by including a broader group of board members. Another bill would create a tax credit for businesses that want to donate to scholarship funds for underprivileged kids trapped in underperforming schools. The teachers group called Kentucky 120 United said that if any of the bills are passed, they might go on... Read more
Why Are We in So Much Debt? March 8, 2019 by Staff
Ever wonder why the federal government is in so much debt? A recent news story out of the far-west community of Hickman helps us better understand.  This depressed community near the Mississippi River received a Community Development Block grant from the federal government to rehabilitate eight homes.  In fact, they received  $714,000 to bring homes up to code and be safer and mo... Read more
Drafting Women? March 7, 2019 by Staff
Should women be forced to join the military draft? According to a federal judge in Texas, the answer is yes. U.S. District Judge Gray Miller ruled that  women should be forced to register for the draft if its ever needed. This is in line with the trend which seeks to minimize major differences between the sexes. But this latest move is likely to hit a brick wall if not biology itself. It s... Read more
Crowded Democrat Field March 6, 2019 by Staff
The 2020 presidential election is still two years away and 10 Democrats have already announced they're going to run. Another 13 are considering running for the highest office in the land and candidates in the packed field are trying to distinguish themselves from their opponents. Several are running to the socialist left by embracing the Green New Deal, free healthcare and college for all. ... Read more
Abortion Survivors Protection Act March 5, 2019 by Staff
The U.S Senate considered a bill to protect babies who survive an abortion attempt. But it fell seven votes short. The Abortion Survivors Protection Act is a response to Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's outrageous claim that the decision of life and death for a baby that survives an abortion attempt should be left to the mother and her doctor.  A similar bill has been filed in the Kentuck... Read more
Sports Gambling in Kentucky? March 4, 2019 by Staff
ESPN ran a story about NBA official Tim Donaghy who took bribes to fix games over a four year period. Donaghy bet on the games he reffed and took in huge amounts of cash. He also helped others rake in millions until he was caught. It's ironic that ESPN's in-depth investigative report broke just days before the Kentucky State House passed a bill out of committee that would legalize gambl... Read more
Crime in America March 1, 2019 by Staff
According to a recent story on NPR, an estimated 60 million Americans have a criminal record. One report estimates that there as many people with criminal records as college diplomas. The majority are misdemeanors, but when nearly one in five citizens has been in trouble with the law, it's never a good sign. Such records hinder future job prospects. Many might say that the criminal sho... Read more
Green New Deal February 28, 2019 by Staff
Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced the Green New Deal whose goal is to end fossil fuel use in 10 years. The deal also aims to make every existing building more energy efficient; expand electric car manufacturing, and build "charging stations everywhere,"  expand high-speed rail to "a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary." It also inclu... Read more
Gene Edited Babies February 27, 2019 by Staff
A Chinese scientist recently claimed to have successfully edited the genes of twin girls. He says he did so to make them resistant to HIV. The news was met with criticism from the scientific community. Some doubted it was true. Now, the Chinese government is condemning him (He Jiankui), and have reportedly placed him under house arrest. The development is fascinating on two accounts. For starte... Read more
Life in the Balance February 26, 2019 by Staff
Opponents of pro-life laws often focus on heart-wrenching cases involving women in tough situations: cases of fetal abnormality; fetal demise and the trauma of carrying a lifeless baby; and horrific stories of rape. All are traumatic cases that most of us could never relate to.  But asserting that abortion should be legal because of hard cases doesn't make for good public policy. Clair... Read more
Signs of Life in the Kentucky Legislature February 25, 2019 by Staff
Several pro-life bills are moving through the Kentucky legislature. The Roe v Wade Trigger Bill (HB 148) protects unborn life in all cases that do not threaten the mother’s life if the ruling is ever overturned. The Fetal Heartbeat Bill (SB 9) recognizes that a beating heart is the point where a new human life has come into existence and will be protected by law. Another bill address... Read more
Truth in Lending February 22, 2019 by Staff
More than two out of every three college students take out student loans to pay for school. And the average college graduate has $29,800 in debt. Altogether, about 45 million Americans owe over $1.56 trillion in student loan debt. That's trillion with a "T."  A college education is important and it's worth investing in but getting into such debt is ill-advised. Too m... Read more
Legislature is in Session February 21, 2019 by Staff
The Kentucky legislature is in full swing. So far several hundred bills have been introduced. They range from the mundane to the highly controversial. A few high profile bills include school safety, expanded gambling, abolition of the death penalty, abortion bans and free speech protections in our universities. One bill in particular is likely to draw criticism. It would recognize the last Wedn... Read more
Religious Freedom Upheld in Iowa February 20, 2019 by Staff
In case you were wondering if religious freedom is really under attack, consider a case out of Iowa that's back in the news. The University of Iowa had a policy that said that student groups that held Biblical views on marriage and human sexuality were incompatible with the school's mission. Consequently, the university “de-recognized” a small Christian student group called ... Read more
Human Trafficking in Paducah February 19, 2019 by Staff
According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline there were 5,147 cases of human trafficking reported in the U.S. in 2018. Most cases involve women, often underage girls who are runaways or smuggled in from a foreign country.  Most of the cases are in California, Texas and Florida but trafficking is right here in Kentucky.  An undercover investigation by the Kentucky Attorney Gener... Read more
Sex Abuse at SBC February 18, 2019 by Staff
The Southern Baptist Convention is reeling after a six-month investigation revealed widespread sexual abuse in the church. The investigation by newspapers in San Antonio and Houston revealed that 380 church leaders victimized more than 700 people over a 20 year period. More than 100 of the church leaders are registered sex offenders and 100 are currently in prison. Six of those leaders are from... Read more
Kentucky's Debt February 15, 2019 by Staff
There's been debate as to just how much debt the Commonwealth of Kentucky is in. State Auditor Mike Harmon recently issued a report where he estimates the overall debt is $54 billion and unfunded retirements account for more than 80 percent. That is $43.3 billion. This is the total the state owes for the next 30 years and this amounts to more than $12,000 for every person in Kentucky. That&... Read more
Valentines Day February 14, 2019 by Staff
Well men, if you haven't gotten chocolates and flowers for your wife, there's still time to do so. In case you forgot, it's Valentines Day today. Did you know that this holiday is named after an actual person who was persecuted by the Roman Emperor Claudius? Actually, there were three Valentines martyred for the faith.  We're not exactly sure which one we celebrate but we d... Read more
Born Alive Protection Act February 13, 2019 by Staff
Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse introduced a bill in the U.S. Senate called the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.  The law would protect newly born babies who survive an unsuccessful abortion attempt. It would only apply to rare circumstances but believe it or not, there are people alive today who've survived unsuccessful abortion attempts. I've had to privilege to... Read more
Poor People's Campaign Protest February 12, 2019 by Staff
The Poor People’s Campaign was in Frankfort last week and protested a new policy that requires organizations wanting to assemble in the Capitol to submit an application at least ten days in advance of the event. Last year the group protested the idea that able-bodied Medicaid recipients should work or go to school if they wanted to continue receiving benefits. Of course, we should be conc... Read more
Forgiveness and Repentance February 11, 2019 by Staff
Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is in the news again. This time for racist pictures in his medical-school yearbook. Now many are calling for his resignation. But should this incident, which happened over 30 years ago, require him to quit the governorship? The political left demands a pound of flesh because it has no category of forgiveness, redemption or repentance.  But these principles h... Read more
Finding Our Moral Center February 8, 2019 by Staff
Americans no longer share a common moral reference point. On one side of the political divide are those who believe that abortion should be protected by law, gender is determined by individuals, and illegal immigrants have a right to be here. On the other side of the political aisle are those who believe that human life should be protected in all its stages, gender is determined by our Creator ... Read more
Another Late-Term Abortion Proposal February 7, 2019 by Staff
Virginia Governor Ralph Northam stirred a controversy when he defended a bill that would allow unborn babies to be aborted up until birth. His said that infanticide for some babies might be acceptable and that “If a mother is in labor...the infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desir... Read more
SCOTUS Upholds Transgender Ban in Military February 6, 2019 by Staff
The Supreme Court has reinstated President Trump's order to restrict transgender persons from serving in the military. The move was prompted by a concern to maintain optimum military readiness. Advocates of transgender rights said it was a human rights issue and that the military shouldn't discriminate. But opponents of transgenderism in the armed forces said the military isn't a so... Read more
State of the Union February 5, 2019 by Staff
The State of the Union Address is tonight. Since the government has reopened, Nancy Pelosi has invited President Trump to Capitol Hill to deliver the address to Congress. There will be talk about the economy, the middle east and need for a wall on our southern border. But as important as the State of the Union address is, it won't address our moral confusion or our spiritual poverty—t... Read more
NY Enshrines Abortion Rights in Constitution February 4, 2019 by Staff
New York amended its constitution to make abortion an absolute right. The new law permits non-physicians to perform abortions and allows abortions to be performed up until birth. It also repeals protections for babies that survive a botched abortion. In other words, infanticide will be legal in some situations. Upon passage of the bill, the New York State Senate chambers erupted in cheers and a... Read more
Video Gambling Hasn't Helped Illinois February 1, 2019 by Staff
Expanded gambling is often proposed as a solution to fix a state's budget deficit. This has been the case for Kentucky. For years we've been told that if we'd legalize casino gambling, tax them and just like magic, a new and easy revenue source appears. Not so fast.  According to  a new report by ProPublica about the promises made to Illinois' politician... Read more
Assisted Suicide January 31, 2019 by Staff
There's a movement in the United States to legalize assisted suicide. This is where doctors help kill their patients. The problem is that every doctor takes an oath to "first do no harm." Instead of helping their patients to heal or alleviate suffering people are turning to assisted suicide which is a violation of that oath. News out of Holland is another warning. The Guardian rep... Read more
Courier-Journal Criticizes Karen Pence January 30, 2019 by Staff
The Louisville Courier-Journal ran a story with the headline "Mike Pence's wife takes job at school that bans gay student's." The problem is that the story isn't true. The school does no such thing. However, it does expect its students and staff to abide by moral boundaries and ethical requirements and this includes sexual ethics which is much broader than just homose... Read more
Our Overheated National Conversation January 29, 2019 by Staff
There's real fallout from unjustly blaming someone. This is the case with Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann who was accused of mocking a native American protestor in Washington D.C. An edited and misleading video pegged Sandman as an aggressor toward the Indian protestor. However another video surfaced and showed what happened in context. Sandmann actually tried to diffuse tension. B... Read more
Covington Catholic January 28, 2019 by Staff
A group of Kentucky students made national headlines last week when they were caught on video at a Washington D.C. rally heckling a native American protestor. The story about the Covington Catholic students drew outrage and a national conversation about bigotry ensued. The only problem is that it wasn't true. The person who shot the video said the teens were chanting "Build the wall&qu... Read more
Nobel Prize Winner James Watson Stripped of Honorary Titles January 25, 2019 by Staff
James Watson, the famous geneticist who discovered DNA and how it works was stripped of his honorary titles over racist comments. Watson criticized the intelligence of black people as the reason why they have so many problems in Africa. He also criticized black employees. The comments were ugly but they are grounded in the inherently racist worldview of Charles Darwin. We forget that the full t... Read more
Another Harassment Scandal January 24, 2019 by Staff
The Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting released more details of a deposition alleging sexual harassment by former State House Speaker Jeff Hoover. A former House staffer testified to troubling details in her deposition. If they prove true, Hoover needs to resign. This saga leaves another stain on Frankfort— a place of power that is no stranger to scandal. Back in the 1990's f... Read more
Oak Grove Casino Hits Bump in the Road January 23, 2019 by Staff
Ever hear the saying "hold your horses?" Well, it looks like West Kentucky Development Corp. needs to reign theirs in. This is the group that was awarded a new racetrack license by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission and announced they're building a new $150 million racetrack, entertainment venue, restaurants and a hotel in the West Kentucky community of Oak Grove. All of it will... Read more
Roe v. Wade Anniversary January 22, 2019 by Staff
Forty-six years ago today, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion. It was an overstep of the Constitution which resulted in an injustice that led to some 60 million unborn people who've not given an opportunity to live. But public opinion is changing.  According to a Gallup Poll last year, only 28 percent of Americans support 2nd trimester abortions and only 13 percent support third... Read more
Government Shutdown January 21, 2019 by Staff
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told President Trump that he's not invited to deliver the State of the Union to Congress until the government reopens. Our national leaders are bickering over the border wall. Unfortunately real people are caught in the crossfire of this debate that's resulted in the longest government shutdown in history. If you're a government employee depending o... Read more
Pro-Life Bills Introduced January 18, 2019 by Staff
Kentucky has become a leader when it comes to protecting unborn life. The latest bill in Frankfort would ban all abortions in the Commonwealth after a heartbeat is detected. This means that at around 6-8 weeks all abortions would be outlawed. This latest pro-life bill is part of a larger pro-life trend. Two years ago, the legislature passed the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Last yea... Read more
Addiction Issues January 17, 2019 by Staff
Addiction is an issue that seems to dominate the news, primarily with the opioid crisis.  There were 1565 heroin overdose deaths in Kentucky in 2017. This is tragic. So how do you define addiction? It's something that controls one's life and negatively impacts work and other relationships. An addiction is something that controls you instead of you controlling it. But there are othe... Read more
Gender X January 16, 2019 by Staff
When a mother gives birth to a child one of the first things she hears from the doctor is "it's a boy" or "it's a girl." Such declarations are likely to go by the wayside for parents in New York City. That's because a new policy that allows parents to bypass the "male" or "female" boxes the birth certificate in order to choose "X''... Read more
In Search of Life January 15, 2019 by Staff
The headline of a BBC a story a few weeks ago (December 14, 2018) asked: "What chance has NASA of finding life on Mars?" This is the question that's gripping scientists today. It's a worthy goal to find an answer. At the same time, there's a terrible irony because as we search for the possibility of life on other planets we disregard the smallest of lives on earth. More sp... Read more
Every Vote Counts January 14, 2019 by Staff
If you've ever been tempted to think that your vote really doesn't matter, please refrain from that thought. The State House election in Owensboro was decided by one vote and it's the heart of a controversy as the legislature convened last week. Jim Glenn garnered 6,319 votes, while his Republican opponent DJ Johnson had 6,318 votes cast in his favor.  Johnson has filed for a r... Read more
Gambling on the Agenda January 11, 2019 by Staff
It's no secret that Kentucky's pension system is underfunded by billions of dollars. Now, several legislators say expanded gambling is the answer. So is Kentucky's Attorney General Andy Beshear. He recommended the legalization of casinos and dedicating the revenue to the faltering pensions. But is gambling really going to solve our financial problems? Think of it this way. Would you... Read more
India's Supreme Court Ruling January 10, 2019 by Staff
India's Supreme Court ruled that women have the right to enter a Hindu Temple in the Indian state of Kerala. Since the ruling back in September, traditionalists have blocked women from entering. But last week, two women got through which resulted in violent protests. Angry Hindu traditionalists blocked traffic and waved black flags outside government offices. The protests are making interna... Read more
Graham Banned From Facebook January 9, 2019 by Staff
Conservatives have long complained over unfair treatment by social media giants like Twitter and Facebook. Nationally syndicated talk show host Ben Shapiro reported that one of his staffers was temporarily banned over a joke about Brussel sprouts he posted on Twitter. And we just learned that Franklin Graham was temporarily banned from Facebook for a post over the transgender issue in North Car... Read more
General Assembly Convenes January 8, 2019 by Staff
The Kentucky General Assembly kicks off the 2019 session today and it promises to be a challenging session. Fixing the state's broken pension system is a priority. So is modernizing our tax system. What makes it most interesting is the political intrigue since it's an election year where the governor will be on the ballot. As challenging as the session may be, remember that all of gover... Read more
Pelosi Becomes Speaker January 7, 2019 by staff
Nancy Pelosi made history again by becoming the Speaker of the House. She's the only woman to ever hold the position which she previously held between 2007-2011. Political observers believe with Pelosi in power, radical social issues like sanctuary cities, funding for Planned Parenthood, and transgender rights will be pushed. Of course, abortion rights will be will be promoted as seen in ne... Read more
Politics isn't Everything January 4, 2019 by Staff
French philosopher Jacques Ellul warned about making everything political. He called this the “political illusion”—the belief that most of our problems are political and therefore require political solutions. Truth is, not everything is political, nor does it have a political solution. The problems of addiction, and poverty have dimensions outside the political realm and there... Read more
Drag Queen Story Hour January 3, 2019 by Staff
Every once in a while there are news items so shocking that once you hear about them you're not sure how to react. Such is the case in Evansville, Indiana and Cookeville, Tennessee where local libraries are hosting Drag Queen Story Hours. This is where men who dress as flamboyant women will be coming in and reading books to young children. Needless to say, it’s created a lot of contro... Read more
Thoughts on a New Year January 2, 2019 by Staff
The beginning of a New Year is a great time to take inventory on the last year and ask yourself how you can make the upcoming year even better. Here are a few suggestions: Love more. Complain less. Don't blame but rather ask: "how can I help?" or "what can I do?" Be the change that you want to see. And remember that personal responsibility is empowering. Be thankful to G... Read more
New Year Resolutions January 1, 2019 by Staff
If you're like nearly half of America you'll make some kind of New Year resolution. Maybe you've resolved to eat better, exercise more or spend more time with family. Whatever they might be, we all want to do better in the new year. The ever-witty G.K. Chesterton, quipped that resolutions are "something that goes in one Year and out the other." The point is that the intent... Read more
Civil Conversations in New Year December 31, 2018 by Staff
Have you made a New Year's resolution yet? If not, let me suggest a good one. How about contributing to civility? One way to do that is by engaging in more conversations—civil conversations with those you disagree with. Not arguments. Not rants. But conversations. This is where mature individuals dialogue and discuss ideas with people that they don't see eye to eye with. This invo... Read more
The Guardians and the War on Truth December 28, 2018 by Staff
Time Magazine named the Person of the Year award to journalists. In fact, they dedicated four editions of their magazine to slain Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, staff members of the Capital Gazette who were gunned down and two foreign journalists killed while doing their jobs.  They ran a story called "Guardians and the War on Truth." It's insightful as to their worldview.... Read more
Why 'Justice' Is Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year December 27, 2018 by Staff
Merriam-Webster announced that the word of the year is justice. They chose this word because of the spike in web searches seeking the definition of justice. The interest in the meaning of justice stems from the MeToo Movement, the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation and the Russia election-meddling probe. Every human heart longs for justice and righteousness. In other words we want thing... Read more
Pension Drama Part II December 26, 2018 by Staff
The headline story in last week's Lexington Herald-Leader said, "This is how cowards run government." It was in reference to the special session of the legislature called by Gov. Bevin. The story didn't include a single interview of proponents of fixing the pension. Nor did it include a broader perspective as to the urgency of fixing the state pension. And it was in the news s... Read more
The Heart of Christmas December 25, 2018 by Staff
According to one survey, the average American household will spend over $1500 on gifts and food to celebrate holiday festivities. Giving gifts to friends and family are one way we celebrate but as you walk through the tattered wrapping paper around your Christmas tree remember the real reason for Christmas: It's to celebrate the coming of Emmanuel which means God with us. Christmas centers ... Read more
Political Consternation December 24, 2018 by Staff
It's been a politically charged week leading up to this Christmas Eve but it would be good to take a break from politics and focus on the biggest event in all of human history: the God coming into this world to save us from our sins. Charles Wesley's Hark! the Herald Angels Sing, beautifully captures the message of Christmas: Hark! the herald angels sing,  "Glory to t... Read more
Racial equality in Govt December 21, 2018 by Staff
The idea that one race is superior to another race is antithetical to everything America stands for. That's why there are so many efforts from the political right and political left to fight racism. For decades, affirmative action elevated job and education applicants to the top based on their skin color. In many cases it’s been counterproductive. A better solution is merit-based raci... Read more
Solzhenitsyn’s Speech December 20, 2018 by Staff
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was a famous Soviet dissident and author who received the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion. He wrote the Gulag Archipelago which exposed Soviet atrocities under communism. He was described as “a pioneer in the renaissance of religion in atheist nations.” In his famous speech, Solzhenitsyn talked about the persecution of the Orthodox church in Russia wh... Read more
Government of the People December 19, 2018 by Staff
In the Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln reminded us that we have a "government of the people, by the people, for the people." It was a reminder that the people are the ones in charge of the government instead of the government being in charge of the people. This truth came to light the other day after the Somerset City Council passed the first reading of an ordinance that... Read more
Forced Speech December 18, 2018 by Staff
Students in West Point, Virginia walked out of class last week after the school board removed a popular teacher from the classroom for refusing to call a female student "he." French instructor Peter Vlaming didn't believe he should be forced to call a female student with gender dysphoria by a pronoun that wasn't consistent with her biological gender. The issue of transgenderis... Read more
Planned Parenthood Closes in Nashville December 17, 2018 by Staff
Nashville's last remaining abortion clinic has closed. Planned Parenthood of Tennessee and North Mississippi announced last week that it has "indefinitely" stopped offering abortions at their Nashville location. This means one of the largest cities in the south is abortion-free. This is the trend as abortion remains highly controversial. Several factors led to the decision. Tennes... Read more
Giving the Right Things December 14, 2018 by Staff
The National Retail Federation, projects holiday retail sales in November and December will be between $717.45 billion to $720.89 billion That's a lot of cookie dough! Giving gifts are part of the Christmas tradition but when our spending gets out of hand, we can easily lose sight of what Christmas is about. Instead of mindless purchasing, why not donate to a charitable organization? T... Read more
Will More Gambling Solve Kentucky's Problems? December 13, 2018 by Staff
The 2019 legislative session is just weeks away and a couple of bills proposed to solve Kentucky's financial problems.  State Rep. Dennis Keene has introduced a bill to legalize wagering on professional and college sports. State Senator Julian Carroll introduced a similar bill in the Senate. But consider that compared to other states Kentucky doesn't rank as well as other states.&n... Read more
Deadly Camp Fire December 12, 2018 by Staff
Paradise, California has been nearly destroyed. The deadliest fire in California history took 85 lives, destroyed 14,000 homes and structures and left 153,336 acres of woodland charred. Paradise became a picture of hell on earth. The heat and flames, acrid smoke and destruction left in the fire's wake was a kind of evil most only see in the movies. Some are quick to blame global climate cha... Read more
Christmas Isn't Merry for Everyone December 11, 2018 by Staff
The picture of Christmas is one of good cheer: family and friends surrounding a dinner table, presents being exchanged— good feelings all around. But this isn't the case for everyone. Some will have no families to celebrate with and others have such painful family memories that such gatherings, if they happen at all, are difficult. There might even be someone missing at this year'... Read more
Fairness in Somerset? December 10, 2018 by Staff
The Eastern Kentucky city of Somerset is updating its human rights ordinance to elevate sexual orientation and gender identity to civil right status. The goal is to protect those in the LGBT community from unjust discrimination. They're called fairness laws but the application of the law is often unfair and has been used to criminalize religious convictions about human sexuality.  So f... Read more
Paducah Repeals Profanity Law December 7, 2018 by Staff
Public profanity seems to be on the rise but if you're living in the West Kentucky City of Paducah, you may be hearing more of it. That's because the Paducah City Commission is repealing a 50-year old law that restricts profanity within the city. This is on the heals of a Kentucky Supreme Court ruling from February 2017 that says government can't, "restrict expression because o... Read more
Climate Change Report December 6, 2018 by Staff
13 federal government agencies released a report with dire warnings about climate change. The report concludes that extreme hot weather is getting more common, and cold weather more rare; That sea levels will continue to rise and that forest fires will intensify. Climate change has been a contentious issue which raises questions and tempers. How much is caused by mankind? And how much occurs na... Read more
Ky Ranks Low in Charitable Giving December 5, 2018 by Staff
According to Wallethub, Kentucky ranks second in the nation when it comes to collecting and distributing food to the needy. This is good, but we're in last place when it comes to the percentage of people who donate their time. And we're 48th in the nation with the percentage who financially contribute to charities. Kentuckians only donate 1.22 percent of their income to charitable group... Read more
CPC Holds Press Conference on Expanded Gambling December 4, 2018 by Staff
Last week, CPC held a press conference in the state Capitol and raised concerns over the proposed Oak Grove casino expansion.  We also raised concerns over Attorney General Andy Beshear's memo urging legislators to legalize casinos and dedicating the revenue to pensions. We know that communities with casinos have increased crime and this further burdens the law enforcement and judicial... Read more
The Great Transfer of Wealth Project December 3, 2018 by Staff
There's a lot of talk about what a casino would do to boost tax revenue but consider what Les Bernal shared in a Congressional Committee last month. "Americans are expected to lose $118 billion of their personal wealth to commercialized gambling in 2018. [T]he American people are on a collision course to lose more than $1 trillion of wealth to government-sanctioned gambling over the next eight yea... Read more
Adoption protection November 30, 2018 by Staff
The Gov.-elect of Kansas Laura Kelly is opposed to a law that protects religious freedom for faith-based adoption and foster care agencies. The laws intended to protect the religious convictions of the agencies and shield them from being forced to place children in same-sex parented households. Critics call it "the adoption discrimination measure.” Foster care and adoption agencies i... Read more
Medicaid Requirements Reinstated November 29, 2018 by Staff
The Trump administration approved a plan to incentivize benefits for Kentucky's Medicaid recipients. This is round two since a federal judge struck down the original Medicaid requirements back in June. The judge said the state didn't consider how it will impact recipients, so the state revised its application. The idea is that able-bodied Medicaid recipients between the ages of 18-64 sh... Read more
Gender Ideology Advances November 28, 2018 by Staff
Stories of gender ideology imposed on our children are becoming more common. Celine Dion launched a new clothing line that according to the website “liberates children from the traditional roles of boy/girl." ‘Good Morning America’ normalized the idea of children drag-queens when the hosts interviewed 11-year old “drag artist” Desmond Napoles. And a male gym t... Read more
The Cost of Gambling November 27, 2018 by Staff
The cost to casino gambling is high: those prone to addiction. The family whose breadwinner gambled away the week's grocery money. The businesses who've been embezzled by a wayward employee. And the judicial system burdened with cases related to gambling addiction. The science tells us that slots are like a drug that play on brain chemistry. There's the adrenaline rush of the spinni... Read more
Oak Grove Casino Project Announced November 26, 2018 by Staff
The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission approved a plan to expand casino gambling in the West Kentucky community of Oak Grove. It's a huge development with a horse track, restaurants, hotel and entertainment complex. But the biggest attraction is the casino which will house up to 1500 instant racing machines. Churchill Downs plans to have 12 days of horse racing while the slots will likel... Read more
Louisville Schools Hold Listening Session November 22, 2018 by Staff
Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) recently held listening sessions where parents could raise concerns and share input about their child's education. Much of it has to do with which school their child will attend. You see, not all Louisville schools are performing at the same level and in some cases kids spend hours on the bus every day. Mike Neagle was mostly concerned about getti... Read more
Thanksgiving November 21, 2018 by Staff
The first Thanksgiving in America was in 1621, when Gov. William Bradford called for a celebratory feast after a good corn harvest. Bradford and the pilgrims barely made it through the first winter. Half their number had died. And those that made it didn't know how to feed themselves in the new world. Yet they still gave thanks to God for the lives that did make it. They were thankful for S... Read more
Living in a Post-truth Age November 20, 2018 by Staff
We live in a post-truth age where personal belief and emotion trump objective facts. But when heartfelt emotion meets the hard truth of objective reality there is conflict and confusion. The latest comes from the Netherlands where 69-year-old Emile Ratelband is suing to legally change his age. After all, he feels like he's 20 years younger. Ratelband argued before a judge that his official ... Read more
Florida at Center of Ballot Battle November 19, 2018 by Staff
Florida is once again the center of national attention over election results. Seats for Florida governor and U.S. Senator at stake. Republicans are ahead in vote counts by razor thin margins but actions by Broward County Supervisor of Elections, Brenda Snipes, casts doubt on recount efforts. Last week, a court found Snipes was guilty of failing to provide mandatory updates to the public. And th... Read more
Bevin Administration Defends Pro-life law November 18, 2018 by Staff
Attorneys with the Bevin administration went to federal court last week to defend a recently enacted pro-life law that bans what is known as dismemberment abortion. Steve Pitt, Gov. Bevin’s general counsel called it a "gruesome procedure" where the unborn child's limbs are torn from its body while still alive in the womb. It's a horrible image and tragic to even have to ... Read more
Kentucky Kids in Poverty November 16, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky has a high percentage of its kids living in poverty. In fact, it's close to 25 percent according to Kentucky Youth Advocates. Nearly half of Kentucky's children live in low-income homes or 200 percent of the poverty level. So in an age of abundance and economic opportunity, why is this? Some point to the drug epidemic and lack of opportunities. Both play a role. But an asp... Read more
Communism on College Campuses November 15, 2018 by Staff
Is America a good idea? The idea of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? According to Dartmouth professor Mark Bray, the answer is no. Bray wrote an op-ed entitled "How Capitalism Stokes the Far Right and Climate Catastrophe." He said "The world is on fire. This is no time to be patient. If we don’t abolish capitalism, capitalism will abolish us." Of course, Bra... Read more
America is a Gift November 14, 2018 by Staff
Do you know that what you have is a gift?  What I mean is that by being an American citizen you have a great gift and one that people come from all over the world to experience. Think about it, we have freedom of speech and the right to assemble. We can worship our Creator and live and work and raise our families according to our conscience. We can use our gifts and talents to create wealt... Read more
Life is more than Politics November 13, 2018 by Staff
The elections are behind us and many of you are probably very glad since your no longer subjected to negative ads. Regardless of how your favored candidates did it's important to be reminded that election aren't everything. They're important, yes. Good leaders and good laws are important too but our lives shouldn't revolve around politics and the party that's in political po... Read more
Veterans Day Observed November 12, 2018 by Staff
Today is the observance for Veteran's Day. It was originally known as Armistice Day which marked the silencing of the guns of WWI on November 11, 1918.  Now we honor all our veterans who've ever served in our armed forces. National defense may be something we take for granted but in a dangerous age of Islamic terrorism and a nuclear North Korea, we should thank the men and women wh... Read more
Asia Bibi Freed November 9, 2018 by Staff
The Pakistani Supreme Court freed Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who was sentenced to death in 2010 for blasphemy. Protests erupted in the streets but the court found that the evidence wasn't sufficient.  The court said Bibi "appears to be a person, in the words of Shakespeare's King Lear, 'more sinned against than sinning.'" Yet many Pakistani's are openly call... Read more
Violence Motivated by Racism November 8, 2018 by Staff
Recent acts of racially motivated violence has gripped us. Two black people were killed at a Louisville Kroger. And 11 worshipers were killed at The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Any act of violence is tragic. In response to racial violence CNN commentator Don Lemon blamed white men. He said, "We have to "realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white... Read more
Lottery Rave November 7, 2018 by Staff
The second largest lottery jackpot ticket in history was sold in South Carolina the other week. The winner of the $1.54 billion prize hasn't yet come forward. And why should they? They'll be hounded the rest of their lives. Prior to the drawing, ticket sales ratcheted up and many dreamed of leaving their jobs to live a life of luxury. It's interesting that our heart longs for wealth... Read more
Election Day! November 6, 2018 by Staff
If you haven't heard, there's an election today! It's the mid-terms where every Congressman and one-third of the U.S. Senate are up for re-election. Traditionally, the party out of power in the White House picks up Congressional seat. Some see a blue wave coming. Others, a red wave. In Kentucky, there's been a red wave of new voters registering as Republican, and this will have ... Read more
Processing Public Tragedy November 5, 2018 by Staff
Eleven people were killed and several others injured after a gunman entered The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and shouted "all Jews must die!" The FBI is now investigating in what many are calling a hate crime. So how do we respond to such tragedy? Some will be calling for gun control and better security. Others have rightly called out inflammatory political rhetoric that contr... Read more
Incivility Breeds Violence November 2, 2018 by Staff
Sen. Mitch McConnell and his wife were harassed again at a Louisville restaurant. A man came up to his table and started yelling at him and then threw his take-out box on the ground. It's becoming common for protestors to publicly berate and harass political leaders that they oppose.  Such incivility is out of bounds and should be called out. Now home-made bombs addressed to former Pre... Read more
America Coming Apart November 1, 2018 by Staff
Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse just released a book called Them: Why we hate each other and how to heal. It's a fantastic book that diagnoses what ails us and how to restore our societal health. Sasse points out that we are more affluent than ever. We live in bigger homes, have more cars and more money for leisure pursuits. Yet many people still feel empty. We also have technology like cell pho... Read more
Voting in San Francisco October 31, 2018 by Staff
Is the right to vote a universal human right? In other words, does it matter if you're a legal citizen to vote in an election? If you're in San Francisco, the answer is no. San Francisco is now allowing non-citizens to vote in school board races. That's correct: illegal immigrants and those who cannot prove their residency will be allowed to vote in school board elections. There'... Read more
Time's Confusing Headline October 30, 2018 by Staff
Time Magazine recently asked: What Could Happen If the Federal Government Redefined Gender? It's an interesting question on a number of levels but it needs to be asked if anyone—including the government, can redefine something so concrete as gender. The headline implies that the Trump administration is trying to redefine gender. But as you dig into the story, it becomes clear that the... Read more
Migrant Caravan October 29, 2018 by Staff
The pictures on the nightly news are jarring: thousands of migrants from Central America pushing their way through Mexico, sometimes overwhelming police checkpoints in order to press on toward the United States. Some have likened it to a small army and an invasion. While we welcome immigrants, we must also do so in an orderly way. We must know who's coming to this country and their intentio... Read more
Marsy's Law Nixed by Judge October 26, 2018 by Staff
There's an effort to restore rights to victims of crime in Kentucky. It's called Marsy's law and it requires the courts to notify crime victims and their families of judicial proceedings and parole hearings. But Franklin Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate struck down the law. Wingate said the ballot language isn't accurate. The question will still be on the ballot since they'... Read more
High Stakes Mid-Term Elections October 26, 2018 by Staff
The fierce battle over U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh gives us a snapshot of the political left's rage and the energy they'll take into the November election. They're on the outside of Washington's political power and they're doing all they can to claw their way back into it. Last-minute allegations by Christine Blasey Ford that Kavanaugh assaulted her while in... Read more
High Stakes Mid-Term Elections October 26, 2018 by Staff
The fierce battle over U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh gives us a snapshot of the political left's rage and the energy they'll take into the November election. They're on the outside of Washington's political power and they're doing all they can to claw their way back into it. Last-minute allegations by Christine Blasey Ford that Kavanaugh assaulted her while in... Read more
Religious Symbols Nixed in Hardin County October 25, 2018 by Staff
The Hardin County School system is cracking down on religious messages. The teachers in the school system were recently told they couldn't have coffee cups with Scriptures on them inside their classrooms. If they're on Facebook and use phrases like “blessings” or “praise” then they must nix any connection with the school. Scripture displays on their desks could o... Read more
Religious Liberty Prevails in Atlanta October 24, 2018 by Staff
Should public officials keep their religious beliefs hidden?  Atlanta's fire chief Kelvin Cochran didn't think so. Cochran wrote a book about Biblical manhood and moral boundaries.  Atlanta's mayor publicly denounced his religious beliefs and eventually fired Cochran. There was no due process, no evidence of discrimination and no chance for Cochran to defend himself. But i... Read more
Blue Wave or Red? October 23, 2018 by Staff
The election is two weeks from today and there's a lot of talk about a blue wave sweeping the nation. It's typical for the party outside of the White House to pick up Congressional seats in a mid-term election but it's no guarantee that'll happen in Kentucky. Consider that since Matt Bevin was elected governor, there have been 150,000 new Republican registrations. There have bee... Read more
Elizabeth Warren and Misleading News October 22, 2018 by Staff
For years, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren claimed she was part Cherokee. Yet many disbelieved her. Warren recently revealed that a DNA test indicated she might have had a Native American ancestor some 6-10 generations removed. If it was 10 generations ago, then she is 1/1024 Native American.  The problem is that the average American could have made the same claim as Warren. Identit... Read more
What to Look for in a Candidate October 19, 2018 by Staff
The election is just over two weeks away but many are wondering what to look for in choosing a candidate. There are two important questions to ask: what is their character and what are their principles. Character is everything in a leader. Ask whether they're trustworthy and honest. How have they treated people in their dealings? Are they fair? Have they lived a life of virtue? Can they be ... Read more
Is Pot Harmless? October 18, 2018 by Staff
Is smoking pot harmless? The group called Legalize Kentucky Now would have us believe there's no downside to smoking pot. Some even claim that it's never led to any deaths. Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational use of marijuana and in 2016 there were 51 traffic fatalities directly related to pot use. More than 450,000 emergency room visits are related to impairment from ... Read more
3 of 4 Black Youth in Detention October 17, 2018 by Staff
The Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting recently reported that three out of every four inmates at Louisville's youth detention center are black. The implication is that the system is somehow unfair to blacks. Institutional racism has been a stain on our country, but is it happening in this case? The article failed to point out the breakdown of the family in the inner city. Nor did i... Read more
Incendiary Speech October 16, 2018 by Staff
A Georgetown University professor was recently placed on research leave after she wished “miserable deaths” on defenders of Brett Kavanaugh. Christine Fair Tweeted that Kavanaugh’s defenders “deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps… and we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine.” Such talk from university professor... Read more
Kavanaugh Confirmed October 15, 2018 by Staff
Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court by a final vote of 50-48. It was one of the closest votes to confirm a Supreme Court justice in history. During the swearing in ceremony at the White House, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell received a standing ovation. McConnell called it his most important achievement in his career. A key moment that changed the tide in Kavanaugh... Read more
News Reminds us We're Inherently Flawed October 12, 2018 by Staff
A Kentucky priest has been permanently removed from public ministry over a sexual abuse scandal. An Owensboro day care worker slammed a 4-year old boy against the wall. And there's a federal trial over a former U of L basketball recruit in the center of a pay-for-play scandal. These are all headline stories in Kentucky news outlets within the past few days. So have you ever wondered why the... Read more
Amazon Minimum Wage October 11, 2018 by Staff
Amazon just announced that it will start all of its U.S. employees at $15 an hour which is more than double the federal minimum wage. It's good news for entry workers Amazon, but it’s also instructional as to how increase wages. In our nation, we have a free-market system where employers and workers agree on pay. When the government interferes, there's often unintended consequence... Read more
Major Sports Register to Lobby in Ky October 10, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky doesn't have any professional sports teams but several will be coming to Kentucky in January of 2019. Let me clarify, several lobbyists for sports teams will lobby our legislature in the 2019 session. This follows a Supreme Court ruling that opened the door to states legalizing gambling on professional sports. Kentucky hasn't done so yet, but could take action to allow legalize... Read more
Student Loan Defaults High in Kentucky October 9, 2018 by Staff
According to the U.S. Department of Education, Kentucky has the fourth-highest rate of student loan defaults in the nation. A total of 14.3 percent of students who take out student loans for college are unable to pay it back. West Virginia ranks number one in student loan defaults. So, what's going on? Some study in fields where a degree doesn't translate into a good paying job that all... Read more
Federal Judge Strikes Down Abortion Law October 8, 2018 by Staff
Should abortion clinics have the same rules as other medical facilities? According to a federal judge, the answer is no. Last week, Federal District Judge Greg Stivers struck down a Kentucky law that required abortion centers to have an agreement with hospitals and ambulance services in case there's an emergency. Kentucky's last remaining abortion center is EMW Women's Clinic in Lou... Read more
Controversial Census Questions Nixed October 5, 2018 by Staff
Every 10 years the U.S. Census Bureau gathers information about population changes in the U.S. A longer census form, called the American Community Survey gathers other data including income, marital status and religion. It's sent to 3.5 million Americans and helps determine the distribution of federal funds. But are there some things that the government shouldn't be asking? In 2016, sev... Read more
Gender Confusion in California October 4, 2018 by Staff
Children aren't expected to make adult decisions until, well, they're adults. And a child's transition into adulthood comes with stages of responsibility. You've got to be 16 to get a driver’s license; 18 to get married; And 21 to own a handgun. But if you're in California, you only need to be 12 to decide your gender. This is because California just passed a law givin... Read more
Violating Principles of Justice October 3, 2018 by Staff
Two important principles of American law protect all of us. The first is that the accused are innocent until proven guilty. The second is that everyone deserves due process of the law. This means that evidence and witnesses are needed to establish facts and the accused have a right to defend themselves against false charges. However, this isn't happening with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kav... Read more
A Diploma That Means Something October 2, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky ranks number seven in the country in high school graduation. However, less than two-thirds of our graduates are prepared for the next step, whether its college or the workforce. Interim Commissioner of Education Wayne Lewis asked "why are we granting high school diplomas to kids that we don’t believe are prepared for the next steps in their lives?” In order to change t... Read more
Bill Cosby Sentenced October 1, 2018 by Staff
Bill Cosby was sentenced to prison for violent sexual assault. Photos of a handcuffed Cosby, head down and being taken to jail is quite different from the comedian and entertainer we welcomed into our homes. This is first successful prosecution of a high-profile sexual predator in the #MeToo era. There are a couple of other takeaways. The justice system still works and wealth and status don'... Read more
Anonymous Dads September 28, 2018 by Staff
Fertility clinics can be a double-edged sword. They help couples who have trouble conceiving children naturally. But at the same time, many of these clinics are creating embryos with anonymous sperm donors. In other words, they're creating children who will never know their biological father. One estimate believes 30,000-60,000 American kids were conceived through sperm banks and have anony... Read more
Ballot Question Strengthens Crime Victims' Rights September 27, 2018 by Staff
In case you haven't noticed there's an election coming up. And on the ballot in Kentucky is a constitutional amendment question regarding rights for crime victims and their families. It's called Marsy's law. The idea is that crime victims deserve the same rights to perpetrators of crimes against them or their family members. Sen. Whitney Westerfield (R-Hopkinsville) sponsored th... Read more
Pro-Life Victory September 26, 2018 by Staff
What if I told you that some medical practices thought they were exempt from laws meant to keep women safe because they thought such laws might end up closing them down? Such is the case with the abortion industry. Many states have laws that require abortion centers to have the same surgical standards as any other medical facility. It's common sense and the purpose is to protect women's... Read more
Ethics Opinion Advises Grimes September 25, 2018 by Staff
Secretary of State Allison Grimes has dominated headlines in recent weeks. The executive director of the State Board of Elections, Jared Dearing, accused Grimes of improperly using voter data to screen job applicants. Grimes father was indicted on federal charges of illegal campaign donations to her 2014 Senate bid. Now the executive branch ethics commission issued an advisory opinion saying th... Read more
Accusations against Kavanaugh September 24, 2018 by Staff
A political bombshell was dropped on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Christine Ford alleged that Kavanaugh attempted to rape her at a party over 30 years ago. This is a serious allegation and if it's true would be disqualifying. But is it a credible allegation? Is there evidence? Are there witnesses?  Sen. John Cornyn of Texas said, “The problem is, Dr. Ford can’t re... Read more
Giving Political Opponents the Benefit of the Doubt September 21, 2018 by Staff
Engaging in difficult conversations is challenging these days. We all have strong views on religion and politics and when someone says something we disagree with easily get offended. Yet it's important to be able to have conversations over current issues, even when they're controversial. Civil discourse is important to a healthy society. So here's a suggestion. When you engage in co... Read more
Politically Charged Research September 20, 2018 by Staff
When research is done we want science to lead the way. Trials and tests should lead to conclusions. But at Brown University researchers landed themselves in hot water when a particular research topic touched a nerve and led to them squelching their findings. The topic: gender dysphoria. Brown University nixed a press release regarding gender dysphoria in adolescents. The study suggested it coul... Read more
Legalizing Medical Marijuana September 19, 2018 by Staff
There's another push in Frankfort to legalize medical marijuana. Lawmakers have recently been listening to testimony from both sides of the debate. Advocates say that doctors should decide whether their patient needs pot for their medical condition. The other side says that there's already a process by which to approve new drugs for medical use. The concern many have is that this is a b... Read more
Are Charter Schools in Kentucky a Threat? September 18, 2018 by Staff
An interesting question was recently posed in a major publication: "How would you respond if you stumbled across a headline that asked, 'How much do farmers markets cost Walmart?"  It presupposes that the customer belongs to Walmart; and any time customers shop elsewhere, they're “robbing” the grocery giant. The context was in response to the introduction of c... Read more
Religious Freedom Crackdown in China September 17, 2018 by Staff
Police in riot gear barricaded the front doors of the Christian school and arrested the pastor who led the school. It was eventually shut down the other week. Crosses have been torn from churches and persecution of religious sects have intensified—not in the U.S. but in China. The Chinese communist government revised its policy on religious freedom and believers are suffering the conseque... Read more
Casino Expansion in W Ky? September 14, 2018 by Staff
Churchill Downs and Keeneland announced a new gambling venture to bring a new racetrack to Christian County in western Kentucky. They're proposing a $125 million facility in Oak Grove that will include an outdoor amphitheater, a hotel, an equestrian center and a casino which, by the way, they're calling a historical racing facility. The only thing holding this up is a license from the K... Read more
The Things That Bind Us Together September 13, 2018 by Staff
America seems as divided as ever before. Between Nike's controversial ad with Colin Kaepernick and the Supreme Court hearings over Brett Kavanaugh, we're a nation divided. Sometimes you wonder if there's anything that can bring America together.  I think there are. Look at our founding documents. The Declaration reminds us that God endows each of us with rights. The Constitutio... Read more
Political Scandals Cross Party Lines September 12, 2018 by Staff
Jerry Lundergan and Dale Emmons were indicted by the FBI over making illegal campaign contributions to Allison Grime's U.S. Senate Campaign in 2014. Both are political heavyweights and influential in Democratic politics. But political scandal crosses party lines. Republican Congressmen Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins haves been indicted for using campaign dollars for personal benefit. Pres.... Read more
Believe in Something September 11, 2018 by Staff
Nike's major deal with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is creating a backlash. In 2016, the star quarterback decided to kneel during the national anthem as a protest to racial injustice. Nike's new ad campaign begins with a still shot of Kaepernick's face and underneath are the words: "Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything." In response to t... Read more
Obstructing Kavanaugh September 10, 2018 by Staff
There were fireworks during the hearing for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Protestors tried to disrupt the hearings on the first day and 70 people were charged with disorderly conduct.  Within the first hour, Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Grassley was interrupted 44 times by his Democratic colleagues. The reason? Kavanaugh represents a dramatic conservative shift on the co... Read more
Catholic Charities of Buffalo Shuts Down September 7, 2018 by Staff
There is much talk of tolerance and respect these days but news out of New York again reminds us that tolerance is too often a one-way street. The Catholic Charities of Buffalo was forced to close their adoption and foster care services because the state is mandating that they place children in same-sex parented households which goes against their religious teaching.  Monica Mahaffey, a sp... Read more
What Does Redemption Actually Mean? September 6, 2018 by Staff
An interesting headline ran in Time Magazine last week. It asked, "What Does ‘Redemption’ Actually Mean?" The story tackles comedian Louis C.K. who recently came out of the shadows to perform after he was charged with serious sexual misconduct last year. C.K. failed to own up to his conduct or apologize to the women he hurt. So Time asks what is redemption?  Redemptio... Read more
What do we trust in? September 5, 2018 by Staff
There's controversy over a state legislators’ proposal to post the national motto in public schools. Of course, the motto says "In God We Trust" But opponents say it's imposing religion and could be harmful to kids. If you think about it, this is an imposition of another kind: enforced secularism. There is no such thing as a vacuum in the public arena. There is no neutra... Read more
Remembering McCain September 4, 2018 by Staff
Senator John McCain, known as a hero, patriot and maverick politician, was laid to rest. His politics didn't please everyone but a letter he wrote prior to his death is a poignant reminder that we're "a nation of ideals, not blood and soil." McCain warned that “We weaken our greatness when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries that have sown resentment and hatr... Read more
Labor Day September 3, 2018 by Staff
Happy Labor Day! For some this marks the end of summer but for others it's a day of rest from the regular demands of work. Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894 after the labor movement demanded safer working conditions, an 8-hour workday, fair wages, and the end to child labor. Those goals were eventually realized but sometimes we struggle with getting out of bed and going to work eve... Read more
Does God Have a Place in Public Schools? August 31, 2018 by Staff
Does the National Motto belong in public school? State Rep. Brandon Reed thinks so. He's introducing a bill that would require every Kentucky public elementary and secondary schools to display the motto "In God We Trust" in a prominent location. Reed said there's "no reason for us to be ashamed of our national motto; it is a vital part of our culture.” The mott... Read more
Shout Your Abortion? August 30, 2018 by Staff
One of the most politically contentious and personal issues is over abortion. But is abortion something to be proud of? According to Amelia Bonow, the answer is yes. The latest edition of Oprah Winfrey's "O" magazine features Bonow who founded the "Shout Your Abortion" campaign.  Bonow says abortion is something that women should be proud of. She launched the campai... Read more
Jack Phillips is Being Harassed August 29, 2018 by Staff
Jack Phillips is in front of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission again. This time, he's being charged with not baking a cake for a transgender person who wanted to celebrate their seven-year anniversary of transitioning from male the female. They wanted a pink colored cake on the inside and blue frosting on the outside to represent their inner and outer identities. Phillips declined to pro... Read more
Medicaid Dispute Continues August 28, 2018 by Staff
The issue of Medicaid reform is still tied up in the courts. Last year the federal government gave Kentucky a waiver regarding Medicaid requirements. The waiver allowed for incentives to be put into place for able-bodied people who aren't the primary caregivers of a family member. The waiver required the able bodied between 18-64 to work part-time 20 hours/week, volunteer part-time or go to... Read more
Predatory Priests in Pennsylvania August 27, 2018 by Staff
A report out of Pennsylvania is rocking the Catholic church and also shaken our trust in institutions that are supposed to be safe. Three-hundred “predator priests” raped and molested more than 1,000 children since the 1940's. The 884-page report reveals details that are shameful and unimaginable. Priests are supposed to be model citizens—trustworthy and exemplars of moral... Read more
Lottery Record Ticket sales August 24, 2018 by Staff
The Kentucky Lottery had record ticket sales in fiscal year 2018.  The Lottery Corp took in $1.04 billion and just over a quarter of the proceeds—$253 million went to the state general fund. Another way to look at this is that Kentuckians lost $1.04 billion in fiscal year 2018. Instead of receiving a product or valuable service, the people who played the lottery may have gotten an ad... Read more
Drug-addicted Babies in Kentucky August 23, 2018 by Staff
The toll of Illicit drugs continues. Last year, 1,565 Kentuckian's overdosed on opioids.  That's more than four deaths per day. Fentanyl was involved in 52 percent of overdose deaths. Drug addiction leads to lost lives, broken families and our communities are left with gaping holes in them. Now a story out of the Lexington Herald-Leader reminds us that the most vulnerable among us ... Read more
Maysville Enacts Fairness Ordinance August 22, 2018 by Staff
Maysville became the tenth Kentucky city to make sexual orientation and gender identity a civil right. They're called Fairness Ordinances and are supposed to foster tolerance but unfortunately, they've been used to undermine the faith of those who want to run their business according to their deepest principles. Businesspeople like Washington florist Baronnelle Stutzman, Oregon Bakers, ... Read more
Dangerous Antifa Protests August 21, 2018 by Staff
In 2016, the Department of Homeland Security labeled Antifa “anarchist extremists”.  Antifa is short for anti-fascist. They're opposed to capitalism and they disdain democratic institutions. In its place they're pushing their version of communism.  But ironically their protest methods of violence and intimidation are typically used by fascists—the thing they&... Read more
White Nationalist Rally Outnumbered August 20, 2018 by Staff
Security was high over the weekend in Washington D.C. as white supremacists rallied in front of the White House. It was the one year anniversary of the Charlottesville white nationalist rally that ended in the tragic death of 32 year-old Heather Heyer. This year only a couple dozen white nationalists showed up. On the other side, several thousand counter-protesters rallied against the Alt Right... Read more
Back to School August 17, 2018 by Staff
Kids are heading back to school this week. Many aren't looking forward to it but we need to remind them why it’s important. It's because they're given minds to cultivate and we want them to develop their gifts and talents so they can successfully live in this world.   School is also where the true, the good and the beautiful are imparted. It's where values are pa... Read more
Apple Becomes Trillion-Dollar Company August 16, 2018 by Staff
Apple recently became the first trillion-dollar company in our nation's history. This is an amazing story for a company that was near bankruptcy just two decades ago. Amazon, Google and Microsoft are close to becoming trillion-dollar companies as well. The rise in these companies tells us two things. First that we live in the tech era where computers and the Internet are king. Second, we li... Read more
Manhunt in Western Kentucky August 15, 2018 by Staff
The FBI is conducting a manhunt in western Kentucky for a man who threatened to kill President Trump. Shawn Christy, 27, of Pennsylvania, had a federal warrant issued for his arrest after he made a social media post promising to kill Trump. Christy is considered armed and dangerous. This comes when Trump's Press Secretary Sarah Sanders announced she'll be speaking at the Lexington ... Read more
Ratcheting up the Political Rhetoric August 14, 2018 by Staff
Are some comments by politicians unacceptable? We believe so. If a political leader makes threats, promote falsehoods or contribute to incivility, it's important for citizens to call them out. President Trump has certainly done this and conservatives have called him out when he's crossed the line. Recently he called Fake News an "enemy of the people." If he means fake news, he... Read more
Unacceptable Political Speech August 13, 2018 by Staff
Are there some things politicians shouldn't say? We think so. Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes joked with a group of Democrats at their annual bean supper before Fancy Farm and said: "Many folks say that Rand Paul can’t be beat, they’re worried he might be too well-liked. I don’t buy that. Just ask his neighbor, he can be beaten.” Grimes was ... Read more
Leave the Turtles Alone August 10, 2018 by Staff
A Kentucky couple visiting a beach on the Atlantic landed themselves in hot water when they picked up several sea turtle hatchlings and took them back to their hotel. The hotel housekeeper found a half dozen tiny loggerhead turtles swimming around in a trashcan. When authorities discovered this, the couple got in big trouble. Loggerheads are a threatened species and even touching one can result... Read more
Universal Income? August 9, 2018 by Staff
If a political idea sounds too good to be true it probably is. Two years ago Finland implemented Universal Basic Income (UBI). The idea was to pay people who are not working to further encourage them to work and to provide money for them to cover food or housing expenses. But Finland discovered that the payments reduced incentives for the unemployed to find jobs. So they're ending the progr... Read more
Transgender Fallout for Pharmacist August 8, 2018 by Staff
Should conscience protections be extended to medical professionals? For years that question was settled by laws that protected the conscience of medical providers when it came to the issue of abortion. However, with changing moral standards and cultural attitudes, the question of conscience rights is being revisited, especially regarding transgender issues. Recently, a pharmacist in Arizona ref... Read more
Religious Liberty Task Force August 7, 2018 by Staff
Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he's creating a Religious Liberty Task Force to ensure “that every American has a right to believe, worship, and exercise their faith in the public square.” Sessions told attendees at a Religious Liberty Summit in Washington D.C. that the government overstepped its bounds when it forced nuns to provide contraceptive coverage under Ob... Read more
Gambling Expansion Gets the Cart Before the Horse August 6, 2018 by Staff
Churchill Downs recently held a job fair and they're looking to hire 200 employees to operate its new casino facility in Louisville called Derby City Gaming. It'll feature 900 slot machines. Churchill calls them historical racing machines but anti-casino advocates call them plain old slots. because in all respects besides a 2-3 second video screen of a previously run horse race, the mac... Read more
Fancy Farm Picnic August 3, 2018 by Staff
Tomorrow is the largest picnic in the world and it takes place in the far Western Kentucky hamlet of Fancy Farm, where 20,000 pounds of pork and mutton will be served up, games and raffles will be played, and where the fiery political speeches rival the August heat. It began as a church picnic for St. Jerome Parish in the late 1800's and has morphed into an important fundraising event for t... Read more
Fake News Hurts News' Media Credibility August 2, 2018 by Staff
Our trust in the established news media continues to decline. According to a Monmouth University poll, 77 percent of Americans believe that traditional news media outlets report "fake news." 65 percent of respondents believe "fake news" happens through editorial decisions regarding what topics to cover.  This is biased reporting but not necessarily "fake news."... Read more
Old Glory Act August 1, 2018 by Staff
Does it matter which flag flies over U.S. embassies in foreign countries? Congressman Jeff Duncan of South Carolina thinks so. He's spearheading the Old Glory Only Act which only allows the U.S. flag to be flown over our embassies. Controversy arose under the Obama administration when U.S. foreign officials allowed rainbow flags to fly over American embassies in Belize, Israel, Jamaica, Mac... Read more
Transparency in Louisville Government July 31, 2018 by Staff
There's a showdown in Louisville between Mayor Greg Fischer and a Metro Councilman who wants to know how the mayor spent over $100,000 at the Kentucky Derby. The expenditure has been billed as economic development and promotion of the city. $72,000 was spent on Derby tickets. Nearly $30,000 was spent on rooms at the Omni Hotel and there was a $12,000 restaurant tab at the Mayan Ca... Read more
"Theybies" July 30, 2018 by Staff
I just learned a new term the other day: Theybies. Instead of saying boy or girl baby, a few moms and dads who become new parents are calling their offspring "theybie" The parents are avoiding gender pronouns so they don't impose gender stereotypes on their newborn son or daughter.  The child is then allowed to choose what gender to identify with at age four. The parents are ... Read more
Is All Economic Activity the Same? July 27, 2018 by Staff
A story in the Lexington Herald-Leader reported that a Northern Kentucky resident was sentenced to serve time in federal prison for stealing $492,000 worth of Amazon gift cards from his employer. Thomas Scott Taylor told the judge that he had a problem with “gambling” especially with betting on fantasy sports. It's interesting that some legislators tried to legalize gambling on ... Read more
American Poverty July 26, 2018 by Staff
A recent report by the United Nations claimed that “[a]bout 40 million (Americans) live in poverty, 18.5 million in extreme poverty, and 5.3 million live in third-world conditions of absolute poverty.” Sounds unbelievable. But according to Robert Rector at the Heritage Foundation the report is "wrong on all counts." The reporter didn't include government assistance amo... Read more
Michelle Wolf Abortion Cheerleader July 25, 2018 by Staff
Abortion is one of the most controversial issues of our day. Yet there are some who are celebrating it. Comedienne Michelle Wolf celebrated abortion as an all-American "right" earlier this month on her Netflix program called The Break. Wolf gave a monologue and sang praise to abortion. She said that “…abortion shouldn’t be a luxury…. It should be on... Read more
Is Papa John a Racist? July 24, 2018 by Staff
There's a high cost for racist comments. Just ask Papa John Schnatter, founder of Papa John's Pizza based in Louisville. Schnatter recently used the N-word in a company conference call that soon became public. He's since apologized but not without consequence. He's been pushed off the board of U of L. And the school is scrubbing the Papa John’s logo off Cardinal's stad... Read more
President Trump's Helsinki Speech July 23, 2018 by Staff
President Trump received a barrage of criticism after he stood on the stage with Russian President Vladimir Putin and sided with Putin's word over our national intelligence community that Russia didn't meddle in our 2016 election. Mitch McConnell refuted Trump. And House Speaker Paul Ryan said “There is no moral equivalence between the United States and Russia, which remains hosti... Read more
CPC Political Advisory Committee Goes to Work July 23, 2018 by Staff
CPC recently interviewed state House candidates to determine endorsements for the upcoming election. These were political newcomers, 28 in all, who didn't have voting records, so CPC's political advisory committee vetted them to determine the depth of their convictions and skillset necessary to shore up Kentucky's foundations if elected to serve in the legislature. CPC political... Read more
The Message Toys Send July 20, 2018 by Staff
A documentary in England argues that the difference between boys and girls is taught by society. The documentary by the BBC is called No More Boys and Girls. Now there's a campaign in the UK  called “Let Toys Be Toys” and the purpose is to promote books and toys that reverse gender stereotypes.  According to the Let Toys be Toys campaign, if girls were given toy g... Read more
Billboard Says to Abolish ICE July 19, 2018 by Staff
The billboard in Louisville along I-65 reads Abolish ICE. ICE is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement—the group that's supposed to uphold our immigration and customs law. Yet some are calling for the abolition of this government agency. Now protestors are camped out on 7th Street in Louisville. And some in Congress are rallying around the idea. U.S. Reps. Pramila Jayapal (D-Seattle... Read more
Breakdown of Civility July 18, 2018 by Staff
The song "Fight the Power" blared from a stereo outside a Louisville restaurant and protestors chanted "No justice, no peace." Inside was Kentucky's Senior U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell who sat down for a meal. But McConnell wasn't able to finish and he left early. So is disrupting lawmakers when they're out in public acceptable? Some consider such tactics ok, a f... Read more
Should one Person Be Able to Change Nation? July 17, 2018 by Staff
The headlines at Time Magazine says: How Kavanaugh Could Change the U.S. The story goes on to say "If confirmed to the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh could advance efforts to strip power from regulatory agencies, slow the expansion of gay rights, strengthen gun rights, and, some fear, open the door for states to chip away at access to abortions." What Time fails to say is that the Sup... Read more
Kavanaugh Nominated to Court July 16, 2018 by Staff
Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court. He's a well-qualified judge with incredible credentials and a resume a mile long. But some Democrats like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are opposing him. They've made abortion a litmus test and will oppose any judge who might rule against Roe v. Wade which legalized abortion on demand in 1973. The interesting thing is ... Read more
Screen Addiction July 13, 2018 by Staff
Earlier this year, the World Health Organization classified excessive gaming as a disorder.  Gaming disorder is a pattern of persistent video gaming behavior so severe that it takes an unhealthy "precedence over other life interests and daily activities." It should be obvious that spending too much time playing video games isn't healthy for any of us. But for kids, it's p... Read more
Judge Strikes Down Ky Health Initiative July 12, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky's effort to revamp Medicaid and incentivize benefits has been struck down by a federal judge. Now, some in the news media are saying its heartless for the governor to cut dental and vision coverage in response. One story implies that children are being turned away from dentists' offices because Medicaid is being denied. Problem here is that the Kentucky HEALTH initiative only i... Read more
Ky Workforce Participation Dropping July 11, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky's workforce participation rate is low. In fact, it's so low that we will need to employ 165,000 Kentuckians just to get to the national average according to a report commissioned last year by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. Workforce participation has plunged and much is attributed to addiction issues.  Nationally, one in seven (15 percent) of men between the ages of 25-... Read more
Federal School Safety July 10, 2018 by Staff
The Federal Commission on School Safety met in Lexington last week and took questions from the public about keeping our kids safe in the public schools. U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Gov. Matt Bevin participated in the event where he called school violence a "national epidemic." He made the link between the high numbers of kids who are on psychotropic drugs and also play vi... Read more
Supreme Court Fight Shaping Up July 9, 2018 by Staff
The battle over the next U.S. Supreme Court nominee is on. This is because of the incredible power of the court and impact it has on the direction of our nation. The Supreme Court has become a catalyst for social change and much of it has been highly controversial. Consider that it struck down every state anti-abortion law in its Roe v. Wade ruling (1973); It struck down Ten Commandment's d... Read more
Federal School Safety July 7, 2018 by Staff
The Federal Commission on School Safety met in Lexington last week and took questions from the public about keeping our kids safe in the public schools. U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Gov. Matt Bevin participated in the event where Gov. Bevin called school violence a "national epidemic." He said "there are susceptible young minds on psychotropic drugs who are depressed ... Read more
Kentucky Updating Voter Rolls July 6, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky has out of date voter rolls.  This means that the rolls of registered voters contain the names of the deceased and people who've moved out of state. So the State Board of Elections is sending out verification cards to some 600,000 registered voters. According to the Secretary of State’s office, the cards will be mailed to people who haven't voted in the past four yea... Read more
Free Speech Upheld by SCOTUS July 5, 2018 by Staff
There's some good news for free speech. The Supreme Court struck down a California law that forced pro-life pregnancy care centers to post signs that promote abortion. This essentially made pro-life centers government mouthpieces for a message they didn't just disagreed with—but messages that were antithetical to everything they stood for. The courts saw it as government coercion ... Read more
Happy Independence Day! July 4, 2018 by Staff
242 years ago, we declared our independence from England when 56 men came together in Philadelphia to sign their names to one of the greatest political documents ever written. The Declaration of Independence explained why the colonies were separating from Britain. The founders staked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to create a new nation where that all men are created equal a... Read more
Trump Travel Ban Upheld July 3, 2018 by Staff
The U.S. Supreme Court upheld President Trump's travel ban.  The restrictions were issued out of national security concerns. Travelers from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya were restricted from entering our nation. This is because those nations either sponsor terrorism or harbor inordinate numbers of terrorists. However, critics like the ACLU call it a xenophobic and racist policy. T... Read more
Calling out Incivility July 2, 2018 by Staff
We live in a divisive time where too many people seem to be on the edge of anger. But the last people you'd expect to contribute to the fray are our leaders. California Congresswoman Maxine Waters told a group that “If you see anybody from [Pres. Trump's] Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on ... Read more
Financial Literacy June 29, 2018 by Staff
A new state law requires financial literacy education for Kentucky students According to the U.S. Federal Reserve and Census Bureau, American households owe an average of $16,425 in credit card debt. The average college grad today has $37,172 in student loans. Roughly one in four adults are paying on student loans. Seven million have stopped paying altogether. At the national level, our go... Read more
Facebook Censorship June 28, 2018 by Staff
Conservatives have been complaining that Facebook is boxing them out. The latest example comes from Dr. Robert A.J. Gagnon, a New Testament professor at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Gagnon criticized a pro-LGBT video targeting young children.  Gagnon said “This clip is about celebrating sexual perversity, not ‘sexual diversity.'” For that he was put on a 24-hour b... Read more
Suicide on the Rise June 27, 2018 by Staff
The sudden deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain shocked many. Both were well-known public figures and at the top of their respective fields. Spade was a top fashion designer. Bourdain was a celebrity chef and travel guru. Both were viewed as arriving at the pinnacle of life with wealth, fame, and fortune. Yet something was deeply wrong down inside as both committed suicide. There been a dr... Read more
Separating Parents and Children June 26, 2018 by Staff
Parents and children are being separated at our Southern border. The images are heart wrenching. One shows a 2-year-old Honduran girl crying as her mother is frisked by Border Patrol agent. Critics lay blame at the feet of Republicans. However, the policy of separating illegal alien parents from children happened under the Obama administration. Thousands of parents unauthorized to enter were de... Read more
Pension Reform Struck Down June 25, 2018 by Staff
Remember the howls of protest over the pension reform bill back in the spring? The bill put new teachers into a hybrid retirement plan and stopped the accumulation of sick days that could be used for retirement. This was done in order to save the system which is going broke. But Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shepherd struck it down as unconstitutional. Attorney General Andy Beshear argue... Read more
SCOTUS Rules for Integrity of Voter Rolls June 22, 2018 by Staff
The Supreme Court issued a ruling that allows states to update its voter rolls. But some are saying that it will disenfranchise voters. At issue is an Ohio law intended to make sure that their voter rolls are updated. It's a six year process where if a voter hasn't voted or signed a petition in two years, the secretary of state mails a notice to the voter to ask if they are still living... Read more
Answering the Objections to Churches Engaging Culture & Government June 22, 2018 by Staff
The two topics to avoid in polite company are religion and politics, and pastors shouldn't speak about the latter. At least that's what we're told. But is it possible for pastors and churches to take seriously the Great Commission of discipling the nations without teaching about man's relationship to government, politics and public policy? This brief addresses common objections ... Read more
LGBTQ Intolerance June 21, 2018 by Staff
The CEO of Twitter got a taste of what shaming is like on social media. Last week Jack Dorsey tweeted that he was at Chick-fil-A and shared a screenshot of the savings by using their mobile app. The criticism was fast and furious.  Dorsey quickly issued an apology and said “You’re right. Completely forgot about their background”. So what's Chick-fil-A's background... Read more
UK Raising Tuition June 20, 2018 by Staff
If you're a college student and planning to attend the University of Kentucky this year, be ready to dig a little deeper into your pocket to pay the bill. Tuition is increasing by 2.5 percent bringing annual tuition to $12,000 a year. This doesn't include room and board either. Tuition at UK has increased over 100 percent since 2005. The runaway increases are making college unaffordable... Read more
Trump Brokers Deal June 19, 2018 by Staff
President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-un met in a historic summit last week where Kim signed a pledge committing to “complete denuclearization”. Trump said “We are prepared to start a new history and … to write a new chapter between our nations”. The meeting seemed improbable just a few months ago when we seemed on the brink of war. It's a significant... Read more
The Poor People's Campaign June 18, 2018 by Staff
The Poor People's Campaign was back in Frankfort last week. This time their protest was over Capitol police's refusal to allow them to protest inside the Capitol building without a permit. This was because the last time they were there they broke the law. They blocked the roadway behind the Capitol and left chalk messages on the grounds of the Governor's Mansion. About 100 protester... Read more
Father's Day June 15, 2018 by Staff
This Sunday is Father's Day. It's a time we celebrate dads and what they mean to us.  But if an Australian academic got her way, she'd rename it ‘Special Person’s Day.' Last year, Australian activist Dr. Red Ruby Scarlet launched a campaign for the name change. Scarlett believes that calling it Special Person's Day instead of Father's Day will help kids ... Read more
Miss America Scraps Swimsuit Competition June 14, 2018 by Staff
The Miss America pageant is saying goodbye to one of its most iconic features— its swimsuit competition. The pageant has been around since 1921 but the new remake will focus less on outward physical beauty and more on the inner qualities of contestants.   But the move also tells us much about our cultural moment—the #MeToo era where women are fighting against objectificati... Read more
U.S. Fertility Rate Below Replacement Levels June 13, 2018 by Staff
According to the Centers for Disease Control the fertility rate in the U.S. fell below replacement levels for the ninth straight year and has now been below the replacement level in 43 of the last 45 years. This is staggering, and has huge implications for the future. A top-heavy age demographic means that there will be greater demands on medical and health services for the elderly. This also m... Read more
Anti-Poverty Group Protests at State Capitol June 12, 2018 by Staff
A group of anti-poverty activists protested at the state Capitol and denounced work and education requirements in order to receive Medicaid. Kentucky now requires able-bodied recipients of Medicaid between the ages of 18-59 to work part-time or go to school. But the Rev. William J. Barber says such requirements are immoral. He contended that "You can't find a Scripture anywhere that sa... Read more
SCOTUS Upholds Jack Phillip's Religious Freedom June 11, 2018 by Staff
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Colorado baker who declined to bake a cake for a gay wedding. This ruling is an important victory for religious freedom and especially important to Kentuckians since a similar religious liberty case is pending in the State Supreme Court. Blaine Adamson of Hands on Originals was dragged before the Lexington Human Rights Commission after he declined to f... Read more
Alternative To Boy Scouts June 8, 2018 by Staff
The controversy over the Boys Scouts dropping the word "boy" from its name is just the latest in a series of moves that has alienated parents from the once venerated organization. But there's an alternative to the Boy Scouts. It's called Trail Life USA which is the fastest-growing adventure organization for boys. According to its website, Trail Life is a "Christ-centered ... Read more
Abortion In the News June 7, 2018 by Staff
Abortion has dominated headlines in recent days. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld an Arkansas abortion law that requires providers of chemical abortions to have hospital admitting privileges. Another court ruled that Kentucky's recent ban on abortions after 11-weeks will be put on hold until November. So why all the news coverage over something that is considered a constitutional right? After ... Read more
Kentucky Prison Reform June 6, 2018 by Staff
We've all heard the phrase "lock 'em up and throw away the key." That's how many feel after they've been harmed by a criminal. But most criminals won't get life sentences and will eventually be let out of jail. Over 95 percent of Kentucky's prisoners will eventually be released and last year 16,000 prisoners were released but many have a hard time finding a job... Read more
Where Have all the Heroes Gone? June 5, 2018 by Staff
Ever wonder where all the heroes have gone? Well, we learned of one recently in Noblesville, Indiana. An angry seventh-grade student came into class armed with two handguns and began shooting at students at the middle school. One was critically wounded. That's when Jason Seaman, a seventh-grade science teacher tackled and disarmed the student. Seaman was shot three times and said in an inte... Read more
Racial Sensitivity Training June 4, 2018 by Staff
Starbucks closed its stores last week to hold racial sensitivity training for its employees. This was on the heels of an embarrassing incident where a Philadelphia Starbucks employee had two black men arrested because they were assumed to be loitering.  Ironically, the same day the training was held, Roseanne Barr had her hit TV show cancelled because of a tweet considered to be racist. Ba... Read more
Planned Parenthood Loses Some Federal Funding June 1, 2018 by Staff
President Donald Trump recently announced that organizations that perform or refer for abortions will no longer receive federal family planning grants. This means that the nation's largest abortion business—Planned Parenthood will lose around $50 million/year in Title X family planning funds. But the abortion giant isn't going out of business any time soon. It received over half-b... Read more
Kentucky Education Commissioner Calling for Change May 31, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky's new Commissioner of Education Wayne Lewis noted how he's often asked about his plans for charter schools and the kind of relationship he intends to have with KEA/JCTA. His response was to the point. “Given how much work we have to do with improving student learning and how little progress we have made as of late, it surprises me and disappoints me that so little of our ... Read more
Sen. Paul's Penny Plan May 30, 2018 by Staff
The National Science Foundation spent $500,000 on a study to see if taking a selfie with your smart phone makes you happier. The U.S. State Department spent $250,000 to send Pakistani kids to Dollywood and Space Camp. Both are examples of wasteful spending. This is why our nation is $21 trillion in debt. It's also why we have to borrow so much just to fund the interest on that debt. In fact... Read more
Prayer is Appropriate for Santa Fe May 29, 2018 by Staff
Another school shooting grips our nation as we struggle for answers. Eight students and two faculty members are dead. Thirteen others were wounded by an angry student armed with a shotgun and pistol. But unlike the Parkland school shooting, for the most part students and parents aren't calling for more gun restrictions. They've banded together in prayer. Santa Fe School District is wher... Read more
Memorial Day May 28, 2018 by Staff
Today the summer season unofficially begins, but more importantly, it's Memorial Day—the day we remember the men and women who died while serving our country. It first began just after the Civil War ended and our nation began the healing process from the bloodiest war in history that left some 600,000 dead. We also remember the men and women who died in all our wars from the Revolutio... Read more
Google and Facebook Block Pro-life Ads May 25, 2018 by Staff
Today, Irish voters are going to the polls to decide whether to repeal a constitutional amendment that protects unborn life in the womb. But advocates on either side of the issue won't be able to use Facebook or Google to get out their message. The tech giants banned all ads targeting voters.  A Google spokesperson said, “Our goal is simple: to help ensure a free, fair, and trans... Read more
Iranian Leaders Make Threats May 24, 2018 by Staff
Pres. Trump pulled the U.S. out of the treaty with Iran which allows them to develop a nuclear program, purportedly under supervision. Upon the news of the treaty's dissolution, members of the Iranian parliament burned a photo of a U.S. flag in their parliament building and chanted "Death to America." Now an Iranian student group is offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who bombs t... Read more
Amazon HQ2 Considerations May 23, 2018 by Staff
Amazon is looking to build its second headquarters in the U.S. and has narrowed down its search to 20 cities. It's a highly competitive process as Amazon seeks to invest $5 Billion and hire 50,000 employees, and most are high paying jobs. Amazon is ranking the cities by business-friendliness, strong transportation infrastructure, a highly educated workforce, quality of life and cultura... Read more
Primary Election Day Today May 22, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky's primary election is today. And if you think we've been talking about it a lot lately, well, that's because we think it's important for Kentuckians to get out and vote. There will be candidates on the ballot ranging from local to federal offices but primaries are often neglected. In fact, last election only 20 percent of registered voters showed up at the polls.  ... Read more
SCOTUS Opens Door to Sports Betting May 21, 2018 by Staff
The U.S. Supreme Court overturned a federal law that banned states from allowing gambling on sports. This means that states will now be able to create a regulatory structure and allow gambling on all sporting events. One reason the federal government banned it was because gambling had a corrupting influence on professional sporting events. At one time, nearly all forms of gambling were banned i... Read more
Sexual Harassment Scandals Continue May 18, 2018 by Staff
Another round of sexual harassment claims are making the news. The latest is over New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman who was ironically a champion of the #MeToo movement and publicly spoke against sexual harassment and abuse. But Schneiderman has been credibly accused by several women of serious abuse and degrading behavior. He is the third attorney general in New York to resign i... Read more
Should Welfare Recipients Be Required to Work? May 17, 2018 by Staff
Should Welfare Recipients Be Required to Work? According to some groups in Kentucky the answer is no. The debate is over whether recipients of SNAP or food stamps should be required to work. As it is, some 164,000 Kentuckians receive food stamps and nearly half are children. It amounts to $1 billion per year. But Congress is proposing changes for able bodied recipients between the ages of 18-59... Read more
Boy Scouts Change Name May 16, 2018 by Staff
The Boy Scouts are dropping the word "boy" from their name and will now simply be called Scouts BSA. It's the latest in a series of changes that moves the Boy Scouts further from their original mission which was to shape young boys into men. The Boy Scouts began with the idea that there is a difference between the sexes and that young boys could learn outdoors skills and civic res... Read more
Primary Election Next Tuesday May 15, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky's primary election is one week from today. Candidates for local, state and federal offices will be on the ballot which varies from county to county. Last election, only about 20 percent of registered voters in Kentucky participated in the primary. Usually primaries are neglected and overshadowed by the General Election which takes place in November. But primaries are important and ... Read more
How Far do Employee Rights Go? May 14, 2018 by Staff
Do employees have a right to wear clothing that promote political messages? Even if those messages violate the beliefs of the business owners? That's the question that's making state news. An Elizabethtown coffee shop owner asked one of his employees to not wear T-shirts with a political message. The T-shirt depicted two megaphones and the words, “Just Us For All: LGBTQ Advocacy c... Read more
Loneliness Next Big Health Problem May 11, 2018 by Staff
A recent study finds that America’s next big public health issue is loneliness. And surprisingly the group most affected is young people age 18-22. Medical professionals tell us that this is a major threat to our mental, emotional and physical well-being and can have huge consequences for public health. Young people are so impacted because they spend more time in virtual reality... Read more
State Takeover of Louisville Schools? May 10, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky's new Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis proposed the state to take over failing Louisville public schools. Teachers and administrators are protesting but Lewis argues in his 90 page audit that too many schools are failing and too many kids are being left behind. As it is, JCPS proficiency rates on state assessments lag behind other districts in most grades and in most subjects. Le... Read more
Lobbyists Spend Record Amount in Frankfort May 9, 2018 by Staff
Lobbyists spent a record $8.4 million trying to influence Kentucky lawmakers this last legislative session. So should we be upset? Is lobbying corrupt? While there's a negative perception about lobbyists, there's nothing inherently corrupt. Lobbyists are simply working for the interests of their employers. Farmers, Coal miners, doctors and lawyers have their own lobbying firms. And they... Read more
Does Comedy Have Limits? May 8, 2018 by Staff
One of the traditions in Washington D.C. is the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner where comedian's poke fun at politicians, especially the president. But this year's speaker, Michelle Wolf crossed a line with her routine that was vulgar and mean spirited. Wolf personally attacked the appearance of White House Communications Director Sarah Sanders who was only a... Read more
Judge Rules Illegal immigrants have a right to Abortion. May 7, 2018 by Staff
At least that's according to U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan. She recently ruled that government agencies must notify illegal immigrant children in state custody that they have a right to an abortion. They must also publish notices in foreign languages that says “If you are pregnant, you have the right to decide whether to have the baby or to have an abortion. No one who works for t... Read more
A monkeys day in court May 4, 2018 by Staff
Have you heard the one about the monkey who went to court to sue over copyright infringement? No, it's not a joke. A monkey snapped a selfie that became famous but PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) filed for copyright infringement. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against PETA because copyright laws don't apply to animals. Everyone should have known but the q... Read more
National Day of Prayer May 3, 2018 by Staff
Today is the National Day of Prayer. It was created by Congress in 1952 and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman. In 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed a bill designating the first Thursday of May as a day of national prayer. As people go to local courthouses and state capitols to pray it indicates a couple of things that may seem obvious, but worth pointing out. For starters, prayer ... Read more
Political Shift in Kentucky May 2, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky has been a reliably democratic state for the past 100 years but a major political shift is taking place. Since Barack Obama was elected president in 2008 there have been 335, 744 new Republican registrations. There have been only 18,506 Democratic registrations in the same time. Since Matt Bevin was elected in 2015 there have been 121,010 new Republican registrations and negative 1001 ... Read more
Good News on Economic Front May 1, 2018 by Staff
There's some good news regarding Kentucky's unemployment numbers. It's at 4 percent—which is the lowest it’s been since the Bureau of Labor statistics began tracking this number in 1976. One reason for the change is that Kentucky has attracted new businesses. But another major change is also reducing unemployment. It's the new requirement for Medicaid recipients to w... Read more
Life and Death and Government Control April 30, 2018 by Staff
There's a story out of England where the government is pulling two-year old Alfie Evans off of life support. England's Supreme Court ordered the hospital to pull the plug on the disabled child. But the parents are fighting to keep him alive and want him transferred to an Italian hospital where he'd receiving life-saving care. But the court has refused. When Alfie was pulled off of t... Read more
Government isn't everything April 27, 2018 by Staff
The 2018 Kentucky General Assembly is in the books. Legislators considered nearly 900 bills. But too often government is viewed as the only solution to address pressing issues of the day. Have you ever considered that government can't adequately address all the issues? We too easily forget that there are other entities that can address a need. Families and neighbors provide relational suppo... Read more
Chick fil-A's creepy infiltration into New York City (New Yorker) April 26, 2018 by Staff
When you think of Chick fil-A, you think of a good chicken sandwich and great customer service. But if you're a writer for the New Yorker magazine, somehow it’s a creepy outfit with a devious agenda. Daniel Piepenbring's article is entitled "Chick fil-A's creepy infiltration into New York City." The article goes on to say "…the brand’s arrival here ... Read more
California Banning Books? April 25, 2018 by Staff
California calls itself a diverse and tolerant state but they might need to rethink that because the state legislature is considering banning certain kinds of books. You heard that correctly, a bill that would ban the sale of books that express a Christian belief about sexual morality is moving through the legislature. Assembly Bill 2943 would make it an “unlawful business practice&r... Read more
Abortion and Verbal Clarity April 24, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky's latest pro-life law banned abortion after 11 weeks, but it’s being challenged in court by the ACLU. They argue the law takes away women’s rights, impose an onerous burden at one of the most difficult times in their lives and that Frankfort politician shouldn't tell a woman what to do with her own body. But what about when it comes to another person's body? The... Read more
Education Shakeup in Kentucky April 23, 2018 by Staff
Seven new members have been appointed to the Kentucky Board of Education which means that the majority of the board has been reconfigured. Shortly after the new board met, Education Commissioner Stephen Pruitt resigned which appears to have been the result of policy differences. Gov. Bevin has been criticized for stacking the board with pro-charter school appointees. But then again it's the... Read more
Proper Conversation April 20, 2018 by Staff
There's an abundance of bitterness over proposals to fixing the state pension. There's plenty of labeling, name calling, and demeaning behavior—on both sides. This is no way to have a conversation. In fact, it's no way to accomplish anything. The irony is that many involved in this debate identify as Christian. A New Testament admonition in the book of James says "let eve... Read more
Planned Parenthood Admissions April 19, 2018 by Staff
There are some ironies in politics that emerge when you least expect them. The latest is found in Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richard's new book. Richards says that their daughter Lily was "unplanned," but she and her husband chose life. "In the end, we came to the same conclusion millions of people do: there was never going to be a 'perfect' time to have kids... Read more
Pension Reform Passes April 18, 2018 by Staff
A pension reform bill finally passed into law. It mostly affects new hires and keeps the system essentially the same for existing teachers. One of the major changes is that it requires new Kentucky teachers to participate in a "hybrid" plan which has elements of a traditional pension and a 401(k). Accumulated sick days can't be used toward retirement benefits.  And future tea... Read more
Tax Day April 17, 2018 by Staff
Today is tax day.  For many, it’s a painful reminder of just how much the government takes from our wallet. We pay sales tax, property tax, excise taxes on certain products and of course state and federal income taxes. According to the American Tax Foundation, 31 percent of the nation’s income is collected in taxes: $3.3 trillion in federal taxes and $1.6 trillion in state and ... Read more
Register to vote April 16, 2018 by Staff
What if I told you that you have tremendous influence over the direction of our government. What if you could pick and choose your leaders? Well, you do. It's called voting, and the deadline to register to vote is coming up soon. If you're not yet registered and will be at least 18 years old before the General Election, or if you've recently moved, then you need to register at your ... Read more
Peace is a Verb April 13, 2018 by Staff
It is a good thing for Christians to pursue purity when it comes to doctrine.  However, one Christian philosopher says there must be more.  Francis Schafer says, “Biblical orthodoxy without compassion is surely the ugliest thing in the world.”  His words are reminiscent of the powerful phrase penned by the New Testament writer James, “faith without works is dead... Read more
The Importance of Words April 12, 2018 by Staff
According to a 2014 study conducted by the University of Arizona, most people speak about 15,000 words per day.  But do you really think before you speak? Counselor and author Paul Tripp writes, “One of the things that separates us from the rest of creation is that, like God, we have the ability to communicate through words. Words shape our relationships, capture our vision, defi... Read more
Reality TV Show Stirring Eastern Kentucky April 11, 2018 by Staff
Ever had guests that wore out their welcome? That may be the case in one Eastern Kentucky city.  Elkhorn City is in Pike County and some residents aren’t happy with the taping of a new reality TV show being produced for MTV.  The show’s called “Made in Kentucky” and it follows a group of young adults as they come of age…which is code for partying and pul... Read more
The General Assembly Requires Abstinence Education April 10, 2018 by Staff
Back in January we told you about Senate Bill 71 that was being introduced to the 2018 General Assembly session.  It was a bill that would require abstinence education be included in sex education in Kentucky’s public schools.  The inclusion of such information is important because of the push by Planned Parenthood to implement their Comprehensive Sex Education curriculum in pub... Read more
The General Assembly Reforms Adoption and Foster Care April 9, 2018 by Staff
  One of the highlights of the 2018 General Assembly session is the reform put in motion for Kentucky’s Adoption and Foster Care systems.  House Bill 1 passed the House 90-1 and unanimously in the Senate.   The legislation institutes wide ranging reforms such as speeding up the adoption process for children in the foster care system and giving foster parents a g... Read more
Facebook Data April 6, 2018 by Staff
Facebook has been getting lots of negative press lately. First it was the Russian's attempting to sway public opinion through ads. Now it’s a company called Cambridge Analytica which misused data to create voter profiles used in political campaigns.  Facebook has apologized for the breech and CEO Mark Zuckerburg will appear before Congress to give an account. But this is a g... Read more
Transgenderism Going Mainstream April 5, 2018 by Staff
Transgenderism is the idea that one can transcend their biological sex. It's controversial but in some places the debate has been settled and if you express disagreement you could be punished. Canada has a law that fines or even jails people if they use the wrong gender pronoun for a transgender individual. In Great Britain, a mother of four is threatened with violating a hate-crimes law fo... Read more
Repeal the Second Amendment? April 4, 2018 by Staff
The Second Amendment to the Constitution secures the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms. It’s part of our political DNA ever since the British tried to disarm the colonists. The Founders realized that the right to self-defense is a natural right and so important that they made it a cornerstone freedom. But if former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has his way, he&... Read more
March for Our Lives April 3, 2018 by Staff
Students across the nation rallied at marches and called for more gun regulations or outright gun bans in order to stop school shootings. Critics complained that the many students who don't really understand the debate were used as pawns or simply got caught up in the moment. Whatever their rationale, they marched. But an assessment is due. They should ask what did they accomplish? If they ... Read more
Kentucky May Become Most Pro-Life State April 2, 2018 by Staff
A bill banning abortions after 11 weeks is close to becoming law in Kentucky. It says "a human being is entitled to receive ethical and humane treatment and is to be respected and valued in all phases of life." The law is difficult to read as it describes in detail language that abortion method that is gruesome.  One of the strongest arguments against the bill is that it's go... Read more
Good Friday March 30, 2018 by Staff
Today is Good Friday, one of the holiest days for Christians around the world. You might wonder why it’s called good when you consider that's the day Jesus Christ, God's son, died on the cross.  The events leading up to the crucifixion involved betrayal, denial and abandonment of a righteous man, not just man, but God himself. It seemed like mob rule would win the day. Anger,... Read more
Finland Happiest Country in the World March 29, 2018 by Staff
Finland was ranked the happiest country in the world according to a report by the United Nations. In case you were wondering, the US ranks 18th. The report considers among other factors, wealth equality, taxes, access to health care, life expectancy, low corruption and social programs. The people in Finland apparently didn't consider the long, cold winters and not seeing the sun for se... Read more
SCOTUS Considers Speech Case March 28, 2018 by Staff
The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing an important case regarding the free-speech rights of pro-life ministries. The case originated when California passed a law requiring crisis pregnancy centers to post pro-abortion information. The problem is that most crisis pregnancy centers are Christian ministries that encourage women to choose life. In essence, California is using its power and might to bul... Read more
Fake News Travels Faster than True News March 27, 2018 by Staff
Mark Twain once said that 'A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.' And he said this before the age of social media. Turns out Twain was more right than he could have ever imagined. Researchers at MIT found that fake news travels faster than the truth on social media. In fact, six times faster.  They believe ... Read more
Dirty Needles Litter Ashland Playground March 26, 2018 by Staff
Every day, teachers at Crabbe Elementary School in Ashland, Kentucky scour the playground for dirty needles. Since the beginning of the school year they've found 18 used needles on their playgrounds. Ashland is in the midst of a heroin crisis and in order to stem the secondary effect of disease spread through users sharing dirty needles, the local health department has been giving away free... Read more
Facts are Integral to Responsible Public Policy March 23, 2018 by Staff
Facts are central to responsible public policy formation. Absent facts, public policy rests on shifting sands of emotion, personal preference, and special interest. Lead with facts, land on good policy. Ignore facts, end up with bad policy. Consider the emotion swirling around the debate over the state's pension crisis. According to the Pegasus Institute, there's been a truth deficit an... Read more
Free Speech at Kentucky Colleges SB 237 March 22, 2018 by Staff
We value free speech in this nation so much that we've made it a priority and protected it in the First Amendment of the Constitution. So it's ironic that one of the institutions that benefits the greatest is the place where free speech is most under attack. I'm talking about universities. Many schools offer "safe spaces" which are places for students to go in order to esc... Read more
Restrict Home Schoolers? HB 574 March 21, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky is considered a homeschool friendly state where parents have maximum freedom to teach their kids. But if one legislator has his way, state-mandated testing and state controlled curriculum would be imposed. Many believe this would seriously threaten what has been a good alternative for many families. Students are provided more personal attention, focus more on particular areas of intere... Read more
Poker and Blackjack Redefined HB 433 March 20, 2018 by Staff
There's a bill in the KY legislature that would redefine poker and blackjack as games of skill and says the law shall not consider them as games of chance. Of course, this is a clever way to legitimize casino games without calling it gambling. But can you really change the meaning of long understood words without consequences? If you say black but actually mean white, the terms are confused... Read more
Student Protests March 19, 2018 by Staff
Students across Kentucky walked out of class last week to protest gun violence. In Jefferson County, they held pictures of slain students at Parkland, Florida. Some held candles. One middle school student held a sign that said "The NRA loves their guns more than they love kids." Hundreds rallied at the capitol in Frankfort with signs that said "Never Again" and "Bo... Read more
Barbarians at our University Gates March 16, 2018 by Staff
A remarkable tide of intolerance is increasing at the institution that claims tolerance and civility. I'm talking about our universities. A panel discussion on gender at Portland University was interrupted by protesters who tried to shut it down and dismantle the sound system. At Lewis and Clark University, author Christina Hoff Summers was shut down by angry protesters who took over the pl... Read more
LGBT Intolerance March 15, 2018 by Staff
A survey by GLAAD shows that public attitude toward LGBT Causes is declining. Glenn Stanton says: "If you don't believe that Caitlyn Jenner is a woman, you're the worst kind of hateful. If you think a child deserves a mother and a father, you are a bigot. If you think a gender-dysphoric boy should not be treated as a girl, you're evil. If you think a man should use the men'... Read more
Pro-life Kentucky March 14, 2018 by Staff
There are few pieces of legislation as life-altering and impactful as those bills that protect innocent human life. And this General Assembly session has seen its share of such proposals. There's a bill to restrict chemical abortions. One would ban abortions after 11 weeks and stop dismemberment abortions. Another would ban the targeting of unborn children with Downs Syndrome. Now, a few of... Read more
To Stop Violence, Bring Dad into the picture March 13, 2018 by Staff
In the wake of school shootings there is a call to restrict gun access. But does this really get to the heart of the problem? Most mass shootings are perpetrated by young males without a father in their lives. Author Warren Farrell said “Without dads as role models, boys’ testosterone is not well channeled. The boy experiences a sense of purposelessness, a lack of boundary enforceme... Read more
Without Remorse March 12, 2018 by Staff
Gabe Parker was described as cold, callous and “shockingly calm” in an interview with Kentucky State Police after he was apprehended for killing two of his classmates and wounding 14 others at Marshall County High School. The 16-year old red-headed kid with glasses looks boyish and harmless but his merciless actions betrayed something that went terribly wrong in his soul. Parker tol... Read more
White House Hosts Opioid Summit March 9, 2018 by Staff
Top leaders from across the country convened at the White House last week for an opioid summit and talked about ways to combat the deadly scourge which claimed more than 42,000 lives in 2016.That's an average of 115 deaths every day. The conference covered various aspects of the crisis including prevention, treatment, recovery, and law enforcement. President Trump said his priority will be ... Read more
Foster Care Reform on the Way March 8, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky has too many kids in foster care. In fact, there are 8600 kids who aren't in permanent homes. That's why the state legislature made major changes to streamline the adoption process. The bill relieves social workers of burdensome paper work and forces the state to act quicker on behalf of children. Grandparents who are caring for grandchildren are given more rights in court and ... Read more
Pike County Schools Arm Teachers March 7, 2018 by Staff
The Pike County School Board voted to allow teachers to carry guns. The measure would allow school employees to volunteer as concealed-carry guards in public schools throughout the county. The school is working with the Pike County Sheriff’s Office which would oversee the program. But not everybody agrees with the proposal. Jon Akers, with the Kentucky Center for School Safety, said that ... Read more
Teens and Sexting March 6, 2018 by Staff
Being a teenager these days is tough. In fact, they face many challenges that previous generations didn't have to face. One such challenge is digital technology. For all the good and valuable things it does, there is a dark side as well. The latest study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, showed that one in four teenagers reported that they'd received a sext message. Th... Read more
Beshear proposes gambling expansion March 5, 2018 by Staff
Attorney General Andy Beshear said that the legislature's proposal to fix the state's pension crisis is illegal. So what's his solution? Expanded gambling. But is expanding gambling a serious fix for a structurally deficient pension system? Of course, more people will have a chance to gamble closer to home. Some see this as entertainment while the state gets new revenue without rais... Read more
Judge Sides with Transgender Teen March 2, 2018 by Staff
A court in Ohio sided with a 17-year-old girl who wanted to transition from female to male. The parents refused to allow their daughter to undergo hormone treatments and surgeries that would make her appear as a male. They also refused to call her by male pronouns. So the girl moved in with her grandparents and petitioned the court to be removed from her parents’ custody. The court didn&#... Read more
Arming Teachers March 1, 2018 by Staff
Mass shootings have gripped our nation. They're increasing in frequency and now there's is a movement demanding action especially as many of the shootings target innocent students. There's much talk about banning certain kinds of guns. One proposal to keep students safer is coming from the Kentucky legislature. Senate Bill 103 addresses school safety by authorizing public school boa... Read more
Answers for Parkland February 28, 2018 by Staff
In the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting people are looking for answers and they're angry. Many are calling for a ban on certain kinds of guns. Others are calling for better security in public schools. Next month, students plan to march against school violence in Washington. But while people focus on the object that resulted in 17 deaths, few are looking at what led to the shoot... Read more
U of L Stripped of Championship February 27, 2018 by Staff
U of L is losing its 2013 national championship. The NCAA handed down this ruling after an investigation found that an assistant basketball coach used strippers to recruit high school students. As a result the Cardinals will vacate 123 victories and they'll lose their 2013 championship banner. Many apparently turned a blind eye to the unseemly method to induce young boys to play for U of L.... Read more
Billy Graham's Legacy February 26, 2018 by Staff
We may live in troubled times but there's one who consistently brought a message of hope and good news. That was the evangelist Billy Graham. He was one of the most influential figures of the 20th century: a gifted speaker who spoke to millions, a confidant to presidents, and a faithful messenger of the gospel whose preaching was heard in nearly every country. It's estimated three milli... Read more
Messages Have Consequences February 23, 2018 by Staff
Our culture is in the midst of a moral revolution where ethical boundaries are disregarded. And many of the messages regarding human sexuality sent by our culture are unhealthy or just flat our wrong. Consequently, the 2018 Kentucky General Assembly is dealing with fallout from a culture that has disregarded moral boundaries. Consider a few bills: fighting human trafficking (HB 152), stronger p... Read more
50 Shades Freed February 22, 2018 by Staff
The top grossing movie last week was 50 Shades Freed, the final installment in the sex trilogy which featured the abuse of a young woman at the hands of a handsome billionaire. Movie reviews were harsh. But this was mostly because of poor plot, poor acting and technical details. Interestingly, reviewers didn't condemn the sordid and contemptible messages sent by Hollywood. In the day where ... Read more
Opioid Epidemic Costly February 21, 2018 by Staff
The opioid epidemic has cost our nation $1 Trillion since 2001 and may exceed $500 billion over the next three years. The report by Altarum said the greatest cost is in lost earnings and productivity. Then there are healthcare costs, substance abuse disorders and early deaths. Government loses tax revenue while the police and the law enforcement community are burdened. And the costs are rising ... Read more
Gov. Bevin Stands with Hands on Originals February 20, 2018 by Staff
Blaine Adamson, the T-shop printer in Lexington has been dragged through the court system for six years, Why? Simply for refusing to print a message that violated his religious beliefs. Adamson is now in the Kentucky Supreme Court defending his First Amendment rights.  Religious freedom and conscience rights are protected by the Constitution and now Gov. Bevin is siding with Adamson in a f... Read more
President's Day February 19, 2018 by Staff
Today is President's Day and at a time when confidence in political leadership may be at an all-time low, it's good to celebrate the courage and conviction of leaders who've demonstrated statesmanship. Abraham Lincoln our 16th president held the Union together and was the driving force to end slavery. George Washington, our first president and the father of our country was "fir... Read more
Sex-selection abortion February 16, 2018 by Staff
A government report out of India shows there are 63 million missing girls. No, they weren't kidnapped. They've been aborted simply because they were female. Males are more highly valued in India and it's leading to a gender imbalance that is becoming quite evident. This tragedy isn't unique to India. According to the United Nations Population Fund, 117 million women are "mi... Read more
Legislation Dealing with Immorality February 15, 2018 by Staff
Over 400 bills have been proposed in the Kentucky General Assembly this year and there's an interesting thread that runs through many of the high-profile bills. Here are a few issues they address: the opioid crisis, human trafficking, child abuse, revenge porn, sexual harassment, sexually transmitted disease education and and suicide prevention. You may notice a trend. The laws point to the... Read more
Valentines Day February 14, 2018 by Staff
Well men, if you haven't gotten chocolates and flowers for your wife, there's still time to do so. In case you forgot, it's Valentine’s Day today. Did you know that this holiday is named after an actual person who was persecuted by the Roman Emperor Claudius? Actually, there were three Valentines martyred for the faith. Even while its uncertain which Valentine we celebrate, Fe... Read more
Gambling to Save the Pension February 13, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky's pension system is broken. So how should it be fixed? According to 13 Republican House members, casinos are the answer.  They're saying that all of the revenue would go to the state pension fund. Somehow we're made to believe that the pension crisis justifies this controversial bill. Never mind that casinos promise pie in the sky but deliver crumbs to the state's ... Read more
God is there in the Good and Bad February 12, 2018 by Staff
Philadelphia is basking in its first Super Bowl victory and fans are rejoicing and celebrating. This contrasts with a very different emotion experienced by a Kentucky community gripped by tragedy. I'm talking about Marshall County, where 14 students were shot and two were killed by a fellow student. Yet, in the midst of the two very different events something similar is happening. Both even... Read more
Changing the Culture February 9, 2018 by Staff
Have you ever been discouraged over the news and felt helpless that there's nothing you can do to change things?  You may be just one person but there are things you can do. In fact, there are things each of us can do and it begins with small and deliberate decisions we make every day. Change begins by loving God and loving our neighbors. Change begins when we infuse our lives with vir... Read more
Revenge Porn Bill February 8, 2018 by Staff
Some policy issues are tough to talk about in public. Pornography is one of those issues. It's the 800 pound gorilla in the room. But headlines dealing with porn confront us on a daily basis. The latest news is from the Kentucky State House which is seeking to criminalize what is known as “revenge porn.” This is the online posting of sexually explicit images without consent.&nbs... Read more
Sasse's Speech on Life February 7, 2018 by Staff
Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse delivered an impassioned pro-life speech and said  "We all start in the same place: vulnerable and dependent in every way. We all ooh and aah over sonogram pictures of our children, our grandchildren, our nieces and nephews.… You don’t have to be conditioned to know that we should help the vulnerable….This should not be a partisan is... Read more
Pro-Life February 6, 2018 by Staff
Cecile Richards abruptly resigned from Planned Parenthood—the nation's biggest abortion business.  Of course, Planned Parenthood has been under investigation by the FBI for allegedly selling baby body parts. As a result several states, including Kentucky have cut their funding. The abortion industry appears to be in retreat as Americans are becoming more pro-life. So it’s i... Read more
State of the Union February 5, 2018 by Staff
President Trump delivered a confident State of the Union Address last week. He shared that unemployment claims hit a 45-year low while 2.4 million new jobs were created. Tax cuts helped the middle class and the child tax credit doubled to $2000.  On the national security front, ISIS is out of Iraq and he's asking Congress to take a strong stand against our enemies and not reward them w... Read more
Kentucky Prisons February 2, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky's prisons are full. In fact, we have the 9th highest incarceration rate in the nation. On top of it, we're seeing the prison population increase even though the national prison population is declining. According to the Justice Reinvestment Work Group, Kentucky’s inmate population will increase by 19 percent over the next ten years and cost taxpayers an additional $600 mil... Read more
Cannabis Legislation SB 80 February 1, 2018 by Staff
Is legalizing pot for recreational use the way to grow an economy? According to State Sen. Dan Seum, the answer is yes. Seum said “It’s out there.  We’re using it anyway.  We might as well reap the harvest so to speak.” He believes that taxing and regulating marijuana could bring in about $100 million a year…  So is increasing revenue a good re... Read more
Abstinence Education in Public Schools January 31, 2018 by Staff
The Kentucky legislature is considering a bill that says wherever sex-ed is taught in the public schools they should teach abstinence until marriage as the ideal for human sexuality.  It may go against the culture of sexual permissiveness but our children should know what is right and best for them. Our kids should learn that sex is a good gift from our Creator and that healthy societies r... Read more
Kentucky Kids Need a New Message on Sex-Ed January 30, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky ranks 44th in teen pregnancy. Sexually transmitted disease (STD) are at an all-time high. And one in four women will have had an abortion by age 45. These statistics point to broken sexuality but a recently proposed bill helps high schoolers avoid the pitfalls of premarital sexual activity. It simply requires public schools with sex-ed curriculums to teach "Abstinence from sexual ... Read more
School Shooting January 29, 2018 by Staff
Last Tuesday morning Marshall County High School should have been a typical school day. There should have been teenaged voices in the halls and sophomores and juniors scurrying off to class. But instead, at 7:57, shots rang out and struck 20 students. Two 15-year olds were killed and 18 others wounded. Families are grieving the loss of their children and a community is torn by violence. So how ... Read more
Foster Care Supported January 26, 2018 by Staff
One of the areas that escaped cuts in the recent state budget proposal was foster care. In fact, the governor proposed the creation of a new adoption and foster care program funded at $11 million. Gov. Bevin said "you think of the role of government and its there to protect…. to take care of our vulnerable and those who truly need our help and the system should not be as bureaucrati... Read more
A New Approach to a Healthy Kentucky January 25, 2018 by Staff
Kentucky became the first state in the nation to receive a federal waiver to require able-bodied Medicaid recipients to work, go to school, or engage in community service at least 20-hours per week. This is a major change to the Medicaid program. The plan is to incentivize good behaviors. Recipients are given control over a $1000 health spending account where money is tied to certain benchmarks... Read more
Praying for Marshall County January 25, 2018 by Richard Nelson
Tuesday morning at Marshall County High School started out as a typical school day. Sophomores and juniors carrying books and backpacks scurried down the halls. Teachers were settling in for another day as lively voices filled the classrooms. But at 7:57 a.m. shots rang out in the commons area striking 16 students. Two 15-year olds were killed. Where do we begin when evil shatters a place of sa... Read more
Medicaid Reform January 24, 2018 by Staff
Since 2014, nearly a half-million Kentuckians joined the Medicaid rolls since the Affordable Care Act lowered the participation threshold. Today, one out of every three Kentuckians are on Medicaid, which begs the question: is it a policy achievement to have more Kentuckians dependent upon a government program that was originally designed for children and the disabled? Do more people on Medicaid... Read more
Bevin's Budget Address January 23, 2018 by Staff
Governor Bevin started his budget address with the famous words of Thomas Paine. In 1776 Paine said "These are the times that try men's souls…."  The analogy is clear. Kentucky is in difficult and trying financial times. His budget proposal allocates $1 billion into the state pension fund. And this means that other areas need to be cut. In fact, a total of 70 state pro... Read more
Roe v Wade January 22, 2018 by Staff
Today, is the 45th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision. In 1973, the court legalized abortion on demand for any reason all the way through the 9th month of pregnancy. The ruling has sharply divided the nation. It's left an estimated 60 million babies without a chance at life and many expecting mothers scarred from the trauma of abortion. Even though the pro-life... Read more
Feeding the Hungry January 19, 2018 by Staff
According to the Kentucky Association of Food Banks, over 700,000 Kentuckians, don't always know where their next meal will come from. That's 1 in 6. This is tragic because we are a major agriculture region of the country. This prompted Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles to create an economic incentive for summer meal programs for the needy. The program incentivizes local food banks ... Read more
Gambling January 18, 2018 by Staff
It's no secret that Kentucky is facing a budget crunch. This year alone it needs to come up with one billion dollars in revenue to address the pension shortfall. So how should they do it? Several legislators say expanded gambling is the answer. Former governor, now current state senator Julian Carroll proposes to legalize gambling on sports. Another bill would amend the constitution to brin... Read more
Pro Life Legislation January 17, 2018 by Staff
It seems that pro-life legislation comes up every legislative session and this one is no different. One bill modifies the recently enacted Ultrasound law to require abortionists to provide a written medical description of sonogram images an unborn child prior to an abortion. The other bill addresses chemical abortions. Increasingly, more abortions are done through pills. However it’s a tw... Read more
Term Limits January 16, 2018 by Staff
Whenever things get bad in our government, term limits seem like a good idea. But There are two sides. On one hand, political leaders understand the process, and carry important institutional knowledge. In a way, term limits are already here. They're called elections. However, when incumbents amass power and money, they're difficult to unseat. Our Founding Fathers believed in a citizen ... Read more
Paducah Passes Fairness Ordinance January 15, 2018 by Staff
Paducah became the ninth Kentucky city to make sexual orientation and gender identity a civil right. The move was controversial. Several speakers warned about similar ordinances that were used to punish business owners who tried to do their business according to their religious beliefs. Yet Paducah's City Commission voted for it anyway. The move is bad policy. In fact, the U.S. Supreme Cour... Read more
Careful with Your Words January 12, 2018 by Staff
Have you ever said something that as soon as the words left your mouth you regretted saying it? It's likely happened to all of us at one time or another. Our words have tremendous power. They can build up or they can tear down. They can be used with a tone of love and compassion or they can be harsh and rude. Sometimes our words are too many and lose their impact. But sometimes the right wo... Read more
News Media Reliability January 11, 2018 by Staff
Did you know that 44 percent of Americans get their news from Facebook? I'm a newsy. I read several newspapers a day in order to keep abreast of what's going on in Kentucky and around the world. But I don't just read anything. I look for credible balanced journalism. Some news outlets have political bias built into their stories. It's important to understand this because the sto... Read more
General Assembly Issues January 10, 2018 by Staff
Pro-life means more than just defending unborn life in the womb. It means caring for human life in all its stages. The Kentucky General Assembly is considering legislation that seeks to protect and value life.  One bill mandates suicide prevention training for public school teachers and administrators. Another bill would require drug abuse prevention in public schools and yet another would... Read more
Crisis of Leadership January 9, 2018 by Staff
The headlines of a major state newspaper questioned whether Republicans can lead Kentucky's state government in the aftermath of a sexual harassment settlement. The question of leadership in the 2018 General Assembly is real. So what makes for a good leader? It begins with character. Honesty and integrity are at the core. Good leaders are kind, courageous and faithful. And they live by the ... Read more
Is Expanding Gambling Worth the Risk? January 9, 2018 by Brandon Porter
Being a state that is closely tied to the horse racing industry, it’s not a surprise that expanded gambling is frequently discussed in Kentucky.  Even more, it’s no surprise this issue comes up when the woes of Kentucky’s economy are mentioned.  Keeping those things in mind, there are a few questions we should ask. Would expanded gambling improve the work ethic o... Read more
Thoughts on a New Year January 8, 2018 by Staff
The beginning of a New Year is a great time to take inventory on the last year and ask yourself how you can make the upcoming year even better. Here are a few suggestions: Love more. Complain less. Don't blame but rather ask: "how can I help?" or "what can I do?" Be the change that you want to see. And remember that personal responsibility is empowering. Be thankful to G... Read more
Consider Running for Office January 5, 2018 by Staff
Will Rogers once quipped, "I don't make jokes. I just watch Congress and report the facts." It's easy to poke fun at our political leaders. But have you considered that in this country we have the freedom to do that? Political leader have made many blunders but the beauty of our nation is that we have the freedom to engage in the political process—to challenge and replac... Read more
Politics isn't Everything January 4, 2018 by Staff
French philosopher Jacques Ellul warned about making everything political. He called this the “political illusion”—the belief that most of our problems are political and therefore require political solutions. Truth is, not everything is political, nor does it have a political solution. The problems of addiction, unemployment, and poverty have dimensions outside the political r... Read more
Civil Conversations January 3, 2018 by Staff
It's still early enough in the year to make a resolution. Let me suggest a good one. How about contributing to civility? One way to do that is by engaging in more conversations—civil conversations with those you disagree with. Not arguments. Not rants. But conversations. This is where mature individuals dialogue and discuss ideas with people that they don't see eye to eye with. Th... Read more
General Assembly January 2, 2018 by Staff
The Kentucky General Assembly is meeting today and it promises to be a challenging session. Fixing the state's broken pension system is a priority. So is modernizing our tax system. Gov. Bevin has also called for significant cuts to state government.   This means that difficult decisions will be made. As challenging as it may be, remember that all of governing is not all on the go... Read more
New Year Resolutions January 1, 2018 by Staff
If you're like nearly half of America you made some kind of New Year resolution for 2018. Maybe you've resolved to eat better, get regular exercise or spend more time with family. Whatever they might be, we all want to do better in the new year. The ever-witty G.K. Chesterton, quipped that resolutions are "something that goes in one Year and out the other." The point is that t... Read more
Fiscal Integrity in 2017 December 29, 2017 by Staff
During the holiday season we have the opportunity to enjoy foods that we don’t get the rest of the year.  Sometimes it tastes good going down, but we have to deal with the heartburn that comes later.  It’s the same with our holiday purchases as well.  We buy presents…and sometimes charge them on a credit card.  Then, the heartburn of interest rates follows... Read more
Protecting Religious Liberty in 2017 December 28, 2017 by Staff
Does God have a place in the local city commission?  On your local school board?  How about in the courthouse where you live?  We believe He does and He uses to people to establish that presence.  Some political leaders and commentators believe that religious conviction and perspective has no place in the public arena.  We think they’re wrong.  And so did the... Read more
Celebrating Marriage in 2017 December 27, 2017 by Staff
In recent years, we’ve witnessed the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage.  This harms marriage and its important role in society and in the family.  Dr. Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family says, “Marriage is the bringing together and the completing of humanity. It says that a woman compliments and brings out the masculinity of the man and the man does that for ... Read more
Protecting Life in 2017 December 26, 2017 by Staff
You’re probably familiar with the Christmas story of the three wise men that visited Jesus and His family.  Remember, they were the ones that brought the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  Did you know that Israel’s King wanted to use the three wise men to bring a quick end to Jesus?  That’s right, King Herod asked the wise men to return to him when they ha... Read more
Today is Christmas Day December 25, 2017 by Staff
Today is Christmas Day.  It’s a long expected day… not because the stores have been playing Christmas music since Labor Day…but because Christmas reminds us of love, peace and hope.  You see, we didn’t invent Christmas, God did.  He designed it to deliver love and goodness to humanity.  In the second chapter of the New Testament Gospel of Luke we se... Read more
Christmas Isn't Merry for Everyone December 22, 2017 by Staff
The picture of Christmas is one of good cheer: family and friends surrounding a dinner table, presents being exchanged— good feelings all around. But this isn't the case for everyone. Some will have no families to celebrate with and others have such painful family memories that such gatherings, if they happen at all, are difficult. There might even be someone missing at this year'... Read more
Stewardship of the Season December 21, 2017 by Staff
It's easy to get carried away. As Americans when we do something, we like to do it big. And this is no different for the Christmas season. Big parties, expensive gifts—in fact lots of gifts. The average American will spend nearly $983 for presents this holiday season according to the American Research Group. This is $54 more than last year. The idea behind giving is a good thing, afte... Read more
Kim Davis Challenged December 20, 2017 by Staff
When Rowan County Kentucky resident David Ermold filed to run for county clerk it made national news. Why would the national media be interested in a county clerk race in Eastern Kentucky? Because Ermold was denied a marriage license by the incumbent county clerk after the Supreme Court legalized homosexual marriage in 2015. Ermold is challenging Kim Davis for her seat. Davis believed it was wr... Read more
Lessons from the Upper Room December 19, 2017 by Staff
Devin Estes came home from school one day and complained to his mother that he was being bullied because he told his classmates he doesn't believe in God. Devin doesn't participate in a religious gathering called the Upper Room—an outside the classroom activity where there's prayer and the pledge of allegiance at Stanton Elementary. If the reports are true, its a little ironic... Read more
Bullying Boomerang December 18, 2017 by Staff
Nobody likes a bully. So when a Knoxville, Tennessee middle schooler who was bullied at school, shot a brief video he posted on Facebook it grabbed the world's attention. A tearful Keaton Jones said “People that are different don’t need to be criticized about it. It’s not their fault,” But if you are made fun of, don’t let it bother you. Stay strong, I guess. I... Read more
Is Consumerism Overshadowing Christmas? December 15, 2017 by Staff
According to the National Retail Federation, projected holiday retail sales in November and December will total $678.75 billion. That's a lot of cookie dough! When our spending gets out of hand, we can easily lose sight of what Christmas is about. Instead of mindless purchasing, why not make a financial donation to a charitable organization? The Salvation Army, Angel Tree, and local so... Read more
CPC Candidate Training December 14, 2017 by Staff
One of the great things about our country is that we get to govern ourselves. We don't live under a monarchy or dictatorship. We're a government of the people—a democratic republic to be more precise. This means that average everyday people like you and me can run for elected office. At CPC we desire to see people who cherish American ideals run for office. And we need good candid... Read more
Principle over Party Politics December 13, 2017 by Staff
The sexual harassment crisis is threatening the careers of powerful politicians. Gov. Bevin is calling for the resignation of former House Speaker Jeff Hoover and three other Republicans to step down. In Congress, a group of Democratic Senators are calling for Sen. Al Franken to resign. Republican Sen. Jeff Flake made a donation to a Democrat running against a candidate accused of sexual advanc... Read more
Auditor Catches State Workers in False Claims December 12, 2017 by Staff
The state of Kentucky gives its workers a half day of paid leave on Election day. The idea is to encourage civic responsibility. But if they take the leave they're expected to actually vote. However, a recent report by State Auditor Mike Harmon revealed that 1,329 public employees took the paid election leave during the 2015 general and 2016 primary elections, but they failed to vote. This ... Read more
Jack Phillips and the Need for Tolerance December 11, 2017 by Staff
The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of the Colorado Baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay wedding ceremony. There's been a lot of misinformation in this case and the court is trying to sort it out. For starters, Jack Phillips doesn't discriminate against individuals who come into his shop and make a purchase. He does believe however, that the government ... Read more
Recapture True Meaning of Christmas December 8, 2017 by Staff
Have you ever gotten the feeling that Christmas has become something that it was never meant to be? I mean the push to buy more and more, bigger and better, and competition to out give others?  We now have special days that revolve around buying: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Consumerism has crowded out the reason of why we give gifts in the first place. Now, the... Read more
Royal Wedding December 7, 2017 by Staff
The media is smitten with news about the royal engagement between Britain's Prince Harry and American movie star Meghan Markle. The two announced they'll marry in the spring. But marriage isn't just good for movie stars and royal families. It's good for the overall health and economic well-being of men and women. A report by the American Enterprise Institute and the Institute fo... Read more
Caring about the Pension Crisis December 6, 2017 by Staff
We hardly go a week without an update on a never-ending news story from Frankfort. I'm talking about the state pension crisis where the state has some $40 billion in future obligations to state retirees. The pension crisis has been years in the making and is a great example of why we should pay careful attention to politics. There was a time when the pension was a risk to just teachers. Now... Read more
Tax Bill Helps Kentucky's Poor December 5, 2017 by Staff
I recently had a chance to interview First District Congressman James Comer about the tax cuts that Congress is considering.  He told me that the bill would help most people in his district but if you read many of the reports in the mainstream press, you'd think the tax cuts only help the rich. Comer explained that the median income in the First District is $28,000 and 80 percent of co... Read more
Gambling: Personal Problems with Public Consequence December 4, 2017 by Staff
Have you ever heard somebody say, "if it's not hurting me, then why should I care?" There are a number of ways to justify personally destructive choices and a number of reasons why not to get involved with somebody's bad decisions. But we're learning a hard lesson that personal choices often have public consequences.  A case in point was a recent story out of Green Co... Read more
SCOTUS Will Hear Important Cases December 1, 2017 by Staff
The Supreme Court is taking up two important cases that affect our most basic liberties. The first case involves a Colorado baker who is in trouble for refusing to provide a cake for a gay wedding. Jack Phillips isn't against serving homosexual customers, something he's done over the years. What he opposes is participating in an event that he believes is sacrilegious. The other case inv... Read more
Tyranny on Campus November 30, 2017 by Staff
As transgenderism pushes its way into the mainstream, people are being forced to ask what pronouns to use. Should someone born male who now identifies as female be called she or he? This is a real question, one that teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd introduced to her communications class at a university in Ontario, Canada. Shepherd played a clip of a tv debate over gender pronouns. This ended... Read more
When Tyrants Rule November 29, 2017 by Staff
Robert Mugabe resigned as president of Zimbabwe. The populist got into power by opposing British colonial rule. But by promising to right the wrongs, the dictator perpetrated even greater pain upon what used to be one of the richest African nations. Mugabe was in power for nearly four decades but he left behind 90 percent unemployment, a worthless currency, sky rocketing inflation and corruptio... Read more
Sexual Harassment Saga Continues November 28, 2017 by Staff
The number of high-profile and powerful men charged with sexual harassment is staggering. The latest include Minnesota Senator Al Franken and TV host Charlie Rose. In Kentucky, Gov. Bevin has renewed calls for the resignation of legislators in his own party who've settled sexual harassment claims. What we're seeing is a pushback against demeaning behavior that has been accepted for far ... Read more
Sanctuary City Ruling November 27, 2017 by Staff
According the Center for Immigration Studies, Louisville is a sanctuary city. This means that it has policies in place "that obstruct immigration enforcement and shield criminals from Immigration and Customs Enforcement" (ICE).  Police in sanctuary cities aren't allowed to cooperate with federal officials when a suspected illegal immigrant is apprehended.  The federal go... Read more
25% of KY Kids in Poverty November 24, 2017 by Staff
One in four Kentucky children live in poverty according to the latest report by Kentucky Youth Advocates. And nearly half of Kentucky's children live in low-income homes or 200 percent of the poverty level. So in an age of abundance and economic opportunity, why is this? Some point to the drug epidemic which has hit Kentucky hard. Some blame a poor economy and lack of opportunities. Bo... Read more
Being Thankful November 23, 2017 by Staff
We live in the freest, most prosperous nation on the face of the earth. Yet if you scroll through Facebook or other social media posts, it doesn't take long to find a complaint or gripe: Poor service at a restaurant or complaints about slow drivers.  These are called First World problems. And they remind us of how really good we have it here. Most people in the world would be happy to ... Read more
KBC Passes Anti-Gambling Resolution November 22, 2017 by Staff
The Kentucky Baptist Convention passed a resolution at their annual meeting condemning gambling expansion recently proposed in Frankfort. They make several good points beginning with the idea that gambling violates the principle of loving your neighbor. They go on to say that it violates the principle of work, "looking to gain something for nothing, hoping for easy money rather than pursui... Read more
Teachers propose pension fix November 21, 2017 by Staff
Kentucky Education Association President Stephanie Winkler said the Republican proposal to fix the broken state pension fund “will devastate public education in Kentucky.” This drew criticism from State Rep. Bam Carney, a former public school teacher who said “The rhetoric, [has] done more damage to prospective educators than I think maybe what’s in the” proposal. ... Read more
Processing Sexual Harassment November 20, 2017 by Staff
Sexual harassment by political leaders and celebrities is disappointing. So how do we respond? For starters, we should be empathetic toward the women who've come out of the shadows to share their stories. It takes courage for women to openly share  humiliating details. At the same time, in fairness to the accused, the evidence and testimonies of accusers should be carefully weighed. A ... Read more
Conscience is non-negotiable November 17, 2017 by Staff
What do you do when you're put in a position where you're forced to violate your conscience? This question isn't theoretical anymore. More and more people who try to live and work according to their conscience are put in difficult positions. This was the case with a family court judge in Glasgow and a print-shop owner in Lexington. Conscience rights are under attack because of the c... Read more
Transgender Candidate Elected November 16, 2017 by Staff
The first openly transgender candidate got elected in Virginia last week. Danica Roem is a man who now identifies as a woman and that's how he campaigned. Nearly 55 percent of the voters had no problem voting for Roem so they sent him to serve in the Virginia state House. So what does all this mean? At the least, it's an acceptance of a radical self-autonomy where individuals define the... Read more
News Media Makes Much Over Kim Davis Refiling November 15, 2017 by Staff
Remember the Kentucky Court Clerk who went to jail for refusing to grant a marriage license to a homosexual couple? Well, the Associated Press and major news media across the country hasn't. That's why they made much over her filing for re-election for Rowan County Clerk. Davis became a lightning rod over marriage, religious freedom, and rights of conscience for public officials. Her st... Read more
Sen. Rand Paul Attacked November 14, 2017 by Staff
Senator Rand Paul was attacked while mowing his lawn last week. Of all people, he was attacked by his neighbor.  It's unclear as to the motivation of the attack but some have suggested it’s over political disagreements. Paul suffered six broken ribs and bruises to his lungs. This is the latest in a growing list of politicians attacked or threatened with violence this year. Earlie... Read more
Church Shooting November 13, 2017 by Staff
The latest mass shooting took the lives of 26 people worshipping in a small Texas church. Now, people are asking what was the caused it? Was it mental illness? Lax gun laws? Was it what some call America's "gun culture?" Alexander Solzhenitsyn reminds us that "evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either - but right&... Read more
Veteran's Day Observed November 10, 2017 by Staff
Today, Veteran's Day is observed. It was originally known as Armistice Day, which on November 11, 1918 marked the armistice of WWI. Now we honor all our veterans who've ever served in our armed forces. National defense may be something we take for granted but in a dangerous age of Islamic terrorism and a nuclear North Korea, we should thank the men and women who put themselves in harms ... Read more
Sexual Harassment Fallout Continues November 9, 2017 by Staff
A popular TV show on Netflix has been canceled. An Amazon executive resigned.  So does a top executive in the newsroom at National Public Radio. These are just a few stories linked to sexual harassment and assault by men who abused their power to take advantage of women. It's called the Weinstein effect. Harvey Weinstein's sexual predation on vulnerable women was Hollywoo... Read more
Medical Review Panels Struck Down November 8, 2017 by Staff
The Kentucky legislature passed a bill this last year to reduce frivolous lawsuits against doctors. Of course, frivolous lawsuits drive up malpractice insurance, which in turn drive up medical bills. And this is ultimately passed off to patients. The bill created medical review panels comprised of nonpartisan doctors who review the merits of a case and try to determine if there was medical negl... Read more
Judge Nance Resigns November 7, 2017 by Staff
Remember when we told you that if marriage was ever redefined it would have implications on religious freedom? That truth has hit home in Kentucky last week when Family Court Judge Mitchell Nance resigned his judgeship. Earlier this year, Nance announced that he would recuse himself from cases involving gay adoption. He said he couldn't place children in homosexual-parented households becau... Read more
Terrorist Attack November 6, 2017 by Staff
Eight people were murdered by a madman who drove his truck down a New York City sidewalk last week. To be more precise, it was an Islamic terrorist who killed innocent people. After he stopped, he shouted Allahu Akbar. A note inside the vehicle linked him to the Islamic state. So why is it so difficult for so many to call this Islamic terrorism? Many claim that Islam is a religion of peace. But... Read more
Einstein's Note November 3, 2017 by Staff
Albert Einstein was one of the brightest scientists in the 20th century. He came up with the theory of relativity and eventually won a Nobel peace prize. So who would have thought that a simple one-sentence note to a bellhop who carried his suitcase would fetch over a million dollars at auction. Was it some kind of scientific formula? No, it was simple advice that said "A calm and modest l... Read more
Refugees from the Sexual Revolution November 2, 2017 by Staff
GK Chesterton once said, "before you move a fence, you should find out why it was put there in the first place." That bit of wisdom is fitting for today, especially in light of the breakdown of marriage and sexual ethics. Nearly a half century ago, there was a clear fence regarding sexual morality. The fence was called marriage, and it was respected as the place fitting for God's ... Read more
#MeToo November 1, 2017 by Staff
One of the saddest things about the Harvey Weinstein scandal are all the celebrities who admit they knew something of the abuse but did nothing. Silence in such cases is like a green light to a perpetrator. In Weinstein's case, it has gone on for decades and many women have been hurt. Now, in the wake of the fallout, many women are stepping forward and sharing their own stories of harassmen... Read more
Court rules illegal immigrant in U.S. custody has right to abortion October 31, 2017 by Staff
A federal court has ruled that an illegal immigrant held in U.S. custody has the right to an abortion. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals said that the U.S. government must facilitate an abortion for a 17-year-old girl. The Department of Health and Human Services is saying the girl doesn't have the right to an abortion, but the ACLU and the court think otherwise. The court said the girl had ... Read more
Northern KY University Intolerant of Speech October 30, 2017 by Staff
College is supposed to be the place where free speech is celebrated, the place where opposing views are respected. Sadly, and far too often this isn't the case. The latest example of intolerance and the attack on free speech comes from Northern Kentucky University where a pro-life display was vandalized. Several crosses representing aborted babies were torn down and a sign explaining the di... Read more
Twitter Censorship October 27, 2017 by Staff
Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn launched her campaign for Senate on Twitter—that is, until Twitter blocked her ad saying it was “inflammatory.”  Now, Blackburn is a pro-life champion and her ad mentioned Congress’ investigation into Planned Parenthood’s sale of fetal tissue. In fact, Blackburn chaired a House committee investigating this issue. Blackb... Read more
Public Pension Plan October 26, 2017 by Staff
There's an update on Kentucky's state pension crisis and there's a little bit of good news and bad news.  The good news is that Gov. Bevin and legislative leaders have come up with a proposal to keep the state's promise to its workers. This is good news for a pension that is so severely underfunded that it has caused the state's credit rating to drop. The bad news? It&#... Read more
Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood's Contradictory Messages October 25, 2017 by Staff
Harvey Weinstein was kicked out Hollywood's Academy of Motion Pictures. The powerful producer was exposed for sexual harassment, assault and lewd behavior that cannot be mentioned on this commentary. A flood of accusations are coming from women who worked with Weinstein over the years. His behavior has been called one of the most well-known open-secrets in Hollywood.  But the question ... Read more
Rick Pitino Fired October 24, 2017 by Staff
The headlines of the Louisville Courier-Journal said "Fired"— as in Rick Pitino, University of Louisville's basketball coach. The U of L board of trustees unanimously voted to fire Pitino for his involvement with serious recruiting violations. This was the last straw in a string of scandals involving the hall of fame caliber college basketball coach. So what can we learn fro... Read more
The Boy Scouts are No More October 23, 2017 by Staff
The Boy Scouts are now accepting girls into their ranks. Which makes us wonder, if they should drop the word "boy" from their name. This latest change is reflective of the gender-blurring in our society where differences between male and female have been minimized. It's also an indication of just how seriously the Scouts have lost their way and their original mission to train boys... Read more
500th Anniversary of Reformation October 20, 2017 by Staff
This month marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. On Oct. 31 in 1517 Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis to the Door of the Schlosskirche (castle church) in Wittenberg, Germany. This sparked the Reformation. And the West has never been the same since. The Reformation was a protest against abuses in the church. It also emphasized the idea of the authority of scripture, and that salvation... Read more
Patients wait in England October 19, 2017 by Staff
A headline of a major British newspaper said "One million patients a week cannot get a General Practitioner appointment, statistics show." Great Britain is touted as a model for state managed health care, but as the headline said, too many patients aren't able to get appointments with their doctor. A survey found that doctors were working under “unsustainable” pressure... Read more
CPC Hosts Conference October 18, 2017 by Staff
The issue of homosexuality and transgenderism has reached a boiling point. Often the mainstream media portrays those opposed to LGBT rights as intolerant and bigoted. But is this truly the case? We forget that just because one disagrees with an issue, it doesn't make them bad or hateful.  Until recently, our society has had clear moral boundaries for human sexuality but those boundarie... Read more
High Stakes Gambling October 17, 2017 by Staff
Authorities are still trying to figure out what caused Stephen Paddock to open fire on thousands of concert goers in Las Vegas. One report links the nation's worst mass shooting in recent history to compulsive gambling.  One news report says Paddock "was a nocturnal creature who gambled all night and slept all day. He took Valium at times for anxiousness" and wagered up to a ... Read more
Hugh Hefner passed away: What was his legacy? October 16, 2017 by Staff
Hugh Hefner is dead. He founded Playboy over a half century ago and is credited with "liberating America from sexual repression." But Hefner's true legacy is that he mainstreamed pornography. In Hefner's world, sex was a commodity and something to be pursued outside of marriage. Here's the legacy that Hefner left behind. Last year, STD's were at a record high with clos... Read more
CPC Hosts LGBT Conference October 13, 2017 by Staff
One of the most divisive issues in our society involves homosexual rights and transgenderism. Like it or not, these are issues that will face all of us at some point. So how do you address them? Those with religious convictions that homosexuality and crossing gender boundaries is immoral are often put on the defensive. Christianity teaches there are boundaries for human sexuality. It also teach... Read more
Louisville a Sanctuary City? October 12, 2017 by Staff
The Louisville Metro Council is considering an ordinance that would stop Louisville Metro police officers and city employees from enforcing federal civil immigration laws. The proposal bars metro employees from using government resources “to apprehend people whose only violation of the law is that they be undocumented.”  This means that the police could no longer work with fede... Read more
CHFS in Contempt of Court October 11, 2017 by Staff
A Jefferson County judge has found the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, in contempt of court because they failed to move children in their care to foster care in a timely manner. Instead they left them in juvenile detention facilities long past the necessary time. The judge made his ruling and said the state agency is in an "ongoing state of crisis." He pointed out that it was ... Read more
Court Strikes Down Ultrasound Law October 10, 2017 by Staff
Kentucky's ultrasound law has been struck down. U.S. District Judge David Hale said the law that forces abortionists to provide a sonogram to women seeking an abortion violated the “First Amendment rights of physicians.” It's unclear how the First Amendment shields doctors from withholding important information from women when they most need it. The intent of the ultrasound ... Read more
Las Vegas Shooting October 9, 2017 by Staff
Altogether, 59 are dead and over 500 wounded in the worst mass shooting in our history. Evil is real, and it made itself known last week at an outdoor country music concert in Las Vegas. But just as there is evil, there is good. That was demonstrated by many acts of courage and sacrifice. Gail Davis was protected by a police officer who shielded her and her husband from the gunfire. She called ... Read more
Unplug Over the Weekend October 6, 2017 by Staff
We often talk about pressing political issues and current events on TCM. Being well-informed and politically engaged is important. We want to be good citizens. But we need balance in our lives and this means that we cannot be dominated by 24-hour news cycles. They end up making us feel helpless, so we need to step away from the whirlwind of news and politics from time to time to realize there a... Read more
The American College of Physicians Stand Against Assisted-suicide October 5, 2017 by Staff
The American College of Physicians took a bold stand against physician-assisted suicide. The group said assisted suicide "raises ethical, clinical, and other concerns." And that "Control over the manner and timing of a person’s death has not been and should not be a goal of medicine." This is big news coming from the second largest network of physicians in the nation. ... Read more
Roy Moore wins AL U.S. Senate primary October 4, 2017 by Staff
Roy Moore won Alabama's U.S. Senate primary, overcoming millions of dollars in negative ads and fighting against the Republican party establishment. If you recall, Moore is known at the 10 Commandment's judge. He put a monument of the 10 commandments in his state capitol building but after a long legal battle, the monument was removed and he was booted out of office. This primary victor... Read more
Cowboys Kneel during Anthem October 3, 2017 by Staff
Last week the entire Dallas Cowboy football team, together with team owner Jerry Jones, locked arms and knelt before the performance of the national anthem. This was on nationally televised Monday Night Football and its angered what many fans see as disrespect for the flag and our nation. On one hand the players have the right to protest. They're given that kind of freedom here. But team ow... Read more
College Basketball Scandal October 2, 2017 by Staff
University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino has been fired. The U of L program was caught up in an FBI investigation involving bribery of recruits. This is the latest scandal involve Pitino and his basketball program. Just a few years ago, it was caught using strippers on campus to lure high school recruits.  Other schools are also reeling from the two-year FBI investigation: USC... Read more
Fall September 29, 2017 by Staff
On the way to do my early morning radio show the other day, I couldn't help but admire how beautiful the sun was. Just above the horizon, it appeared larger than usual and had a beautiful yellow glow. It was stunning. The humidity has now dropped off and the air is crisp and fresh. The trees are beginning to change and leaves are falling. Autumn is in full swing. The change is a reminder th... Read more
Intolerance on College Campus September 28, 2017 by Staff
A recent survey by the Brookings Institute found that half of college kids think shouting down public speakers they disagree with is alright. Over half want restricted speech in the classroom and 1-in-5 think violence to make a political point is acceptable. One of the questions said: "A student group opposed to the speaker disrupts the speech by loudly and repeatedly shouting so that the ... Read more
Gov. Bevin Calls on Prayer for Students September 27, 2017 by Staff
Today, Gov. Matt Bevin is calling on Kentuckians to pray for students. He issued a proclamation calling for prayer that says. All citizens, including the faith community of Kentucky, are invited to pray for “our schools, teachers and administrators for God’s wisdom and knowledge as they impart lessons and education to the students of our state.” The governor is sure to be crit... Read more
Lawmakers Call for Legalization of Casinos September 26, 2017 by Staff
Everyone knows that Kentucky's pension system is in a crisis. So what's the solution? According to two lawmakers: its casino gambling. Reps. Rick Rand and Dennis Keene filed a bill to change the constitution to allow casino gambling into Kentucky. They promise to bring more than $200 million annually which could be used to fix the pension. So is this the way to go? Gov. Bevin was recent... Read more
New Gambling Venture Proposed September 25, 2017 by Staff
Churchill Downs and Keeneland announced a partnership to expand gambling into eastern and western Kentucky. They promised to "create hundreds of new jobs and stimulate economic growth" What they're talking about isn't actual horse racing, but rather instant racing machines which are glorified slot machines. It's questionable whether they're legal. We need to further as... Read more
Religious Discrimination of Michigan Farmers September 22, 2017 by Staff
Should someone's beliefs disqualify them from participating in the public marketplace? For Michigan farmers Steve and Bridget Tennes that question isn't theoretical. The Tennes run Country Mill Farms and welcome the public to pick apples, peaches and pumpkins there. But when someone asked their beliefs about gay marriage on their Facebook page, the city of East Lansing no longer welcome... Read more
Climate Deniers September 21, 2017 by Staff
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have stirred conversation over the role climate change played in the prevalence of hurricanes. There seems to be a forgone conclusion that "climate change" is the culprit. And if you disagree, you are a "climate denier." Dartmouth College Fellow Charles Wheelen, proposes a climate registry where every American “would be asked to sign '[th... Read more
US Senate Imposes Religious Tests September 20, 2017 by Staff
The U.S. Constitution bans religious tests in order to hold public office. Article VI says "…no religious Test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States." Yet U.S. Senators are crossing a line that violates this rule. Sen. Diane Feinstein criticized judicial nominee Amy Coney Barrett for her devout Catholic beliefs. Sen. Dic... Read more
U.S. Senators' Religious Bigotry September 19, 2017 by Staff
One of the things that sets the U.S. apart from all other nations is that we enjoy religious freedom. But religious freedom is increasingly under attack—most notably by U.S. Senators involving confirmation hearings. Sen. Diane Feinstein grilled judicial nominee Amy Coney Barrett over her Christian convictions. Feinstein said “the conclusion one draws [from your speeches] is that the... Read more
Gov. Bevin Proposes Cuts to State Govt. September 18, 2017 by Staff
Kentucky is facing a projected budget shortfall of nearly $200 million. In this case the state can either raise taxes to make up the difference or it can cut spending. Gov. Bevin has chosen the latter and is calling for 17% across the board cuts for all state agencies.  A few areas will be spared including education and Medicaid The annual budget for Kentucky is $10 billion, so finding are... Read more
DACA Rescinded September 15, 2017 by Staff
The Trump administration ended a controversial executive order by former Pres. Obama called DACA or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This protected nearly 800,000 illegal immigrants from deportation—these were children who were brought to the United States as minors by their parents.  U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions called DACA, "such an open-ended circumvention o... Read more
CPC Responds to Instant Gambling Announcement September 15, 2017 by Staff ... Read more
CA Churches Forced to Cover Abortion September 14, 2017 by Staff
Do you think churches should have to pay for abortion coverage for their employees? The state of California does. In 2014, the California Department of Managed Health Care ordered insurers to change their policies to remove limitations for abortion coverage. This means churches have to offer staff members abortion insurance coverage. A federal court handed down a ruling that favors the state.&n... Read more
Is Jack Phillips a Nazi? September 13, 2017 by Staff
Jack Phillips has been compared to a perpetrator of the holocaust by a government official. So what's Jack's offense? He declined to create a special order wedding cake for a same-sex marriage ceremony. In 2014, Colorado Civil Rights Commissioner Diann Rice said that freedom of religion has been used to justify all kinds of discrimination. She insinuated that Phillips was using his free... Read more
Free Speech on College Campus September 12, 2017 by Staff
College is back in session and unfortunately, so is continued hostility against conservative speakers. Last week conservative political scientist Charles Murray was unable to walk across Harvard Yard alone. He needed a police escort because of feared violence against him. Last year, he was assaulted at Middlesbury College because of his conservative beliefs.  This week, conservative commen... Read more
EMW Refusing to Abide by State Law September 11, 2017 by Staff
Kentucky's last remaining abortion facility is fighting for its life. That's because the EMW Women's Clinic refuses to abide by state law requiring medical centers to have ambulatory agreements with local hospitals.  EMW attorney Donald L. Cox said the requirements have one purpose: "to give the state an excuse to prohibit abortions." But the state's lawyers disag... Read more
Digital Lies September 8, 2017 by Staff
The program called Radiolab aired a program on new technologies that can alter what people are saying. This goes beyond just cutting and pasting portions of a speech. This new technology can synchronize facial expressions and lip movement to create words out of thin air and attribute them to anyone's image. This kind of thing has been successfully used in Hollywood movies, most notably with... Read more
U of L Jim Ramsey Scandal September 7, 2017 by Staff
A report investigating wrongdoing by the University of Louisville Foundation found that it spent too much from its endowment, issued false reports as to how the money was spent and loaned $52 million to a group that will likely never pay back the loan. An estimated $40-$100 million in endowment funds allegedly was misspent by former officials. Now it has been confirmed that there is a criminal ... Read more
Nashville Statement September 6, 2017 by Staff
Last week more than 100 Christian leaders signed a statement affirming Biblical teaching on human sexuality, gender, and marriage. Denny Burk said, “The spirit of our age does not delight in God’s good design of male and female. Consequently, confusion reigns over some of the most basic questions of our humanity. The aim of The Nashville Statement is to shine a light into the d... Read more
State Pensions September 5, 2017 by Staff
State pensions are back in the news after an independent group assessed the situation and made recommendations to the state legislature. Many are up in arms and upset about the recommended changes but what's the alternative? To let the system collapse? This isn't an option for state. Some of you might be wondering, what does this have to do with me? And why should I care? Bottom line: t... Read more
Hurricane Harvey September 4, 2017 by Staff
Hurricane Harvey dropped rainfall in Texas and Louisiana in Biblical proportions. Over 50 inches have fallen east of Houston which makes it a record. The previous rainfall record in the lower 48 states was 48 inches. Now thousands are dealing with the aftermath and waiting for the floodwaters to recede. Kentucky Baptist Convention Disaster relief is sending supplies, medicine and relief workers... Read more
Final Chapter in Gov Bevin Home Deal September 1, 2017 by Staff
As the long days of summer begin to fade, so do the headlines surrounding the story of Governor Matt Bevin’s new home in Louisville.  Media outlets kept the story on the front page for nearly six months, alleging the Governor got a sweetheart deal from a friend, but it turns out the Jefferson County PVA agreed the price Bevin paid was fair. The Louisville Courier-Journal led the news... Read more
Teens and Screens August 31, 2017 by Staff
If you have teens, should you be concerned about the amount time your teenage spends on screen time? A recent essay in The Atlantic says yes. It's entitled Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? The author, Jean Twenge, interviewed a 13 year old girl in Houston, who told her she likes her phone better than people.  Twenge says that today, teenagers don’t go to the mall.  T... Read more
Kindergarten Teach Celebrates Transgender Transition August 30, 2017 by Staff
Kindergartners in a California charter school got a lesson that many of them weren't ready for and now parents are upset. A teacher at Rocklin Academy, led the class in celebrating the “transition” of a child from boy to girl by reading books normalizing transgenderism and then introduced a five-year-old student to the class as a boy. The student then left the room and came back... Read more
Downs Syndrome Eliminated in Iceland August 29, 2017 by Staff
CBS reported that Iceland has eliminated Downs Syndrome. This should be received as good news, but in order to understand how they've eliminated it, one must hear as Paul Harvey says "the rest of the story." Downs is a genetic abnormality that leads to physical defects and mental deficiency. In the case of Iceland, there hasn't been a medical breakthrough to treat Downs, but r... Read more
Tearing Down History August 28, 2017 by Staff
Since the rally around Robert E. Lee's statue in Charlottesville, Virginia, there's been a rise in vandalism to historic statues and monuments around the nation. A two century old statue of Christopher Columbus was smashed in Baltimore. The Lincoln Memorial in DC, a bust of Lincoln in Chicago and a statue of a Franciscan priest in California were all recently vandalized. Glass was shatt... Read more
Corruption at IRS August 25, 2017 by Staff
The IRS recently rehired 213 employees who were convicted of theft, falsified documents, or made unauthorized use of taxpayer data. Worse yet, a handful of these IRS employees failed to pay their own taxes! The Office of Treasury Inspector General released a report and said. “Given the substantial threat of identity theft and the magnitude of sensitive information that the IRS holds, hiri... Read more
Foster Care/Adoption Reform August 24, 2017 by Staff
Dan Dumas is Kentucky's adoption czar and he's working to find permanent homes for the 8000 kids in Kentucky's foster care system. Right now some 2000 kids are ready to be adopted and Dumas told Commonwealth Policy in a recent interview that he's working to make children a priority by asking "what's in their best interest?" As it is, bureaucracy and red tape stand ... Read more
Balancing Public Displays August 23, 2017 by Staff
I participated in a National Day of Prayer event where elected officials, pastors and residents gathered on the courthouse steps. Just a stone's throw from us stood a statue of a Confederate soldier. To me, it was an expression of the area's local history as they recognized many of their native sons who fought and died in the Civil War. But how was it viewed by the black ladies on the p... Read more
Controversy Over Confederate Monuments August 22, 2017 by Staff
The controversy stirs over Confederate monuments in public places. The tragedy in Charlottesville was sparked by an order to move a statue of General Lee. In Durham, NC, a mob dismantled a Confederate monument. But whitewashing our history and removing such monuments isn't the answer. All the warts and blemishes of our history should be open for all to see so that we can learn from our mist... Read more
Eclipse Today August 21, 2017 by Staff
People usually want to be in the light, but today, they're flocking to Western Kentucky to be in the darkness. That's because for 2:40 there will be complete darkness and the city of Hopkinsville is the point of greatest eclipse in the entire country. The total eclipse begins at 1:24pm. This is a rare and fascinating event and reminds us just how precise our galaxy is tuned and just how... Read more
Eclipsville August 18, 2017 by Staff
Hopkinsville, Kentucky will be the center of the world's attention this Monday. That's because its the best place in the world to observe the lunar eclipse where we'll have total darkness in the middle of the day for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. The eclipse will begin at 11:56am and the total eclipse will begin at 1:24pm. It's estimated that hundreds of thousands of people from all... Read more
Chicago Sues Over Sanctuary City Crackdown August 17, 2017 by Staff
Chicago calls itself a sanctuary city. This means they're allowing illegal immigrants to live and work there without repercussions but now the federal government is clamping down. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is demanding all cities that have illegal aliens in jail to tell federal immigration officials and to give them 48 hours notice before releasing them. Its a reasonable request, ... Read more
Free Speech Fear August 16, 2017 by Staff
There's a lot of fear to talk about controversial issues—especially social issues. This is because the culture is increasingly hostile to conservative values and for those who speak out, there is retribution. Last week, a memo by a Google employee got him fired because he challenged the modern mindset that men and women are essentially the same. At American Airlines, two employees of ... Read more
Associated Press Censorship August 15, 2017 by Staff
The Associated Press is updating its 2017 writing guidelines for journalists and conservatives are crying foul. The AP stylebook provides universal rules for journalists when it comes to punctuation, capitalization and using certain words over others. But in this edition it tells writers to avoid words like "pro-life," "migrant," "refugee," "Islamist" and... Read more
Creating the Perfect Baby August 14, 2017 by Staff
Researchers at the Oregon Health and Sciences University have successfully created genetically-modified human embryos. Their purpose is to stop genetic abnormalities from being passed on from parents to children. This might sound good, but we should ask if this is right and whether there are dangers. Considering the fallen state of humanity, the downside is great. John Stonestreet says this is ... Read more
Charlie Gard August 11, 2017 by Staff
Little Charlie Gard has died. His parents did their best fighting on behalf of their 11 month old to receive the experimental treatment they thought might save his life. But a British court blocked them from doing so. The court saw Charlie's case as hopeless. Which brings us to the question of who should decide whether a child should have life-saving treatment? The courts or parents? In Bri... Read more
Politicizing Baseball August 9, 2017 by Staff
Major League baseball teams often host fan appreciation nights.  It may be for members of our armed forces, the law enforcement community or just for kids. Now these special nights have become politicized by celebrating LGBT Pride. In New York, some of the proceeds went to the LGBT Network. In Boston, a Gay Men’s Choir sang the Star-Spangled Banner. And in Los Angeles they highlighte... Read more
ACLU Sues Bevin Over Social Media Policy August 8, 2017 by Staff
The ACLU of Kentucky is suing Gov. Bevin over his social media policy. They're angry that Gov. Bevin has blocked users from his news feeds. ACLU attorney William Sharp said, “The First Amendment does not allow the government to exclude speakers from a public forum because it disagrees with their viewpoint.” This of course raises the question of whether a politician's social ... Read more
Back to School August 7, 2017 by Staff
Many of Kentucky's kids are heading back to school this week. My children aren't looking forward to it but I remind them why school is important. It's because they're given minds to cultivate. And I want them to develop their gifts and talents so they can successfully live in this world.   But school is more than that.  It's where we impart the true, the good ... Read more
Abortion Protest in Louisville August 4, 2017 by Staff
Pro-lifers from across the country have convened in Louisville to protest Kentucky's last remaining abortion clinic. EMW Women's Clinic in downtown Louisville performs thousands of these life-ending procedures every year and the pro-life community is working to put an end to that. However, one of their methods is controversial. They're distributing flyers of the names, photos and ad... Read more
The Bevin House Deal Reveals Politicized Journalism, Bad Reporting August 3, 2017 by Staff
The Executive Branch Ethics Commission (EBEC) dismissed complaints against Gov. Bevin of any wrongdoing involving a home purchase. Kentucky's biggest newspapers created a lot of doubt over the deal when they insinuated that he got a sweetheart deal from a campaign donor and paid much less than market value. Much of this could have been avoided if journalists reported at the get-go that the ... Read more
Drugs Dominate the News August 2, 2017 by Staff
If there's one issue that's in the news nearly every day, it has to be illicit drugs. Drug overdoses, drug related crimes, and drug busts fill the pages of our newspapers nearly every day. Why is this? It reveals a crisis of emptiness and brokenness. Empty in that people fill themselves with something they believe will help them. Broken in that drugs numb the pain where there is hurt. A... Read more
Important Questions in the Transgender Debate August 2, 2017 by Brandon Porter
Envision a hospital delivery room a few years from now.  After hours of work, a baby cries for the first time as the people in the room celebrate a new life.  After the baby’s vital signs are checked, the doctor works on the birth certificate.  Instead of checking a box that says male or female, the doctor checks a box that says human.  There’s no way to indicate... Read more
Trump's New Transgender Policy for U.S. Troops August 1, 2017 by Staff
Pres. Trump announced that the U.S. military will not accept transgender troops into its ranks or allow them to serve in any capacity. This is a quick about-face from a policy instituted by Barack Obama. Last year, Obama opened up the military to openly transgendered people.  Just last month, troops had to undergo transgender sensitivity training. This will no longer be the case. The issue... Read more
Questioning Transgenderism August 1, 2017 by Richard Nelson
Pres. Trump's tweet barring transgendered persons from serving in the military caught everyone off guard, including policy makers who are still trying to figure out exactly what it means. As we navigate the minefields of this highly charged issue there's middle ground that nearly everyone can agree on: policy by tweet is no way to run a government.    Kentucky National... Read more
MN Teachers Forced to Use Trans-affirming Pronouns July 31, 2017 by Staff
Nowhere is the culture war as evident in the controversy over transgender rights. In Minnesota, new guidelines were issued to public school teachers ordering them to call children by the pronoun of their choice. This means that boys who identify as girls should be called "she" and girls who identify as boys should be called "he."They say the policy change is to prevent bully... Read more
Time for Pastors to Stand July 28, 2017 by Staff
Did you know that many pastors played a pivotal role in the colonist's battle for independence in the 1770's?  British soldiers called them the Black Robe Regiment because it was customary for preachers to wear a black robe while preaching in that era.  The pastors weren’t looking for a fight as much as they were speaking out against tyranny and injustice by King George.... Read more
Beshear Must Make Decision July 27, 2017 by Staff
The Executive Branch Ethics Commission told Attorney General Andy Beshear that if he plans to run for governor in 2019, he should stop directly investigating Governor Matt Bevin.  The Commission said that if any investigations are needed, an outside investigator should handle it. The Democratic Attorney General seems to enjoy investigating this Republican governor. And many believe his con... Read more
Opioid Crisis July 26, 2017 by Staff
It's almost in the news daily: opioid overdoses across Kentucky. Opiods are supposed to be pain killers but our state is suffering because of widespread abuse. The governor just launched a campaign to raise awareness and stem the flow of drugs. But cutting off the drug supply will only provide a temporary fix.  It's only part of the equation, so we must look deeper and ask question... Read more
Calling Out News Media Bias July 25, 2017 by Staff
Kentucky Today called out liberal bias against conservatives in the news media. They go on to say " until now, there was nothing that [conservative politicians] could do about it. Social media has evened the playing field so that politicians can strike back. Journalists covering politics have been able to write what they want anytime they want about anyone they want without serious repercu... Read more
Unbalanced Journalism July 24, 2017 by Staff
A news story criticized  the governor's recent board appointment to the executive branch ethics commission. They didn't like that the appointee made a donation to his campaign. They also implied that since the commission is made up of a majority of his recent appointments, it won't be fair.  Truth is, previous governors appointed people who donated to their campaigns. It&#... Read more
Influencing the State and Our Interdependence July 21, 2017 by Staff
The Commonwealth Policy Center covers stories from all across Kentucky. Sometimes people ask why they should care about something that happens in another part of the state?   The answer is simple. What happens in one part of Kentucky affects all of Kentucky. For example, think of a student that graduates from high school in eastern Kentucky. After graduation, the student enrolls at UK... Read more
LGBT Intolerance July 20, 2017 by Staff
There's a lot of talk about tolerance these days. So what is it? Tolerance is simply accepting the right of others to hold their own opinions. It doesn't mean that you necessarily agree with them, but you don't try to hurt the other person either. In principle, tolerance is a good thing. But unfortunately, it has come to mean something like this: "if you don't agree with me... Read more
Sinking the Ark Encounter? July 19, 2017 by Staff
The Ark Encounter celebrated its first anniversary this month but critics complain its message and argue that it shouldn't get a tax break from the state. Last year a federal court ruled that Answers in Genesis, the group behind the park, is entitled to receive equal protection under the law. The court upheld their right to receive tax breaks. But the Ark Encounter continues to bother ... Read more
Kentucky at Epicenter of Healthcare Debate July 18, 2017 by Staff
Are you following what's going on in Kentucky when it comes to the healthcare debate?  Last week, Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont visited the Bluegrass to speak about healthcare. Kentucky Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul have been vocal as they're key players in the healthcare debate. Kentucky is facing a major budget shortfall.  And our n... Read more
State Rep. Wants to Scrap Religious Freedom Law July 17, 2017 by Staff
A state representative from Louisville is calling on the Kentucky legislature to repeal  a bill that California is protesting. The Kentucky General Assembly passed a law upholding religious freedom for public school students. The law affirms the First Amendment freedoms, but State. Rep. Attica Scott says Kentucky should repeal it in order to avoid economic retaliation from California. Trut... Read more
Accountability in the Government July 14, 2017 by Staff
The United States government has built-in accountability. We have three branches of government and each provide a system of checks and balances.  Ultimately we the people hold the greatest form of accountability to our government. We do this through elections.   But what happens when people don't vote and disengage from the process?  Politics can be frustrating but to gi... Read more
Handling Negative News July 13, 2017 by Staff
How do you handle bad news?  More specifically, how do you handle negative news?  According to a recent study at Harvard University in the first 100 days of Donald Trump's presidency, 80% of the stories in the mainstream media were negative.  Harvard professor Thomas Patterson says this sets a new standard for negative reporting. This means if you’re going to remain upb... Read more
Kentucky's Drug Problem at "Biblical Plague Proportions" July 12, 2017 by Staff
How bad is Kentucky's drug problem? Just ask Boyd County Sheriff Bobby Jack Woods. He says the drug problem in northeastern Kentucky has “reached past an epidemic to biblical plague proportions.”  And woods should know. In just a six day time period Boyd County has had 19 overdoses with four deaths.  Altogether, Boyd County has seen 173 overdoses this year. County offi... Read more
Kentucky Lottery CEO Hopes Kentuckians Lose More July 11, 2017 by Staff
The Kentucky Lottery has a new CEO. His name is Tom Delacenserie, and his goal is to grow the Kentucky Lottery to  $1 billion. This is another way of saying, he wants Kentuckians to lose more money. We should be asking if its good policy for the state to be involved in an industry that brings addiction to many and causes the majority of participants to lose money. For most of our history w... Read more
California Bans Travel to Kentucky July 10, 2017 by Staff
California recently added Kentucky to its travel ban. This is because California considers Kentucky's newly enacted Student Religious Freedom Act "discriminatory legislation" toward the homosexual community. It's ironic that California imposes a travel ban over gay rights. This is because they joined a lawsuit protesting Pres. Trump's travel ban targeting Islamic states&md... Read more
New Study Reveals Kentuckians Don't Trust Media July 7, 2017 by Brandon Porter
Did you know that Kentucky ranks as one of the highest states in mistrusting the media?  A recent survey released by Secretary of State Alison Grimes says Kentucky ranks 48th in citizen’s confidence in the media. At the recent Kentucky Bar Association meeting in Owensboro, Krystal Ball, a writer and journalist from Louisville says the media can be its own worst enemy, “2016... Read more
A Journalist Defines His Role July 6, 2017 by Brandon Porter
Sometimes answers to current problems can be found by looking to the past.  Bias, fake news, and an antagonistic spirit plague the modern American news media...known as the media elite. Journalists would be wise to look to the past for help. Walter Cronkite helped pioneer television news. He began as a reporter 1937, was recruited to CBS in 1950 and anchored of CBS Evening News from 19... Read more
A More Perfect Union July 5, 2017 by Brandon Porter
The U.S. Constitution pursues “a more perfect union”. On July 5, 1852, former slave Frederick Douglass spoke to an anti-slavery group in Rochester, New York.  “What, to the American slave, is your Fourth of July?  I answer: a day that reveals to him, more than all the other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim.&rdqu... Read more
Celebrating Freedom July 4, 2017 by Brandon Porter
Today is the nation’s birthday. The Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia in May 1776.  From that meeting, five men were chosen committee to draft a document that would declare the independence of a new nation. John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston and Thomas Jefferson were appointed...and Jefferson remembered, “(the committee) unanimousl... Read more
An Exclusive Interview with Thomas Jefferson July 3, 2017 by Brandon Porter
What would Thomas Jefferson say if he were on a TV interview show today? Jefferson is well known as the primary author of the Declaration of Independence. According to, Jefferson once told an interviewer, “I saw my job as trying to bring together and harmonize a variety of different opinions.  We are putting before all of mankind words that are both simple and firm... Read more
Good Citizenship and Public Discourse June 30, 2017 by Staff
Public discourse is breaking down today and it needs to be restored. We used to be able to dialogue and debate ideas without getting ugly. We can disagree on ideas. but  what we cannot disagree upon is that each person is valuable, that each person has inherent dignity, and that violence employed to settle a dispute is never justified. When we shoot each other with words meant to cripple w... Read more
Does Civility have a Chance? June 29, 2017 by Staff
Have you ever been made to feel like you're the enemy? Well, I recently experienced this firsthand after sharing my concerns with the Shelby County Human Rights Commission over a proposed LGBT ordinance. Another person responded and said that law enforcement was monitoring extremist groups that have moved into Shelby County. Then she looked at me and asked "Are you from Shelby County?&... Read more
Social Engineering in the Army June 28, 2017 by Staff
Members of the U.S. Army recently attended "transgender soldiers training," which prepared enlisted men and women to accept soldiers who are transitioning from one gender to another. Women were told that they should be prepared for biological men who identify as women to appear in their showers. Soldiers were told they should be prepared to accept the Army's new "policy on ma... Read more
Ky College Tuition Increases June 27, 2017 by Staff
Most of Kentucky's college-bound students are going to be shelling out more for tuition this year. That's because all but two of Kentucky's public universities increased tuition rates. This brings the average cost of a four-year degree in Kentucky to nearly $40,000. Now that's a lot of dough and an investment that many go into debt over.  But we should ask: is it worth is? ... Read more
U of L Basketball Sanctions Imposed June 26, 2017 by Staff
U of L basketball coach Rick Pitino was suspended for five games this season as punishment for the scandal involving his basketball recruits. One of Pitino's assistant's hired strippers and prostitutes to lure new recruits to play for U of L. Pitino also allowed ineligible players to play. As a result, the NCAA is reducing the number of basketball scholarships, vacating victories, and p... Read more
Judge Strikes Down Ky Ethics Law June 23, 2017 by Staff
Judicial activism happens on both sides aisle. Case in point was a recent ruling by a federal judge who struck down Kentucky's legislative ethics law. It prevented lobbyists from donating to a candidates campaign. In fact, they couldn't even buy them lunch. It was one of the strictest laws in the nation, and the result of a scandal where several legislators were caught taking bribes in ... Read more
Lawsuit Seeks to Legalize Medical Marijuana June 22, 2017 by Staff
Kentucky is being sued over its ban on medical marijuana. The plaintiffs claim that their privacy rights are being violated and that they should be free of what they say is the "arbitrary power” of the state over their “lives, liberty and property.” So far, 29 states allow pot to be used as medicine. Two things need to be said. First, the science must support their claim ... Read more
Play Depicting Trump as Caesar Stirs Controversy June 21, 2017 by Staff
The New York Public Theater is finding itself in hot water over its modernized version of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar." This play opened to the public last week and it depicts Pres. Donald Trump as Caesar. But instead of a Roman robe, he's wearing a suit and tie and is brutally stabbed by women and minorities. This was so offensive that major corporate sponsors Delta Airlines... Read more
U of L Foundation Audit Damaging June 20, 2017 by Staff
Remember when the U of L Foundation board was reorganized last year? They were accused of operating under a cloud of secrecy, making risky and questionable investments and giving lavish pay to administrators and coaches. Well, a recently released audit reported in the Louisville Courier-Journal confirms that. Now Attorney General Andy Beshear said he is looking into any criminal wrongdoing and ... Read more
DC Rocked by Shooting June 19, 2017 by Staff
Washington DC was rocked by a sniper attack on a group of Republicans practicing for an annual baseball game. Congressman Steve Scalise was wounded along with several others in the attack. How have we gotten to the point where political differences turn into violence? How does someone's frustration over policies end up in attempted murder against our leaders? This is unacceptable. And each ... Read more
South Central Ky Students Doing Good June 16, 2017 by Staff
Summer break may mean vacation and lazy days for most kids, but not for a group of students in South Central Kentucky.  More than 250 middle and high school students put their faith into action across Barren, Hart and Metcalfe counties during the first week of June.  They built handicapped ramps for the elderly, repaired and painted buildings in public parks, and encouraged residents ... Read more
Response to Gov. Bevin's Call for Prayer June 15, 2017 by Staff
Gov. Bevin recently called on pastors to engage their communities and address the issue of violence.  And his proposal caught much in the media by surprise. He told nearly 800 pastors who gathered at a public school in the West End of Louisville to pray and to engage their churches in their communities by having small groups walking and praying 2-3 times per week in parts of the city that ... Read more
Flag Day June 14, 2017 by Staff
It flies above our public buildings. School Children put their hands over their hearts and pledge allegiance to it. It's lowered at half-staff in honor of someone's death. I'm talking about the American Flag, that's because it's flag day today—the one day of the year when we honor the symbol of our great country. But its not just a piece of cloth with stars and stripes... Read more
Children Need both a Mom and a Dad June 13, 2017 by Richard Nelson
I recently debated two leading gay-rights activists over whether judges should be forced to place children in same-sex parented households. They believed that all that kids need are two adults who love them. Truth is, kids needed more than that—they need mothers and fathers. It takes a male and female to create that child, which is an indication that it takes both parents to raise that ch... Read more
June is Gay Pride Month June 12, 2017 by Staff
The White House announced that President Donald Trump will not declare the month of June to be “LGBT Pride Month.” This has angered activists in the homosexual and transgender community who've had a friend in the White House for eight-years.  One activist called the move "shameful." We should be asking questions: Are homosexuality and transgenderism something to c... Read more
Population Decline Grave Threat June 8, 2017 by Staff
You often hear academics say that overpopulation is a grave threat to the planet. But what about underpopulation? This is where developing nations stop having kids and then don't have enough people to maintain their economy and care for the elderly. Japan is a prime example of what happens when population declines.  According to Business Insider Japan has entered “a vicious cycle... Read more
Political Frustrations Turn Violent June 7, 2017 by Staff
Americans have been as frustrated as ever over our political condition. The frustration is now boiling over. A congressional candidate in Montana body-slammed a reporter after he was annoyed with a question. Now, there's a way to deal with frustrations from reporters, but body slamming isn't one of them. It's simply wrong. This should be obvious but if we hope to pass down a civil a... Read more
Free Speech Cut off by Courts June 6, 2017 by Staff
We value free speech, but its been under attack on college campuses. Now its under attack in our courts. The pro-life group—Center for Medical Progress released video of  abortionists discussing late-term abortions at the National Abortion Federation conventions. The conversations are so offensive they're not fit to reiterate on this program. But interestingly, a federal U.S. Dis... Read more
Crossing the Line June 5, 2017 by Staff
We're blessed with freedom of speech in this country, but there are some lines that shouldn't be crossed. Comedienne Kathy Griffin crossed that line when she did a skit holding a bloody  head of President Donald Trump. The backlash has led to an apology but unfortunately this case isn't isolated. The Univ. of Alaska Prof displayed a painting of Capt. America with Trump's se... Read more
Gov. Bevin Calls Ky Pastors to Address Violence June 2, 2017 by Staff
Gov. Matt Bevin met with pastors from across Kentucky to address violence on Thursday. This is in response to a 7-year old boy who was killed by random gunfire while he was enjoying a bedtime snack and playing a game on his iPad. Louisville is now on pace to break a record for homicides, with 49 killed so far this year. This senseless violence led to the governor meeting with Kentucky's pas... Read more
Where has Tolerance and Respect Gone? May 31, 2017 by Staff
Vice-president Mike Pence is one of the most gracious and thoughtful political leaders on the national stage. But several college graduates rudely turned their backs on Pence as he got up to deliver the keynote address at the Notre Dame commencement ceremony. He was also protested at Grove City College. So what's going on? We used to be able to sit down and listen to people we disagreed wit... Read more
Ideological Tyranny on College Campuses May 30, 2017 by Staff
Have you noticed what's going on at America's colleges and universities lately? Conservative speakers have been shunned, protested—even threatened with violence. College is supposed to be a place of tolerance, a place where the free exchange of ideas takes place. Instead they've become echo chambers of left-wing ideology. College is too often a place where sexual autonomy and ... Read more
Positive Economic News for Kentucky May 24, 2017 by Staff
When it comes to the economy, things are looking much brighter in the Bluegrass State. Valvoline just cut the ribbon on a new $35 million dollar global headquarters in Lexington. Apple announced a $200 million investment in a Harrodsburg glass factory that makes the scratch resistant covers for their smart phones.  This good news comes on the heels of a recent announcement of a $1.3 billio... Read more
Grounding Conscience Rights May 23, 2017 by Staff
There's been a lot of talk about rights of conscience lately. A T-shirt maker in Lexington and Judge in Glasgow have appealed to their rights of conscience in a couple of high-profile cases. It's easy to get lost in legalese and lose sight of the fact that the right of conscience must be anchored in an absolute. Otherwise, any kind of outlandish behavior could be justified by claiming &... Read more
Are Needle-exchanges the Answer? May 22, 2017 by Staff
Kentucky has 32 needle exchange programs where dirty needles used by drug addicts are swapped out for clean ones. The legislature authorized this program in 2015, which allows local health departments to create needle exchanges to prevent the spread of Hepatitis C and HIV. But  Kentucky is divided on whether publicly-funded needle exchanges are a good idea. A recent poll by the Foundation ... Read more
Life Span Decreasing for Some May 18, 2017 by Staff
A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that life spans are decreasing for some Americans. In fact, there's a gap between counties with the longest life spans and counties with the shortest. It's a 20 year difference. People in communities that are well-off and better educated live longer and people in communities that are poorer and less educated ... Read more
Gov. Bevin Appoints Adoption Czar May 16, 2017 by Staff
Gov. Matt Bevin is committed to reforming Kentucky's foster care system and his appointment of Dan Dumas as Kentucky's Adoption and Foster Care Czar is a downpayment on that commitment. Dumas is an administrator at Southern Seminary and said that he "is resolved to making our adoption and foster care system faster, safer, more affordable and more accessible." This is fantastic... Read more
Drugs, Recreation and the Church May 12, 2017 by Richard Nelson
Last week, two major headlines landed on Kentucky newspapers and their contrast couldn't have been more stark. One story announced that Kentucky's tourism industry had a fantastic year in 2016 with a $14.5 billion impact that generated more than $1.5 billion in tax revenue. The other headline wasn't as pleasant. It involved the seizure of $1.5 million in heroin in a small Wester... Read more
The Disease of Being Busy May 11, 2017 by Staff
In a column called The Disease of Being Busy, writer Amid Safi asks "What happened to a world in which we can sit with the people we love so much and have slow conversations about the state of our heart and soul, conversations that slowly unfold, conversations with pregnant pauses and silences that we are in no rush to fill?" The answer is because we're much too busy these days. W... Read more
Fairness Campaign Rallies Against Nance May 10, 2017 by Staff
Judge Mitchell Nance is back in the news. He's the family court judge in Glasgow who has recused himself in cases regarding the placement of children into the custody of homosexual parents. Nance said that “as a matter of conscience” and “under no circumstance” would “the best interest of the child be promoted by the adoption by a practicing homosexual." N... Read more
Who Missed the Big News in Ky? May 8, 2017 by Staff
Have you heard the big news out of Eastern Kentucky? Brady Industries announced a  $1.3 billion aluminum mill in Ashland that's going to create 550 permanent jobs with an average salary of $38 an hour. It's fantastic news! Yet if you were a subscriber to the Louisville Courier-Journal, you may have missed it. That's because Kentucky's biggest newspaper failed to cover the s... Read more
Kentucky Derby May 5, 2017 by Staff
Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby where the fastest horses in the world will run at Churchill Downs in Louisville. The Derby is much more than just horses. It's the fanfare, the crazy hats, pre-race parties, festivities, celebrities, and international figures who will be in attendance. Of course, there's also going to be gambling. And lots of it. Last year $138 million was bet on the bigge... Read more
Communism for Kids? May 4, 2017 by Staff
There are some things that should be promoted to our children and other things that should not. The latest children's book released by MIT Press, is one of things in the latter category. It's called “Communism for Kids” and it dresses communism up to be something that it is not. The preface says the book “proposes a different kind of communism, one that is true to its ... Read more
Humans for Sale? April 30, 2017 by Staff
It's unthinkable that children should be bought and sold in a civilized society, Yet consider these words from Deborah Spar at Fortune: "There’s something funny about the U.S. market for eggs. No, not the kind that spring from chickens and go into making pancakes, but those that come from humans and go into making babies." Stop for a moment and let that sink in… .&nbs... Read more
Wombs for Rent April 27, 2017 by Staff
A startling headline in World Magazine said Wombs for Rent. The story goes on to report about San Francisco's fourth annual “Surrogacy Conference and Expo.” It sounds like fodder for a science fiction novel. But its not. Surrogacy is when a woman bears a child genetically unrelated to her. In other words, she's renting out her womb. And she stands make big bucks. Typically, ... Read more
What's Going in Our Universities? April 26, 2017 by Staff
It's no secret that universities often undermine conservative ideals.  Many are now becoming openly hostile to conservative leaders. A group of psychology professors recently met at Yale University and alleged that President Trump is mentally ill. The problem here is that it violates their own rule which forbids them from psychoanalyzing people they have't personally evaluated. A p... Read more
Kentucky Settles with Newspapers April 24, 2017 by Staff
The state of Kentucky has an open records law which means that the records of state agencies are available to the public. Unfortunately, the state doesn't always comply, especially when records might reveal neglectful for illegal behavior. Such was the case last week when the state of Kentucky agreed to pay the Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald-Leader nearly $700,000 for viola... Read more
Churches Benefit Society April 21, 2017 by Staff
A few days ago the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case over whether churches should be eligible to participate in government grant programs for neutral projects. Some have argued that since churches don't pay taxes, they shouldn't receive any benefits from the state. If that's true, why do fire and rescue squads answer calls to churches and religious organizations in n... Read more
O'Reilly Ousted at Fox April 20, 2017 by Staff
One of the top conservative TV commentators in the country is no longer on the air. Yesterday, Fox News fired Bill O’Reilly who hosted the most popular cable commentary program—The O'Reilly Factor. O'Reilly was ousted after a long pattern of sexual harassment was revealed. Five women settled with O'Reilly for a combined $13 million. This revelation led to 50 advertisers ... Read more
EMW Stays Open by Court Order April 17, 2017 by Staff
The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services recently found EMW Women's Surgical Center in Louisville to be out of compliance with state law regulating abortion clinics. The breech could have resulted in the closure of Kentucky's last remaining abortion clinic but U.S. District Judge Greg Stivers issued a preliminary injunction to keep EMW open. He cited due process concerns and ... Read more
Chicago Sues Over Sanctuary City Crackdowna April 17, 2017 by Staff
Chicago calls itself a sanctuary city. This means they're allowing illegal immigrants to live and work there without repercussions but now the federal government is clamping down. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is demanding all cities that have illegal aliens in jail to tell federal immigration officials and to give them 48 hours notice before releasing them. Its a reasonable request, ... Read more
Making Sense of a Post-truth World April 12, 2017 by Richard Nelson
Wheaties was a staple breakfast food in my childhood and between spoonfuls of the stuff that was supposed to make me strong I remember the box staring back at me of Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner ready to spring the javelin. It was the breakfast of champions and of course what eight-year boy old didn't aspire to be a world champion athlete? Jenner, now goes by Caitlyn Jenner and rev... Read more
Physician Prescribed Suicide April 10, 2017 by Dr. Doug Snow
There is mounting pressure in our nation to promote what is called death with dignity. The predominate argument is that persons facing terminal illness shouldn’t have to suffer with pain but rather should have the right to end their life on their terms providing end of life comfort. Advocates argue that individuals have the right to control when and how we die and the state has no right t... Read more
Using Your Hands to Work April 7, 2017 by Staff
A pastor was once told that he hasn't worked a day in his life and responded by saying "There are a lot of hard working activities these hands have never done, but they have taken a lifeless baby from the arms of a broken mother. They have taken a gun out of the hand of a man about to end his life. They have taken a bottle from an individual who was drinking their life away. They have ... Read more
2017 General Assembly Session Recap April 4, 2017 by Staff
2017 Session Recap Bills that passed: HB 2 Ultrasound Law. Requires abortionist to provide ultrasound of the unborn child to woman seeking an abortion. Passed House 83-12 (1-5-17). Passed Senate 32-5 (1-7-17). Signed into law by Gov. Bevin on 1-7-17. Vote record here. SB 5 Late-term Abortion Ban. Bans abortions after 20 weeks. Passed Senate 30-6 (1-6-17).  Passed House 63-2... Read more
On the Brink of Incivility March 30, 2017 by Staff
One thing that differentiate's the U.S. from much of the world is that it settles its policy disagreements at the ballot box instead of with guns and bombs. We pride ourselves in our civility, but civility is wearing thin as opponents of President Trump are calling for violence.  In a new video rapper Snoop Dog aims a handgun at a clown dressed as President Donald Trump.  At the M... Read more
What Undergirds Western Civilization? March 29, 2017 by Staff
We sometimes take for granted what it is that undergirds our society. In trying to discover what makes the West so successful a Chinese sociologist said this: “We studied everything we could from the historical, political, economic, and cultural perspective. At first, we thought it was because you had more powerful guns than we had. Then we thought it was because you had the best politica... Read more
LGBTQ Coordinator at MSU? March 27, 2017 by Staff
A recent email from the LGBT Coordinator at Murray State staffer said: "Hello Safe Zone allies!  Gaypril (Gay April) is going to be a fun month. We have a lot of activities lining up, including a game night, gender-inclusive sex ed, discussions on gender roles and LGBTQ+ in the media, LGBTQ-friendly religious services, and more." The letter goes on to promote  movie Nig... Read more
Charter Schools Come to KY March 25, 2017 by Staff
Kentucky became the 44th state to permit charter schools. These are public school that avoid much of the bureaucracy that bogs down teachers into minutia and mires students into endless tests.  Some focus on Science Technology Engineering or Math (STEM) while others might focus on language, arts, or college preparation. In inner city areas they are closing the achievement gap and are some ... Read more
Is Big Brother Listening In? March 22, 2017 by Staff
The latest technology and smart gadgets are designed to make life easier, but according to the latest Wikileaks, they also make it easier for the government or big business to spy on us. Leaked CIA documents reveal that smart tv's connected to the internet can be used to eavesdrop inside ones home. Smart phones can do the same with internal cameras activated from the outside to record priva... Read more
Summit to Save Our Children March 20, 2017 by Staff
At the Summit to Save Our Children, Gov. Matt Bevin said, “we will not only be known for horses and basketball. But now Kentucky will lead the nation in taking care of the needs of the most vulnerable children we have.” Bevin is making it a priority to find homes for over 8,000 children in the state's foster care system. This isn't just theoretical for Gov. Bevin. He and his... Read more
$10 Billion Wagered on March Madness March 18, 2017 by Staff
Do you have your college basketball bracket filled out? Millions of Americans do, hoping to win the office pool during March Madness. For some, it's big money. According to the American Gaming Association and reported by ESPN an estimated $10 billion dollars will be wagered on the NCAA tournament this month. That's a lot of dough. Now, we love our basketball in Kentucky, and have produc... Read more
Louisville Police Program Under Investigation March 17, 2017 by Staff
A disturbing report in the Louisville Courier Journal has rocked the Louisville police department. A young man in the police's Youth Explorer program was raped by officers over a two year time period. Mayor Greg Fischer said "The allegations represent an appalling betrayal of trust and abuse of power, and threaten a program that has helped so many young men and women interested in beco... Read more
Kim Davis Doesn't Have to Pay Legal Fees March 13, 2017 by Staff
Kim Davis is back in the news. Remember her? She's the county clerk from Eastern Kentucky who refused to put her signature on a gay marriage license.  A federal judge ruled that Davis doesn't have to pay the legal fees of the couple that sued her. In fact, they were seeking $233,000 in legal fees. Gay couples came from all across the county tried to force Davis to issue them a lice... Read more
KY Legislature Defunds Planned Parenthood March 10, 2017 by Staff
The Kentucky State House voted last week to defund state tax dollars from going to Planned Parenthood. By the tone of the debate and the way Planned Parenthood defenders postured, you'd think the vote would have been close. But it wasn't. It was a lopsided 75 state House members voting to defund PP and only 13 voted to keep state funds going to the nation's largest abortion provider... Read more
"Fairness" Ordinance Stalls in Bowling Green March 8, 2017 by Richard Nelson
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Bowling Green Fairness Ordinance Stalls Date: March 8, 2017 Contact: Richard Nelson (270) 271-2713   Bowling Green, KY—  Last night, the Bowling Green City Commission rejected an ordinance that would elevate sexual orientation and gender identity into the city’s nondiscrimination code. During a work session open to the public, the Bowling G... Read more
Sen. Stivers Calls on LHL to Retract Story March 7, 2017 by Staff
At what point does journalism cease being journalism and become something else? That's the question alluded to on the Kentucky Senate Floor by Senate President Robert Stivers. Senator Stivers was so outraged with a Lexington Herald-Leader news story for misreporting and misrepresentation of the truth that he called them out on the Senate floor to retract the story. The usually calm mannered... Read more
Space X Plans Launch of Humans to Moon March 6, 2017 by Staff
Remember the opening lines of the original Star Trek where William Shatner says "Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. … to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before." That was 1966. Today, a company called Space X is making that a reality. It announced that next year ... Read more
Religious Freedom Bills in General Assembly March 4, 2017 by Staff
The Kentucky legislature has considered a number of bills dealing with religion and religious freedom. One bill would allow the teaching of the Bible as an elective course in public schools. Another protects the religious freedom rights of public schools students. Yet on the other side, another bill would restrict religious freedom of pastors by requiring them to be licensed by the state if the... Read more
Fantasy Sports Gambling Expansion? March 2, 2017 by Staff
Two bills in the Kentucky General Assembly would authorize gambling on fantasy sports. Advocates say that it's already happening and regulation is needed in order to provide oversight and keep minors from gambling activity. This might be true, but the bigger question is whether more gambling is a good and healthy thing. Should society welcome more gambling? There are many things that are ha... Read more
Transgender Girl Wins Texas State Wrestling Tournament March 1, 2017 by Staff
When Mack Beggs won the the Texas state girl's wrestling championship it created a controversy. The 17-year was born female, but she is "transitioning" into a male. So Beggs is taking hormone replacement therapy. Critics say this gives her an unfair advantage over girls who do not take testosterone—girls who would have been disqualified for taking the drug for any other reas... Read more
Berkely Protests Undermine Speech February 28, 2017 by Staff
The UC Berkely College Republicans recently invited a controversial speaker on campus and this sparked protest. Students responded by rioting. Fires were set, windows were broken and molotov cocktails were thrown, causing thousands of dollars in damage. The irony is that UC Berkely is the birth of the free speech movement where students in the 1960's defied rules that prevented them from se... Read more
Trumps Speech to Congress February 28, 2017 by Staff
Pres. Donald Trump addressed a joint session of Congress in what analysts on both sides of the political spectrum say was his best speech since becoming president. Interestingly, Pres. Trump mentioned Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin for his work to replace the Affordable Care Act. After the president's speech, former Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear delivered the democrat response. Perhaps Kentucky is ... Read more
Subsidiarity February 26, 2017 by Staff
Last week, I attended a legislative reception in Frankfort where Dr. Al Mohler, president of Southern Seminary encouraged our state leaders to do the things that lead to human flourishing, by promoting justice, righteousness and mercy. He also talked about the principle of subsidiarity. It's a big word, but it's simply "an organizing principle that matters ought to be handled by th... Read more
Blue Lives Matter February 24, 2017 by Staff
A bill that would increase penalties for violent targeting of first responders and law enforcement officers passed the state House last week by a wide margin, but not before a disruptive protest in the House gallery. The bill was dubbed "Blue Lives Matter." It's a response to the brutal targeting of police officers across the country. State Rep. Robert Benvenuti said "The mes... Read more
Intolerance of the Left February 23, 2017 by Staff
Last week National Public Radio had a fascinating interview with Chadwick Moore, a writer for Out Magazine—a gay and lesbian publication. Moore wrote a story on Milo Yiannopolous an openly gay man and provocative writer and speaker whose ideas are, let's just say, a poster child for political incorrectness. But this was too much for those on the political left. A petition condemning h... Read more
CPC Bill Tracking February 22, 2017 by Staff
The 2017 General Assembly session is at the half-way mark. Here are several Bills CPC is tracking: 2nd Amendment SB 7 would drop requirement to take class for concealed carry HB 101 would allow local governments to limit sales of arms and ammo Planned Parenthood SB 8 prohibits state and local funds from being used… to an entity, organization, or individual that provides ab... Read more
Big Media's Credibility Deficit February 21, 2017 by Richard Nelson
Kentuckians' trust in institutional media may be at an all-time low.  According to Secretary of State Alison Grime's Kentucky Civic Health Index released in January, less than half of Kentuckians trust the media. Even more surprising is an Emerson College Poll that found more Americans believe the Trump administration is more trustworthy than the news media by 49-39 percent. So why... Read more
President's Day February 20, 2017 by Staff
Today is President's Day and if you're a public employee, you can thank George Washington, the father of our country for what we celebrate. He was "first in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen." Henry Lee, Washington's friend eulogized Washington and said 'that he was second to none in humble and enduring scenes of private life. Pious, just, h... Read more
News Coverage on Rallies Unbalanced February 16, 2017 by Staff
There have been many rallies in the Capitol since the 2017 Kentucky General Assembly began. Union members protested the right to work bill. Parents rallied for school choice options. There was even an abortion rights rally.  You can find several news reports about each of these events if you did an online search. But if you tried to find anything about the pro-life rally that took place in... Read more
Will HB 149 Defund PP and Churches? February 14, 2017 by Staff
A headline in last week's Louisville Courier-Journals said "Bill targets Planned Parenthood, maybe churches." The journalist was referring to HB 149, which would bar any state tax dollars going to groups involved with abortion. The bill also bars funds going to groups that do abortion referrals. This alarmed Rev. Derek Penwell of Douglass Boulevard Christian Church in Louisville. ... Read more
Boy Scouts Gender Confusion February 13, 2017 by Staff
Just days ago, the Boy Scouts welcomed the first transgender boy into their ranks. Nine-year-old Joe Maldonado of Seacaucus, New Jersey joined Pack 20 in Maplewood.  All this within weeks of announcing a policy change that allows transgender children to join. By doing so, the scouts are participating in wholesale rejection of biological reality and undermining social realities—namely... Read more
What holds us together? February 9, 2017 by Staff
We live in an age of division and divisiveness. Racial tensions remain high and political tensions even higher. Demonstrators took to the streets and airports to protest the executive order that temporarily banned immigrants from nations that harbor terrorists. Now, a battle is brewing over Donald Trump's cabinet picks and Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.  Politics is a tough arena,... Read more
Governor's Prayer Breakfast February 8, 2017 by Staff
Governor Matt Bevin held the Kentucky Governor's annual prayer breakfast in Frankfort this morning. Close to 1000 pastors, businessmen and civic leaders gathered from across the state to hear an inspiring message and to pray for our government. But it wouldn't have happened if Gov. Bevin listed to the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Last year, they urged him to cancel the event. They ... Read more
Baby Girl Born with Three Parents February 2, 2017 by Staff
In early January, a mother in Ukraine gave birth to a baby girl with DNA from three parents—yes you hear that correctly. The young girl has DNA from three parents—two women and one man. This was done by a process known as s modern mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT). And its done purportedly to prevent genetic abnormalities. Arina Grossu, of the Family Research Council’s s... Read more
The House and Senate Find Evidence Planned Parenthood Sold Baby Body Parts February 1, 2017 by Brandon Porter
Investigative committees in the United States Senate and House have returned reports concerning the summer 2015 undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress and allegations that Planned Parenthood sold baby body parts.  The results reveal the grisly activity by Planned Parenthood and accusations that laws have been broken.  The reports total more than 500 pages. Here&rsquo... Read more
Trump's Exec Order January 31, 2017 by Staff
There's much confusion about Pres. Trump's Exec Order halting immigrants from nations associated known as refuge for terrorists.  Here's what the order does; It temporarily bans citizens from these nations to enter the U. S.  It suspends the refugee program for four months and caps the number of refugees this year at 50,000. It also prioritizes refugee status for persecute... Read more
March for Life and Fair Reporting January 27, 2017 by Staff
The U.S. Press Corps recently sent a letter to Donald Trump and admitted that the public mistrusts them and they intend "to regain that trust." If they are serious about this, they will provide just as fair coverage to conservative causes as they do liberal ones. This Saturday, we'll see how fair the media plans to be when the annual March for Life comes to Washington. The event u... Read more
Is Woman's March Biggest News? January 25, 2017 by Staff
The Women's March on Washington dominated news cycles, but in the pursuit of a story that seemed most important to big media, they neglected some major news. In his last hours of his presidency, Barack Obama transferred $221 million to the Palestinian Authority. Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Trans Pacific Partnership. A policy that prohibits federal funds for groups involved with ... Read more
Legislator Pensions Finally Revealed January 23, 2017 by Staff
Thanks to a new law recently signed by Gov. Bevin, Kentuckians can finally find out how much their state legislators will receive in public pensions. It was kept secret by House members who refused to divulge their pensions to the public. That might be one reason Democrats lost control of the Kentucky House in November. Legislature first approved pensions for themselves in 1980. Then in 2005, t... Read more
Someone Has to Pay January 23, 2017 by Brandon Porter
Recently I heard a young lady describe a whirlwind season in her life.  She met a young man and a relationship began.  Their relationship moved quickly and they came together in what she described as a night of love and passion.  The next few weeks of the story take a different turn as she discovered the young man was controlling and abusive.  A few weeks later she decided t... Read more
Assisted Suicide and Organ Harvesting January 19, 2017 by Staff
Assisted suicide was legalized in Canada last June. And since then it has claimed the lives of 744 people. Now some bioethicists are pushing to allow the harvesting of organs from patients who seek physician-assisted suicide. This move is alarming when you consider that undue pressure may be placed on people to prematurely take their lives in order for someone else to benefit from their organs.... Read more
More Conversation Please January 16, 2017 by Staff
One way to bridge the partisan divide is to engage in more conversations with those you disagree with. Not arguments. Not rants. But conversations. This is where mature individuals dialogue and discuss ideas that they may not agree with. And in case you were wondering, verbal daggers coupled with condescension and belittling aren't found in conversations. Also, texters should put down their... Read more
News Coverage on Rallies Unbalanced January 16, 2017 by Staff
There have been many rallies in the Capitol since the 2017 Kentucky General Assembly began. Union members protested the right to work bill. Parents rallied for school choice options. There was even an abortion rights rally.  You can find several news reports about each of these events if you did an online search. But if you tried to find anything about the pro-life rally that took place in... Read more
Trust is needed in our government January 13, 2017 by Staff
In order for a democratic republic to effectively work, it takes trust and lots of it. Voters must trust election results. They also must trust that elected officials will act honorably and obey laws that apply to them once in office. Unfortunately, trust in our state government is at a low. Last week an employee in Andy Beshear's office was fired for lying in court settings. The same week,... Read more
Can the Attorney General Pick and Choose Which Laws to Defend? January 12, 2017 by Staff
Attorney General Andy Beshear created a controversy last week when he publicly refused to defend a duly enacted law by the legislature. SB 5 bans late-term abortions after 20 weeks and passed with over 80 percent of the vote. It's based on science that tells us that babies feel pain at that age. Abortion of course, is horribly painful. Beshear disagrees and called the law unconstitutional. ... Read more
Opposition to Ultrasound Law Unreasonable January 10, 2017 by Staff
The newly enacted ultrasound law requires abortionists to provide an ultrasound picture of the unborn child at least 24-hours before an abortion. It took 12 years to pass such a law and opponents are still decrying the law as a burden to women seeking an abortion. They are essentially arguing that women are better off with less medical information when making one of the most important decisions... Read more
Ultrasound Law Challenged in Court January 9, 2017 by Staff
It's been a momentous time in Kentucky's Capitol in Frankfort. Seven bills became law in a week when very little is usually accomplished. Rallies were held. Testimonies heard and opposition to the bills ensued. In fact, one group was so upset by the passage of one bill that less than 48 hours after it was signed into law, they sued. The bill was over requiring abortionists to provide&nb... Read more
Testimony on HB 2 Ultrasound Bill January 6, 2017 by Richard Nelson
Good afternoon. My name is Richard Nelson, executive director of the Commonwealth Policy Center, a Kentucky-based nonprofit public policy group. I appreciate the opportunity to testify in favor of HB 2—the Ultrasound Bill. CPC favors HB 2 because it is empowering to women. It provides pregnant mothers contemplating abortion with all of the latest technology and information availabl... Read more
Testimony on SB 5 Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act January 4, 2017 by Richard Nelson
Good afternoon. My name is Richard Nelson, executive director of the Commonwealth Policy Center. I'm testifying on behalf of SB5—the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. I'll make my remarks very brief.  I do have handouts that provide further information. We are in favor of this legislation because it is humane legislation based on good science. Medical experts t... Read more
A few resolutions January 1, 2017 by Staff
Political commentators and celebrities are bidding good riddance to 2016 largely because of the ideological divide and politics that separates the nation.  It's a singular way to gauge a year, as if politics is the measure of all things. Coming off a holiday season celebrating with family is a reminder that there are more important things in life. Since it's the season of resol... Read more
Another U of L Scandal December 27, 2016 by Staff
When it comes to sports, its fair to say that all sides want a level playing field. So when its discovered that when one team's playbook comes into the hands of their opponents, the playing field is no longer level. In fact there is a breech. This is what the Wake Forest football team discovered when one if its former assistants shared the playbook with U of L coach Lonnie Galloway. U of L ... Read more
Christmas Letdown December 26, 2016 by Staff
Christmas is in the books, and after all the anticipation, the gift-giving, the feasting and family gatherings, do you ever get that feeling of disappointment? That feeling that there should be something more? Of course, in this case, there is something more. And that something is Jesus  Christ—the Messiah, God's son who came to save us from our sins.  Isaiah 9:6  says ... Read more
The Heart of Christmas December 24, 2016 by Staff
A few last-minute shoppers can be found at the mall, Christmas music floods the radio while we rush between office parties and family gatherings. The food, friends and festivities are great, but in the midst of our busyness, it's easy to get carried away and miss the real meaning of Christmas.  We sometimes forget that at the heart of Christmas is Christ—the babe born in a manger... Read more
Year in Review December 23, 2016 by Staff
2016 has been a momentous year. Eight years of authoritarian and far-left ideology under Pres. Barack Obama imposed upon the American people led to a backlash at the polls and a presidential election that took the nation by surprise with Donald Trump winning. Kentucky Republicans also won big as they picked up 17 seats in the state House. They now have a supermajority of 64-36. Racial tension r... Read more
KY Kids Count Data Book December 22, 2016 by Staff
Kentucky children are unfortunately first in the nation when it comes to having a parent in jail. This is one of the findings recently released in the 2016 Kentucky KIDS COUNT data book. Kentucky Youth Advocates compiled the report and one of the biggest if not overlooked findings regards family structure. The report found that nearly one of every three children live in single parent homes. Thi... Read more
False Political Ads are Costly December 21, 2016 by Staff
There's a mistaken belief that politicians can say whatever they want without any consequences—especially when it comes to spreading falsehoods about their opponent. This was recently underscored when a jury in Eastern Kentucky found a former Democratic state senator guilty for knowingly airing a false TV ad in 2014.  At issue was a TV commercial alleging Republican senate challe... Read more
Drugged Driving in Northern Kentucky December 20, 2016 by Staff
You've heard of driving under the influence, well in Northern Kentucky, they have a problem with "drugged driving," which is the latest fallout from the heroin epidemic.  Since October 1, Kenton County prosecuted 38 drivers for felonies because they were operating vehicles while high on heroin or other opioids. State Sen. John Schickel, who represents part of Northern Kentuck... Read more
AUL Report on Abortion Clinic Abuse December 18, 2016 by Staff
The pro-life organization, Americans United for Life released a ground-breaking investigative report about just how unsafe abortion clinics are to women's health. Their investigative report is called Unsafe: How The Public Health Crisis in America's Abortion Clinics Endangers Women and they detail, in their own words "horrific abortion clinic conditions." In the last eight yea... Read more
Tolerance Must be a Two Way Street December 15, 2016 by Staff
There's much talk about tolerance these days, but those who advocate tolerance are often unwilling to be tolerant of others, especially when it comes to another's perspective. Nick Kristof, a self-identified liberal writer at the NY Times criticizes the intolerance of liberals on the majority of college campuses. His piece, entitled, The Dangers of Echo Chambers on Campus warns "We... Read more
America's Abortion Rate Continues to Decline December 12, 2016 by Staff
Just when we need it, there's good news from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding one of the hottest social issues of our day: The numbers of abortions are declining. According to their latest report 664,435 abortions were reported to CDC in 2013. And there has been a 46 percent drop in girls aged 15-19 who've had an abortion. Some will claim credit this is due... Read more
Gaine's Story a Loss for Media Credibility December 10, 2016 by Staff
Chip and Joanna Gaines are the hosts of the popular cable show Fixer Upper but now they're in hot water because they refused to divulge to a probing reporter their personal beliefs on same-sex relationships. As a result, the "reporter" dug up old sermons delivered by their pastor and reported his views. This is a non story about a celebrity couple's non views. The danger here ... Read more
Taking Free Speech for Granted December 8, 2016 by Staff
One of the greatest gifts we enjoy in this nation is the freedom of speech and association which are both protected by the First Amendment. This means that we can speak in public about religion and political ideas. We can also choose our associations. In other words, the government cannot force us to associate with a group or event that tviolates our conscience. Somehow, officials in Minnesota ... Read more
A Call for Respect and Civility in the Media December 6, 2016 by Richard Nelson
In the time of year when elections come to an end and average citizens suddenly grow tired of the bickering and vulgarization of discourse, a new idea comes along that undermines partisan provocateurs bent on belittling and maligning their opposition. The idea is that civilization flourishes when public discourse is accompanied by respect and charity—both sorely lacking in the post-electi... Read more
President's Cabinet Picks December 5, 2016 by Staff
Elaine Chao was recently appointed to serve as the Secretary of Transportation in the Trump administration. This is good for Kentucky and the nation.  Chao is Sen. Mitch McConnell's wife and formerly served as Secretary of Labor under George W. Bush. Joining Chao in the president's cabinet is Dr. Ben Carson who will serve as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Betsy DeVos, ... Read more
Why is Castro Praised? December 2, 2016 by Staff
Fidel Castro is dead. And surprisingly, many sang his praises. President Jimmy Carter said he "[he] fondly remembered his visits with [Castro] and his love of his country." Con. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland), said “We [should] mourn his loss…. [and she] was very sad for the Cuban people. He led a revolution in Cuba that led to social improvements for his people.” Truth is... Read more
The Divisiveness of Identity Politics November 30, 2016 by Staff
Martin Luther King, Jr., famously prophesied a time in America when his children would “be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” King’s dream foresaw a new era of civil rights for African-Americans, but it also hinted at a fundamental cultural transformation, one in which people were thought of foremost as responsible moral agents, not ... Read more
Atheist requests IM God Plate November 29, 2016 by Staff
A Northern Kentucky man is suing the state of Kentucky for refusing to issue a license plate that says "IM GOD." Bennie L. Hart of Kenton County is an atheist who says he's spreading his religious view that it's impossible to disprove anyone's claim to being "God." Which reminds me of the man who visited a psychiatric ward and asked a patient what his name was. H... Read more
Should UK become Sanctuary Campus? November 28, 2016 by Staff
Should universities become sanctuaries for people who cannot prove their citizenship? A group of University of Kentucky students think so. This is the latest activist movement on college campuses. More than 1500 signatures were gathered from students who want Kentucky's flagship university to provide shelter for undocumented students from being deported. The petition was prompted in... Read more
Medicaid Used for Sex-changes? November 26, 2016 by Staff
A Minnesota judge recently struck down a state law that prohibited the use of taxpayer dollars to fund gender reassignment surgery. The judge said citizens have a fundamental right to change their sexual anatomy through surgery and declared the statute unconstitutional. If the ruling is upheld, this means that Medicare can be used for sex-change operations. But we should ask, is this good polic... Read more
Giving Thanks November 23, 2016 by Staff
Could you imagine taking a trip that lasted much longer than it was supposed to, in uncomfortable seats and when you arrived at your destination, you had no place to stay? That's the story of the Pilgrims and their voyage on the Mayflower nearly 400 years ago. They came to this new world seeking freedom of religion but it came at a great price. They suffered with sickness and exposure and n... Read more
Protests November 22, 2016 by Staff
Donald Trump’s victory sparked protests in major cities with chants of “Not My President” and “Love Trumps Hate.” Some of the protest has gotten vile; one sign photographed at an organized protest read, “Rape Melania.” This kind of mindless anger has become symptomatic of how American culture often responds to politics. If democracy means anything, it m... Read more
Cry-in at Cornell November 17, 2016 by Staff
Last week, Cornell University students held a cry-in event on campus in response to the election results. So what happens at a cry-in? According to their Facebook page, attendees were encouraged to wear black and hold each other and cry. The Cornell Daily Sun, said "Over 50 students gathered in a circle to tell stories and support each other. [They] were given blankets, tissues and hot cho... Read more
Election Protests November 15, 2016 by Staff
The aftermath of the 2016 presidential election has been fascinating, but it has not always been pleasant. As media outlets scramble to comprehend Donald Trump’s victory, several parts of America have been submerged in anger and unrest at the president-elect. Throes of protesters have taken to the streets in recent days, chanting things like “Not My President” and “Love ... Read more
America is a Gift November 14, 2016 by Staff
The other day I had a chance to speak to a group of home school students about the presidential election and citizen participation in our government. I explained that what we have here in this nation is a gift—in fact a great gift. We have freedom of speech and the right to assemble. We can worship our Creator and live according to our conscience; We can use our gifts and talents to creat... Read more
Election Recap November 10, 2016 by Staff
On Tuesday, American voters waged a quiet revolution at the ballot box and took back the idea of government by the consent of the governed. Pollsters and media pundits were off target and Donald Trump was elected our 45th president against the odds. Here's a recap: Republicans will control the U.S. House and Senate; A majority of state legislatures and here in Kentucky for the first time in... Read more
We Get What We Want in Political Ads November 7, 2016 by Brandon Porter
The political ads are everywhere as election day approaches.  Ever wonder why the ads are the way they are?  One political scientist says the advertisers are giving the audience what they want. Dr. Stephen Voss, a professor at the University of Kentucky, says, “If the audience had a taste for reasonable, fact-based, productive discourse then that’s what would sell or g... Read more
Election Eve Analysis of State House Races November 7, 2016 by Richard Nelson
Democrats dominate the Kentucky state House by a 53-47 margin—an chamber they've held for 95 straight years. This makes Kentucky the last remaining state House in the South controlled by Democrats. That could all change tomorrow if the voter anger we've seen translates into action. Here's a brief analysis of several races in play. Two members of the House switched from Dem... Read more
Presidential Ads Make Me Blush November 5, 2016 by Brandon Porter
The ads for male enhancement products used to leave adults blushing during televised sports.  If you saw the political commercials during the World Series you know the game has changed.  The Cubs and the Indians were desperate to win, but not as desperate as the two leading presidential candidates. Campaign ads from both candidates featured language that will get you grounded at o... Read more
What is a Conservative? November 4, 2016 by Staff
Ever wonder what it means to be a conservative? If you believe the caricature of their opponents, they are miserly and greedy—kind of like a miserable Ebenezer Scrooge who thinks only of himself and measures success by the size of his bank account. But that's not accurate. In fact, the idea of conservatism is more than just financial dealings. Conservatism is based on the idea tha... Read more
Another Perspective on Making America Great November 3, 2016 by Brandon Porter
Donald Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” is like a song you can’t get out of your head.  The more you try, the more places you hear it.  I wonder, though, if the slogan is accomplishing its intended goals?  On a recent radio show in Russellville, KY, I heard a woman call in to bemoan how awful America is.  She didn’t have any specific fa... Read more
SCOTUS Takes up Gender Identity November 2, 2016 by Staff
Can a public school forbid a female from using the boys’ restroom? That may sound like a common sense question, but in 2017 it will be an issue in front of the Supreme Court. The Court recently agreed to hear the case of a transgender boy, born female, who sued a Virginia school district after she was denied access to the boys locker room and restroom. Until deciding to hear this case, th... Read more
Politics Scarier than Halloween October 31, 2016 by Staff
Today is October 31 otherwise known as Halloween—a day of when kids traditionally don masks and go door to door trick or treating. But what might be scarier than a goblin at your doorstep is the political season filled with high pitched rhetoric that has invaded your home.  Accusations and charges between candidates are flying faster than a witch on her broom and the vitriol brewing ... Read more
Hillary's Dishonesty October 28, 2016 by Staff
Hillary Clinton may not have faced an indictment from the FBI over using an unsecured emails. But that doesn’t mean she's escaped public controversy. Recently the whistleblower site Wikileaks released hundreds of emails from Secretary Clinton's campaign. Several emails discuss questionable strategies. One detailed her speech to major Wall Street donors where she said it was necess... Read more
Wikileaks Troubling for Clinton October 26, 2016 by Staff
Hillary Clinton may not have faced an indictment from the FBI over her unsecured emails. But that doesn’t mean she has escaped public controversy. Over the past couple weeks, the whistleblower site Wikileaks has released hundreds of emails from Secretary Clinton, her campaign, and her office. Many of these emails discuss in detail the strategies of Clinton’s political team, as well ... Read more
Murray State University Will Cover Sex-Change Surgeries October 24, 2016 by Staff
Murray State will become the first Kentucky university to provide insurance coverage for sex-change operations. The school recently announced that beginning on Jan. 1, 2017 their insurance policies will cover gender transition therapy and surgeries—actually they call it gender affirmation surgery. Faculty and staff will be provided with this new benefit which university officials say is m... Read more
Obamacare Implosion October 22, 2016 by Staff
There are many changes happening in the health insurance industry: premiums are increasing, options are decreasing and health insurance providers are pulling out of many markets. Some say that Obamacare is imploding. If this is the case, the seeds of its destruction were planted inside the thousands of pages of what was then called the Affordable Care Act which radically changed America's h... Read more
Students Kneel at Sporting Event October 20, 2016 by Staff
The headline of the Kentucky New Era said: Kneeling students won't be punished. No, these students weren't praying. They kneeled during the national anthem at a recent sporting event in Todd County —purportedly to protest injustice. Many parents complained and demanded the students be reprimanded.. but Todd County Superintendent Wayne Benningfield told the paper that schools acros... Read more
Planned Parenthood Celebrates 100 Years, October 18, 2016 by Staff
Last weekend, Planned Parenthood and its allies celebrated the organization’s 100th birthday. President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other abortion defenders publicly praised Planned Parenthood for its work and commemorated its milestone. For pro-choice Americans, Planned Parenthood has offered a century of autonomy and “reproductive freedom.” Yet for millions of other Amer... Read more
Pastors must speak to politics October 17, 2016 by Staff
Should pastors get political? That's a question many are asking. When it comes to speaking to moral and social issues from a biblical perspective, it's a pastors duty. It's unreasonable to expect ministers to piece together lives of shattered people who've made poor moral choices and expect those same ministers to be silent about the dangers of making such poor choices in the fi... Read more
Reviving Public Discourse October 15, 2016 by Staff
The presidential debate represents a coarsened public discourse that has been going on for years. Much of today's political dialogue involves painting the opposition as anti-American as possible.  People with sincerely held beliefs are casually dismissed as “bigots,” while immigrants and others are often talked about in dehumanizing language. The loss of mutual respect in A... Read more
The Demise of Civil Discourse October 13, 2016 by Staff
John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were  famously opposed to each other in their political views. Adams found Jefferson’s radicalism dangerous; Jefferson believed Adams’ federalism tended toward tyranny. But despite their differences, the second and third presidents maintained a rich friendship and correspondence, one that has been treasured by American historians for centuries. ... Read more
Another Guilty Plea October 12, 2016 by Staff
A longtime Democratic operative pled guilty to a kickback scandal last week. Political consultant Larry O’Bryan confessed that he acted as the middleman in an illegal scheme with Tim Longmeyer,  Governor Beshear's former Personnel Cabinet Secretary.  O’Bryan admitted that he funneled payoffs between Longmeyer and a Lexington consulting company. This was done in return ... Read more
Ky Constitution on Religious Freedom October 11, 2016 by Staff
Kentucky has some of the strongest laws in the country protecting religious freedom. Article 5 in Kentucky's Bill of Rights prohibits any preferential treatment of one religion over another. The Constitution restricts the state from favoring any creed or mode of worship. It also prohibits the state from compelling anyone to attend a particular place of worship or use tax dollars to fund rel... Read more
Frankfort's New Fiscal Watchdog October 10, 2016 by Staff
You know the common campaign slogan about cutting "waste, fraud and abuse"? Well, there's a new auditor in Frankfort who's been following through with that promise. State Auditor Mike Harmon released his audit of the Department of Criminal Justice Training and the Kentucky Law Enforcement Foundation Program Fund. It shows excessive and questionable spending and contracts with ... Read more
RPK asks Candidate to Drop Out October 8, 2016 by Staff
So what is a political party to do when one of their candidates posts racist and derogatory comments on social media sites? They ask them to drop out of the race. Such is the case with Republican candidate Dan Johnson who is running for Kentucky's 49th House seat. Johnson posted photos on Facebook that likened President Barack Obama and the first lady as monkeys. In one he's draped in a... Read more
AP Charges Bevin with Politicizing Pastors October 6, 2016 by Richard Nelson
The two topics to avoid in polite company are religion and politics. At least that's what we're told. So when the AP got a hold of a leaked video of Gov. Bevin speaking to a group of pastors and encouraging them to boldly speak to the social issues of the day and not fear losing their tax-exempt status, they saw a story. AP reported the governor "urged a group of preachers to embra... Read more
Dictatorship of Relativism October 5, 2016 by Staff
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger  warned prior to becoming Pope Benedict, “we are moving toward a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything as for certain and .. has as its highest goal one’s own ego and one’s own desires.” This dictatorship of relativism landed a heavy blow to  Aaron and Melissa Klein—bakery owners in Oregon who lost the... Read more
KY Court Overrules Bevin's Cuts to Universities October 3, 2016 by Staff
The Kentucky State Supreme Court ruled that  Gov. Matt Bevin didn't have the authority to make unilateral cuts to Kentucky Universities.  The high court overturned a lower court ruling that ruled in his favor. There are four other lawsuits involving the governor: His dissolution of the U of L Board; the removal of the chairman of the Kentucky retirement system; one involving a com... Read more
Baby Born with DNA from 3 Parents September 30, 2016 by Staff
A team of American scientists reported the birth of a child with the DNA from three biological parents. This is a world first, but controversy is surrounding the news. Scientists intended to produce a healthy child for a mother who had a rare genetic abnormality, so they performed what is called a ‘spindle nuclear transfer’,  They removed the nucleus from the mother's egg a... Read more
University of Kentucky: Coca-Cola Not a Local Food Product September 27, 2016 by Staff
The University of Kentucky just announced that Coke is no longer considered "local food" in its cafeterias. Now it doesn't take a graduate student to figure that out. Of course, UK has been fighting bigger battles, like the the abrupt departure of an entomology professor accused of sexual misconduct. James Harwood avoided disciplinary action and was given paid leave for six months... Read more
NFL and Right to Protest September 22, 2016 by Staff
The NFL season is in full swing and the discussion revolves around players who are sitting down during the national anthem. The protest is over racial injustice and several TV and radio personalities are coming to the players defense. Of course, every American, including NFL players have a right to protest the national anthem. But the offended have a right to not watch a game. Such protest is p... Read more
U.S. Navy's War on Gender September 21, 2016 by Staff
The American military is famous for its intense and effective training, training that emphasizes respect, honor, and courage. But under the Obama administration, US armed forces have begun to train in a new area: Gender re-education. In a message addressed to the entire US Navy, one of the corps’ highest ranking officials announced a new regimen of trainings that focuses on gender identit... Read more
Churches' Religious Freedom Threatened September 20, 2016 by Staff
A governmental agency in Massachusetts said that churches “open to the public” must allow crossdressers to use restrooms of the opposite sex.  You heard that correctly. Crossdressing men in Massachusetts can lawfully enter women restrooms in any church….This isn't isolated either. In Iowa, the Civil Rights Commission ordered a church to censor their teaching on human... Read more
NCAA Pulls Tournaments from NC September 19, 2016 by Staff
The NCAA announced they are pulling college tournaments out of North Carolina because of their position on transgender bathrooms.  The Atlantic Coast Conference followed suit and is pulling post-season events, including the football championship game, from the Tarheel state. In a statement, the ACC Council of Presidents said they are "reaffirm[ing] our collective commitment to uphol... Read more
NFL Protest and Conscience September 15, 2016 by Staff
When the NFL’s regular season opened in 2016, perhaps the most talked about fact was going on off the field, on the sideline. 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick made headlines when he was filmed sitting down, separated from his teammates, during the national anthem at a 49ers preseason game. When Kaepernick explained to media later that his action was a protest against racial injustices, ... Read more
Phyllis Schlafly: How to Treat Your Political Enemies September 13, 2016 by Staff
Conservative political activist, Phyllis Schlafly passed away last week after battling cancer. She's credited with making the GOP a pro-life party and defeating the controversial Equal Rights Amendment. Unfortunately, her political enemies are pummeling the deceased on social media. Entertainment Weekly writer Anthony Breznican said Schlafly had “squandered” her entire life. Jeb... Read more
ACLU's Definition of Bullying September 12, 2016 by Staff
An ACLU action alert is urging people to STOP STATE LEADERS FROM BULLYING TRANSGENDER YOUTH. Now nobody is for bullying, or they shouldn't be. But how does the ACLU define it? In their eyes, its anyone who is opposed to transgendered students using bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex. The action alert further said "It’s starting to feel like anti-LGBT politicians are w... Read more
Transparency on Decline in AG's office September 9, 2016 by Staff
Kentuckians expect their government to be transparent and that their dealings are open to the public. So when the most knowledgeable lawyer regarding Kentucky's open records law abruptly resigned from the attorney general's office, it raised eyebrows. Assistant Attorney General Amye Bensenhaver left her post “under considerable duress” after she was publicly "reprimande... Read more
Where Have all the (Working Men) Gone? September 7, 2016 by Staff
Where are America’s men? Recent data suggests somewhere they’re likely not—the workplace. In a recent column for AEI, Nicholas Eberstadt reports on the US’s troubling unemployment figures for men, especially young men. Over the past decade, millions of young males have seemingly dropped out of the laborforce, with a high percentage having given up on finding full time wo... Read more
Lt Gov. Entrepreneurial Competition September 6, 2016 by Staff
Ever wonder what sets America apart from much of the world? That's a question Lt Gov. Jenean Hampton has asked others.. and her life story is a hint to the answer. Hampton was born in inner-city Detroit, and along with her three sisters was raised by a single mom who demonstrated the value of hard work and thrift. Even though she grew up poor, Hampton had big dreams, realizing she was bless... Read more
Heroin Epidemic Continues September 3, 2016 by Staff
The latest news about heroin isn't good, of course most news about illicit drug epidemics is rarely ever good.  Last week, Kentucky and several surrounding states saw a spike in overdoses. Within days, police arrested a Cincinnati man believed to be the source of at least 12 heroin overdoses in Kentucky and may be linked to as many as 170 in Cincinnati. Now, public health officials in ... Read more
Court Rules Judges Can Mention Party Affiliation September 1, 2016 by Staff
Judges run for election in Kentucky but they've been so highly restricted from saying anything meaningful that voters hardly know why they should vote for them. Even for a judge to mention their party affiliation was considered improper. That's no longer the case since the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that judges running for office are free to name their political party and p... Read more
Vote-buying in Eastern KY August 31, 2016 by Staff
The Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting recently reported that vote-buying still continues in many Eastern Kentucky counties. The report came out shortly after a federal court conviction finding three people guilty of conspiring to buy votes in Magoffin County in 2014. In Clay County, a former judge and school superintendent were involved in a racketeering conspiracy to control election... Read more
KY Supreme Court Keeps Abortion Business Closed August 30, 2016 by Staff
The Kentucky Supreme Court handed down a ruling last week that effectively keeps the doors closed on Lexington's only remaining abortion clinic. When the Cabinet for Families and Children inspected EMW Women's clinic earlier this year, they found unsanitary conditions. They also found it was unlicensed. The Cabinet filed suit to stop the business from performing abortions until it met s... Read more
Yarmuth Protests Farm Bureau's Wholesome Policies August 26, 2016 by Staff
The Kentucky Farm Bureau hosts a breakfast at the Kentucky state fair every year where country Ham is served up along with other local farm products. Dignitaries speak and attendees meet, greet and mingle at this popular event provided by Kentucky's largest insurer. Despite the festive atmosphere, Congressman John Yarmuth of Louisville isn't happy. Instead of purchasing a table, as he&#... Read more
Thinking of Not Voting? August 23, 2016 by Richard Nelson
Some say they simply will not vote this election. Nominees of the two major political parties are unacceptable in their eyes and as a matter of protest, they just won't vote. If you're in that category, please allow me to persuade you to rethink that position. For starters, let's set aside the presidential race. Consider that there are many other offices up for election: U.S. Senate... Read more
Naloxone Available at Kroger August 20, 2016 by Staff
Next time you go to your local Kroger pharmacy, you'll find a drug available that wasn't there last week. It's called Naloxone and used to reverse heroin overdoses. What makes this interesting is that its now available without a prescription.  Last year over 1200 Kentuckians overdosed—about 1/3rd were from heroin last. That's nearly three people per day. Whatever can ... Read more
Signs of Obamacare Cracking August 18, 2016 by Staff
Last week Humana announced that it is pulling out of several states after posting a billion dollars in losses. UnitedHealthcare, and Aetna, also announced major losses and that they are scaling back from Obamacare next year. All of this spells trouble for health care reforms that were supposed to make health insurance widely available and more affordable. Many families have seen exactly the opp... Read more
Church Stabbing August 17, 2016 by Staff
Church is supposed to be a place of peace and safety but  that wasn't the case for a church in Bowling Green after a son stabbed his father with a knife at the end of the service. Fortunately, the father appears to be recovering. The son, who said he was moved by the message, is being held in jail on a $500,000 bond. But what are churchgoers to think of such things? For starters, evil ... Read more
The Limits of Speech August 15, 2016 by Staff
Is there a limit to free speech?  In a day of mass shootings and terror threats any speech viewed as possibly inciting violence is under close scrutiny. James Evans, a Muhlenberg County man found this out the hard way. In 2014, he posted violent song lyrics about a school shooting on his Facebook page and this left local school officials feel threatened. The song was called "Class Dis... Read more
Politicizing the Pulpit August 12, 2016 by Staff
According to a survey by the Pew Center, nearly 1 in 10 church attendees recently heard pastors endorse or criticize a political candidate—something that is technically against the law. Nearly 1/3 of  black protestant church members heard their pastor support Hillary Clinton but this isn't just happening in black churches. White protestant churches are also challenging rigid IRS ... Read more
NIH Opens Door to Animal/Human Chimeras August 10, 2016 by Staff
The National Institutes of Health just announced that it's lifting the funding ban on research that allows the mixing of animal DNA with human DNA. Scientists say it will better help develop therapies to treat human disease. and that it could eventually lead to animals growing human organs for transplant purposes. Science has become a tremendous tool to alleviate suffering and make our live... Read more
Illinois' Anti-Conscience Law August 8, 2016 by Staff
Could you imagine a law forcing a Jewish deli owner to tell his customers about the benefits of eating pork and then referring them to a non kosher butcher? Sounds ridiculous but a new law in Illinois does something even worse. It forces doctors, nurses and other medical professionals with pro-life convictions to become abortion advocates.. and requires them to refer patients to centers like Pl... Read more
ACLU Sues Bevin Over Social Media Policy August 8, 2016 by Staff
The ACLU of Kentucky is suing Gov. Bevin over his social media policy. They're angry that Gov. Bevin has blocked users from his news feeds. ACLU attorney William Sharp said, “The First Amendment does not allow the government to exclude speakers from a public forum because it disagrees with their viewpoint.” This of course raises the question of whether a politician's social ... Read more
VP Biden Officiates Gay Marriage Ceremony August 4, 2016 by Staff
On Monday, Vice President Joe Biden officiated a homosexual wedding ceremony of two White House staffers. What's interesting is that Biden considers himself a catholic and yet openly flouts the teaching of his church. Biden's done a similar thing with the issue of abortion— claiming he's personally against it while supporting it politically.  How is this possible? We'... Read more
More on U of L Board Debacle August 3, 2016 by Staff
The chaos in Frankfort over the University of Louisville has to be one of the more exasperating political spectacles we’ve seen in Kentucky over the last few years. Earlier this year, Governor Matt Bevin dissolved a trustee board at UofL that was mired in controversy and internal strife. University president James Ramsay offered his resignation and received a generous financial agreement ... Read more
Lawsuits over School Bathrooms August 2, 2016 by Staff
Remember the letter the U.S. Department of Education sent to public schools saying children have right to determine their own gender? Well, now its led to lawsuits by transgender students who feel they've been discriminated against. A 16-year-old Wisconsin student born a girl, who now identifies as a boy is suing her High School. She says the district has denied her access to boys' rest... Read more
Drugs Dominate the News August 2, 2016 by Staff
If there's one issue that's in the news nearly every day, it has to be illicit drugs. Drug overdoses, drug related crimes, and drug busts fill the pages of our newspapers nearly every day. Why is this? It reveals a crisis of emptiness and brokenness. Empty in that people fill themselves with something they believe will help them. Broken in that drugs numb the pain where there is hurt. A... Read more
U of L Ramsey Resigns August 1, 2016 by Staff
Last Wednesday, University of Louisville President James Ramsey resigned. Several scandals under his watch, including millions of dollars embezzled by employees, misspent federal dollars, jailed professors and the latest—strippers used to lure recruits to the U of L basketball program led to his ouster. Nonetheless, Ramsey will receive  $690,000 in a severance package from the univer... Read more
Missionaries of Secularism Target Trigg County Judge July 28, 2016 by Richard Nelson
A far Western Kentucky judge landed himself in hot water earlier this month when the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) threatened a lawsuit over his refusal to perform a secular wedding. Trigg County Judge Executive Hollis Alexander was asked to perform nuptials for a Tennessee couple with an unusual request: they insisted the ceremony have no reference to God, someone Alexander believ... Read more
Russia on Brink of Olympic Ban July 26, 2016 by Staff
Russia faces a possible ban from this year’s Olympics after a World Anti-Doping Agency report found evidence of a state-sponsored performance-enhancing drugs program. While it may be tempting to dismiss cheating in sports as a less important moral failure, we shouldn’t look at it that way. Russia’s state-sponsored doping program is more than “gaining an advantage.”... Read more
DNC Platform July 25, 2016 by Richard Nelson
Today is the first day of the Democratic National Convention where Hillary Clinton will be confirmed as the party's candidate for president. Part of the convention is to approve the party platform and the 2016 Democratic Party platform is unlike anything your grandparents Democratic Party ever imagined. It includes provisions which allows taxpayer funding of abortion; Supports Planned Paren... Read more
Compromising the Rule of Law July 23, 2016 by Staff
There's been much talk about the rule of law lately. Part of this idea is that nobody is above the law. However, an outcry ensued when FBI Director James Comey announced earlier this month that he is not pursuing charges against Hillary Clinton for violating federal law and compromising national security. House Speaker Paul Ryan said "it appears damage is being done to the rule of law.... Read more
Doping by Russian's Bears Heavy Cost July 20, 2016 by Staff
As the world gets ready to watch the summer Olympics in Rio, one country’s path to the games has become controversial. Russia faces a possible ban from this year’s Olympics after a World Anti-Doping Agency report found evidence of a state-sponsored performance-enhancing drugs (PED) program. The Agency recommended to the International Olympic Committee that Russia be barred entirely ... Read more
The Rule of Law and Racial Reconciliation July 19, 2016 by Richard Nelson
The latest murder of three Baton Rouge police officers has rattled our already fragile sense of safety and reminds us—as if we needed reminding—that we live in an age of hatred, a hatred that fuels terror and ends in murder. And the nearly daily dish of bad news leaves many of us asking how we arrived at such a place. There are many paths that lead to such destruction. In this ... Read more
RNC Kicks Off in Cleveland July 18, 2016 by Staff
Today, Republicans from across the country will meet in Cleveland as the 2016 Republican National Convention begins. Nearly 5000 delegates and alternate delegates will attend from all 50 states and it looks very possibly to be a contentious week with protests both inside and outside the convention hall. Donald Trump—the presumed nominee, is the point of controversy—perhaps not so mu... Read more
Schools Warned Against Ark Park July 13, 2016 by Staff
The Ark Park opened in Northern Kentucky last week and seems to be a hit with everyone. Everyone that is, except the militant atheist group called the Freedom From Religion Foundation. They're apparently intimidated by the life-size replica of Noah's Ark and the possibility that public schools in the region might decide to take their students to see it on a field trip. Freedom From Reli... Read more
Reflections on Racial Tensions, Violence, and Reconciliation July 11, 2016 by Staff
The week of July 4, 2016 will go down in American history as a somber and tragic week. It started with the deaths of two African-American men, who lost their lives in videotaped encounters with police. The deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille were widely publicized on social media and on the news, and triggered yet another national unrest about policing and race. While the country was... Read more
All Suffer from Racial Divide July 9, 2016 by Staff
Two black men—Alton Sterling and Philando Castille — were murdered by police in Minnesota and Louisiana. In response to the outrage, a sniper attack in Dallas took the lives of five officers. Our country has been rattled… Numb and in disbelief.  Suspicion and division has fueled a racism that has led to this and we're learning a painful lesson that when injustice is ... Read more
A Nation in Decline July 6, 2016 by Staff
In the wake of gun violence, politicians are calling for more gun control, but will more restrictions really make anyone safer? Dare I say that our problem is not primarily with guns, but it is one of the human heart? Our nation is in moral freefall and if there was ever any doubt consider that: 50% of first time births are out of wedlock, 1 of 3 women will have had an abortion by age 45; 40% o... Read more
On Civility and Tolerance from a Gay Attorney June 29, 2016 by Richard Nelson
Here is an interesting response to my recent column on Orlando and the Politics of Vilification. This is from a Louisville attorney who identifies as gay and supports the idea of civility and tolerance. Quite frankly, I didn't expect this, and was moved to reprint it here in this blog. He gave us permission to use it and for his sake we chose not to print his name. "I wanted to... Read more
Gay Marriage One year Anniversary June 27, 2016 by Staff
Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court's ruling which legalized same-sex marriage.  Before it was legalized, it was "live and let live." and we were asked "How would someone's gay marriage affect your straight marriage?" Well, now we're finding out. The hard way. Business owners who cater to the wedding industry have been forced to parti... Read more
Dueling Lawsuits June 24, 2016 by Richard Nelson
Gov. Bevin's first six months in office have been marked by lawsuit after lawsuit. First it was Attorney General Andy Beshear who sued over budget cuts to Kentucky Universities. Then it was House Speaker Greg Stumbo who sued over the Governor's vetoes, then the governor drew another lawsuit over reorganizing the boards of workers compensation and state pension system. Now the University... Read more
Does Disagreement Equal Hate? June 21, 2016 by Staff
Does disagreement equal hate? According to the New York Times, it just might. In an editorial published 3 days after almost 50 people were murdered at a gay nightclub in Orlando, the Times argued that Republicans and other conservatives who disagreed with same-sex marriage and gender ideology were partially responsible. The editorial blasted opponents of same-sex marriage for helping to create ... Read more
Drug Overdose Deaths Up in KY June 18, 2016 by Staff
The number of drug overdose deaths in Kentucky reached a new record high in 2015. According to the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy, a total of 1,248 people died of drug overdoses. And the number is likely to climb due to incomplete reporting. One reason for the spike is due to a new drug called Fentanyl —which is the same one that claimed the life of rock star Prince. Fentanyl is a... Read more
Orlando and the Politics of Blame June 16, 2016 by Richard Nelson
Less than 24-hours after one of the worst mass shootings in our nation's history, political opportunists fired up rhetoric that grated our already raw emotions. "If only there were better gun control laws." "If only less anti-gay rhetoric."  "If only full acceptance of the LGBT community…".  First responders were still working the scene and fac... Read more
Me Before You June 15, 2016 by Staff
The film “Me About You” has been doing well with audiences at the box office. Even though its a well told story, its underlying worldview is troubling. The hero of “Me Before You” is a handsome, wealthy young man who falls in love with a young girl and wants to be with her, but instead decides to order his own assisted suicide to end his life in a wheelchair. The film po... Read more
Ali Laid to Rest June 10, 2016 by Staff
One of Kentucky’s most iconic figures was laid to rest today. Muhammad Ali, a Louisville native, was widely considered one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century and arguably the most gifted heavyweight champion of all time. But he wasn’t just known for his boxing feats. He was an outspoken voice on issues of politics and race. He famously refused to go to war in Vietnam and b... Read more
Questionable Use of Tax $$ at UK June 9, 2016 by Staff
Ever wonder what your tax dollars are supporting at our universities? Much of it is good but some of it is undoubtedly questionable and sometimes downright offensive. At the University of Kentucky, some of it goes to gay political activism. The college Office of LGBTQ Resources is an official university office that works for promotion and advocacy for gay, bisexual, and transgender issues relat... Read more
Language Police in NYC
 June 4, 2016 by Staff
You'd better watch what you say in New York City because if you're a business or landlord and say the wrong thing or more specifically—use the wrong pronoun, it could cost you. A lot. The NYC Commission on Human Rights recently updated its discrimination code which protects gender identity and expression and can penalize businesses that do not address customers by their “pre... Read more
Asbury and University of the Cumberlands Seek Exemptions June 2, 2016 by Staff
In the wake of the federal government’s imposition of radical transgender policies, some Kentucky schools are taking steps to protect themselves. Asbury University and the University of the Cumberlands are two schools that have requested exemptions from the rules. These exemptions would allow both universities to receive federal funding for student aid while continuing to hold onto long s... Read more
Memorial Day Controversy in Georgia May 30, 2016 by Staff
Happy Memorial Day! It's a day to honor the men and women who've made great sacrifice so that we might live in freedom. It's a time of commemoration and appreciation but unfortunately, for a small city in Georgia it turned into controversy when the mayor recognized their war dead with crosses. Hiram Mayor Teresa Philyaw, set up 79 crosses  on public property to recognize the 79... Read more
Millenials Living at Home May 28, 2016 by Staff
A recent report by the Pew Research Center finds that more millennials are living at home than in any other living arrangement. Nearly 1/3 of 18-34 year olds today are still living with their parents. The main reason is that they're not getting married like they used to. In 1962, nearly 2/3rds of 18- to 34-year-olds were living independently with a spouse in their own household, and on... Read more
Jim Craig's True Heroics May 27, 2016 by Staff
Do you believe in miracles? Those were the words of sports announcer Al Michaels when he was calling the last seconds of the US hockey team's unlikely victory over the Soviet Union in the 1980 winter Olympics. It was a generation-defining moment and symbolic for our nation which was mired in a cold war with the Soviets. Now, beloved US goalie from that famed team—Jim Craig, is back in... Read more
More on Transgender Craze May 22, 2016 by Staff
Just when you think you've heard the last word on the transgender craze, another bombshell comes out of Washington. This time its from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services which now considers gender identity protected by law under the 1964 Civil Rights Act. HHS released the final rule for the Affordable Care Act's Section 1557 which requires all healthcare providers receivin... Read more
Drafting Girls into Military Nixed May 18, 2016 by Staff
What if your daughter received a notice from the federal government on her 18th birthday that she must sign up to make herself available to the draft? Well, that's no longer a hypothetical as a measure in Congress was narrowly defeated to prevent that reality, at least for now.  A provision in the defense authorization bill that would have essentially required women to be subject to th... Read more
Is GOP Abandoning Social Issues? May 16, 2016 by Rick Hardison
The GOP once was a three-legged stool that stood on principles of limited government, a strong national defense and socially conservative values. Now that Donald Trump is likely the nominee of the Republican Party, socially conservative issues have officially left the conversation. Pro-life, pro-family and pro-conscience issues have moved from the back burner to the trash can. There is ... Read more
Department of Education Transgender Mandate May 14, 2016 by Richard Nelson
America's education establishment left the world of objective reality on Friday, when the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) politicized public school bathrooms and sided with biological revisionists by demanding that public school students be allowed to use lockers and restrooms regardless of their biological gender at birth. Instead of coming to grips with biology, sociology and confusion... Read more
PRESS RELEASE: Department of Education Declares War on Biology May 13, 2016 by Richard Nelson
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Department of Education Declares War on Biology DATE: May 13, 2016 CONTACT: Richard Nelson PHONE: (270) 271-2713 On Friday, the U.S. Department of Education sent a letter to every public school in the nation notifying them they must open their restrooms and locker rooms to children whose self-determined gender identity doesn't match their biological gender.... Read more
America's Identity Crisis May 10, 2016 by Richard Nelson
Do you remember the famous line in the Wizard of Oz when a bewildered Dorothy gets her bearings after her airborne house comes to rest? She says to her dog "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more?"  Well, that's how many who've been swept into the North Carolina bathroom policy debate are feeling. Last week, the Obama administration threatened to withho... Read more
More Idle Today than Ever April 28, 2016 by Staff
In 1961, 81% of working age men in this country were employed in the workforce. In 2012, that number dropped to less than 63%— nearly a 20 percent decrease. While a tough economy can be partly to blame, many of those unemployed have simply given up on looking for work or furthering their education. Just as troubling is that many government policies have removed incentives for the able-bod... Read more
Christian Medical and Dental Association Statement on Transgender Identity April 21, 2016 by Staff
Transgender Identification Ethics Statement CMDA affirms the historic and enduring Christian understanding of humankind as having been created male and female. CMDA has concerns about recent usage of the term “gender” to emphasize an identity other than one’s biological sex, that is, a sense of self based on subjective feelings or desires of identifying more strongly with... Read more
Of Transgender Men and Dragons: Is Truth Relative? April 13, 2016 by Richard Nelson
According to a survey by George Barna several years ago, most Americans reject the idea of absolute truth. Nearly two-thirds of respondents believed that “truth is based on feelings and “relative to the person and their situation.” Ok, the survey is a bit dated, but if anything, too many Americans have demonstrated by their words and actions they actually believe this. A recen... Read more
KY Senate Rock Solid on Foundations April 8, 2016 by Richard Nelson
Exactly 941 bills were introduced in the state legislature during the 2016 session but none were as important as those protecting life and religious liberty championed by the state Senate. The Senate passed five bills elevating and protecting the sanctity of human life. They also passed three bills protecting conscience rights and religious liberty. Unfortunately all but one of the eight bills ... Read more
Atheists Mount Billboard Campaign Against Ark Encounter March 31, 2016 by Richard Nelson
A group of atheists is so riled up by the Ark Park in Northern Kentucky that they've started a billboard campaign to discourage people from visiting.  Tri-State Freethinkers spokesman Tony Arnold said the theme park is "a genocide park that celebrates the destruction of humankind, minus whoever was on the ark."  Of course that's what parents are thinking: "Johnn... Read more
Participate in My Gay Wedding or Else March 22, 2016 by Richard Nelson
Last week's Kentucky New Era (KNE) editorial "Don't give business prejudice a loophole" sounds good at first blush, after all who supports prejudicial business practices? But after one better understands the issue, the headline doesn't pass muster. It was in fact inaccurate and misleading. The editorial claims the bill would "legalize discrimination against gay and le... Read more
CPC Honors Lt. Gov. Hampton with Award March 13, 2016 by Staff
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Commonwealth Policy Center Honors Lt. Gov. Hampton with Award DATE: March 13, 2016 CONTACT: Richard Nelson PHONE: (270) 271-2713 Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton visited Western Kentucky on Saturday and received an award from the Commonwealth Policy Center (CPC).  The first ever Friend of the Commonwealth Award, presented at a candidate training event in Christi... Read more
The Unprotected March 3, 2016 by Staff
Peggy Noonan, the noted political analyst, wrote a powerful article in the Wall Street Journal on February 25, 2016.  She described two groups, the protected and the unprotected.  The protected make public policy.  The unprotected have to live by it.  The protected are dependent on wealth for their protection while ... Read more
Open Letter to Kentucky Churches March 1, 2016 by Richard Nelson
To: Kentucky Pastors From: Richard Nelson Re: Open Letter to the Church March 1, 2016 Several states have weighed in on the U.S. Presidential Primaries. Now it's Kentucky's turn. The Republican Caucus is this Saturday, March 5 and the Democratic Primary is on Tuesday, May 17.   The question to Kentucky's Christians is whether the Christian faith is of any public ... Read more
Another Trump Controversy February 29, 2016 by Staff
Over the weekend Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the GOP nomination, feigned ignorance about white supremacy and its connection to his campaign. In an interview with Jake Tapper of CNN he refused—multiple times—to denounce any individuals or movements associated with the KKK or white supremacy. This caused a firestorm of controversy that has allowed the various facets of the me... Read more
Spirit of Scalia February 22, 2016 by Staff
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia lies in repose in Washington DC this morning. One of the longest standing justices to even sit on the bench passed away last Saturday. Scalia stood as a towering figure of conservatism in the last 30 years. Yet barely an hour passed before the wonderful tributes to Scalia’s legacy turned to rancorous political speak about who President Obama would nomi... Read more
Will More $$ for Eastern Kentucky Help? February 13, 2016 by Staff
U.S. Congressman Hal Rogers is pushing for $1 billion dollars for Eastern Kentucky which has been hurt particularly hard by the closure of several coal mines in recent years.  The money would come from the federal abandoned mine land fund and could be used for job training, reclamation and other projects. While there might be some legitimate and worthy projects, Eastern Kentucky's pove... Read more
What to Look for in a Candidate February 6, 2016 by Staff
With the Iowa caucuses behind us, the election season is in full swing. While many of us have been following the candidates, polls, and everything in between, most of the country is only now tuning in to find out who they might vote for this November. They are—hopefully—taking the time to size up each candidate seeking to become the next resident of 1600 Pennsylvania AvenueThey are ... Read more
The Face of the Pro-Life Movement January 22, 2016 by Richard Nelson
The week started out with many commemorating the work of Dr.  Martin Luther King Jr.  Today, people will march in our nation's capital to uphold human dignity of a different kind. While King was the face of the civil rights movement, it is unlikely the pro-life movement will ever have a single representative  but if they do, it will likely be the face of the anonymous woman w... Read more
Trump and down ticket elections January 20, 2016 by Staff
In the New York Times today, Peter Wehner wrote a fascinating article laying out why he could never vote for Donald Trump. Highlighting the rancor, narcissism and overall vindictive rhetoric of Mr. Trump, Wehner paints an image of a candidate that he could not in good conscience cast his vote for the Presidency. Whether or not one agrees with Wehner, a potential implication of this position mig... Read more
Don't bet on the lottery to bring riches January 15, 2016 by Staff
"How could we have been so lucky? I can't believe how blessed we've been.” Steve and Carolyn West had won $300 million dollars in the lottery. Like all lottery winners, their life was changed the moment those lucky numbers were called. For some this meant a relief from their debts, poverty, and the like. For others it has meant turmoil, troubles, and the loss of anonymity. Fo... Read more
Powerball relief January 14, 2016 by Ivan Zabilka
Whew!!!  Its over and three someones won and will share $1.6 billion.  Of the $530 million each will receive. Federal and state taxes will take 40-50% of it leaving $260 million for each of the three.  The rest of us can get back to work and watch something else on the news. The troubles have just begun for the winners.&n... Read more
Power Ball Frenzy January 11, 2016 by Staff
This morning the Powerball grand prize stands at $1.3 BILLION, the largest in history, and more than the budget of several of the smaller countries in the world.  As you can imagine, the nation has gone crazy in a rush to buy tickets. On Friday and Saturday Kentucky citizens bought tickets at a rate of 35 per second, in the vain hope to escape povert... Read more
Judge Awards $870 Million to Kentucky January 6, 2016 by Staff
Franklin Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate awarded $870 Million to the state against Amaya, Inc., the parent company of the website PokerStars, for illegal play from 2006 to 2011 in Kentucky.  The State sued the company claiming that more than 34,000 Kentuckians lost more than $5, some of them much more.  Under an 1833 law the state claimed tha... Read more
Donald Trump and Religious Liberty January 5, 2016 by Staff
There are many reasons to not support Donald Trump’s bid for the Republican nomination. From his sketchy-at-best conservative credentials to his propensity for outlandish and inane commentary, Trump is an “outsider,” not to the Washington machine of power that his supporters claim he is, but an outsider to common sense, common decency and intellectual fortitude. But perhap... Read more
Trump, Cruz and the Politics of Silence January 2, 2016 by Staff
The last few weeks have had GOP candidates wrestling for their position on the podium and in the polls. The current front-runner, Donald Trump, has been the singular candidate the rest of the field has sought to criticize with the hopes of distancing themselves from the New York billionaire. Trump's recent statements about temporarily banning all Muslims from entering the United States caus... Read more
Women in Combat Roles December 30, 2015 by Staff
Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced earlier this month that they were opening all combat positions to women, including those located at the most dangerous command posts. The move opens up over 200,000 new jobs to women that were previously unavailable. In the weeks following this announcement, debates have returned over the role of women in combat, and whether or not they should be i... Read more
Global Gambling Losses December 26, 2015 by Ivan Zabilka
In early September of 2015 The Economist published one of their “Graphic Detail” series.  It was a national comparison of several facts about gambling.  The article was entitled “Betting the House.”  There are four main graphics or lists in this compact report. The top fifteen countries by total amount lost is led by the United States with $142,8 billi... Read more
Can Prayer Help in San Bernadino? December 5, 2015 by Staff
Wednesday December 2nd became another day in American history that is not tallied in a calendar sent out to place on your desk. It was not a date that people will ask themselves, “where were you on Wednesday, December 2nd?” It’s not a moment in history that is something worth celebrating. But when this date is recalled and the events that took place, it will be remembered as a... Read more
How Seriously Should You Take College Students? December 3, 2015 by Samuel James
I distinctly remember walking into my professor’s office and gently shutting the door. I had some questions for my teacher about some things he had been saying, some other things that I had been reading, and why a lot of what I was learning from the classroom didn’t make sense to me. What the conversation was about I only vaguely recall. What’s still clear to me is the sense o... Read more
Iowa, New Hampshire, and the Quest for a Nomination November 30, 2015 by Staff
With the election season in full swing, presidential candidates are racing across the country to stump their speeches, shake hands, and pontificate on why they should be the next president of the United States. While the Democratic nomination seems like a foregone conclusion, the Republican nomination is wide open. Some candidates have decided to make Iowa their boom or bust caucus, while other... Read more
Betting on Football November 25, 2015 by Ivan Zabilka
Perhaps the leadership of pro-football are a little naïve, or perhaps the leaders of Sportradar US are a little nefarious, or both.  Whatever the case, the data company which is partly owned by the NFL abruptly changed an announcement of a mobile sports betting app that would allow betting on any NFL play.  The NFL says their contract to su... Read more
Governor's Children aren't Props November 20, 2015 by Staff
Political cartoonist Joel Pett’s most recent sketch has caused an uproar in the commonwealth and the nation at large. Depicting Gov.-elect Matt Bevin crouching in fear underneath his desk, another gentleman encourages Mr. Bevin not to fear. The reason for this word of courage is apparently Mr. Bevin’s concern about the pictures on his desk. The gentleman soothes him by stating that ... Read more
Politicizing Everything and Honoring Nothing November 12, 2015 by Staff
Open your browser, turn on your TV, unlock your phone. It seems everywhere you turn— articles, statuses, and everything in between bring shared outrage or criticism of Starbucks red cups, Star Wars casting decisions, and schadenfreude over a team losing the world series because the third basemen was against the individual’s political opinions. All of this is wrapped up into one... Read more
Gambling Expansion November 5, 2015 by Ivan Zabilka
Several states are attempting to expand gambling to shore up state revenue.  One of them is Georgia.  There has been little serious checking of the downside of gambling expansion: increased crime, divorce, poverty, addiction.  As is usually the case, the benefits are easily seen in increased revenue (1-3% of a state budget) but the dow... Read more
8 Takeaway's from the 2015 Gubernatorial Election November 4, 2015 by Richard Nelson
Nobody predicted that Matt Bevin would beat Jack Conway by nine points. Nobody. The Bluegrass poll  had Conway up by five points just a few days ago. We learned last year that the Bluegrass poll was wildly off target when it had Grimes and McConnell deadlocked within weeks of the 2014 election for U.S. Senate. Of course,  McConnell won handily by 15 points. Takeaway: Don't be... Read more
Jenean Hampton Runs on Accomplishments and Vision October 31, 2015 by Staff
This election season has been brutal. Millions have been spent by candidates and PACs to criticize and attack the opposition. Many Kentuckians I've talked to over the last couple of weeks are tired of negative campaigning and can't wait for it to be over. However, there is an interesting political fact that has escaped much attention—the first African-American candidate for Lt. Go... Read more
Great Budget Impasse of 2015 October 27, 2015 by Staff
Many of us have read about the road fund mess in Illinois that is beyond the ability of the state to fix.  Then came the Great Budget Impasse of 2015 (since July15).  The legislature has been deadlocked and is months overdue in passing a budget.  The temporary spending bills have created a situation where the state continues to spend m... Read more
Louisville Basketball and a Culture of Sports October 26, 2015 by Staff
In the last week the airwaves have been replete with stories and commentaries on the bombshell revelation concerning allegations about The University of Louisville basketball’s less-than-honorable recruiting tactics. The claims center around an assistant coach providing strippers and sex for current players and potential recruits on their visit to the derby city. What initially seemed lik... Read more
The Sexual Revolution Still Hates Women October 21, 2015 by Samuel James
Rebecca Traister, writing in New York Magazine, says that when it comes to sex, women are in a permanent position of disadvantage and injustice in our culture. All sex--even consensual sex--is dominated by a "power imbalance" that favors men and prioritizes male desires. Sex used to be feminist, Traister argues, but then looming specter of patriarchy intervened, and now women... Read more
Debates and the Spirit of Civility October 16, 2015 by Staff
Having watched two Republican debates and the most recent Democratic debate, there are a couple of observations we can surmise from them. Principally we can say that sometimes—and especially in nationally televised debates—less is more. The sheer amount of candidates on the stage for the Republican nomination was revealed by their counterpart’s performance to hamper the discus... Read more
C.S. Lewis Explains When To Stop Believing a Doctrine October 15, 2015 by Samuel James
One thing I've read a lot lately from some contemporary progressive evangelical writers is this: If a particular belief makes relationships difficult, or makes people around you feel alienated or upset, you should probably stop believing that doctrine. The logic goes like this. Jesus said we can judge a tree by its fruits. When people are excluded by or express personal frustra... Read more
Losing The Battle October 15, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
In a column on his website titled “Bad News, Indeed - Playboy Opened the Floodgates and Now the Culture is Drowning,” Christian theologian and former Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Albert Mohler laments the recent announcement that the adult men's magazine would no longer feature nude photos of women in its monthly issues. To reiterate, let me rephrase: Albert M... Read more
Planned Parenthood and the Future October 14, 2015 by Samuel James
Yesterday Planned Parenthood leadership announced that it would stop receiving "reimbursements" for the donation of fetal tissue taken from aborted babies. It was a curious declaration, one that could be summarized (as my boss Russell Moore put it) "We never did anything wrong and we'll stop doing it now." The video evidence that betrayed a profita... Read more
The Utter Victory of Online Pornography October 12, 2015 by Samuel James
How powerful is online pornography? Well, it just single handedly took down Playboy magazine. As part of a redesign that will be unveiled next March, the print edition of Playboy will still feature women in provocative poses. But they will no longer be fully nude. Its executives admit that Playboy has been overtaken by the changes it pioneered. “That battle has... Read more
Voices Rich and Poor October 9, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Is it possible these days to make a difference in politics without first breaking the bank on a massive campaign? If the amounts of money being tossed around in Kentucky's political races are any indication, the answer to that question is a resounding “No.” According to data analyzed by the Center for Public Integrity, Kentucky leads the nation for political ad spending in 2015,... Read more
Voter Fraud and the Spirit of America October 2, 2015 by Staff
Voter Fraud and the Spirit of America We live in an age where society has grown to distrust its political leaders. From Bridgegate in New Jersey to the email scandals of former Secretary Clinton, the ability to take leaders at their word seems like an all-time low. When trust is this antarctically dismal, a deep cynicism starts settling into the consciousness of the electorate. This su... Read more
On Hearings and Being Heard October 1, 2015 by Staff
Last Tuesday Cecil Richards appeared before the House Oversight Committee to deliberate about the use of taxpayer funds for her organization, Planned Parenthood. The organization came under fire when videos released by the Center for Medical Progress uncovered the trading in dismembered aborted babies for medical research. For a large part of Tuesday, House Republicans and Democrats exchanged d... Read more
A New Day September 30, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
In a little over a year, Kentuckians will have the opportunity to once again shape the political landscape in Washington, D.C. Long-time U.S. Representative Ed Whitfield announced Tuesday that he will not seek re-election to a 12th term in Congress. The long-time Republican representative for Kentucky's 1st Congressional District will leave office in December 2016 with a largely conservativ... Read more
CPC Launches Radio Commentaries September 25, 2015 by Richard Nelson
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Commonwealth Policy Center Launches Daily Radio Commentaries DATE: September 24, 2015 CONTACT: Richard Nelson PHONE: (270) 271-2713 Cadiz, KY—The Commonwealth Policy Center (CPC) is launching daily commentaries to help Kentuckians better understand what is going on in politics and culture. “There is so much happening in our world and followers of J... Read more
Fight The Fear September 25, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Thomas Jefferson once said, “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories.” According to a recent Gallup poll, nearly half of all Americans share the same sentiment. Forty-nine percent of those polled believed the federal government poses “an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordi... Read more
Russell Moore on Evangelicals and Donald Trump September 17, 2015 by Samuel James
  Russell Moore The strongest word yet on evangelicals and Donald Trump comes from Russell Moore this morning in The New York Times. Here’s an excerpt: We should not demand to see the long-form certificate for Mr. Trump’s second birth. We should, though, ask about his personal character and fitness for office. His personal mor... Read more
Going to Church, Skipping Donald Trump September 16, 2015 by Samuel James
Keith Miller writes a very helpful piece for The Federalist, demonstrating that reports of evangelical support for Donald Trump don’t quite say what you might think. Among the 40 percent of GOP primary voters who say they are evangelical or born again, Trump only polls 25 percent compared to his 38 percent support among all other GOP primary vote... Read more
Wanted: Journalists Not Beholden to Planned Parenthood September 15, 2015 by Samuel James
The tenth video by the Center for Medical Progress doesn’t contain any jarring imagery of mangled infants or bloody petri dishes. But it may be one of the most damning yet. Most of the video contains dialogue from Planned Parenthood officials, as well as other abortion professionals, discussing the various viscera of their industry. One person discusses which fetal body parts are... Read more
The Pension Problem September 11, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Kentucky is facing a serious pension problem. According to The Courier Journal, the Kentucky Retirement Systems for public employees has reported unfunded liabilities of approximately $17 billion. The Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System has approximately $14 billion in unfunded liabilities. KTRS officials have estimated the system needs nearly $500 million more per year from the state to m... Read more
Count Your Blessings September 10, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
It has been relatively easy lately to be down on America. Between the plight of Kim Davis, the ongoing revelations concerning Planned Parenthood, and the millions of adulterers exposed by the Ashley Madison hack, there are plenty of reasons a person could choose to explain why America appears to be a country that has lost its way. The harrowing image of a child's lifeless body washed upon a... Read more
Taking Prisoners: The Tale of Kim Davis September 8, 2015 by Staff
On Thursday, September 3rd Federal District Judge David Bunning held Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis in contempt of court for her refusal as County Clerk to issue any marriage license after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of redefined marriage. Citing her Christian faith, Davis objected to affixing her name to a marriage license for same-sex couples because it would mean an endorsement of a union... Read more
Millions of Reasons September 5, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
If ever there were a sign that respect for the institution of marriage has dwindled and that our perception of sexuality is running amok, it is the sheer number of men whose names have now surfaced as adulterers thanks to the Ashley Madison hack. The impact of the names released via the hack has reach staggering proportions. Christianity Today blogger Ed Stetzer estimated as many 400 church lea... Read more
No Spin For the Truth September 5, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
The ongoing saga of Planned Parenting is enough to make a person dizzy. The organization is now claiming videos revealing its officials discussing harvesting organs from aborted children were heavily edited and deceptive. Never mind that a story trumpeting the video's distortions from Politico even stated “there is no evidence that the anti-abortion group (the Center for Medical Progr... Read more
Thoughts on Trump September 1, 2015 by Staff
Open your Twitter account, follow any number of politicos, and you’ll see that Donald Trump is currently all the rage. His surge in the polls is one of the more fascinating political stories in decades. Even among evangelical voters, Trump has found a friend. If even a modicum of the polls are to be trusted, Trump leads in almost every major category for the GOP nomination. This leads nat... Read more
Looking for Abortion Truth in Big Media August 28, 2015 by Samuel James
Image: Bill Kerr, Flickr, License CC 2.0 As a general rule, I don’t think conservatives should constantly harp about the bias of mainstream news. That’s not because I think the bias isn’t there (it absolutely is, as anyone who watches 1 hour of Fox News and MSNBC can immediately perceive). Rather, it’s because I think the bias of mainstream new... Read more
Mobile Gambling August 26, 2015 by Ivan Zabilka
Just as the growth of internet gambling has grown through fantasy sports gambling, so also mobile gambling has grown.  Technically the UGEIA of 2006 prohibits such gambling, but the Attorney General’s Office has chosen not to enforce the law, so mobile gambling has mushroomed. Casino game applications are available for Android, acquire... Read more
Nelson: Supreme Court rule will affect marriage August 26, 2015 by Melinda J. Overstreet, Glasgow Daily Times
Glasgow Daily Times, August 21, 2015 publication Richard Nelson, founder and executive director of the Commonwealth Policy Center, told the group of people who came Thursday evening to hear him at Immanuel Baptist Church that our culture is in a moral freefall and in a period of spiritual darkness. “The Supreme Court has undone m... Read more
The Phantom Females of Ashley Madison August 26, 2015 by Samuel James
I wasn’t planning to write about the Ashley Madison hack. For one thing, the story is its own proverb: Secrets have a way of spilling. For another, it’s difficult to find a moral angle on the story that doesn’t make me either sympathethic to adulterous men or a champion of militant hackers. There aren’t any heroes here, just different flavors of villains. ... Read more
I Protested Planned Parenthood August 24, 2015 by Samuel James I asked my friend Sean Perron to write about Saturday’s Planned Parenthood protest. Sean works for the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. He blogs atUnspoken.  By Sean Perron Friday night my wife and I shook up the car paint. Jenny took out the red and white window paint and spelled a message on the back window ... Read more
Clear Violation August 23, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
In 2007, former Kentucky attorney general and current Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo filed a suit against former Governor Ernie Fletcher over a “clear violation” of the law. The violation? The state's public university boards were becoming too Republican-heavy. Fletcher's successor, current Governor Steve Beshear settled the case and vowed to follow the state's laws co... Read more
Just A Click Away August 23, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
There are not many things that a person cannot do these days through the internet. Bills can be paid, jobs can be applied for, and groceries can even be bought without ever leaving the comforts of home. Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Grendel Grimes would like to add registering to vote to that list of online possibilities. Kentucky already allows members of the military and those living ove... Read more
At Planned Parenthood, Beating Hearts Are Stopped August 19, 2015 by Samuel James
The newest video from the Center for Medical Progress is a horror beyond a nightmare. Holly O’Donnell, an ex-”procurement technician” who worked to “harvest” fetal parts for Planned Parenthood, testifies that she witnessed nearly-intact unborn children be delivered–with hearts that beat even as they were dissected. From the CMP’s pre... Read more
Religious Freedom for All August 18, 2015 by Staff
More than two years ago, the Bowling Green Daily News ran a story about the growing Muslim population in their city. Arriving from over 23 countries around the world, Bowling Green has one of the highest populations of Muslim refugees in the state. According to the Daily News, the refugee population made up 10% of the overall population in Bowling Green in 2013. The refugees interviewed for the... Read more
Does Comedy Have Limits? August 18, 2015 by Staff
One of the traditions in Washington D.C. is the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner where comedian's poke fun at politicians, especially the president. But this year's speaker, Michelle Wolf crossed a line with her routine that was vulgar and mean spirited. Wolf personally attacked the appearance of White House Communications Director Sarah Sanders who was only a... Read more
The Time Is Now August 16, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Sometimes not doing the right thing can be just as telling as doing what should be done. The United States Senate's recent inability to pass legislation which would have barred all federal funding of Planned Parenthood has to be viewed as failure of monumental proportions. If ever there was enough evidence to justify taking public money away from the nation's largest provider of abortio... Read more
Changing The Game August 16, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
It is difficult to win a game if the rules keep changing, and that would appear to be the scenario now facing Kentucky's once-thriving coal industry. In a new plan released by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Kentucky is now expected to reduce carbon emissions by 32 percent over the next 15 years. This represents a 2 percent bump from what the EPA had announced last year it would r... Read more
Tinder Mercies Or, How Porn Destroyed Sex August 15, 2015 by Samuel James
“Online Romance” by Don Hankins, Flickr, Licensed under CC 2.0 You’ve probably already seen the Vanity Fair piece on how the dating/hookup app Tinder is changing “mating rituals” for young Americans. The article is harsh and at times graphic, so read with care and discretion. Under normal circumstances I probably wouldn&rsq... Read more
Three Cheers for the Homeschoolers August 13, 2015 by Samuel James
Photo: By Regstuff, Wikimedia Commons, Licensed under CC 3.0 When you hear the word “homeschool,” what do you think? Do you think of underground bunkers filled with fringe evangelical families trying avoid any infecting contact with the outside world? Do you think of rural nightmares where parents stash children in home like pets and feed them anti-governm... Read more
I Don't Know if I'm Pro-Choice Anymore August 10, 2015 by Samuel James
Photo: Christine Szeto, Flickr, licensed under CC 2.0 Your must read of the day is by Ruben Navarrette Jr. at The Daily Beast . His confession: Being pro-choice in the face of the Planned Parenthood videos  is “getting harder to do.”  From his column: It’s jarring to see doctors acting as negotiators as they dicker... Read more
Let the Cameras Roll August 8, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Remember those old hidden camera commercials where the caffeinated coffee was switched out for the decaf? Or how about old episodes of Candid Camera? On a more serious note, who hasn't watched a hidden camera report on 20/20 or Dateline? Apparently, if hidden cameras are used for our entertainment somehow, they're okay. If they are used to expose baby body parts and organs being sold by... Read more
Planned Parenthood and the Morality of a Budget August 7, 2015 by Staff
This week, the Center for Medical Progress released their fifth secretly recorded video, uncovering further the ghastly nature of a business underwritten by the American people to the tune of $500 million dollars a year. The hopes of exposing atrocities and shaking up the social consciousness of Americans fell on a sword of political expediency this week, as Congress failed to defund Planned Pa... Read more
Press Release: Time to Defund Planned Parenthood August 6, 2015 by Staff
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE State of Kentucky Should Sever Ties with Planned Parenthood DATE: August 4, 2015 CONTACT: Richard Nelson PHONE: (270) 271-2713 Cadiz, KY—The Planned Parenthood scandal involving marketing and selling the human remains of unborn babies is now spreading to Kentucky.  According to a press release by the Kentucky State House Republican Caucus yesterday ... Read more
KY House GOP Denounces Planned Parenthood Funding August 5, 2015 by Staff
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Statement Regarding Use of Public Funds for Planned Parenthood Programs in Kentucky FRANKFORT, Ky. (August 3, 2015) – “Last week, after repeated requests for information, a high-ranking official with the Kentucky Cabinet for Health & Family Services admitted that it provided at least $331,300 in taxpayer funding through local health departments to &l... Read more
Call to Action: Defund Planned Parenthood August 4, 2015 by Richard Nelson
Dear Friends, As you probably already know, Planned Parenthood was recently caught on video marketing and selling the remains of unborn babies. The latest video depicts a Planned Parenthood official explaining how they cover this up to avoid the appearance of a financial transaction. What you may not know is that the Kentucky Cabinet for Health & Family Services admitted that it pro... Read more
Fancy Farm Picnic August 3, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Rhetoric is an easy thing to get lost in. Sometimes politicians throw jabs at each other so quickly that we can forget exactly what the point of what they were talking about was in the first place. Nowhere did those jabs fly any faster this past weekend than at the 135th annual Fancy Farm Picnic in Fancy Farm, Kentucky. While the sheer number of political candidates speaking and the ferocity of... Read more
Breaking the Bonds August 1, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Mary Beth Steinfeld, M.D., once wrote the following on the UC Davis Medical Center website about mothers bonding with their children: “A normal, full-term baby is … programmed to initiate and enter into a bonding relationship.” Steinfeld's view is not shared by all, however. Kathleen McCartney, president of Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, recently referred to... Read more
Blazing a Trail to Nowhere July 30, 2015 by Richard Nelson
The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) are navigating new terrain as leadership ranks opened up to openly homosexual Scoutmasters earlier this week. Former Secretary of Defense, now BSA President, Robert Gates blazed the trail when he urgently called for a revised policy in May. “We must deal with the world as it is, not as we might wish it to be,” Gates said. Others were at work to f... Read more
Confession at Planned Parenthood- "It's a Boy" July 30, 2015 by Samuel James
  The worst one yet, by far. Here’s what we learn from this video: 1) Planned Parenthood absolutely considers its business in fetal parts more than “research.” It’s selling. 2) Planned Parenthood a... Read more
For Safety's Sake July 30, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Those seeking medical care are usually looking for the highest standards possible. Few people would want to visit a doctor whose office was not required to meet the most stringent of health requirements. It is odd then that new abortion laws in Texas are receiving so much opposition from the very people they are designed to protect. The state recently passed a law requiring doctors performing a... Read more
The Moment I Grabbed the Leg....I Felt Death and Pain July 28, 2015 by Samuel James
I remember my first day…I was with one of my trainers. I walk in and meet the staff, and I look over in the corner and there’s a little white tray with pie dishes on it. Then I see someone come in with a bottle and there’s blood in it. They went over to the sink and emptied it out in  a strainer and put it on  the pie dish…My trainer comes ... Read more
What Abortion Does to Us July 24, 2015 by Samuel James
What Abortion Does to Us Charles Krauthammer explains why the Planned Parenthood expose videos will have effects on the public: Abortion critics have long warned that the problem is not only the obvious — what abortion does to the fetus — but also what it does to us. It’s the same kind of desensitization that has occurred in the Netherlands with another... Read more
Throwing Back The Curtain July 24, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
The old saying goes that the “Devil is in the details.” This past week, though, eye-opening moments of clarity made an appearance in the details as well. In a secretly-recorded video released by the Center for Medical Progress, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, senior director of medical services for Planned Parenthood, explained to a group of people over lunch how the organization harvests the... Read more
Do No Harm July 23, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Doctors are in the business of protecting life. In fact, they are bound by the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm.” What happens, though, when a doctor is asked to terminate a life? That is a question doctors across the country could be facing soon if states adopt assisted suicide legislation. Oregon passed its Death with Dignity Act in 1997. Since then, 1,327 people have legally obtai... Read more
The Mythological Moralities of Planned Parenthood and Caitlyn Jenner July 21, 2015 by Samuel James
What does the organ harvesting ugliness of Planned Parenthood have to do with the spectacle of Bruce Caitlyn Jenner? Rod Dreher says, quite a lot: In both the Caitlyn and Planned Parenthood cases, the stand you take has everything to do with what you think it means to be human, and how you relate the human being to the natural order. Modernity generally sees the material ... Read more
Fifty-seven Voices July 19, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has been abundantly clear on one point since the U.S. Supreme Court's recent ruling on gay marriage: County clerks all over the state are expected to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples. As evidenced by his recent directive to Casey County Clerk Casey Davis to either issue the licenses or resign, Beshear is taking the matter seriously. What he is no... Read more
State Takeover of Louisville Schools? July 18, 2015 by Staff
Kentucky's new Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis proposed the state to take over failing Louisville public schools. Teachers and administrators are protesting but Lewis argues in his 90 page audit that too many schools are failing and too many kids are being left behind. As it is, JCPS proficiency rates on state assessments lag behind other districts in most grades and in most subjects. Le... Read more
Press Release: Model Resolution Affirms Marriage and Religious Liberty July 15, 2015 by Staff
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Model Resolution to Affirm Marriage and Religious Liberty released by Commonwealth Policy Center DATE: July 15, 2015 CONTACT: Richard Nelson PHONE: (270) 271-2713 Cadiz, KY— The Commonwealth Policy Center released a model resolution regarding marriage and religious freedom for local governments on Tuesday. According to Richard Nelson, executive directo... Read more
Making It Personal July 14, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Clerks across the nation are trying to find different ways of coping with the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on homosexual marriage. Rowan County, Kentucky, Clerk Kim Davis has attempted to stay true to her religious beliefs against gay marriage by refusing to issue marriage licenses of any type, homo- or heterosexual. Davis finds herself squarely in the cross hairs of the ACLU now because of... Read more
Time to Shut Down Planned Parenthood July 14, 2015 by Samuel James
An undercover video has recorded Deborah Nucatola,  Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director for Medical Services,  revealing the organization’s interest in selling the body parts of aborted children. The video has been confirmed authentic through multiple sources and the  doctor featured in the video has reportedly deleted her Twitter account  this morning. ... Read more
Vote "No" On Crank Conservatism July 13, 2015 by Samuel James
A  couple  weeks ago I was making the 3 hour drive from Columbus, Ohio to Louisville. Bored with my music collection, I decided to pass the time on AM radio. For about an hour I was able to listen to the local NPR affiliate. NPR, of course, is a decidedly liberal-leaning organization; its progressive worldview was obvious in its news coverage and its commentary. Yet for all its waywar... Read more
A Lot Of Dough July 9, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
The Portland Bureau of Labor and Industries awarded a same-sex couple $135,000 because a bakery owner refused to bake them a wedding cake two years ago. That’s a lot of dough. Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian said the ruling “is not about a wedding cake or a marriage. It is about a business’s refusal to serve someone because of their sexual orientation.” Bakery own... Read more
The Myth of Adult Entertainment July 7, 2015 by Sam James
Let’s contemplate one of the most widespread and most unfortunate phrases of recent times: The “adult” entertainment industry. When I say adult entertainment, the vast majority of you know exactly what I mean—pornography. If you did a search for that term (don’t), 99% of your hits would come up pornographic. In our cultural lexicon, the use of “adult&rdq... Read more
Cut Off At The Pass July 7, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
The U.S. Supreme Court's recent ruling legalizing same-sex marriage leaves many clergy wondering whether they will legally be able to refuse to perform same-sex weddings. One Kentucky legislator is attempting to make sure the answer to that question remains “yes.” State Rep. Addia Kathryn Wuchner, a Republican who represents part of Boone County, has filed a bill intended to cla... Read more
The Value Of Life July 2, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
For better or worse, human beings have the freedom to choose when they want to die. Should a person choose to take his or her own life, there is no law or restriction against them doing so. Thankfully, the world still deems life precious enough that the majority of people want to keep on living. What happens, though, when attitudes shift nationally in the other direction? For example, in the pa... Read more
Meaningful Discourse June 30, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Homosexuality and transgenderism lifestyle are now being taught as completely normal, and discourse on their validity is becoming increasingly difficult. The Lexington Herald-Leader recently featured an article on J'Lissabeth Faughn, a Lexington-based “transgender educator and social activist.” She offers programs such as “Unlearning Homophobia” and “Beyond Div... Read more
An Open Letter to the Church June 30, 2015 by Staff
An Open Letter to the Church From: Commonwealth Policy Center Executive Director Richard Nelson Date: June 30, 2015 Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Last Friday’s Supreme Court ruling redefining marriage and imposing homosexual marriage in all 50 states is a wakeup call. We have seen this coming for two years and now its here. The ruling underscores the nation’s mo... Read more
Seven Questions for the Victors June 29, 2015 by Sam James
It was to very few’s surprise that the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 on Friday to find a Constitutional right to same-sex marriage. Most politicos and commentators on both sides of the marriage debate predicted that if the issue were brought to the court during the present administration, the decision would be in favor. The relative lack of shock and awe doesn’t mean much, of course (exce... Read more
CPC Responds to Marriage Ruling June 26, 2015 by Richard Nelson
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE U.S. Supreme Court Strikes down Kentucky Marriage Law DATE: June 26, 2015 CONTACT: Richard Nelson (270) 719-1640 (Cadiz, KY)  On Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Kentucky’s law defining marriage as between one man and one woman. “This is a sad day for the rule of law and the democratic process,” said Commonwealth Policy Center Ex... Read more
Projected Fallout from Marriage June 25, 2015 by Richard Nelson
The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule on marriage any day now. As we've explained on numerous occassions, man/woman marriage is a pre-political institution. It is the most basic human relationship. It is a pillar to society. Should the pillar be weakened in any way, society will feel the reverberations. Here are a few impacts for individuals and institutions adhering to the belief that... Read more
Love From Tragedy June 23, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Is there any way we can make sense of the horrific events that took place in Charleston, South Carolina, last week? When 21-year-old Dylann Roof entered the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church Wednesday night, who could have known he would take the lives of nine people, including the church's pastor? Roof reportedly had intentions of starting a race war, but the results of his actio... Read more
Why Flying the Confederate Flag Isn't a Conservative Thing to Do June 22, 2015 by Sam James
The horrific and terroristic murder of 9 black Americans in Charlestown, South Carolina,  while they worshiped at one of the oldest African-American congregations in the United States has become the main news story of the week, rightfully. The suspect, who is in custody, is alleged to have admitted that he came to the church “to kill black people” and to “start another ci... Read more
Charleston Grieving June 19, 2015 by Richard Nelson
Murder is terrible. Throw a racist into a church pew in the midst of a Bible study and prayer time for an hour only to have him draw a gun and begin shooting indiscriminately is a horror. Our collective conscience has been seared by the unspeakable act of Dylann Roof. Many are looking for answers. Some for something to blame: guns, psychological imbalance, social isolation, etc. But inexplicabl... Read more
It Isn't Right June 18, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Tennessee lawmakers created a stir when they passed a law stating that a woman can be “prosecuted for assault for the illegal use of a narcotic drug while pregnant” if her infant is harmed or addicted to the drug. She can also be charged with homicide if the baby dies. The first woman to be charged under this law went to jail in July of last year. This type of law protecting the liv... Read more
Inconceivable June 16, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
In director Rob Reiner's classic movie The Princess Bride, the vengeful Inigo Montoya uttered these famous words to the evil Vizzini: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Perhaps we could use some of Montoya's wisdom today. Following a day which saw a man drive up to a Dallas police station in an armored vehicle and open fire, a CNN ne... Read more
Where Is The Hope? June 10, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Whether fairly or unfairly, Kentucky's Appalachian region has long been regarded as a place of poverty and hopelessness. Although blanket statements such as this are rarely 100 percent correct, recent numbers published regarding rising hepatitis C rates in the region and the drug use which could be causing them certainly do not paint an encouraging picture. In the four Appalachian states of... Read more
The Cult of Caitlyn June 4, 2015 by Staff
It is difficult and sometimes dangerous to comment on someone's intimate personal choice. But when the discussion lands on the front pages of Vanity Fair and dominates the news, a response is necessary--especially when strident voices demand agreement and approval of that choice, however controversial it might be. Of course, we're talking about Bruce Jenner who has transitioned into ... Read more
What's going on at Western? May 26, 2015 by Richard Nelson
Western Kentucky University (WKU) hosted its first ever Lavender graduation ceremony on May 11 to recognize lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender graduates. Critics are wondering when an explicitly heterosexual ceremony will be held. WKU President Gary Ransdell told the WKU Herald the ceremony is a natural step for the university. “I’m all for any student or academic community that... Read more
Embrace The Privilege May 18, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundgren Grimes is projecting approximately 10 percent of the 3.1 million people registered to vote in Kentucky will actually show up to the polls for this year's primary election Tuesday, May 19. To put that into further perspective, that 10 percent equates to 310,000 voters. Sadly, this low expected turnout falls in line with the last several primary ele... Read more
Keep It Clean May 13, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Wouldn't it be nice if we could have just one political race that didn't turn ugly? Unfortunately, the race for the Republican nomination for governor in Kentucky is not going to be that race. In an editorial piece on CNN's website titled “Koch Money Fuels Personal Politics in Kentucky,” writer Theodore Schleifer calls this year's battle for the GOP nod “the na... Read more
Negative Returns May 11, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - “Obamacare” - first began to be implented, Kentucky was one of the first states to fully embrace the new health care plan. While the state was hailed at the time for being ahead of the national curve, a look back at the effects of Obamacare so far paints a not-so-positive picture of how it is affecting Kentucky's hospitals. I... Read more
National Day Of Prayer: We Cry Out May 6, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
The 64th annual National Day of Prayer will take place Thursday, May 7, at various spots across the United States. The theme of this year's event is “Lord, Hear Our Cry.” It is true that we, as a nation, talk to God quite often. There is a significant difference, however, between talking to and crying out. A conversation can be had without necessarily conveying a sense of desper... Read more
Freedom To Choose May 4, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
When Fayette County Judge James Ishmael issued a ruling last Monday reversing the Lexington Human Rights Commission's 2014 decision that Hands On Originals violated Lexington's fairness ordinance by refusing to print tee shirts for the Lexington's Gay and Lesbian Services Organization's Lexington Pride Festival in 2012, many heralded the decision as a victory for religious freed... Read more
SCOTUS Hears Marriage Arguments April 30, 2015 by Richard Nelson
On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on whether the U.S. Constitution requires states to recognize homosexual marriage. Here are a few poignant questions: "[Thinking marriage is the union of a man and a woman] has been with us for millennia. And it—it’s very difficult for the Court to say, oh, well, we—we know better.” --Justice Anthony Kenne... Read more
Unspeakable Matters April 29, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
There are some topics that are so unbelievaly heinous, they probably don't even deserve mention. When they pass from taboo into the realm of public policy, however, they must be dealt with. Last week, lawmakers in Denmark approved a law banning people from having sex with animals. The vote was not unanimous, passing by a margin of 91-75, with five abstentions. Incredibly, Denmark's Anim... Read more
#PrayForMarriage April 28, 2015 by Sam James
I invite you to join many Christians around the nation in praying today as the Supreme Court hears oral arguments over the power of states to define marriage between one man and one woman. #PrayForMarriage is more than a prayer for legal victory (though it isn’t less). It’s a prayer for a cultural renewal, for awakening from the toxic slumber of the Sexual Revolution and awaren... Read more
Pray For Nepal April 27, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Natural disasters, while always tragic, have a way of snapping us back to reality. The suddenness of a tornado or a monsoon or a tsunami, even if they were forecasted ahead of time, serve as fierce reminders of how the elements can change our lives in an instant. Right now, Nepal lies devastated beneath the rubble generated by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake this past Saturday. Nepal has faced its s... Read more
Protecting Our Values April 20, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
We, as human beings, have a right to protest. We also have a right to walk away, however, and choose not to affiliate ourselves with practices we do not believe in. This second right seems to have been lost on liberal Catholics in San Francisco, who placed a full-page ad in the San Francisco Chronicle last week appealing to Pope Francis to replace their archdiocese’s spiritual leader... Read more
A Conversation Between "Safe, Legal, and Rare" April 15, 2015 by Samuel James
Photo: by Debra Sweet, Flickr, Creative Commons 2.0 The following is an edited version of the transcript of conversation between abortion talking points Safe, Legal, and Rare.  Legal: Good evening, friends. Thanks for joining this conversation Safe and Rare: [together] Thank you as well. Glad to be here. Legal: I hope both of you are OK with&nbs... Read more
The Price of Terrorism April 14, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
What are the most terrible effects of terrorism? The most obvious is loss of life. A shooter took the lives of nearly 150 people at Kenya's Garissa University just a few days ago. A second incident in Kenya Sunday, however, was indicative of an equally tragic effect acts of terrorism can have. One student was killed and 141 injured Sunday in a stampede at a university in the Kenyan capital ... Read more
Don't Be Sheep April 13, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Seven years ago, scientists at the University of Leeds conducted a study which discovered that it takes a minority of just 5 percent to influence a crowd’s direction – and that the other 95 percent follow without realizing it. While the study was performed to research crowd flow, it is symbolic of the unfortunate tendency of people to follow rather than chart their own courses. Once... Read more
What's A Conscience Worth? April 9, 2015 by Samuel James
Photo by Davidlud, Wikimedia Commons Consider this a brief, concluding postscript to my 4-article (!) conversation about religious freedom and the RFRA. I want to give a final (Lord willing) admonition to my fellow Christians, specifically those who may be swayed by arguments such as “Bake For Them Two.” According to this line of thought, Jesus ... Read more
How RFRA Helps Us Love Our Neighbors April 7, 2015 by Samuel James
“St. Paul Preaching in Athens,” Raphael In the sincere hope, dear reader, that soon we may speak of other things, let me linger just a while longer on religious freedom, liberalism, and public conscience. I’m compelled to do so now by Conor Friedersdorf, who writes with insight and clarity about the differences of perceptions in two cultural communit... Read more
Do Christians Mean What They Say? April 4, 2015 by Samuel James
Frank Bruni New York Times columnist Frank Bruni doesn’t believe that Christians who are opposed to same-sex marriage are genuine. That’s the obvious upshot of his new piece “Bigotry, the Bible, and the Lessons of Indiana.” Rather than building a positive case against religious liberty laws like the ones that exist in 21 states (including Arkansas a... Read more
Costly Christianity April 2, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
The United States and Christianity have long been synonymous with one another. The nation's founding documents are filled with references to the Christian God and his providence. As a result, the protection of religious freedom in the U.S. has been a long-held priority. That may be changing, however, and the security of being a Christian in America may be in jeopardy. In a recent blog p... Read more
Discriminatory Meltdown in Indiana April 1, 2015 by Richard Nelson
To say something is happening in Indiana bigger than the Final Four, may sound like heresy to the faithful congregants of the Big Blue Nation in this holy week of NCAA tournaments.  But the uproar over the recently passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) threatens to drown out even the wildest of cheers from Cat’s fans on Saturday. The Indiana bill to protect religious l... Read more
Who are the Liberals? March 31, 2015 by Sam James
If there’s anything in store for American political discourse more absurd or uninformed than the arms race over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, I  cannot fathom what that might be. The entire kerfuffle is pathetic, from the blatant misinformation being peddled in mainstream news to the astonishing cluelessness of the history of RFRA. Consider this sad episode furth... Read more
Where We Are Now: The Affordable Health Care Act March 30, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
It's difficult to believe five years have passed since the Affordable Health Care Act was signed into law by President Barrack Obama. Even with the passage of time, many of the details of “Obamacare” seem to be shrouded in mystery. As if a piece of legislation designed to solve the nation's healthcare problems not being entirely understandable to the public it is supposed to... Read more
PCUSA Rejects Marriage March 26, 2015 by Richard Nelson
Last week, the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) officially amended its constitution to expand marriage from “a man and a woman” to “two people, traditionally a man and a woman.” The decades-long battle inside the largest Presbyterian denomination to allow homosexual marriage may have received “amens!” from gay marriage advocates outside the church and wailing ... Read more
Man Bites Dog Story March 24, 2015 by Ivan Zabilka
For the past 23 years I have been writing about the social consequences of expanded gambling.  The “fruit” of gambling is very public: jobs and revenue.  The pain of gambling caused by the addicted and the problem gamblers is mostly private, frequently hidden and often covered up by families.  I have written occasi9nally about abuse and assault associated with a dysfu... Read more
Loneliness and the Religion of Personal Autonomy March 23, 2015 by Samuel James
Is it even possible that my generation, which sends 6 billion text messages per day and 6,000 thousand Tweets per second, is fatally lonely? Not only is that possible, it’s increasingly the consensus of social and behavioral scientists. Carolyn Gregoire at Huffington Post has highlighted a report from the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science that discusses the serious ... Read more
The Fine Line Between Tolerance and Concession March 19, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
The line between practicing tolerance and concession is a difficult one to walk. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has attempted to extend an olive branch the LGBT community in Utah by helping to craft anti-discrimination legislation specifically designed to protect the civil rights of gays and lesbians in the state. The intentions are certainly noble, but the bill is lacking in c... Read more
Facing The Constant Drip of Cultural Impact March 17, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
The concept of Chinese water torture is a relatively simple one: The repetitive, slow drip, drip, drip of water onto a restrained person's forehead will allegedly drive them insane. It is a concept that can be found in nature as well, as the slow dripping of water can even wear down stone. That gradual drip can be found in today's culture, as years of lobbying for homosexual rights has ... Read more
Kansas Losses (Gambling) March 16, 2015 by Ivan Zabilka
Hard times hit Kansas.  Government leaders sold their soul to the casino business and lost. In March 2007 the legislature passed and Governor Kathleen Sebelius signed a bill to approve the first “government owned” casinos in the country.  Casino firms were to build and manage the casinos, but the government would receive 60% of the after expenses revenue. Seven new... Read more
Christians and College Debt March 15, 2015 by Samuel James
I’ve found myself thinking about one particular classmate from my undergraduate years. We entered around the same time. He was able to graduate much sooner than I, though, mostly because his Sallie Mae loan covered enough of his college bill so that he could take a full load or more every semester without working many hours (if he worked at all). Unfortunately, my friend made a... Read more
Planet what? March 12, 2015 by Richard Nelson
Have you heard the news about the woman in the Planet Fitness locker room who objected to another man being there? Instead of the man being asked to leave, the woman was kicked out of the club because of the way she objected. Planet Fitness has a "no-judgment" policy that allows transgendered individuals to use the restrooms and locker rooms that they most identify with.  Unfortu... Read more
The Case Against the Lottery March 11, 2015 by Ivan Zabilka
An increasing number of legal cases are being filed against casinos and lotteries in efforts to make them responsible for the damage they cause,  A recent very interesting case has arisen in Portland, OR involving the dishonest presentation of a lottery game. Justin Curzi is a wealthy former software company owner who loves games.  He was playing  poker when the machine dealt... Read more
Driver Permits for Illegal Aliens? March 6, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Obedience to the law is demanded as a right, not asked as a favor.” Traditionally, those who uphold the law receive benefits, while those who skirt it do not. House Bill 267 in Kentucky, however, aims to undermine the law while rewarding those who have not abided by it. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Larry Clark, would make driving certificates available ... Read more
Kentucky Battle (Expanded Gambling) March 5, 2015 by Ivan Zabilka
Opponents of expanded gambling in Kentucky have been battling Instant Racing (brand name) for over four years.  On one side are the opponents including individuals, the Family Foundation of Kentucky and the Kentucky Council on Alcohol and Gambling Problems and their lone lawyer, Stan Cave.  On the other side is the Horse Racing Commission, the Kentucky Department of Revenue, the track... Read more
Netanyahu's Speech March 4, 2015 by Richard Nelson
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to the joint session of Congress might have been one of the most important speeches in our day. It was monumental for a number of reasons. In plain-spoken terms, he challenged radical Islam in general and Iran in particular and the threat it poses not just toward Israel but toward all civilization. Unlike our president, he wasn't afraid... Read more
How to reduce poverty March 3, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
What exactly is goverment's role in reducing poverty among its citizens?  According to recently published statistics, it may just need to get out of the way more. The Heritage Foundation/Wall Street Journal’s 2015 Index of Economic Freedom is showing once again that countries which enjoy high levels of economic freedom outperform others in alleviating poverty. Data consistently s... Read more
New Mexico - Gambling February 25, 2015 by Ivan Zabilka
The New Mexico legislature is considering a bill to allow lottery tickets to be purchased by credit card.  Fortunately, it is being opposed by Guy Clark of Stop Predatory Gambling New Mexico.  There is so much wrong about this bill it is hard to know where to start. New Mexico pays for college scholarships as do many other states.  If not specifically directed to poor student... Read more
Original Sin - Internet Gambling and Churchill Downs February 24, 2015 by Ivan Zabilka
If you have ever doubted original sin, the idea that human nature is corrupted, the internet should have cured you by now.  The means of putting the world at your finger-tips has also brought us instant sadism, pornography, political sleaze, access to every weird idea ever thought, scams, identity theft, and much more. Churchill Downs Incorporated recently found out how quickly things ... Read more
30 Reasons to Oppose Expanded Gambling February 23, 2015 by Ivan Zabilka
Reason # 1.  If you gamble you lose money.   Reason # 2.  Gambling is not recreation.  Recreation restores.  Gambling depletes energy, resources, and induces guilt.   Reason # 3.  Gambling is addictive.  Depending upon where you live, between 1¼ % and 6 % of the residents of your state are addicted.   Reason # 4.  ... Read more
Scott Walker Doesn't Know if Obama Is a Christian (And Neither Do I) February 23, 2015 by Samuel James
Governor and Republican Presidential hopeful Scott Walker says he doesn’t know if President Obama is a Christian. I, for one, believe him. Why is it so hard for some to accept his answer? The President says he is a Christian. This is, as Ross Douthat points out, an indisputable fact of public record. There’s no need to assume the governor was unaware of this when asked the quest... Read more
The Islamic Threat February 21, 2015 by Richard Nelson
Earlier this week 21 Coptic Christians were kidnapped in Libya and beheaded because they refused to deny Christ. The message posted on the brutal videotape was clear: “A Message Signed With Blood To The Nation Of The Cross.” 2015 has been a terror-filled year, and we're not even through our second month.  A gunman in Copenhagen shouted ‘Allahu akbar’ as he targe... Read more
How addiction votes February 20, 2015 by Samuel James
Carl Trueman has written several fine pieces lately on both the nature of and antidote to our cultural pornography addiction. His latest concerns the power of porn to reshape subconscious patterns of thought and, by extension, alter deeply held moral attitudes and actions. Understanding Trueman’s point requires putting together two emerging facts about American sexual morality. First... Read more
Government and poverty February 17, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
What exactly is goverment's role in reducing poverty among its citizens?  According to recently published statistics, it may just need to get out of the way more. The Heritage Foundation/Wall Street Journal’s 2015 Index of Economic Freedom is showing once again that countries which enjoy high levels of economic freedom outperform others in alleviating poverty. Data consistently s... Read more
Sneak Attack With Equilottery February 17, 2015 by Ivan Zabilka
Yet another devious means of increasing gambling is in the works here in Kentucky.  The Lottery has proposed a new game called EquiLottery which although opposed by The Family Foundation, sailed through Committee to the floor of the Senate where it passed on a 20-10 vote.  The Senate is usually the last bulwark against gambling expansion, but this time they were sucked in. EquiLot... Read more
Ultrasound gives sight to expecting moms February 16, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
Helen Keller once said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” Thanks to modern technology, sight is giving birth to an encouraging pro-life vision, as statistics quoted by the website are now showing that up to 78 percent of women who are allowed to see an ultrasound of their unborn children opt against abortion. Anything unseen can... Read more
Gambling expansion proposed February 12, 2015 by Richard Nelson
There is a crafty move to marry the Kentucky Lottery with the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission in order to expand gambling. It would allow the Lottery to create electronic games that purportedly allow wagering on a horse race taking place somewhere in America. Considering the inherent deception associated with the casino crowd the games they have in mind will look more like video gambling machi... Read more
Casinos don't help state budget deficits February 6, 2015 by Richard Nelson
One of the strongest arguments to expand gambling in Kentucky is that we are losing tax revenue to other states. The problem however, is that other states with casino revenue have larger budget deficits than those with no casinos. Consider: Commercial Casinos State    Adjusted Gross Casino Rev (2012)        Budget Deficit (2012) NV   &... Read more
The absurdity of transgenderism February 5, 2015 by Richard Nelson
The move to create a special status in society for individuals who desire to identify with the gender opposite of that which they were born seems to be gaining traction. Several Kentucky cities now protect gender identity as a civil right on par with race or ethnicity. Last year, a Louisville High School opened up female restrooms and locker rooms to transgendered boys. Now a petition is being ... Read more
Measles and Mainline Protestants February 4, 2015 by Samuel James
Vaccination skepticism is–regardless of one’s judgment about inoculation–an elemental rejection of expertise and authority structures. Hostility towards vaccinations exists on a spectrum, ranging from the “anti-vax” advocates (think Jenny McCarthy) to worried parents to libertarian-leaning folks who vaccinate but think the alternatives should be legal. These distin... Read more
Gambling and the well-being of family January 31, 2015 by Ivan Zabilka
Only a small minority of our population is aware that casino expansion is a threat to the well-being of families and children.  If the relationship is not direct and obvious many people refuse to believe there is a connection between gambling problems and children.  The impact of the children that suffocate in overheated cars, neglected by gambling parents fade, because it only happen... Read more
On your mark, get set, go! January 28, 2015 by Richard Nelson
Now that the filing deadline is over, the field is set and the sprint toward the May 19 primary finish line begins. Let's talk gubernatorial candidates. On the Democratic side, Jack Conway must be ecstatic that he hasn't drawn a strong challenge. Scratch that. His only other challenger Geoffry Young dropped out yesterday. But his joy doesn't necessarily translate into happiness amon... Read more
On Human Rights January 21, 2015 by Richard Nelson
Yesterday, the Commonwealth Policy Center conducted a meeting in Murray on the implications of elevating sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) to civil rights status. The meeting was well attended with several local officials, pastors and concerned citizens. I noted that this is an issue that we did not go looking for. It was thrust upon the city by activists. We are simply responding. ... Read more
Martin Luther King Jr's birthday January 15, 2015 by Richard Nelson
Today marks the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. His name is synonymous with civil rights in the United States.  It was his Christian conviction that all men possess dignity and are made in the image of God. It was his powerful voice that spoke the timeless truth that people "should be judged by the content of their character, not color of their skin."  It was his life tha... Read more
A lesson in intolerance January 14, 2015 by Eddie Sheridan
The line between tolerance and intolerance is becoming increasingly blurred. Observe the online furor over TLC's recent special “My Husband's Not Gay.” The one-hour special details the stories of four Mormon men who struggle with same-sex attraction but choose to be in married relationships with women. GLAAD and other pro-LGBT groups have taken to the internet to amass more ... Read more
Free speech under fire in Atlanta January 12, 2015 by Richard Nelson
A firestorm over religious freedom and human sexuality has long been brewing in the nation. Legalization of gay marriage and the ascendency of sexual orientation protection into law has fueled the debate and kindled controversies from coast to coast.  Casualities on the side of speech, conscience and religion are mounting. Louie Giglio, Brenden Eich, Craig James, Donnie McClurkin, Jack Phi... Read more
Sexual harassment scandal continues January 5, 2015 by staff
The saga of alleged harrasment  in Kentucky's state House continues. State employee Yolanda Costner, embroiled in a sexual harassment lawsuit which resulted in state Rep. John Arnold's (D-Sturgis) resignation, reports that retaliation against her is in the works if a particular Democrat is elected in an intra-party leadership election.   Costner claims that state Rep. Joh... Read more
Pro-lifers find success December 30, 2014 by Richard Nelson
The pro-life movement has made great gains in the last several years. A majority of Americans now identify as pro-life. Prudent laws requiring parental consent, full disclosure, and clinic standards on par with non-abortion facilities have all combined to reduce abortions to their lowest numbers since 1973. The movement has been successful because of a change in tactics and strategy. Listen to ... Read more
Christmas trumps evil December 16, 2014 by Richard Nelson
Earlier this week, the Pew Research Center reported that nearly three-quarters of Americans are OK with religious displays on public property. Apparently, America still has room at the Inn, or at least the public square for baby Jesus and a nativity scene.  Only 20 percent according to the survey say that such displays should never be permitted. Must be Grinches, all of them. Pew also... Read more
Seven takeaways from 2014 State House elections November 17, 2014 by Richard Nelson
Hired guns sometimes misfire: The outside group Mark It Red was hired to run Republican state House races. They were given a sizable war chest—an estimated $1.2 million. They had a state to work in that is leaning conservative—in fact, the only state in the Southeast without a GOP majority in both Houses of the state legislature. They had excellent candidates to work with. But their... Read more
What Nelson really said about Fairness Ordinances November 12, 2014 by Richard Nelson
The Lexington Herald-Leader printed a rebuttal to my recent opinion on how "Fairness" ordinances jeopardize religious freedom. Here's the scoop. In late October, the Lexington Human Rights Commission found Blaine Adamson and his company Hands on Originals violated the human rights of homosexual activists who approached him about producing T-shirts for their gay-pride event. Adamso... Read more
CPC Endorsements fare well November 5, 2014 by Richard Nelson
Commonwealth Policy Center endorsements fared well in yesterday's elections. Five of six state Senate candidates endorsed or recommended by CPC won their election. The biggest surprise of the night was when Ralph Alvarado (R-Winchester) defeated Senate Minority Leader RJ Palmer. Alvarado is a family doctor of Hispanic heritage. But he also ran as an unabashed social conservative. Danny Carr... Read more
What Election 2014 Means For Pro-Life November 5, 2014 by Samuel James
Last night the party of President Obama was routed in spectacular fashion, as Republicans gained more than enough to take control of the Senate and fortify their healthy numbers in the House of Representatives. There’s no shortage of reading this morning for the politicos, so I would refer you elsewhere for comprehensive reaction. But I do want to take a minute and contemplate some i... Read more
"Safe, Legal, and Rare:" The Abortion Compromise Nobody Wanted October 30, 2014 by Samuel James
In her review of the newest pro-choice manifesto by Katha Pollitt, Hanna Rosin expresses frustration at the “muddled middle” of the pro-choice movement. These are the kinds of people who believe abortion should be legal but avoided, who give lip service to Roe but in a “fog of regret:” We shouldn’t need a book explaining why abortion rights are important. We... Read more
"Green Funerals:" What To Make of a Trend October 21, 2014 by Samuel James
Thinking how one would want to be interred after death is probably not a regular pastime of most American people. Recently, though, The Washington Post highlighted a contemporary movement towards “green burials.” According to Ellen McCarthy’s article, a growing number of environmentally conscientious Americans are rethinking traditional burials. McCarthy leads by conversi... Read more
What Happened In Houston October 16, 2014 by Samuel James
Earlier this week, Houston mayor Annise Parker and attorneys representing the city in a civil suit created outrage across the nation by issuing broad-reaching subpoenas for Houston pastors’ sermons and other communique discussing homosexuality, gender, Mayor Parker herself, or the anti-discrimination law that is the subject of the lawsuit. While not entirely unprecedented in concept, the ... Read more
How Alison Grimes Disqualified Herself October 10, 2014 by Samuel James
Most civically engaged folks would probably agree on two things. One, honesty is an important character trait. Two, many politicians don't have it. Rarely, though, does a candidate make her lack of transparency as transparent as Alison Grimes has done. The Courier-Journal recently interviewed Grimes, an interview which was live-streamed online. At one point in the interview, Grime... Read more
Supreme Court Non-Action Paves Way for Same-Sex Marriage October 7, 2014 by Samuel James
Yesterday the Supreme Court declined to hear appeals from five state legislatures regarding same-sex marriage. The non-action lets stand judicial rulings that struck down voter-approved traditional definitions of marriage in those states. Thus, as of Tuesday, same-sex couples in 29 states can lawfully wed. Both sides of the marriage debate expressed surprise at the Court's punting. Man... Read more
Do Pro-Lifers Believe in Executing Abortionists? October 3, 2014 by Samuel James
Feminist Amanda Marcotte wrote an op-ed this week for USA Today in which she claims to have pro-lifers cornered: If they really believe abortion is murder, then they also believe anyone who has an abortion should be executed. If abortion is murder, then women who get abortions are murderers. But instead of accepting their own logic, the mainstream anti-abortion movement instead tries to pai... Read more
Nevada School District Aims to Offer Sex Ed to 5 Year Olds September 30, 2014 by Samuel James
It feels like every week, what was once considered a fallacious "slippery slope" argument from traditionalists has actually become reality. From the revocation of religious liberty to codified transgenderism in public schools, moral insanity reigns. At National Review, Katherine Timpf calls attention to a sickening consideration by a Las Vegas school board. The suits in charge of... Read more
Diversity or Conformity: A Choice to Make September 23, 2014 by Samuel James
Karen Swallow Prior has a must-read in The Atlantic about California State University’s recent decision to derecognize Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Advocates of religious liberty who haven’t been living under a rock for the past year will find her arguments familiar yet refreshingly direct and simple. Prior makes a compelling case that by prohibiting Christian student gro... Read more
Marriage Matters in Economics, Too September 18, 2014 by Samuel James
Contemporary political discourse frequently speaks in divisions like “social issues,” “the economy,” and “foreign policy.” While not without truth, these highly demarcated categories can obscure the real way in which worldview and policy in one area can affect the other. A practical example was offered by Joe Carter at the Acton blog. He writes that economics... Read more
Web Roundup 9/17 September 17, 2014 by Samuel James
Here are some noteworthy pieces from around the media and blogosphere:   Commonwealth Policy Center announces endorsements for 2014 elections. “Battles For Eight Open Seats Could Determine Control of Kentucky House This Fall”—Lexington Herald Leader If Republicans hope to take over the Kentucky House this fall for the first time since 1921, they'll p... Read more
Intervarsity and Gordon College Face Wrath of New Morality September 11, 2014 by Samuel James
The New Morality Police march on. Their latest prisoners: Intervarsity Fellowship and Gordon College. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship was stripped of its recognized student group status by every campus of California State University, simply on the grounds that the group refused to allow non-Christians to become leaders of the fellowship. Terribly scandalous, huh? This is quite ... Read more
Multi-Billion Dollar Casino Closes in Two Years September 10, 2014 by Samuel James
You can’t always get what you want, sang Mick Jagger. Casino gamblers often learn this lesson at a high price. This time, however, it’s the business suits atop a casino that have lost. The Revel Casino Hotel has closed doors just two years after opening, making it yet another high dollar example of the flaky economics of casino gambling. Revel became the second Atlantic City cas... Read more
Prominent Atheist: "Immoral" to Not Abort Down Syndrome Children August 26, 2014 by Samuel James
Richard Dawkins, arguably the most famous evolutionary biologist in the world right now, recently offered his perspective via Twitter on unborn babies that are diagnosed with Down syndrome. He responded to a question about what to do if an unborn child is determined to have the genetic disorder. "Abort and it and try again," Dawkins wrote. "It would be immoral to bring it into th... Read more
Gay Marriage Advocates: "Join or Be Jailed" August 22, 2014 by Samuel James
There’s a surreal quality about the way same sex marriage advocates so ruthlessly pursue any and all who disagree. Personally I can’t remember in my lifetime a movement so obviously double-faced in its rhetoric and campaigning. For years, same sex marriage advocates such as Andrew Sullivan argued tirelessly that redefining marriage meant inclusion of all and exclusion of none. Relig... Read more
A Symbolic Victory for Marriage in Tennessee August 19, 2014 by Samuel James
Earlier this month a judge made a decision on Tennessee’s constitutional definition of marriage as between a man and a woman. The unusual thing about this particular judge was that he actually upheld the state’s right to define marriage thus. I say “unusual” because it’s the first successful day in court for a traditional definition of marriage in over a year. Writ... Read more
How Private is Private Morality? (Answer: Not Very) August 14, 2014 by Samuel James
Richard Nelson, director of the Commonwealth Policy Center, writes in an editorial for the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer that the city should ask itself whether an LGBT non-discrimination law is necessary. From his piece: We were once told that somebody's private sexual life is nobody's business. Should this ordinance pass, it drags private sexual behavior into the workplace. Here... Read more
New Research Suggests Link Between Support of Gay Marriage and Pornography, Cohabitation August 12, 2014 by Samuel James
Mark Regnerus has presented new data about the beliefs of Christians who support same sex marriage. For the study, Regnerus gathered responses from four groups: Christians who opposed SSM, Christians who supported SSM, Christians identifying as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered), and non-Christian LGBT. He controlled the responses with data from the “general population.”... Read more
David Frum Explains How Casinos Hurt Cities August 7, 2014 by Samuel James
David Frum has a superb piece today in The Atlantic about the effect that casinos have on cities and local economies. The short version: It’s not pretty. Frum begins by explaining a curious trend. The post-recession economy has lent to gaming floors fewer and fewer able-budgeted customers. “Affluent and educated people visit casinos less often than poorer people do for the same... Read more
Three Reasons Alison Grimes Should Accept the Evangelical Debate Invite August 5, 2014 by Samuel James
"Always winter, never Christmas." That's how the characters in C.S. Lewis's classic fairy tale The Chronicles of Narnia described the frozen world they lived in. I'd like to adapt this, edit it somewhat and apply it to the McConnell-Grimes race: "Always election season, never debate." How long can this go on? Here we are, exactly three months from decision t... Read more
Josh Barro, Anthony Kennedy and the New Liberalism July 31, 2014 by Samuel James
New York Times reporter Josh Barro put himself in the news last week by tweeting, “Anti-LGBT attitudes are terrible for people in all sorts of communities. They linger and oppress, and we need to stamp them out, ruthlessly.” His violent rhetoric was the final straw for The American Conservative’s Rod Dreher, who canceled his subscription to the paper. Others have parsed and re... Read more
Recap of Richard Nelson on "Kentucky Tonight" July 29, 2014 by Samuel James
Last night Richard Nelson participated in a panel for a spirited discussion on KET’s Kentucky Tonight program.  The topic was the recent Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision. Nelson was joined by Amy Cubbage of the Kentucky ACLU; Samuel Marcosson, professor of law at the University of Louisville; and Paul Salamanca, professor of law at the University of Kentucky. The discussion co... Read more
Murray State Implements "Gender Neutral" Restrooms July 24, 2014 by Samuel James
Murray State University can rest easy tonight knowing they have courageously stood on the right side of history with their….restrooms? Yes, apparently lavatories are now the artifacts of historic social progress. Murray State’s administration, following the recommendations from the Student Government Association, implemented three “gender neutral” restrooms on the campu... Read more
When Do We Hear Alison Grimes? July 22, 2014 by Samuel James
I join the editors of The Courier Journal in urging Senator Mitch McConnell and challenger Alison Grimes to “stop debating debates.” The Courier gets the right message out, even if the editorial obscures the unwillingness of Grimes to debate the Senate minority leader. It predictably skewers towards portraying Grimes as waiting in the wings for her obstinate opponent, when in fact G... Read more
Kentucky Falls Again in National Economic Health Forecast July 17, 2014 by Samuel James
 The American Legislative Exchange Counsel (ALEC) has released their 2014 state by state economic forecast. The report, called Rich States, Poor States, explains its methodology and philosophy thus: The Economic Outlook Ranking is a forecast based on a state’s current standing in 15 state policy variables. Each of these factors is influenced directly by state lawmakers through th... Read more
Steve Beshear: Genuine Defender of Marriage? July 15, 2014 by Samuel James
Will the real Steve Beshear please stand up? The Kentucky governor received commendation from commonwealth conservatives for arguing on behalf of Kentucky’s traditional definition of marriage. But since then it has become less clear just how committed the governor is to maintaining traditional marriage. Beshear’s attorneys were virtually laughed out of court by Judge John G... Read more
Brief analysis of Love v. Beshear July 11, 2014 by Richard Nelson
When Judge John Heyburn struck down Kentucky’s constitutional law defining marriage on July 1, he did so on dubious grounds—appealing to the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment which essentially says that all citizens must be treated equally under the law.  Of course, we should all be for equal treatment under the law, but the logic of “homosexuals are tre... Read more
Supreme Court Update and Resources on Marriage June 26, 2014 by Samuel James
On Monday, the Supreme Court will reveal its important ruling in the case of Hobby Lobby, Conestoga Wood and the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive mandate. The President's healthcare legislation seeks to require all employers to include contraceptive care in their employees' insurance plans, even abortifacients and other morally objectionable substances. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga ... Read more
Google Opts Out of Porn Ads June 23, 2014 by Samuel James
Earlier this month Google initiated a major blow for the internet pornography industry when it announced it would no longer accept advertising for sexually explicit material. While this decision won't make pornographic material inaccessible through Google's search engines, it's a significant step in the right direction towards protecting children and families. From Breitbart: Th... Read more
President Obama Imposes Moral Confusion Via Executive Order June 19, 2014 by Samuel James
Earlier this week, President Obama announced an executive order prohibiting federal contract workers from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. The use of an executive order to enforce a policy that does not actually exist is extraordinary enough, but the President says he was fed up waiting for Congress to act: "The president has resisted signing the o... Read more
"Pastoral Letter" From Planned Parenthood Pushes Abortion June 13, 2014 by Sam James
Casey Mattox of Family Research Council has responded to Planned Parenthood’s “Clergy Advocacy Board Statement,” an open, “pastoral” letter encouraging people to not assume that “all religious clergy disapprove of abortion.” In the words of the letter (which is no longer available via PP’s site but is archived at FRC): "The truth is that... Read more
Eric Cantor Loses to Tea Party Candidate in Major Upset June 12, 2014 by Sam James
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has lost his bid for re-election in Virginia District 7’s Republican primary. His opponent, economics professor and Tea Party-backed David Brat, won a resounding victory that will be discussed for many, many days to come. I wrote a couple weeks ago that showings of GOP solidarity in Kentucky and elsewhere demonstrated that the party was not, contrary ... Read more
Kevin Williamson On Transgender Identity versus Reality June 6, 2014 by Sam James
As a relevant follow up to Wednesday’s post covering the Atherton high school’s new transgender policy, this piece by Kevin Williamson at National Review is worth your time. Williamson’s words are brief but get to the heart of the transgender controversy. Williamson writes in response to Time Magazine’s (in)famous May cover which featured Laverne Cox. Cox is a t... Read more
Atherton High School Transgender Policy Fails Its Community June 4, 2014 by Sam James
When two “rights” collide, who wins? For those who espouse moral relativism, the answer usually comes down to politics, utility, and cultural accommodation. Rather than principled debate, raw political power is wielded in order to learn who bests who. This is one of the signs of a morally confused worldview. For example, contemporary sexual revolutionaries often preach the legal pro... Read more
GOP Divide or GOP Momentum? May 30, 2014 by Sam James
Reports of the demise of GOP solidarity have been greatly exaggerated. True, pundits enjoyed fantasizing about a “civil war” within Republican ranks between the mainline candidates and the Tea Party wing. An example of that intramural rift was supposed to be the primary race for Kentucky’s US Senate seat between Mitch McConnell and Matt Bevin. In the days leading up to the pri... Read more
Alison Grimes and the Question of Abortion May 22, 2014 by Sam James
Both Senator Mitch McConnell and senate candidate Allison Grimes enjoyed landslide victories in Tuesday’s primary elections. McConnell blew out Louisville businessman Matt Bevin and Grimes won almost 80% of the vote in the Democratic election, setting up a showdown between the two for the general election in which Grimes will challenge McConnell for his seat in the US Senate. Grimes w... Read more
Judges Tear Down State Constitutions May 21, 2014 by Sam James
It’s been a bad month to be a voter, and an exciting month to be an activist judge. Two judges struck down state constitutional provisions in Oregon and Arkansas defining marriage as between a man and a woman. Both state’s constitutional language had been approved by voters, but that mattered little to Judges Michael McShane and Chris Piazza. Both judges used remarkably similar ... Read more
Protecting Marriage Event on Thursday May 20, 2014 by Sam James
It is obvious to any who keep just a cursory awareness of national news that the traditional definition of marriage is under serious assault. Same sex marriage is now legal in several states and activist judges in other states are tearing down longstanding legislation in the name of sexual revolution. These trends represent challenges and concerns to religious individuals and churches who w... Read more
Former Representative Reprimanded, Fined May 13, 2014 by Sam James
Kentucky House Representative John Arnold was found liable by the KY Legistlative House Ethics Commission concerning allegations by three former staffers that he sexually harassed them. The Commission’s votes finally numbered to the required tally-5 to 1-after failing to do so last month.  The Commission punished Arnold with a $3,000 fine, or $1,000 for each of his ethics violations ... Read more
Historical Adam and Eve at forefront of troubled Bryan College May 7, 2014 by Sam James
Bryan College, a private Christian university in Tennessee, is experiencing a storm of uncertainty. The controversy centers on the university’s views on creation and the historicity of Adam and Eve. Bryan College is named after William Jennings Bryan, the famous Christian attorney who prosecuted John Scopes in the eponymous “Scopes Trial.” Bryan has maintained since its beginn... Read more
A Supreme Court Win on Prayer May 6, 2014 by Sam James
The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 on Monday to allow the city hall meetings of Greece, New York to continue their practice of an opening prayer. A group of voters who were present during one of the prayers brought suit against the city, claiming that specific references by the clergy to Jesus were too sectarian and discriminated against non-Christians present. The Supreme Court overturned a lower cou... Read more
A Pro-Life Win in Mississippi April 25, 2014
Mississippi's Governor has banned all abortions after 20 weeks.  Republican Gov. Phil Bryant of Mississippi on Wednesday signed a bill that bans abortion at a minimum of 20 weeks of pregnancy, without exception for rape or incest.The law, which takes effect on July 1, defines 20 weeks from the start of the woman’s last menstrual period. It permits exceptions only for expectin... Read more
Big News from Alabama Court: unborn child has "inalienable" right to life April 24, 2014 by Staff
Big news from the Alabama Supreme Court that is likely to have repercussions on how courts move forward on thinking about the sanctity of life: Children in the womb should have the same legal standing as other children, the Supreme Court of Alabama ruled Friday. The decision upheld the prior conviction of Sarah Janie Hicks for “the chemical endangerment of her child,&rdq... Read more
General Assembly Over for 2014 April 17, 2014
The 2014 General Assembly concluded this week; and despite grand bargains on budgets, and compromises on solutions, the democratic stronghold that keeps Kentucky mired in mediocrity persists.  A few highlights: Governor Beshear lost yet again on attempting to bring expanded gambling into the Commonwealth. This marks yet another failure of his leadership and his administration, ... Read more
How the Gay Rights Movement Succeeded April 15, 2014
Joe Carter, an editor for The Gospel Coalition and a communications assistant for The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, has an excellent essay on the origins and successes of the gay rights movement. In an essay at Canon & Culture titled, "The Most Influential Essay You’ve Never Heard Of,” Carter discusses the influence and impact of an essay “The Overhauling o... Read more
Craig James scores with FRC April 9, 2014 by Richard Nelson
Former pro-football player and sportscaster Craig James was sacked by Fox Sports last fall for the egregious error of supporting marriage between one man and one woman.  He recently scored a job with the Family Research Council.  "... Craig and his wife decided to turn the adversity into an opportunity. At FRC, Craig will try to level the playing field for other Americans facing ... Read more
Keeneland & Red Mile Install "Instant Racing" April 4, 2014
In a show of confidence, racetracks Keeneland and Red Mile moved ahead with installation of hundreds of video terminals known as "Instant Racing." Their move comes amidst a court battle waged by the Family Foundation of Kentucky against the Kentucky Horce Racing Commission. This protracted debate boils down to whether "Instant Racing" should be considered a slot machine, whi... Read more
For Your Review April 2, 2014
There are several articles worth your review floating out on the internet today. First, Kathleen Parker, the sometimes-conservative columnist for the Washington Post has a syndicated column in today’s Courier-Journal. In it, she talks about the practical agreement that many have reached on the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Case. In the silence from the Left after the oral arguments, ... Read more
World Vision: At First a Loss, Now a Win March 27, 2014
Conservative Christians are accustomed to defeat after defeat it seems in the culture wars. This week, we were struck a major blow. World Vision, the preeminent evangelical mercy ministry known for feeding the world's poor, announced that it would allow for Christians in same-sex marriages to be employees of their organization. This move was made, ostensibly, because World Vision employs in... Read more
CPC's Richard Nelson on KET's Kentucky Tonight March 26, 2014
Commonwealth Policy Center's Executive Director Richard Nelson appeared on KET's Kentucky Tonight discussing the issue of gay rights in Kentucky. Other guests included Martin Cothran of The Family Foundation, and a representative from The Fairness Campaign and the ACLU of Kentucky. You can view Nelson's appearance by clicking here. ... Read more
Hobby Lobby Goes to Court! March 24, 2014
Tomorrow is the long-awaited day. The Christian-owned craft store mega-giant Hobby Lobby will argue before the Supreme Court that its religious liberty has been violated due to the Obama administration's HHS Mandate, an odious provision of Obamacare that requires all employers to provide their employees with insurance that covers contraception, abortion-inducing drugs, and sterilization. An... Read more
The Closing of the Mind at Stanford March 20, 2014
An interesting, ironic, and ultimately sad episode is taking place at Stanford University. At this esteemed institution of elite education, LGBT activists have persuaded Stanford's student body government to prevent school funds from being disbursed to pay for a conference featuring conservative thinkers on the topic of sexuality. Originally, the conference was granted approval and the fund... Read more
Who Will Stand for Life? March 18, 2014
Imagine a scenario where a bill has over sixty co-sponsors. Imagine a deliberative body, the House of Representatives, that requires a simple majority to pass a bill. One would assume that with over sixty co-sponsors, a bill's passage would be quite easy, non-controversial, even expected. Stay with me. Then, imagine that this bill with over sixty co-sponsors is placed in a committee designe... Read more
Nelson: "Gay marriage threat to GOP ideals" March 14, 2014
Commonwealth Policy Center Executive Director Richard Nelson had an opinion editorial in yesterday's Courier-Journal. Nelson's concern is the seeming collapse of defending marriage as the union of a man and woman within the ranks of the GOP. In the editorial, Nelson lays out a brief case for marriage, it's importance, and the consequences of redefining it, particularly along the lin... Read more
Conway: 'For the trend of history, what I did was right' March 13, 2014
Attorney General Jack Conway insists his support for same-sex marriage is designed to put him "on the right side of history." Or, as he said, “I had some political advisors who looked at the crosstabs of the Bluegrass Poll and I knew roughly in this state its about 2-1 against it. So I knew I was doing something that was against the trend of the polling but I think for the trend... Read more
Something's Afoul at Bowdoin College: Religious Intolerance March 11, 2014
Boyce College professor Owen Strachan, and an alum of Bowdoin College in Maine, has a must read post on the shenanigans happening at his alma mater regarding religious liberty and religious intolerance. According to Strachan,  In a move that has reminded many onlookers of heavy-handed institutional actions at Vanderbilt University and Tufts University, the school’s... Read more
Douthat on "Surrender" March 7, 2014
Conservative and Catholic New York Times Columnist Ross Douthat penned a sobering op-ed in last Sunday's New York Times. His message: The issue of defending marriage is lost. It truly is inevitable, and for this reason, defenders of traditional marriage may find themselves at a place in culture they've never seen or ever expected. In short, Douthat thinks that the battle has been lost, ... Read more
The Perilous State of Kentucky's Marriage Amendment March 5, 2014
Yesterday, in a surprise move, Governor Beshear announced his attention to seek outside counsel to defend Kentucky's 2004 marriage protection amendment, a constitutional amendment passed with over 70 percentage points. The move is surprising as it pits Kentucky's Attorney General, Jack Conway, who decided yesterday to not defend the provision of Kentucky's constitution that prohibit... Read more
Arizona bill that protects religious liberty defeated February 27, 2014
In arguably one of the most calculated rhetorical and misinformation campaigns ever seen, the Arizona bill that protects liberty has been vetoed by Governor Jan Brewer. There are several links worth drawing attention to that highlight why this bill was well written and necessary. First, ADF attorney Kellie Fiedorek has a short op-ed explaining the bill. According to Fiedorek,  ... Read more
National Spotlight on Religious Liberty February 25, 2014
With the spate of religious liberty bills popping up in the legislatures of Tennessee, Arizona, and Kansas, outcry has arisen from the gay community about an attempt to undermine their rights, some even calling such legislation "Jim Crow" laws for homosexuals.  What these bills illustrate is the looming conflict over religious liberty and an expansive sexual worldview that wo... Read more
More on Marriage February 22, 2014 by Richard Nelson
Advocates of natural marriage, including U.S. Senate candidate Matt Bevin, have taken lots of heat for criticizing the federal court ruling which overturned much of the Commonwealth's marriage law. Erick Erickson put the issue into focus by differentiating refusal to serve somebody because of their sexual orientation and refusal to participate in a ceremony which orthodox Christians conside... Read more
How Baking Cakes Became Controversial February 21, 2014
This week, no small amount of energy and tweeting was spent addressing an article by USA Today columnist and self-professed evangelical Christian Kirsten Powers who suggested that when it comes to Christians deciding on whether to bake cakes for gay weddings, "Jesus would bake the cake." The article comes in the context of legislation in Kansas that many thought was a reincarnation of... Read more
Mitt Romney on Marriage February 19, 2014
While federal judges in Kentucky are busy striking down portions of the Commonwealth's marriage amendment, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney offered wise words about the highly contested space that same-sex marriage now occupies. On with Meet the Press's David Gregory, Romney offered these words: "I think marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman, and I think... Read more
Media Round-up of Kentucky Gay Marriage Ruling February 13, 2014
From CN2: Mix of emotional and cautious reactions to federal judge's opinion on Ky. same sex marriage ban Politico: Kentucky gay marriage: Judge says state must recognize gay marriages performed in other states From Albert Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary:  The Other Shoe Drops in Kentucky: Federal Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage in... Read more
BREAKING: Kentucky ban on gay marriages from other states struck down by federal judge February 12, 2014
This just out from the Louisville Courier-Journal:  A federal judge Wednesday struck down Kentucky’s ban on recognizing valid same-sex marriages performed in other states, saying it violates the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection under the law. [...] Ruling in a suit brought by four gay and lesbian couples, Heyburn said that while “religious bel... Read more
Quakes rattle Kentucky February 12, 2014 by Richard Nelson
The earth shook and the ground caved in on a bedrock Kentucky institution today. But the story of the sinkhole that developed under the refined ground of the Corvette Museum is the second most important event in today’s news. The federal judge that struck down part of Kentucky’s marriage law that defines marriage exclusively between one man and one woman, tops the list. U.S. Di... Read more
What really matters in football February 11, 2014 by Staff
Yesterday's news cycle was abuzz with very important information about a college football player about to enter the NFL draft. If  you thought it might be a phoenomenal rise in draft projections due to some superhuman strength or technique found in the offseason, you'd be wrong. The most important thing that has lit up the twitterverse, and bombarded the  blogosphere is that t... Read more
Obamacare nets a loss of two million jobs by 2021 February 6, 2014
In another punch to the gut that Obamacare is brining to America, this week, news broke from the Congressional Budget Office that the continuation of Obamacare would result in a loss of over two million jobs by 2021. According to the Associated Press,  The workforce changes would mean nationwide losses equal to 2.3 million full-time jobs by 2021, in large part because people would ... Read more
Nye/Ham debate: a few thoughts and questions February 5, 2014 by Richard Nelson
Of all the heat Bill Nye the Science Guy took from the scientific community for agreeing to debate Ken Ham on the topic of evolution, he didn’t do so bad. He presented himself well and was articulate and confident. Yet Nye couldn’t answer some of the most fundamental questions at the heart of the debate: Where did atoms come from to create the Big Bang? Where does consciousness come... Read more
Kentucky Wins! and the "Billions" January 31, 2014
Ever notice that gambling proponents make the argument that casino gambling is necessary in Kentucky in order to keep Kentucky dollars from funding casinos not in our state? It’s not that gambling is wrong, predatory, or immoral, but rather a subtler message, as though to say: “Hey, if you’re going to ruin your life and bankrupt your family, do it in our state!” Gambling... Read more
Secular Liberal Pounces on Effects of Pornography January 30, 2014
Part of the mission of the Commonwealth Policy Center is to advance a culture than honors all that God has given to us—to honor what is true, good, and beautiful. So, at times, it's necessary pause from the routine and focus on items that help address and discern the culture we're in and ways to forge a better culture. In this post, we won't be highlighting the latest policy d... Read more
Forget the SOTU, who's filed for the Kentucky House? January 29, 2014 by Richard Nelson
Did you watch the State of the Union address last night?  I thought so. How about a quick read on politics closer to home? Now that the filing deadline for the Nov. 4 election is over, its time for some analysis.  And oh, how the political analysts, including yours truly, are having a field day.  Who’s filed? Where are the most heated races? And which party has the best can... Read more
Little Sisters Get a Win Against Big Brother January 26, 2014
The Little Sisters of the Poor, a Catholic charities organization that runs nursing homes throughout the United States received a big win at the Supreme Court on Friday. Short of a full victory that many anticipate will come in June when the Court decides the HHS Mandate in full, on Friday, the organization received a step beyond a injunctive. What the Court decided on Friday is that all&n... Read more
Virginia's AG Challenging Marriage Law January 23, 2014
Virginia's new attorney general, Mark Herring, is set to announce on Thursday that his office will challenge Virginia's 2004 constitutional amendment that defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Herring's announcement reiterates a truth for those that don't participate in elections yet grow frustrated at government undermining the peoples' will: Elections hav... Read more
Herald-Leader Expose on Abortion in the House January 20, 2014
John Cheves, political reporter at the Lexington Herald-Leader has done great work in investigating the discontent of pro-life foces in Kentucky, and their constant misfortune with having pro-life bills placed in Rep. Tom Burch's committee.  Cheves captures the air of inevitablity about the pro-life cause turning the screw on the Democratically-controlled House of Represenatives. A... Read more
Oklahoma's Marriage Amendment Overturned January 15, 2014
Folks in Kentucky interested in preserving marriage need to pay attention to what's happening in the reddest of American states, like Utah and Oklahoma. There, following precedent handed down in Anthony Kennedy's Windsor decision, federal judges are ruling state marriage amendments unconstitutional. Anyone surprised by this shouldn't be, for Anthony Scalia's dissent in Wind... Read more
Pro-Life Legislation Filed January 10, 2014
As the Kentucky legislature begins, three pro-life bills have been filed, signaling the pro-life caucus' intent to see real progress on this front. There has been no pro-life legislation come out of the Democratically-controlled House for nine years, due in large part to the liberal-loaded Health and Welfare Committee, chaired by pro-abortion Tom Burch. Meanwhile, the Republican-controlled ... Read more
Busy Times Ahead January 8, 2014
Much has happened in the news lately, especially relevant to the concerns of constituents of the Commonwealth Policy Center. Here are two in particular that should be in focus. In a much bandied about affair in Utah, a federal judge ruled same-sex marriage legal, leading to over 900 same-sex couples tying the knot. Then, in what's being called an unexpected turn of events, the Supreme C... Read more
POLITICO Touts Social Conservative Action January 3, 2014
The national publication, POLITICO, discussed the political efforts of social conservatives. Titled, "Social Conservative Make Big Money Plans," the article highlighted efforts by national family groups to help keep their party and their candiates accountable on issues related to the family. According to POLITICO, It’s all geared toward elevating the place of social... Read more
HHS Mandate: A Happy New Year Indeed January 1, 2014
In an eleventh hour action, Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor issued a stay against the Obama administration's HHS Mandate, the odious provision of Obamacare that requires all employers to provide contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs to their employees. Hundreds or organizations have sought relief from the bill, believing that is infringes on religious practice, a r... Read more
A Study of Contrasts December 27, 2013
Consider the irony of our news media: One outspoken Christian in America stated his belief that homosexuality is sinful. He gets suspended from his TV show at the behest of gay rights organizations' protest. Another outspoken Christian in Rome not only believes homosexuality is sinful, but also abortion is wrong. In recent days, the same outspoken Roman Christian made news for excom... Read more
Duck Dynasty and Moral Reasoning December 22, 2013
Whatever one may think of Duck Commander Phil Robertson’s recent remarks (and let’s be honest, his references to human anatomy could have used a more careful nuance), there’s at least one element in this hubbub that’s going underemphasized, but that should be appreciated: Morality. Morality and calls for a more moral nation seem more resonant of an Eisenhower-era pur... Read more
A Few Words on Duck Dynasty December 21, 2013
By now, if you haven't been living under a rock, you've heard of A&E's decision to suspend the highly popular Phil Robertson from his own show, Duck Dynasty, after an interview he did with GQ disclosed some culturally unsavory words about homosexuality. Inevitably, the episode displays the hypocrisy of Tolerance as a virtue--especially when those espousing Tolerance end up using... Read more
Young Guns battle traditional values December 18, 2013 by Richard Nelson
The National Republican Congressional Committee (RNCC) is financially supporting two openly homosexual and pro-abortion Congressional candidates through its Young Guns program. The move has miffed the social wing of the party which believes that life and marriage are core values of the GOP. The 2012 GOP Platform clearly states: "Faithful to the 'self-evident' truths enshrined ... Read more
Polygamy Law Partially Decriminalized in Utah December 17, 2013
In what many conservatives both predicted and feared would happen, the logic of same-sex marriage to opening up the door to other forms of marriage is coming true. Last Friday, a federal judge in Utah lifted a portion of the state's ban on polygamy, ruling that while an individual is still barred from entering more than one marriage at a time, individuals are no longer prohibited from cohab... Read more
House Republicans Score a Win December 12, 2013
After Tuesday night's special election win for Suzanne Miles of Owensboro, House Republicans etched another win in their belt, and with it, an additional seat in the House chambers.  A long-held bastion of Democratic control, the Kentucky House of Representatives is slowly but steadily becoming more Republican, and one hopes, more conservative.  Ryan Alessi of CN2 referred... Read more
Gambling Proposal Released December 6, 2013
Ryan Alessi of CN2 is reporting that Louisville State Senator Dan Seum has announced a propoal for bringing expanded gambling in the form of casinos to the Commonwealth. According to Alessi, "A proposal for casinos that will have the backing of business and some horse industry leaders will include licenses for a casino in seven regions of Kentucky and a requirement that 10 percent of r... Read more
Expanded gambling bad idea then, just as bad now December 3, 2013 by Richard Nelson
Businessman Billy Harper jumped onto the casino expansion bandwagon last week and called for casino legalization to recapture revenue lost to other states and use it to build Kentucky roads and schools. Sounds awfully close to a remake of the golden oldie we heard back in the late ‘80’s that the lottery was going to fix and fund our schools. And we all got coal in our stockings for ... Read more
Richard Nelson on KET's "Kentucky Tonight" Discussing ENDA December 2, 2013
Last Monday evening, Commonwealth Policy Center Executive Director Richard Nelson appeared with Martin Cothran on KET's "Kentucky Tonight" where he discussed and debated the Employment Non-Discrimination Act against Chris Hartman of the Fairness Campaign and the Enid Trucios-Haynes of the American Civil Liberties Union. The debate lasted an hour and can be viewed by clicking here.... Read more
Housing Allowance for Ministers a Thing of the Past? November 26, 2013
A major development out of Wisconsin: A notoriously liberal federal judge has struck down the clergy housing allowance tax deduction. This would have devastating effects on many rural, small church pastors. Read more about it: "Federal Judge: Clergy tax-free housing allowance is unconstitutional." The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission announced a statement on the ruling,... Read more
Bread, Circuses, and Gambling November 24, 2013
As sure as it is being anticipated, the gambling industry will be inching its ravenous claws into this year’s General Assembly, scheduled to start in January. This is hardly new. Attempts to expand gambling in Kentucky have been a constant back-and-forth for decades now, each time the assembly refusing to give sway to a predatory industry that promise profits, but begets problems. The... Read more
Memory of JFK November 22, 2013 by Richard Nelson
Fifty years ago today on a sunny afternoon in Dallas, Texas the peace of our nation was shattered when our 35th president was gunned down in his motorcade. When the shots rang out and when John Fitzgerald Kennedy was pronounced dead just shortly thereafter, something in us died. Our sense of peace. Our sense of security. Our sense of strength. Gone. More alarming was that it was ... Read more
Gambling on the Prowl November 21, 2013
As promised, movement is being made to introduce expanded gambling in Kentucky; and the movement is happening on multiple fronts. According to Blue Grass Politics, Democratic House Speaker Pro Tem Larry Clark has pre-filed expanded gambling legislation for the 2014 legislative session. One of his measures calls for a constitutional amendment to let Kentucky voters decide in November 201... Read more
Gay Marriage signaling a GOP Split? November 19, 2013
POLICITO reports that the issue of same-sex marriage that divides the family of former vice president Dick Cheney is emblematic of the larger national scene on gay marriage, an issue that many report has the GOP in a full-on identity crisis.  In a recent interview, Liz Cheney, who is running for the US Senate in Wyoming, said that while she loves her sister Mary, who is "married&q... Read more
Obamacare: Appealing to the base November 16, 2013 by Richard Nelson
According to the Huffington Post, Colorado is promoting Obamacare and luring people to sign up by appealing to base instincts. One ad says "Let's get physical" and promotes free birth control. Another says "Friends with benefits" which implies sex without consequences.  In another, a group of women line up over a snow ski lined up with filled shot glasses and are to... Read more
Louisville Columnist Questions Gambling November 15, 2013
Louisville political columnist John David Dyche penned a column with WDRB questioning the merits of expanded gambling, an issue that besets the Commonwealth in a seemingly unending cycle. Drawing upon the recent (and excellent) op-ed by conservative columnist Ross Douthat, Dyche continues in like manner by questioning the wisdom of expanding gambling. According to Dyche, The prolife... Read more
Kentucky Baptists Face Hiring Dilemma November 11, 2013
A controversy has brewed in Kentucky Baptist life over one of its entities, Sunrise Children Services, considering to end its ban on hiring homosexuals.  Sunrise Children Services is the foster care entity that receives funding through the Kentucky Baptist Convention, along with receiving the bulk of its operating revenue through state funding. According to Baptist Press, The p... Read more
ENDA Passes Senate November 8, 2013
A troubling bill that should have believers of all faiths concerned passed the U.S.  Senate yesterday. Titled the "Employment Non-Discrimination Act" (ENDA), the bill imposes strict hiring standards on all employers, especially employers who are people of faith, and who might object to overt actions pertaining to sexual orientation or gender identity in their workplace. T... Read more
Fracking pipeline and other controversies November 7, 2013 by Richard Nelson
An article in Wednesday’s edition of the Louisville Courier Journal titled “Protestors cite faith in opposing Bluegrass Pipeline” is interesting on a number of levels. Conservative Christians were conspicuously absent from the protest which consisted of 40 people on the capitol steps. It’s laudable that some of the Christian communities are actively engaging in policy di... Read more
Gay Divorce in Kentucky? November 5, 2013
A peculiar case in Kentucky has gained the attention of marriage advocates and marriage revisionists. According to the Courier-Journal, a couple in Kentucky is seeking the state’s very first “gay divorce.” This is peculiar not only for a divorce between same-sex persons, but that in Kentucky, the commonwealth’s constitution does not recognize same-sex marriage. H... Read more
Gambling Debate on KET October 31, 2013
With the 2014 General Assembly just around the corner, gambling advocates are back to their old ways and insisting, yet again, that Kentuckians deserve the right to vote on whether to bring expanded gambling (casinos) into the Commonwealth. Despite Kentucky not being a referendum state, advocates are calling on the legislature to bypass its duty to weigh in on the soundness or unsoundness of ga... Read more
Just What Did the White House Know Regarding Cancelled Insurance? October 29, 2013
A disturbing investigative report out of NBC News sheds light on the Obama administration's advance knowledge that its healthcare law would force millions of individuals to lose their private insurance, despite repeated promises from the President himself that "if you like your plan, you can keep it." "Buried in Obamacare regulations from July 2010 is an estimate that bec... Read more
2015 Governor Speculations October 25, 2013
  Though Kentuckians are still two years away from the next Governor's race, citizens are already being treated to a boilerplate of anticipation as to who will be at the top of the gubernatorial ticket. Republican political columnist and Louisville attorney, John David Dyche, put forth a column with WDRB talking up the potential of Louisville businessman Hal Heiner as a top contend... Read more
Same-Sex Marriage Comes to New Jersey October 21, 2013
Same-sex marriage continues its march across America as New Jersey becomes the 14th state to allow same-sex marriage.  Political specatators will probably cast Chris Christie as the political winner. For one, as the leader of a deep blue state, Christie's personal stance against same-sex marriage was expected to be overriden by the legislature; where Republicans were poised to buck the... Read more
Faith, Culture, & Religious Liberty October 15, 2013
Last week in Washington D.C., the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Manhattan Declaration co-hosted an event on the topic of religious liberty.  Panelists included Russell Moore, president of the ERLC, Kirsten Powers, a FOX News political analyst and columnist for the Daily Beast, Jennifer Marshall, Director of Domestic Policy at The Heritag... Read more
California's "back alley abortion" law October 10, 2013 by Richard Nelson
One of the reasons for legalizing abortion in established medical facilities was to prevent illegal or "back alley" abortions. Unlicensed doctors and shabby facilities would be a thing of the past. Instead, women would be treated by medical professionals--doctors who had surgical training. The U.S. Supreme Court agreed with this logic in 1973 and  Roe v Wade and legal abortion be... Read more
Big Cases at the US Supreme Court October 7, 2013
As the United States Supreme Court begins its new terms, the highest court in the land will hear several important cases pertaining to abortion and prayer. In Town of Greece v. Galloway, the Supreme Court will hear a case involving a dispute brought by secular citizens in Greece, New York, against the city's governing council. The plaintiffs allege that opening a town hall gathering in ... Read more
College Student's Protest Against "Diversity Training" Goes Viral October 2, 2013
In probably the most encouraging news of the week, a doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin has rebuffed his university's committment to so-called "diversity" by publishing an online letter to the university's administration.  Subject to a regimen of "diversity classes," student Jason Morgan decided he had had enough. In the letter, Morgan criticize... Read more
Marriage and Religious Liberty Legislation Introduced September 30, 2013
After the Supreme Court's ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8, coupled with numerous instances of individuals and businesses facing great difficulty in holding a view of marriage as the union of one man and one woman, Idaho Representative Raul Labrador has introduced legislation in the House of Representatives aimed at protecting citizens with traditional beliefs on marriage fr... Read more
Liberal Democrat calls for investigation of Stumbo September 26, 2013 by Richard Nelson
What do you call it when a state legislator resigns amidst a sexual harassment scandal; the director of the Legislative Research Commission abruptly resigns; and a liberal Democrat is calling for the investigation of the Speaker of the House? A bad month for Democrats. Earlier today,  Democratic state Sen. Kathy Stein (D-Lexington) called for the investigation of House Speaker Gr... Read more
Filibuster on Obamacare Has Begun September 24, 2013
The long-awaited showdown between Republicans and Democrats has begun. Senator Ted Cruz, true to his pledge, has pulled all stops in blocking the arrival of the Affordable Care Act by beginning his filibuster against the bill's funding. He's been joined by Kentucky's very own, Senator Rand Paul, who had stood beside Cruz in his battle to bring the people's voice to the wall... Read more
Obamacare's Continued Undermining of Religious Freedom September 18, 2013 by Staff
In what is now an additional setback for religious liberty advocates, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the Obama administration by denying an injunction for a company seeking relief from the Health and Human Services Mandate. The Health and Humans Services Mandate is a provision of the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, that mandates that all employers provi... Read more
Beshear to Override Education Vote September 13, 2013 by Staff
With science standards in education being hotly debated in Kentucky, it is being reported that Governor Beshear will override the vote of a legislative review committee and implement new science standards.  Debate ensued over the Next Generation Science Standards and whether their purported standards were sufficiently rigorous. Some conservatives expressed concern that the standards ar... Read more
9/11 and the path to the Darwin Award September 11, 2013 by Richard Nelson
Twelve years ago our nation changed forever. We were jolted out of a routine morning of school and work when we heard news of an airliner crashing into the World Trade Center. Then a second plane struck.  We were under attack. “But why?” everyone asked. Since then, our military has suffered nearly 20,000 casualties in Afghanistan alone—2200 dead and 17,000 wounded. B... Read more
Congress Back to Work: Syria September 9, 2013 by Staff
As Congress heads back into session this week, one topic will be on the minds of our elected officials: the crisis in Syria. As many are most surely familiar with, the Obama administration’s self-imposed “red line” on Syrian use of chemical weapons has brought the United States to the brink of exercising its full military capability.   The President’s support ... Read more
Religious liberty downgrade as Frankfort passes Fairness Ordinance September 4, 2013 by Staff
Coming to a Commonwealth city near you is the eventual clash of sexual orientation and religious expression. The Commonwealth’s capital, Frankfort, became the fifth city in Kentucky to pass a “Fairness Ordinance.” Conveniently self-titled, Fairness Ordinances are non-discrimination bills that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The bil... Read more
Religious Liberty goes down in Oregon September 2, 2013 by Staff
The collapse of religious liberty continues. With August’s news of religious liberty taking a backseat to sexual orientation in New Mexico   September is starting off with a bang, too. News out of the northwest reveals that a Gresham, Oregon cake shop is closing its doors after allegations of discrimination against a gay couple. Like cases now involving a Denver baker ... Read more
A culture of harassment August 29, 2013 by Richard Nelson
The nation was thrust into the midst of a strip-club act earlier in the week when MTV televised Video Music Awards showed Miley twerking in a nude bikini and Gaga stripping down to a thong and sea shell pasties.  The only thing missing was a shiny pole and strobe lights. The two undoubtedly talented artists who exposed and degraded themselves before millions, made even the glitterati uncom... Read more
The ACLU: There they go again August 23, 2013 by Staff
Anyone familiar with President Reagan’s famous refrain, “There you go again”  will note that the President first said this remark in a bout of sighing annoyance toward his opponent, Jimmy Carter, who would offer the same repeated, tired lines of attack. The American Civil Liberties Union is up to their usual: Finding the smallest iota of public goodwill and calling f... Read more
Louisville attorney pens article on religious liberty in Kentucky August 21, 2013 by Staff
Louisville attorney John David Dyche has a fantastic article as it relates to religious liberty in Kentucky at Louisville’s FOX affiliate.  In the article, Dyche summarizes what was a very important case for religious liberty not only in Kentucky, but also for the United States. The case dealt specifically with the Commonwealth of Kentucky versus an Amish sect in Kentucky that h... Read more
Planned Parenthood: Coming to a town near you? August 16, 2013 by Staff
Planned Parenthood, the government-subsidized “family planning” organization that oversaw over 330,000 abortions throughout the United States in 2012 is poised to inch further into the Commonwealth.  Currently, there are two abortion facilities in Kentucky associated with Planned Parenthood—in Louisville and Lexington. According to reports, Planned Parenthood of Indi... Read more
When a coup is not a coup August 14, 2013 by Richard Nelson
I woke up this morning to the latest news of violence in the streets of Cairo, Egypt.  NPR reported that Egyptian security forces attacked pro-Morsi camps, killing as many as 60 protestors. With that kind of news off the bat who needs coffee to jumpstart the day? It’s a bit strange that our federal government has claimed that the July 3 ouster of Egypt’s democratically ele... Read more
Fancy Farm: full of sound and fury August 5, 2013 by Richard Nelson
I made it to the 133 annual Fancy Farm Picnic on Saturday. When I left home in Cadiz, it looked as if I'd be watching the candidate speeches in the rain but as I arrived, the rain stopped and the sun poked through the clouds. I didn't hear a single politician take credit for the improved weather. If any dared to, I'd have pressed them if they'd also be willing to take credit for... Read more
Are some babies worth more than others? July 23, 2013 by Richard Nelson
It's funny how a nation that rejected rule by monarchy is suddenly fixated on a royal birth. Yes, Prince William and his bride gave birth to their yet-to-be-named son who is now third in line to the royal throne. But why do we care? Is it because he's royalty? Or just a special baby born into a privileged class that most of us could never relate to? Whatever the reasons, the interest an... Read more
Texas Pain Capable Child Protection Act doesn't hate on women July 22, 2013 by Anna Webber
When people chant, “Hail Satan,” they’re at a ritual, not a political protest. So all Hell broke loose (pun intended) when Texas Governor Rick Perry called a special session to pass the pro-life bill previously filibustered the other week by State Senator Wendy Davis.  But while Senator Davis and the countless other protestors claimed it was a “war on women,” ... Read more
Are morality and religion valid arguments in the marriage debate? July 11, 2013 by Justin Ramey
Two weeks after the ground shaking Supreme Court decision that toppled DOMA, its effects and meaning are still being debated.  NPR had a conservative on recently, who was trying to walk an impossible tight rope.  On the one hand, he argued that the will of the people was being thwarted by the courts.  To which his liberal counterpart correctly pointed out that our nation should r... Read more
Cleanup doesn't make abortion right July 8, 2013 by John Birkett
Replace the blood-stained furniture and blankets, the roaming cats and filthy instruments of Dr. Kermit Gosnell's Philadelphia abortion clinic with bleached sheets, skilled nurses and sterilized equipment. Place the comfortably anesthetized newborn face-down on a proper operating table. Drape him neatly with a blue operating sheet that leaves exposed just the one square inch of nape where, ... Read more
Declaration of Independence July 4, 2013 by Thomas Jefferson
The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America In Congress, July 4, 1776   When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle th... Read more
Five Takeaways from the June 25 Special Election June 29, 2013 by Richard Nelson
Democratic candidate James Kay won the 56th House District special election with 44 percent of the vote. Here are a few lessons that we gleaned from the race. Money doesn’t always win: This was likely the most expensive state House race in Kentucky history. Republican candidate Lyen Crews had some $243,000 spent on behalf of his candidacy while Democrat James Kay had $182,000 spent o... Read more
High Court's Defiance of Marriage Act June 26, 2013 by Richard Nelson
The U.S. Supreme Court declined to uphold the meaning of marriage and undermined the democratic process when it struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Perhaps we should call it their Defiance of Marriage Act (DMA). The Court also declined to hear a defense to California’s Proposition 8 which defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman. They said proponents of the law l... Read more
The case against Plan B June 17, 2013 by Justin Ramey
Caving to political pressure from the left, the Obama administration has approved the sale of “Plan B One-Step,” to children of any age, without a prescription.  The decision comes less than two years after the President himself voiced concerns over 10 and 11-year-olds purchasing this so called morning after pill, “alongside the bubble gum or batteries.” Call it his... Read more
Exporting Deviancy June 11, 2013 by Richard Nelson
In his speech marking June as LGBTQ--Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning month, President Barack Obama listed a string of ways his administration has promoted LGBTQ acceptance in America. "My Administration is a proud partner in the journey toward LGBT equality. We extended hate crimes protections to include attacks based on sexual orientation or gender identity and repealed &l... Read more
Enter the Wonderland of moral relativism June 2, 2013 by Justin Ramey
Ever feel like you're Alice in Wonderland where everything is topsy turvy?  Two recent news stories put me into that fairy tale where I felt somewhere between the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts. The first came from Florida, where an 18-year-old high school girl is being charged for having sexual relations with a 14-year-old.  It would be a non-story as, most would agree th... Read more
Treading on freedom May 25, 2013 by Justin Ramey
“Don’t tread on me.”  The motto, from a yellow flag with a coiled rattle snake, represents the courageous spirit of justice and freedom at our founding.  As a symbol believed to have originated on the drums of enlisting Marines during the Revolutionary War, it is fitting that we reflect upon its significance during this Memorial Day weekend. Ben Franklin said of ... Read more
Boys Scouts Lost May 24, 2013 by Richard Nelson
Yesterday, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) voted to allow openly homosexual boys to join the ranks. A surprising 61 percent of the 1400 voting members voted to ax the longstanding policy prohibiting Scouts from openly professing homosexuality. However, voting members were strongly pressured and lobbied by the national organization to do so. The national BSA in turn, caved into pressure by gay p... Read more
Dragging the bedroom into public for political points May 20, 2013 by Richard Nelson
  It is a common tactic of the gay political lobby to absolve homosexual behavior with some great achievement of a practiting homosexual. Roger Guffey recently wrote an op-ed in the May 18 edition of the Lexington Herald-Leader and dropped a great deal of ink on the page listing many homosexuals and some purported homosexuals who were successful in their various fields. While no seriou... Read more
Justice Department deporting home schoolers May 16, 2013 by Justin Ramey
A little covered news story from Tuesday caught my eye.  “Home Schooling German Family Fights Deportation” the headline ran.  Apparently, a German homeschool family, living in Tennessee for the past five years, has lost their appeal for asylum.  Their attorney has vowed to appeal again, but also noted in an interview, “We’re in the seventh inning, and we&r... Read more
Targeting political enemies May 15, 2013 by Richard Nelson
Revelations that the IRS targeted Tea Party and Patriot groups applying for nonprofit tax status has rocked the Obama administration and resulted in one high level official's departure. Earlier this evening, acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller was ousted in the wake of scandal that pits a powerful federal government against political opponents. Conservative groups, including the Kentucky ... Read more
Who can you trust? May 11, 2013 by Justin Ramey
Charles Spurgeon once noted, "A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes."  It’s a fitting analogy for the world we live in, a world where we must be eternally vigilant in our quest for truth and trust worthiness. During the past few days, Benghazi Hearings in Congress have revealed deliberate falsehoods from the highest levels of ... Read more
When the intolerant craft tolerance policy May 3, 2013 by Justin Ramey
Would you consult Congress for tips on how to live within your means and get out of debt?  Would you ask Rush Limbaugh for tips on humility?  Would you tap the wisdom of Lindsay Lohan for insight into self-control?  If so, you can stop reading now and invest your valuable time elsewhere. Still there?  Ok, get this, according to the Washington Post, the Pentagon last mon... Read more
President praises Planned Parenthood April 30, 2013 by Justin Ramey
In the face of troubling new revelations by Planned Parenthood, the President on Friday boldly proclaimed his unwavering support for the nation's largest abortion provider.  It seems supporters of abortion have always meticulously avoided the question of when life begins.  Then candidate Obama, famously claimed in the 2008 presidential election that the question was "abov... Read more
Hope in troubled times April 23, 2013 by Justin Ramey
Our hearts go out to the victims of senseless violence.  We bristle at the cruelty of the perpetrators, and we desperately search for a solution and safety for our own loved ones.  But how?  How do we ensure such safety. As congress debates gun control, the Department for Homeland Security amasses ammunition and armored vehicles, and the nation examines our immigration polic... Read more
Media shows bias in reporting on violence April 16, 2013 by Richard Nelson
Blood stains, severed limbs, the taking of innocent human life. Our nation is horrified by the terrorist attack in Boston yesterday, but what I just described is another case of cold-blooded killing that the national media has neglected to report. It is of the trial of Kermit Gosnell, the notorious late-term abortionist in Philadelphia who is accused of murdering a patient by administering a le... Read more
Sexual behavior shouldn't trump religious conviction March 25, 2013 by Richard Nelson
Last Friday, Governor Steve Beshear created a stir when he vetoed HB 279, the Religious Freedom Act. It passed both Houses by wide margins and was intended to put a greater burden on the state before it could infringe on somebody’s religious liberty. Interestingly, it was gay political organizations that objected the loudest. The ACLU and the Kentucky Equality Federation said it could jeo... Read more
GOP will go up in smoke if it becomes party of pot March 21, 2013 by Richard Nelson
Dear editor, David Adams op-ed: The GOP should be the party of cannabis, likens prohibition of drug use with an assault on liberty. His argument is predicated on the definition of liberty. If liberty means that one can do whatever they want without restraint then Adams has a point. But it is an argument foreign to our history. America’s Founding Fathers understood that choices have l... Read more
Sequestration not so bad March 11, 2013 by Justin Ramey
One week post sequestration, and the sky hasn't fallen.  In fact, it would appear crow is on the menu in Washington, as many of the dire pre-sequestration predictions are proving to be little more than political scare tactics, exaggerations, and even out right lies.    Turns out, Capitol janitors haven't been materially impacted, teachers haven't received pink s... Read more
Gay activists lobby Beshear to veto religious freedom bill March 8, 2013 by Richard Nelson
Before the ink was dry on the Kentucky Senate's passage of the Religious Freedom Act, gay rights groups sent a letter to Governor Steve Beshear asking him to veto the bill. They contend it will give people the right to discriminate against gays and lesbians. The letter said in part "House Bill 279 represents a clear and present danger to the gay and lesbian community and other minority... Read more
GOP incumbents on Dem chopping block March 5, 2013 by Richard Nelson
State House Democrats on the State Government Committee demonstrated exceptional solidarity on HB 2--the Incumbent Protection Plan otherwise known as the redistricting bill. What they could not achieve at the ballot box last November they accomplished by eliminating at least five opponents from the other party.  Eleven Republican State House members were moved into the same districts and w... Read more
Sequestration: scream in terror, or yawn and go back to bed? March 3, 2013 by Justin Ramey
The past weeks and months have brought us a steady stream of dire warnings from Washington.  In the waning days before Sequestration hit on Friday, the danger sirens and flashing lights blared as both political parties attempted to manipulate the situation to their own gain. Yet, for good or bad, there appears to be little real concern among most of the American people.  Perhaps they ... Read more
Pro-life bills die in House Committee February 28, 2013 by Richard Nelson
In the last 24 hours, Kentucky House Democrats voted to kill three bills that would protect and elevate the sanctity of human life. Another bill they supported would potentially suck the life out of many more who made it out of the womb--expanded gambling at the racetracks. This was their solution to shore up the faltering pension fund. So instead of making tough decisions like increasing the r... Read more
A National Conversation on Religious Liberty & Gay Rights February 25, 2013 by February 25, 2014
With the spate of religious liberty bills popping up in the legislatures of Tennessee, Arizona, and Kansas, outcry has arisen from the gay community about an attempt to undermine their rights, some even calling such legislation "Jim Crow" laws for homosexuals.  What these bills illustrate is the looming conflict over religious liberty and an expansive sexual worldview that wo... Read more
President's Day February 18, 2013 by Richard Nelson
    Today we celebrate two of our greatest presidents: Washington and Lincoln. One a Virginian. The other a Kentuckian. One fought to birth this nation. The other fought to hold it together. They are known today largely for their character, their convictions and the idea that freedom is worth fighting for.   So we celebrate their leadership of this great nation. Here is... Read more
Academic Genocide February 16, 2013 by Richard Nelson
Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holiday ruffled a few feathers last week when he likened the persistently failing Louisville schools to "academic genocide."  This is no verbal bomb thrown by a right winger. Rather, its a shot across the bow from the educational establishment's general. And as they say in the back forty, "he's not playin' around." ... Read more
Military becomes proving ground for social engineering January 31, 2013 by Richard Nelson
It is no secret that the U.S. Armed Forces have become a playground for left wing social engineers. In 2011, Don't Ask, Don't Tell was dropped and open and outward homosexual behavior was no longer grounds for expulsion. How this made our military stronger has yet to be explained. Just days ago, Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta announced that women will be able to serve in combat posi... Read more
Scouts honor? January 29, 2013 by Richard Nelson
A bombshell of abuse and cover up dropped on the Boy Scouts of America last October when secret files revealed 1200 cases of sexual abuse perpetrated by Scout masters. The abuse was documented from 1960 to 1985 and occurred across the United States. The 'Perversion Files," as they're known, are strong evidence for keeping out openly homosexual leaders. However, yesterday, the Boy S... Read more
Little Sisters get a win against Big Brother January 26, 2013
The Little Sisters of the Poor, a Catholic charities organization that runs nursing homes throughout the United States received a big win at the Supreme Court on Friday. Short of a full victory that many anticipate will come in June when the Court decides the HHS Mandate in full, on Friday, the organization received a step beyond a injunctive. What the Court decided on Friday is that all groups... Read more
Values at heart of gun debate January 17, 2013 by Richard Nelson
Guns have been the hottest topic of debate since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown Connecticut. In response to the horrific tragedy that has gripped our hearts, President Obama  issued yesterday 23 executive orders which expands background checks, increases school resource officers and addresses mental health issues. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has called for school person... Read more
Three Illinois legislators facing criminal charges January 13, 2013 by West Kentucky Star
SPRINGFIELD, IL - When a new General Assembly takes the oath of office later in the day, its ranks will include three lawmakers facing criminal charges. Former state Rep. Derrick Smith heads back to Springfield on Wednesday. The Democrat was arrested on bribery charges and expelled last year, but voters put him back in office. Sen. Donne Trotter faces gun charges for allegedly bringin... Read more
CPC endorses Bam Carney January 4, 2013 by Commonwealth Policy Center
The Commonwealth Policy Center endorsed Bam Carney (R-Cambellsville) after he signed and agreed to fight for core principles integral to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Rep. Carney has taken a strong stand for life, marriage, religious freedom and sound fiscal policies. He is also opposed to any gambling expansion. Rep. Carney is also running to become the minority whip in the state House. ... Read more
POLITICO touts Social Conservative Efforts January 3, 2013
The national publication, POLITICO, discussed the political efforts of social conservatives. Titled, "Social Conservative Make Big Money Plans," the article highlighted efforts by national family groups to help keep their party and their candiates accountable on issues related to the family. According to POLITICO, It’s all geared toward elevating the place of social issu... Read more
POLITICO touts Social Conservative Efforts January 3, 2013
The national publication, POLITICO, discussed the political efforts of social conservatives. Titled, "Social Conservative Make Big Money Plans," the article highlighted efforts by national family groups to help keep their party and their candiates accountable on issues related to the family. According to POLITICO, It’s all geared toward elevating the place of social... Read more
CPC endorse Gregory for special Senate election December 6, 2012 by Richard Nelson
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: December 6, 2012 Contact: Richard Nelson (270) 719-1640 Commonwealth Policy Center endorses Sara Beth Gregory for vacant state Senate seat   Cadiz, KY— The Commonwealth Policy Center endorsed State Representative Sara Beth Gregory (R-Monticello) for the 16th District state Senate seat today.  She will be facing Williamsburg school tea... Read more
1863 Thanksgiving Proclamation November 21, 2012 by Abraham Lincoln
National Day of Thanksgiving Proclamation October 3, 1863 By the President of the United States   The year that is drawing toward its close has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies. To these bounties, which are so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come, others have been added, which are of so extraordinary a... Read more
Kentucky Family Values November 6, 2012 by Richard Nelson
The Super PAC calling itself Kentucky Family Values has run some vicious ads against Republican candidates. Demeaning a political opponent is not a Kentucky value. Nor is  a hefty chunk of  the money used to fund the ads from Kentucky. According to a recent election finance report, James Wilkes, Tampa, Fla., and Timothy McHugh, Rolling Hills, Califormia, of the law firm Wilkes & M... Read more
Test of Fire November 2, 2012
Please take a moment and check out this video that puts the 2012 election into perspective. It takes 3 minutes and it will move you. After you watch it, please share it with your friends. ... Read more
Letter to Editor regarding Graves County Voter Guide October 25, 2012 by Richard Nelson
Here is a letter to the Mayfield Messenger regarding the voter guide we recently inserted into that paper. One of the candidates is claiming they never received the questionnaire. I still haven't heard back from the editor as to whether they will publish the letter. So here it is for all to see.   Dear Editor, The voter guide that we inserted into your newspaper has created... Read more
Smoking not the biggest health hazard inside strip clubs October 19, 2012 by Richard Nelson
Earlier in the week the Lexington Herald-Leader reported that  Lexington strip clubs were not complying with the city’s eight year old smoking ban. I’ll go out on a limb and say that smoking inside these clubs isn’t the most serious offense. At what point did we decide that the air quality inside a strip club was more important than how women are treated on their premises... Read more
Party Platforms October 11, 2012 by Commonwealth Policy Center
Just in case you were wondering, there is a difference between Democrat and Republican party platforms. On foundational issues of abortion, marriage, taxes and redistributing wealth, there is a stark contrast between the two parties. Click on the links below to read the 2012 platforms in their entirety: Democrat Party Republ... Read more
Presidential debate October 3, 2012 by Richard Nelson
Mitt Romney won yesterday's debate so handily that left of center media spent much of the day trying to explain why President Obama's performance was less than stellar.  It could be summed up by one of Romney's lines: "Mr. President, you are entitled to your own airplane, your own house, but not your own facts."   Obama criticized Romney's tax plan as increasing the deficit. ... Read more
Implications of gay marriage real September 25, 2012 by Richard Nelson
State Senator Perry Clark (D-Louisville) recently told CN2 Pure Politics that gay marriage isn't the issue it was in 2004 when it was placed on the ballot. Clark, who is up for reelection this year, has migrated from his conservative roots and is supporting among other things, legalizing marijuana for medicinal use. He's also advocating  gay marriage and says people are softening o... Read more
al Qaeda, the elections and civility September 18, 2012 by Richard Nelson
In the wake of violent unrest in the Middle East, it is hard to not reflect on what we have in terms of civility in our public square. As most know, our Ambassador, Chris Stevens, was killed after the U.S. Embassy in Libya was stormed by militia on September, 11. Three other Americans were killed in the attack and riots are taking place from Tunisia to Malaysia. A 14 minute low budget film calle... Read more
Geary taking a gamble on slots August 31, 2012 by Richard Nelson
Ellis Park owner Ron Geary announced that he is opening up a new facility today in Henderson that will house 187 "instant racing" machines. They are just like slot machines but purportedly based on previously run horse races.  If they are anything like Kentucky Downs "instant racing" machines they have names like Yukon Wilie's Gold Rush and work like a regular slot machine... Read more
Political storm brewing August 27, 2012 by Richard Nelson
Tropical Storm Isaac is drenching the GOP National Convention resulting in postponement of activities for a day. Prediction: this storm will bring it will be more than wet weather to the region. It is a useful metaphor to describe the escalating political fury and fiery rhetoric unleashed in recent weeks.   A super-PAC is charging Mitt Romney with the death of a cancer patient a... Read more
Do we need an anti-straight hate crimes law? August 15, 2012 by Richard Nelson
The news out of Washington D.C. earlier today was chilling. At 10:45 this morning an angry man shouting negative slurs about pro-family activity in the Family Research Council lobby opened fire and wounded a security guard. Floyd Corkins II was subdued and taken into custody. "But he was such a nice man"  his neighbors insisted.  Isn't that always the case when someone goes off... Read more
Romney gets his man August 11, 2012 by Richard Nelson
Earlier today Mitt Romney announced that Rep.Paul Ryan (R-WI) will be his VP running mate. The pick couldn't have been any better. Ryan is an articulate defender of founding principles, the right to life, and limited government. He understands that the fiscal mess and ballooning social programs that will burst in our lifetime need to be addressed. And now. Ryan has proposed bold solutions to fix ... Read more
Everyone is Talking About Chick-Fil-A August 6, 2012 by Andy French
Everyone is talking about Chik-Fil-A, and not about the food.  The recent controversy that has opened up around the same-sex marriage debate has demonstrated several important truths that conservatives must observe. First, being careful with our words is important in this overly-sensitive accusatory cultural climate.  We should be as wise as serpents and gentle as doves, avoiding inflam... Read more
Fairytales and Fiscal Responsibility: Can America have a "Happily Ever After"? August 3, 2012 by Kara Stivers
 Once upon a time, there were two small children who were abandoned by their father in the woods. Left on their own, they have a dangerous adventure involving a candy house, a hungry witch, and a hot oven. Eventually they find their way back to their now remorseful father, and the fairytale ends. As a child, I found the story of Hansel and Gretel unsatisfying. I was firmly convinced ... Read more
Dark Night Rising July 26, 2012 by Richard Nelson
It has been one of the saddest news cycles in recent times. Two men— one who thinks he’s the Joker and went on a killing rampage and another who hid behind a different mask and lured young boys into unthinkable acts, left our hearts heavy and our collective soul wounded. In such times, what does one say? The latter perpetrator was brought back into the public eye after NCAA officials ... Read more
The Great Depression or The Great Recovery? What Do the Statistics Say? July 24, 2012 by Nathan Gibson
Can you remember all the way back to when gas prices were only $1.33? Was that five years ago? Ten? More? Actually, gas prices in Kentucky were $1.33 when President Obama took office, and since then have skyrocketed more than 240%.1 Everyone has felt the effects of the recent recession (negative effects, that is, except perhaps in the case of a foreclosure lawyer), so it should be no surpri... Read more
Charter Schools and the Commonwealth: The Race for Meaningful Education Reform July 18, 2012 by Kara Stivers
Despite being known for its fast horses, Kentucky has been slow in the race to meaningful education reform.  The inability of the Kentucky legislature to pass recent charter school legislation is just one example of its failure to stay on track. Charter Schools are tuition-free public schools that have been freed from certain rules in exchange for improving student achievement.1 Curr... Read more
Commonwealth Policy PAC gets favorable coverage from public radio July 11, 2012 by Richard Nelson
  Robby Mills was recently interview by Kenny Colston of WFPL in Louisville. We continue to get favorable coverage. To read a transcript of the report, go to: Read more
ACA Ruling July 2, 2012 by Richard Nelson
Now that the dust has settled over the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) its time to discern where we stand and also ask how did reliably conservative justice John Roberts side with the consistently liberal wing of the court?  Roberts rejected the Obama administration's interstate commerce arguement  but said instead it was still OK because it was a tax.  Under A... Read more
Rally for Religious Freedom June 8, 2012 by Richard Nelson
 Rally for Religious Freedom at Moreland Park Owensboro, June 8, 2012  Remarks by Richard Nelson of the Commonwealth Policy Center: Good afternoon. It is good to see so many here today to gather and rally to support our most precious freedom—freedom of religion, actually the right to life is the most precious, but religious freedom is right up there. It is good to see many deno... Read more
What does Walker's victory mean for November? June 6, 2012 by Richard Nelson
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker pulled a big win in yesterday's recall election beating Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett by a 53-46 margin. I actually met the guy in 1997 when I briefly worked for another legislator in the Wisconsin Capitol. After Walker left a colleague said to me "he's going to be governor someday." Boy was he right--and elected twice within less than two years. In 2010 Wal... Read more
Prayer is Appropriate for Santa Fe May 29, 2012 by Staff
Another school shooting grips our nation as we struggle for answers. Eight students and two faculty members are dead. Thirteen others were wounded by an angry student armed with a shotgun and pistol. But unlike the Parkland school shooting, for the most part students and parents aren't calling for more gun restrictions. They've banded together in prayer. Santa Fe School District is wher... Read more
Primary Analysis May 25, 2012 by Richard Nelson
Primary update The biggest news in the Kentucky primary was that Barack Obama was beaten in 67 counties by a candidate named “Uncommitted.” If it weren’t for Lexington and Louisville, he would have lost Kentucky.  Political science guru, Larry Sabato, who heads the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, called the showing “embarrassing.&rdq... Read more
Can Prayer Help in San Bernadino? May 15, 2012 by Staff
Wednesday December 2nd became another day in American history that is not tallied in a calendar sent out to place on your desk. It was not a date that people will ask themselves, “where were you on Wednesday, December 2nd?” It’s not a moment in history that is something worth celebrating. But when this date is recalled and the events that took place, it will be remembered as a... Read more
KY's Criminal Justice Challenges December 31, 1969 by Staff
Kentucky's Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Public Safety John Tilley told lawmakers about challenges faced by the Corrections Department. Currently, close to 24,000 Kentuckians are behind bars and an additional 48,000 are on parole or probation. It takes a lot of money to keep our society safe. In fact, Kentucky's corrections budget is $650 million per year, but according to Secretary... Read more
KY's Criminal Justice Challenges December 31, 1969 by Staff
Kentucky's Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Public Safety John Tilley told lawmakers about challenges faced by the Corrections Department. Currently, close to 24,000 Kentuckians are behind bars and an additional 48,000 are on parole or probation. It takes a lot of money to keep our society safe. In fact, Kentucky's corrections budget is $650 million per year, but according to Secretary... Read more