Beto Haunts Churches with Tax-exemption Comments

Halloween is still two weeks away, but Democratic Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s resolve to remove tax-exempt status from churches and other nonprofits sent shivers through viewers of CNN’s recent presidential town hall forum.  We expect every presidential candidates to uphold the First Amendment rights of all, and Beto’s conflation of same-sex marriage with human rights isn’t merely a political trick to garner voters from LGBT activists. He’s working from a larger playbook, making it a scary moment for religious freedom.

The Democratic party is coming dangerously close to intoxicating itself on the witches’ brew of “you’re a hater if you don’t agree with me on social issues.” Imbibing rhetoric that makes religious freedom subservient to an LGBT litmus test over the definition of marriage may feel good at the moment but it will come back to haunt them…

PACs Offer Teachable Moment

Elections are kind of like a new school year. New faces show up. Fresh ideas are disseminated. Personalities emerge. Elections often teach us as much about the candidates' values as we learn about ourselves. In other words, elections serve as teachable moments. Like a...

Happy Independence Day

Just a few days ago I was in Washington DC where I visited the National Archives and saw the Declaration of Independence. It was featured alongside the U.S. Constitution and other historical documents in the dimly lit rotunda. It was amazing to see our founding...

America’s Right to Life Renaissance

States across the nation are enacting pro-life laws at a record pace.  Approximately 30 pro-life laws, including four in Kentucky, have been enacted this year. More appear to be on the way. According to Steven Aden, general counsel of Americans United for Life “This...

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