The Price of Terrorism

By Richard Nelson


April 14, 2015

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What are the most terrible effects of terrorism? The most obvious is loss of life. A shooter took the lives of nearly 150 people at Kenya's Garissa University just a few days ago. A second incident in Kenya Sunday, however, was indicative of an equally tragic effect acts of terrorism can have. One student was killed and 141 injured Sunday in a stampede at a university in the Kenyan capital after students mistook a series of accidental explosions for a terrorist attack. Students were reportedly seen jumping from as high as the sixth floor of their dormitories in panic. Yes, the loss of life is tragic, but the incredible fear inflicted by acts of terrorism can be devastating. It strips us of our liberty and freedom and replaces those traits which give us life with caution and hysteria. Responding to acts of or the threat of terrorism requires a skillful blend of diplomacy, calmness, and firmness. We should pray not only for our own politicians but leaders all over the world as they deal with the scourge of terrorism we face today.


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