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When you turn on the television or radio, or pick up your favorite newspaper, the lines between reporting and commentary have never been more skewed. The news media plays a key role across Kentucky as people depend on television, radio, newspapers, and websites to provide important information.

The Commonwealth Minute is a daily radio commentary heard on over 40 stations, provides perspective on issues that affect Kentuckians.

Richard Nelson has been a guest on KET's Kentucky Tonight numerous times. Nelson and Brandon Porter have both been published in newspapers across the state and on the Kentucky Baptist Convention's news site, Nelson's column's have been published in the Louisville Courier-Journal, Lexington Herald-Leader, Cincinnati Enquirer, and USA Today. 

CPC videos addressing issues of the day are available on our Vimeo and You Tube Channel. Donations are not tax deductible.



"It is refreshing and most welcome to have Commonwealth Policy Foundation working in our state to provide valuable information and insight on the critical issues of our day. In a media world where there are many voices which espouse views and beliefs contrary to what we read in scripture, the availability of the Commonwealth Policy Foundation as a media resource is a wonderful asset. Its op-ed articles are very helpful to our newspaper and, as a result, to our readers."

Chip Hutcheson, President of the National Newspaper Association, Publisher of The Princeton Times Leader

"The longer I know Richard Nelson the more I appreciate his Christian faith, deep convictions, and tireless commitment to families and communities in the Commonwealth. Richard understands Kentucky values because he shares those values. And he has been a great help to people and churches all across the state who want to see our values preserved. As a fellow Baptist, I never have to wonder where Richard will stand on an issue. As a kind and thoughtful conservative, I never have to worry about how Richard will represent our people or positions. He continues to be a great help especially to those of us who are on the front lines in the religious liberty and right to life battles." 

Paul Chitwood, Executive Director of the Kentucky Baptist Convention

"We appreciate the dedication that Richard Nelson and Commonwealth Policy exemplifies to educate our community on issues that are of the greatest importance to the now generation and the future of our country.  We must act on truth and Commonwealth Policy stays the course daily in excellence keeping the commonwealth of Kentucky's citizens best interest their key focus.  Thankful to partner with them and recommend supporting Richard and his team." 

Bridget Kerht-Groce, Executive Director Christian Family Radio, Bowling Green, KY

"Richard Nelson has been a regular monthly guest on my FEEDBACK talk show for several years.  I find him very professional in his discussions on the show.  He's interesting and informative, and although he remains true to hjs conservative positions, he presents them in a spirit of good will without being unnecessarily antagonistic.  My listeners, regardless of their political or religious views, respect him for his obvious sincerity which comes across in his broadcasts.  I heartily recommend his programs."

Don Neagle, WRUS Radio station co-owner and member of KY Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame