Phyllis Schlafly: How to Treat Your Political Enemies

By Richard Nelson


September 13, 2016

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Conservative political activist, Phyllis Schlafly passed away last week after battling cancer. She's credited with making the GOP a pro-life party and defeating the controversial Equal Rights Amendment. Unfortunately, her political enemies are pummeling the deceased on social media. Entertainment Weekly writer Anthony Breznican said Schlafly had “squandered” her entire life. Jeb Lund of Rolling Stone called her the "spawn of Satan." Journalist Mark Harris charged Schlafly by saying she made the world worse off and Dan Canon, an attorney who helped overturn Kentucky's marriage law, lamented that Schlafly hadn’t died earlier. While political disagreements sometimes get heated, its unacceptable to diminish another in their death. No matter how strongly one feels, wishing destruction and ill-will on another over political views is repugnant.. and civilized people ought to say so.


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