Celebrating Marriage in 2017

By Richard Nelson


December 27, 2017

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In recent years, we’ve witnessed the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage.  This harms marriage and its important role in society and in the family.  Dr. Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family says, “Marriage is the bringing together and the completing of humanity. It says that a woman compliments and brings out the masculinity of the man and the man does that for the feminine aspect of the woman. We are pro-creative creatures that are meant to live together. There’s something special that happens when man and woman come together in marriage that helps to complete man and woman.  In a mysterious way, when we think of Adam we understand that there were things about him that didn’t make sense until God creates Eve.”  As Dr. Stanton says, humans didn’t create marriage.  God did.  It's his gift to us for our well-being… and we do well when we recognize it as such.


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